Kagome's and InuYasha's Children

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By: sesshyluver4lyfe

Chapter 1

Kagome, InuYasha, Miroku, and Shippo were all heading out to find more shards of the shikon jewel. Sango had decided to stay behind this time for Kaede was becoming slower in her old age. Kagome had been sencing the jewel fragment for sometime now and they seemed to be headed in the right direction. That is, until Kagome found a faint yet sharp pain in her lower belly. She didn't want to stop the search, so she gently just placed her hand where the pain had been and continued their search.

"Hey Kagome, which way is the jewel shard now?" asked InuYasha, impatiant as always.

"It's in the same direction that it was an hour ago. It hasn't changed direction at all. It's almost as if whoevers possessing it right now is sleeping somewhere."she answered dully.He then looked over at her and saw her hand placed below her belly.

"Huh...? Something wrong Kagome?"

She remembered where her hand was and quickly removed it. "Oh, it's nothing." she answered him plainly.

"Okay, but remember, if you don't tell me I'll still find out."

"I'm telling you InuYasha it's nothing."

"Hmph, whatever." with that he turned back around and continued the journey.

They traveled for another thirty minutes and Kagome continued to feel the sharp pain increase her hand had found itself back on her lower belly but nobody noticed. They were almost at the area that the jewel shard was when Kagome dropped to her knees. InuYasha and Miroku didn't seem to notice, Shippo on the other hand seemed to be very concerned.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" asked the kitsune. InuYasha and Miroku had turned a corner in the woods they were in and had disappeared.

"Shippo, I need you to go find InuYasha and tell him that I'm back here having stomach problems."

"But...Kagome I can't just leave you here."

"You can and you must. I'll be okay, just hurry, he's in that direction, I can smell him!" she winced at the pain.

"Okay, hang in there Kagome I'll find him." he yelled as he ran into the darkness of the forest. "INUYASHA!" he yelled through the forest as he ran. "INUYA-" he yelled again as he ran into someting big that picked him up by the tail. "Don't eat me."

"Shippo, where's Kagome?" came InuYasha's frightened voice.

"InuYasha, Kagome's somewhere back there alone, she said she's having stomach problems."


"InuYasha! We've got to hurry and find Lady Kagome before someting bad happens to her. You can beat the hell out of Shippo later."

"Right, I'll just sniff her out." he said as he began to sniff around. "She's that way!" he yelled, and he began to run. Miroku ran after him with Shippo on his shoulder. "Kagome's not the only thing I smell in that direction, there's something else too."

When he arrived at the spot, Kikyo was there and she seemed to be protecting her. "InuYasha, was it Kikyo you were smelling?" asked Miroku.

"No, there's something else and it's not demons. Huh-?" he stated as Kikyo began to leave. "Kikyo wait, I want to know why you protected Kagome?" It wasn't really a question it was more like a statement or a demand.

"I felt that I was in debt to her." with that she disappeared with a bunch of soul collectors.

"Kikyo. . . . . .KAGOME!" he turned around and looked at her, she was very pale and looked so weak at the time. She was also still on the her knees on the ground with her hand on her lower belly. "Please, tell me what's wrong?"

"I would InuYasha if I even knew what it was."

"InuYasha," came the monks voice, "did you find out what you were smelling other than demons and Kikyo?"

"Yeah, I just hope I'm wrong. Kagome, get on my back, I'm taking you to Kaede's."

"But what about the jewel shard?" she asked weakly.

"I'll look for it again later, your more important right now."


"But, nothing, Kagome I think you might be pregnant and it would definately be better to know than not to know okay?"

She stared at him for a minute with a scared expression on her face then nodded. "Okay, but your going to have to come over here, my legs aren't exactly cooperating with me right now okay?" He nodded, then walked over to her, turned his back to her and crouched down. She in return threw her arms around his neck then he gently grabbed her legs and stood up.

"Come on, we don't have time to doddle with right now." with that he began to run toward the village, Miroku and Shippo behind him.

"InuYasha, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault." said the girl on his back.

"Hey, this is nobody's fault, none of us could have predicted this so don't put the blame on yourself. Besides, if anyones to blame for anything right now it's definately me."

"InuYasha how are you to blame?"

"Well, I shouldn't have left you in the first place." He didn't talk for a while and nether did anyone else. "Kagome how did you know where to send Shippo?"

"Oh, I could smell you."

"Smell me? I was a mile away from where you were. How could you smell me?"

"Good question, I don't know I just picked up your scent and sent Shippo in that direction."

'I wonder what's going on here?' he thought to himself as Kagome, who was thoroughly exhausted, fell asleep on his back.

It took them about half a day day to get back to the village for they were so far away from it. Sango was very surprised to see them back so soon. "So, why are you back so soon?" then she saw Kagome on InuYasha's back. "Is there something wrong with Kagome? She's looks totally worn out."

"I'll tell you later Sango. But for now, where's Kaede?" asked InuYasha indifferently.

"She's inside. Why do you want to see her?" Instead of answering her, he rushed past her, and into the cottage.

"Kaede, do you know how to check for pregnantcies?" asked the hanyou as he gingerly layed the sleeping girl down. But she woke up anyway. "Sorry Kagome, did I wake you?"

"Mm em," she answered shaking her head slowly from side to side. "No InuYasha, I woke up on my own."

"I'm sorry InuYasha, I do not know how to check for pregnantcies."


"It's okay InuYasha, there are things in my time that can check for pregnantcies." said Kagome quite happily. She then got up, her legs a little wobbly but then they straightened up. "I'm going to my time, I don't know when I'll be back but I will return." she then walked out the door and InuYasha followed her. "InuYasha, don't follow me!" she yelled.

"Kagome what seems to be the problem?" asked Sango, her only female companion on their usual journeys.

"It's nothing. InuYasha ' SIT ' now don't follow me. SIT SIT SIT!" With that she jumped down the well.

"If I didn't think she was pregnant I'd- I'd-"

"InuYasha calm down she said that she would return so don't worry about it she'll be fine." said the kitsune honestly.

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