Set just after the movie, once Pogue gets out of the hospital. Forgot I had this fic. I don't think it's that good, but I'm sleepy and just wanted to post it quick. So, hope you like. Pogue and Caleb aren't mine. Nor is the Covenant, if it were, Sarah and Kate wouldn't have had parts. Or they would have died. Either works. Enjoy.

"Why are you doing this!?" Pogue demanded, the grip he had on his best friend's arm not relenting in the slightest as the elder boy made for the door, a backpack slung haphazardly over his shoulder. "Damn it, Caleb! Tell me!"

Caleb whirled around, his face no more than an inch from Pogue's, his dark eyes locking with copper colored ones. "I have to. Chase could still be out there…"

Fueled by their current proximity, the younger brought their lips crashing together in a fiery, searing kiss, more of a strategic plan of attack than anything else. His approach worked, having effectively silenced his lover. "Or, Chase could be gone, Cay, you don't know."


"I'm… not following."

Caleb pulled the other boy to sit beside him on his bed. "He threatened you. Hell, Pogue, he put you in the hospital! I'm not going to risk letting him try anything like that again. I'm not gonna let him hurt you again."

"Don't do this for me." Pogue snapped, pushing the elder down until he was flat on his back. One of his arms was strewn across Caleb's torso, while he propped himself up with the other. "I can take care of myself. I don't want you to get hurt either, you know."

He pushed halfheartedly at his lover's chest with hardly any actual effort, which told Pogue that the other's resistance was failing him. "I know."

"Glad to see that you're starting to see things my way." He pressed his lips to the juncture of neck and shoulder, the spot that Pogue kissed when he wanted Caleb to just give in and relax.

However, in doing so, Caleb caught sight of one of the scars from his lover's Chase induced motorcycle crash. He climbed out from under Pogue. "I have to know. I need to know that he can't hurt anyone anymore. Not Tyler, not Reid, and definitely not you."

"Cay…" The younger protested, but he wasn't looking back this time.

"Try not to use. It might get his attention if he's still around." Caleb said softly, when Pogue appeared in front of him, eyes still black from doing so. "I'll be back in a few days. I promise."

Pogue stopped him, kissing him once more before finally allowing the other to pass. "You'd better." He replied, watching his lover leave. And he knew he would.