Miley Stewart was laying down on her bed staring at the ceiling. Her life was perfect she had great friends, a great family, the life of a pop star, and was dating Jake Ryan. It was even summer time. But for some reason she felt miserable and she just didn't know why. She decided to get ready today was her birthday she had a lot of things planned out. She was going to have breakfast with her family. Then go shopping with Lilly. Oliver was supposed to go but his family decided to take him to Europe for a month. Then later Jake was taking her to dinner. She was not looking forward to that part of her day at all. At least after that Lilly was sleeping over.

"Happy Birthday Bud!" Robbie said smiling.

"Thanks daddy." Miley said hugging him.

"Now where's that brother of yours… JACKSON ROD STEWART WAKE UP!" Robbie yelled.

"I'm comen' I'm comen'." Jackson said yawning as he came down the stairs.

"Isn't there something you want to say to your sister?" Robbie asked as Jackson went to get some pancakes.

"Hmm wait don't tell me…oh yeah… happy birthday." He said while eating his pancakes,

"Thanks." Miley said as she began to eat her pancakes.

She finished eating her pancakes and realized Lilly would be here any second. She sat on the couch waiting for Lilly. She didn't know why but she felt a little nervous. She felt her phone vibrate and picked it up.

"Hello." Miley said.

"Hey Miley I'm wicked sorry but I wont be able to go to the mall or sleep over tonight." Lilly said.

"What? Lilly you promised me." Miley said starting to get mad.

"Something came up." Lilly said starting to get worried.

"Something more important than being with your best friend on her birthday? Lilly tell me." Miley yelled.

"Look I can't." Lilly said starting to cry.

"Fine then it looks like I can't be your friend anymore bye Lilly." Miley said hanging up the phone.

I can't believe this, she's probably just going to hang with her boyfriend Brad. I can't believe how selfish she is. Her whole day was ruined. Before she knew it, it was 5:00 and Jake would be there any second.

Jake had taken her to a fancy restaurant. She was actually having fun maybe the whole day wasn't ruined after all.

"So I think its time I give you your present." Jake said smiling taking out a box.

Miley began to open it. She couldn't believe it. It was a picture of Jake holding a rose. He had autographed it himself. It was even in a picture frame.

"So how do you like it?" Jake said grinning.

"Out of everything you gave me this. You shouldn't have even got me a present. Jake were over" Miley yelled as she ran out of the restaurant.

She was now on her deck sitting in a chair looking out into the sky. This had been the worst day ever. She lost her best friend Lilly and broke up with her boyfriend. Even though she didn't care much about that. She just wanted to know why she was feeling so bad lately. The only person that made her feel better was Lilly, and now she didn't even have her. She made her way to her room and got ready for bed.

"Hey bud. Lilly came over and dropped this off." Robbie said. "Well goodnight."

Miley stared at the package for a second and began to open it up. Inside the box was a heart shaped silver locket. She immediately recognized the necklace it was her moms. The necklace was lost after her mom died. How did Lilly ever find this? She opened the locket to find a picture of her mom, her dad, Jackson, and herself in it. She also noticed a small piece of paper. She unfolded it and read the words "I'm Sorry." She felt tears coming down her face.She felt horrible she had to apologize to Lilly.

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