Chapter 18

When InuYasha and Sango returned, Kagome was checking on Miroku in his separate little hut. Sango went to go see Milango and InuYasha aws now talking to Sesshomaru and Rin about Kagome's condition.

"So Kagome, how are you?" Asked Miroku as she put fresh ointment on his wounds.

She thought about the question for a minute. 'Should I tell him?' She asked herself. 'Should I?' She then shook her head gently.

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine. What about you? I know it must be hard not having the wind tunnel in your right hand anymore."

"Hm, I suppose it is." He admitted.

"Is this the first time you've woken up?"

"No, actually it isn't. Let me see if I can recall. I think it may have been just a couple of days ago that I woke up. It was only for a second though. And I was in here alone. I still felt so weak that I just went back to sleep."

"So, Sango doesn't know that you've woken up yet?"

"Hm, I suppose she doesn't."

"And I guess you don't know about Milango either?"

"Milango! What's wrong with Milango?!?!" He began to shriek as he tried to get up. Kagome pushed him back down.

"Stay down! You still haven't recovered from your battle with Naraku! Besides it's just a fever, he'll be fine!" She said in a more familiar tone.

"Well, okay. How's Sango? I know she was pretty banged up too."

"Miroku, you've been unconsious for at least a week now. Sango is fine." She gave him a minute to comprehend this. "Would you like me to go get her for you?"

"Yes, thank you."

"I'll be right back." She then left Miroku's side and went to find Sango.

"Kagome!" Said Rin as she walked in. "I'm so sorry that-huh?" She said for Kagome was not looking at her but at Sango.

"Sango, will you please come with me? There is something I need to show you."

Sango gulped. "Sure." She said as she got up and followed Kagome outside. Everyone else just stared. "Kagome, is there something wrong with Miroku? Please tell me that's not it! Please!!" She said as soon as they got outside.

"Sango, that's not it at all." Kagome said kindly.

Sango gave a sigh of relief. "Thank goodness."

"Actually, it's the other way around."

"What?! You mean-?!" She started getting excited.

"Yes, and he's asking for you."

So, without another word, Sango ran towards the cabin Miroku was in and walked in without hesitation. "Miroku! You're alive!" She said crying and hugging him gently. "I was- I was so worried that you might die!"

"I'll be fine. But what about you? You were hurt pretty badly too." She released him from the hug.

"I'm fine. If you need someone to worry about right now, then worry about Milango."

"Yes, I already know about his fev-"

"It's not just his fever you should worry about!!" She cried.

"Sango, what are you saying?"

"If you could have seen his face the other day when he came in to see you, you would have broken into tears. MIROKU, I DON'T WANT TO EVER SEE THAT MUCH SADNESS IN HIS FACE EVER AGAIN!!!!" She yelled as she burst into tears. "Not ever, I want him to have a happy life. So I don't have to see that look on his face ever again."

Miroku put his left arm around Sango, for his right was broken. "Sango, it'll be okay, we will all be fine."

"Thank you Miroku."


Meanwhile, in Kaede's cottage, Kagome had left Sango and Miroku to themselves shortly after and had gone to find InuYasha.

"InuYasha?" Said Kagome as she walked into the silent cottage.

"What is it Kags?"

"May I lie on your lap? I'm feeling a little tired."

"Sure, but wouldn't you rather have a bed?"

"No, thank you. Your lap will be enough."

"Alright." So, she walked over to him and lied her head on his lap.

"Thank you, InuYasha." She said as she closed her eyes slowly.

"No problem."

"She's asleep."

"Huh? Who said that?" Asked Rin curiously.

"Rin, go to sleep." Said Sesshomaru almost angrily. "You need to rest so you can get better. Besides, it is only Myoga."

"Only Myoga? I came bearing important and useful news!" He shrieked.

"Quiet down you buttard! Now tell me this 'important and useful news'. I'm all ears." Said InuYasha.

"Did you forget what night it is Master?"

InuYasha gasped, then cursed under his breathe. "It can't be that night already!"

"What are you girls talking about?" Asked InuYasha's full youkai brother.

"Tonight's the night of the new moon!" replied the half-demon.


"So me and Kagome will become human tonight! She'll have a half-demon fever in a human form!"


"Ah, forget it! You wouldn't understand it anyways."

"Hmph, so this is one of your little half-demon things huh?"

"Yeah, that's precisely why you wouldn't get my point."



"Oh, Myoga, you're still here?" He replied.

"I never left!" He waited a minute before continuing. "I was thinking, if Kagome's in human-form, would she be able to take her mom's human medicine?"