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Accidental Love

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Not the Right Spell

Kuina was happy… she had finally passed the exams, she was now a Guardian Angel… and she was very happy for her best friend Zoro qualified as someone who could get a Guardian Angel… After she died she was depressed… knowing that not only she would never see Zoro again but she had no way to help him… that's when she found out about the Guardian Angel program… even though training took nearly ten years it was worth it… however she had very bad timing… extremely bad timing… for the moment she became his Guardian Angel, he had sustained a life threatening wound from the World's Greatest Swordsman, Dracule "Hawk Eyes" Mihawk… no what was worse was that her healing spells weren't exactly her specialty… frankly… she sucked… but it was her duty to protect Zoro… she hoped she didn't accidentally kill him or do something to him.

Zoro was barely conscious… he had just lost to Mihawk, he lost a lot of blood and he might be hallucinating.

"Zoro… you look like hell." said Kuina appearing to him, except she now wore a white version what she used to wear and appeared to also have small white wings and a gold halo over her head.

Check… he was hallucinating

"What's with the look? You supposed to my guardian Angel or something?" said Zoro.

"I think Zoro's hallucinating." said Usopp with a sweat drop.

"Brother Zoro don't go into the light!" yelled Johnny.

"I don't see a light!" yelled Zoro.

Kuina sweatdroped, "Actually… I am your Guardian Angel…" she said.

"Is that so…" said Zoro, "You disappointed?"

"No, I'm proud, I've seen many die from challenging him, you surviving… that's an accomplishment." said Kuina with a smile.

"Yep, he's definitely hallucinating." said Yosaku.

Kuina walked up to Zoro and touched his forehead.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm going to heal your wound…" said Kuina, "After all I can't be e your guardian Angel with you dead."

Kuina closed her eyes and began to focus her powers… after wards she opened her eyes and Zoro had a pink aura for a second.

"Uh-oh…" said Kuina.

"What do you mean "uh-oh"… is something wrong?" said Zoro with a sweatdroped.

"Should we do something?" said Johnny.

"We should see if him seeing things will continue." said Usopp.

"I think I did something wrong… I'll be back as soon as possible." said Kuina.

Kuina disappeared and Zoro sighed… hallucination or not, it was good to see her again.

Meanwhile on the other side, Kuina went to the Angel help desk, which looked like a help desk at a department store or something, but all white.

"Your one of this years graduates… right?" said the woman with the name tag "Hello my name is Heather", "Kuina, what's wrong?"

"Well I tried a simple healing spell… but the after aura… well it was pink, not green." said Kuina.

"Pink…" said Heather, she went under the desk and picked up a book, "Pink after aura, pink after aura…" Heather began to laugh.

"What is it?" asked Kuina.

"Is Zoro's strait right?" said Heather.

"I'm pretty sure…" said Kuina, "Why did it turn him gay?"

"No, no…" said Heather, "It's just that you accidentally gave him a love spell… that can only be reversed in two ways and their not easy..."

"Oh…" said Kuina, "What?"

"Don't worry, it's not like everyone will fall in love with him… just 1 out of 20 new girls he meets will fall in love with him." said Heather she took out two pamphlets, "It's all here in this pamphlet… I'm giving you two, one for you and one for the guy who's life is ruined…"

"Thanks…" said Kuina with a sweat drop.

"Don't worry… you're not the worst Guardian Angel" Said Heather.

That's when a new Angel showed up appeared to be young man, "Heather… he was shot again…"

Kuina sweatdroped as she left, she decided to read the pamphlet before telling him… after all what could happen while she was gone…

While she was gone, they dumped Yosaku out of the boat in hopes he could get Luffy to go with them… which wasn't so bad. But when they approached the island Usopp and Johnny tied up Zoro so he wouldn't get into trouble… then bailed on him when they were being chased by Fishmen. After discovering that Nami was working for Arlong and for some reason was freed by her, he arrived at Cocoyashi looking for Usopp.

"Hey!" said Kuina appeared behind him.

Zoro jumped, "What the hell!" he yelled, "What… the… I thought you were a hallucination!"

"No… I'm not…" said Kuina laughing, "So did you get into any trouble while I was gone."

"I did…" said Zoro who then told her what happened.

"I'm doing a terrible job…" sighed Kuina.

"Look… I'm not what you could have done…" said Zoro.

"It not just that." said Kuina who gave Zoro a pamphlet.

"What's this…" said Zoro with a sweat drop.

"Well when I tried to heal… I somehow used a love spell when I tried to heal you…" said Kuina.

"Yeah right…" said Zoro who was unsure if he was hallucinating or not.

"You think your hallucinating, don't you?" said Kuina.

"What made you say that?" said Zoro sarcastically.

"I know you all too well, eventually you will believe that I'm here…" said Kuina.

"Like when?" said Zoro.

"The first time a girl falls in love with you…" said Kuina.

"Sure…" said Zoro.

As they were walking a girl who looked about 17 with her hair put into a braid and wore coke bottle glasses. She looked at Zoro and began to blush, then walked up to him.

"I haven't seen you around here before." She said.

Zoro slowly turned to Kuina who began to laugh.

"It's coincidence!" he said.

"What?" said the girl.

"You're the only one that see me… for now…" said Kuina.

"What do you mean for now?" said Zoro.

"Who are you talking to?" said the girl.

"No one!" said Zoro, "What were you saying."

"You're not from around here… are you?" she said.

"No I'm not." said Zoro, "Say have you seen a long nosed guy around have you?"

"Yes I have…" said the girl.

"Where is he?" asked Zoro.

"He attacked Arlong and was chased out town by Fishmen." said the girl.

"That idiot!" yelled Zoro.

He was about the run off but the girl grabbed him.

"Bad move." said the girl, "You need to think of a plan to stop him…"

"So what… he might be dead." said Zoro.

"I have a back up plan set, but I needed someone's help" said the girl.

"Back up plan?" said Zoro.

"Back up… I didn't say back up!" said the girl, "Anyways! To my house."

She dragged Zoro to her house, which was a pretty small, appeared to have two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bath.

"Why did you take me here?" said Zoro.

"Because this is my arsenal is." said the girl.

The girl lead them to her second bedroom, which appeared to be a small library with a very large bookcase, she then pushed on the bookcase which turned out to be a secret door where another room with was looked like a lab, and several boxes with strange different colored arrows.

"What the hell…" muttered Zoro.

"I'm sort of a scientist." said the girl, "I'm also an ace archer."

"Oh…" said Zoro.

The girl got a quiver and began… to stuff it full of different arrows.

"So why do you have a secret lab?" said Zoro.

"If Arlong finds out that I have secret lab where I make weapons then he'll kill me and maybe destroy the whole town… he tired to kill someone for owning a sword just today… that's also why I go by the nickname Butterfly."

"Why?" said Zoro with a sweat drop.

"'Cause… nobody ever expects the butterfly!" said the girl who began to laugh crazy like, she then coughed, blushed heavily and said "Sorry force of habit…"

"Ask her name…" said Kuina.

"I'm not going to..." whispered Zoro.

"She's going to start following you the ends of the earth… and you know if she asks Luffy to join he'll agree." said Kuina.

Zoro was still unsure if this was a hallucination or not… and sighed, "So what's your name."

"Mari, but like I said before my nickname is Butterfly." Said the girl named Mari, "So then what's yours?"

"Roronoa Zoro…" said Zoro.

"As in the famous bounty hunter?" said Mari who began to blush bright red, "He's cute and a celebrity… what a hottie" she thought.

"Aren't we going?" said Zoro.

"Oh right." said Mari.

Both left her lab where she covered it up again with her bookcase.

"Let's go!" said Mari.

And so the first girl who is in love with Zoro appears… with Zoro questioning whether or not Kuina is a hallucination and Mari helping Zoro who knows what would happen.

Next Time: After Zoro reunites with Luffy, they learn of Nami's past... What will happen after that? Find out next time!