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Natsuki was never the one to admit her sexual practices as she sat down at a restaurant with her best friend; Mai Tokiha was giving her the twenty question expression. Mai being the ever supporter of Natsuki actually dating was thrilled to know she was enthralls with the former Kaichou of their high school. Natsuki looked around fearing the worst. This entire event, evening, was planned by Mai. This was a double date trap! Shizuru walked in escorted by a much older, more mature and very breath taking Mikoto. Mai grabbed Natsuki's hand in delight making the raven haired woman jump in her seat. Mai laughed at her friend's sudden reaction. The others finally sat down and Natsuki just manage to resemble a pissed toy Boxer.

"Ara, Natsuki needs a cuddle bone." Shizuru teased.

Natsuki smiled at the comment not afraid to answer her lover back. "Oh, but darling that's why you're here."

Mai about choked on her food hearing the exchange. Mikoto laughed and smack Mai on the back once dislodging the food from her throat so it could travel down her esophagus safely. Mikoto gave Mai a gentle kiss on her cheek and whispered in her ear making the orange haired woman blush like a stop light. Natsuki and Shizuru couldn't help but stop teasing each just to stare at this spectacle. Mai looked around for a waiter and held up her hand. The waiter came over immediately.

"How can I help you ma'am?"

"Check please."

Natsuki started laughing as hard as she could and waved at the waiter to not go anywhere as she pulled her wallet out and grabbed a card. Mai looked at Natsuki as she handed it to the waiter.

"Natsuki?" Mai questioned with her blushing face.

"I'm a famous racer. Don't worry. Have fun. I know Mikoto wants to."

Mikoto gave Natsuki a mischievous grin and pulled Mai out of her chair and they disappeared. Shizuru giggled to herself and watched Natsuki wipe the tears from her eyes. The waiter came back and handed the receipt to Natsuki with a pen and another piece of paper. Natsuki signed the receipt and looked at the waiter who had a beaming expression on his face.

"Who do want this made out to?" Natsuki asked in her husky voice making it a bit lower to impress Shizuru with her arrogance. Shizuru scoffed and drank the rest of her sake.

"Can you make it out to Enoch?" The waiter said with a hesitant glee.

"Of course." Natsuki glanced Shizuru who had a seductive smile upon her face. She quickly wrote out, "To Enoch from N. Kuga" and handed the receipt and the autograph to the waiter. The waiter smiled and left as the two stood to leave.

"I take it; I have to take you home tonight." Natsuki said grabbing Shizuru's hand as they walked out together into the night. Shizuru shivered and Natsuki took off her beige double-breasted trench coat covering Shizuru in it.

"You don't sound too delighted about having me with you tonight Natsuki." Shizuru teased as she and Natsuki went into the parking lot and found that they were standing before a large vehicle. "You drove the Hummer today?" Natsuki frowned at the large vehicle and looked at Shizuru. Natsuki had bought the monstrosity for Shizuru when she stayed over at her house from time to time. The two women had been dating for a number of years, but not right after high school. They both had to break free of each other there was much pain between them still. The two didn't start dating until they were in their mid to late twenties. Both of them had experienced life without each other and had lovers before each other.

"Would you like to drive Ms. Fujino?" Natsuki pulled Shizuru to the driver's side and shoved the keys in her hands. Shizuru tossed the keys back at Natsuki.

"No, I've been drinking and you have a better tolerance while driving drunk." Shizuru said as she walked to the passenger's door. Natsuki glared at the vehicle and unlocked it. As soon as she got in her head spun and looked across the night horizon for the nearest hotel.

"I'm not going to make it tonight. Do you mind if we stay at a hotel? Shizuru? Oi, Shizuru?" Natsuki looked to her right seeing a sleep Shizuru. "Mou, you and drinking usually only do two things; sleepiness or horniness. Thank God you're sleepy." Natsuki started the Hummer, leaned over to prop Shizuru up and buckle her in. Shizuru started speaking in her sleep.

"Mmmm, Natsuki…no you shouldn't. I can't handle something that big. Mmmm"

Natsuki had just finished buckling her in and slowly turned to look at her. "Is she really asleep???" Natsuki leaned back into her seat, buckled up, and went on her marry way to the nearest hotel listening to sleeping Shizuru. The conversation was different now and didn't involve Natsuki, but it was more sexual than the last.

"Oh god, yes, Yuri…please don't stop…can I call you by her name….oh please. I don't care that you're a guy…"

Natsuki almost swerved off the thinking the same thing as last time. "She's asleep, right????" Natsuki breathed deep and thought to herself. "Who's Yuri? And how many lovers has she actually had?" Natsuki pulled into the parking lot of the nearest hotel. The hotel made Natsuki's eyes widen with terror. It's a sick joke of fate. The hotel is a love hotel and there are actual paparazzi out there. The paparazzi turned to see the Hummer and wondered who was inside and started walking towards it. Natsuki started freaking out. She had managed to avoid embarrassing tabloid photos. This was horrible the next hotel had to be closer she looked around. It wasn't anywhere she could drive. Natsuki drove the Hummer passed the paparazzi. Her windows were tinted and she knew that the hotel owner would most likely sell a video of her and Shizuru to the media. All love hotel were famous for their hidden cameras. Natsuki pulled out of the parking lot and back on to the main road. She had to wake Shizuru up.


No effect.

"God damn it Shizuru wake up before we get into a car accident."

Still nothing, Shizuru just shifted to a more comfortable position. Natsuki pulled in a grocery store parking lot and parked the car. Natsuki smiled a defeated smile. The only way she could ever wake Shizuru was by kissing her. Natsuki leaned across gently cupped Shizuru's face and kissed her. Natsuki kissed Shizuru one more time and as she started to lean back she felt a hand stop her and she returned to her girlfriend's lip.

"Mou, it's about time you woke up. I'm really drunk Shizuru. I almost swerve off the road while you were reminiscing in your sleep." Natsuki pouted leaning back into her seat.

"Ara, me, reminiscing? About what?" Shizuru asked before yawning.


Shizuru blushed madly and looked away. "What did I say?"

"I'm not going to tell you." Natsuki continued her pouting tease and then looked in Shizuru direction. "I need you to help me get to the next hotel."

"Hotel?" Shizuru quickly whipped her head around and then regretted it as brought a hand to her head. "Geez, why does sake do this to me?"

Natsuki laughed and put the Hummer back into drive and the two headed to the next hotel.

In the Hotel room

Natsuki had her hands wrapped around a bottle of liquor and was freely dinking from the bottle standing in front of the refrigator. Natsuki had to get that extra buzz before she went to bed. It was a habit she was developing as of recent, and unfortunately Shizuru was no help anyhow. She also was a habitual drinker and apparently sex addicted and even worse when drunk.

"Na-tsu-ki…" Shizuru purred in a drunken slur. Natsuki looked over at Shizuru with a smug drunk smile. "I thought I was your cuddle bone tonight. Don't you want to chew on me?" Shizuru posed herself in suggestive fashion getting Natsuki's attention. Natsuki corked the bottle and crawled up on the bed.

"Mou, Shizuru, you know you shouldn't tease me like that. It's very very wrong." Natsuki slurred. Shizuru wrapped her legs over shoulders making her lover stop over a particular region of her body. Shizuru smiled evilly. Natsuki laughed and took a deep breath. "Oh God Shizuru, you really want it tonight."

"Come on Natsuki…chew and lick your favorite cuddle bone like the good girl you are." Natsuki hiked up Shizuru skirt and licked her along her inner thigh enticing the crimson eyed woman more. Natsuki then pushed herself up forcing Shizuru's legs apart so she could plant a kiss on her soft lips.

"We really shouldn't do it tonight." Natsuki slurred and was muffled by Shizuru's lips before she could say anything else. Shizuru ran her hands to Natsuki's waist to undo her pants in attempt to change the mind of her lover. Natsuki broke the kiss and was even more flushed as felt Shizuru hands pulling off her pants.

"Damn it Shizuru, stop." Natsuki said in frustrated tone pushing away from her. Shizuru looked at Natsuki with a drunken lust and frowned.

"I always do it with you when you desperately want sex. Why not now?" Shizuru pouted. Natsuki brow furrowed.

"The times I've always let you have your way I always end up with bite marks on my shoulders OR I end up bleeding. And you know where! You get too…violent." Natsuki pulled her pants off completely and returned to Shizuru side. Shizuru was obviously upset. This was the first time Natsuki told her this. She was mortified.

"Kanin na, Natsuki. You should have told me when we were having sex." Shizuru said as Natsuki pull her into a hug.

"Who talks during sex? Besides, I was lost in the moment and it felt good. Don't apologize." Natsuki sighed and blushed looking at Shizuru. "Did I ruin the mood?"

"Well, if you're asking whether I want to still have sex, and is the mood is gone…yes. Do you still want to?" Shizuru asked.

"I'm sorry Shizuru. I shouldn't have said any of that. I'm okay." Natsuki grumbled remaining completely red. Shizuru hummed to herself.

"Let me at least give you a massage to loosen your muscles." Shizuru said and Natsuki smiled.

"Alright." Natsuki said stretching out on her stomach. "I'm glad the season hasn't been too rough on me. Just one accident."

"Mmmhmm…" Shizuru hummed as she sat up. "Take off your shirt darling…"

"Oh, you want me shirtless. You already succeeded in getting my pants off. Are you sure you're not in the mood anymore." Natsuki teased as she quickly removed her shirt and lied back down on her stomach. Shizuru got off the bed to get her therapeutic lotion when Natsuki pushed herself up. "No, not that stuff Shizuru."

"But it's what the doctor told me to rub on you Natsuki." Shizuru turned around saying while holding the bottle. Natsuki scowled at the bottle in Shizuru hands.

"I'd rather have sex then a massage now." Natsuki pouted.

"Oh yeah, that put me back in the mood." Shizuru said in a cynical tone as she got up on the bed next to Natsuki. "Now shut up and take it…"

"Oh, but that worked for me." Natsuki said as quickly pushed up knocking the lotion bottle out of Shizuru's hand and pinned her against the bed once more locking her lips onto Shizuru's.

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