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Chapter 22: Things Get Weird

The Angel looked at Kuina.

"That's not a problem." She answered.

"What?" asked Kuina.

"If I had a nickel for every time I heard an angel worried that it would get them in trouble I'd have 294,395,498.45" said the Angel, "That's 29,439,549,845 Berries."

"I take it this is a common problem…" said Kuina.

"It's been going since the beginning." Said the angel, ""I'm in love with my charge… and I always have been" Its okay to have a relationship with them… we stopped banning it years ago…"

"I see…" said Kuina with a sweat drop.

"Yeah… unless you accidently gave your charge a harem by using a healing spelling that went wrong then we won't have a problem…" said the other angel.

"…" responded Kuina.

"It's rare, but something you should talk about…" said the angel.

"Yeah…" said Kuina with a big sweat drop, "I know."

"Okay…" said the Angel.

Meanwhile with Zoro he was still lost.

"Where am I?" he asked.

He then continued on his way… shirtless.

Back in the Town… the group talked.

"Why is there only own doctor?" asked Tomo.

"You see…" said Dalton who began to explain the story.

He began to explain the story, about how the king took away all of their doctors.

"That's horrible." Said Tashigi.

"What kind of king would do that? The king is for the people." Said Vivi.

"Vivi you need to lay off the Princess Talk." Whispered Tomo.

Vivi nodded…

"So what was that King's name?" asked Pantene changing the subject.

"His name was Wapol." Said Dalton.

This gained everyone's attention.

"Him again?" asked Tomo.

"Wait…" said Vivi, "I've heard of him."

"You have?" asked Tomo.

"Yes I have I met him at a Kings Summit a few years ago." Said Vivi.

"The King's Summit… what were you doing there?" asked Dalton.

Everyone stared at Vivi.

"What about of lay low with the Princess stuff didn't you understand?" aced Tomo.

"Sorry…" whispered Vivi.

"Why were you there?" asked Dalton.

"You heard things." Said Pantene, "Weird, weird things!"

"That's right!" said Tomo.

"Okay…" shrugged Dalton.

"Yeah… you didn't hear anything." said Mari.

"Stop… talking…" said Usopp with a sweat drop.

"He's right, you'll give everything away." Said Tashigi.

Everything became silent…

That was when that big woman showed up.

"Oh Dalton, I heard something you might be interested in." said the woman.

"What is it?" asked Dalton.

"I heard that the doctor went to Cocoweed." Said the woman.

"What?" asked Dalton.

Meanwhile with Zoro. Someone was watching him.

"Who's there?" he asked.

He heard a squeak, but saw nothing. So he went on his way.

But someone was watching him.

"Who is he?" asked the person watching him.

The person went to hide so he wouldn't see them.

"There's someone watching me." Thought Zoro, but he decided not to do anything due to the fact that he didn't have his swords on him.

With the group… they got to the other town…

Only to find that the princess was in another castle…

Wait… sorry…couldn't help it, it had to be done.

""She was heading to Gyasta." Said one town's person.

"Gyasta?" asked Pantene.

"It's a town that loves ice skating." Said Dalton.

"So we have to go there to tell her." Said Tomo, "I think that should be easy."

"How far is it?" asked Tashigi.

"We need to get there as fast as we can." Said Mari.

That was when a member of the guard showed up with grim news.

"What do you mean Wapol is back?" asked Dalton.

Indeed Wapol was back, causing problems back in the village they were in earlier.

"Do you think you can go to Gyasta on your own?" asked Dalton.

"Don't worry, I'll handle it." Said Tashigi.

"What?" asked Tomo, "We don't need baby sitting."

"Fine, I'll leave it to you." Said Dalton.

"Hey! Did you hear what I just said." Said Tomo.

"I'll leave it you." Said Dalton.

"HEY!" yelled Tomo, "Why Tashigi."

"Because she's mature, older than us…" said Pantene.

"I hate you." Said Tomo.

"I know." Said Pantene.

And so they all spilt up, with the crew going to Gyasta, while Dalton headed to fight Wapol.

As the crew headed to the location, getting lost there was a rumbling sound.

"What's that?" asked Tomo.

"It sounds like…" said Vivi.

That was when they saw it, an avalanche.

"Avalanche." Said Tomo.

With Zoro, he diced why not do some exercises since he was lost and figure that once Kuina returned she could lead him back to the ship.

"Oh no…" whispered the figure watching him.

The avalanche came down and buried him, the figure sighed, the figure dove into the snow and quickly resurfaced with him.

"I guess I should take him home." Said the figure.

The Mysterious figure took the barely conscious Zoro home with them. Knowing that he might need some medical attention.

Back with Kuina she continued her appointment.

"So is it common for this to happen?" asked Kuina.

"It's very rare." Said the angel, "But does happen."

"I see…" said Kuina.

"I did mention that didn't I?" asked the Angel.

"This is only going to get worse." Sighed Kuina.

"It will." Responded the angel.

The angel seemed to be checking something.

"Uh-oh…" said the angel.

"What?" asked Kuina.

"I'm just checking Zoro's file… he's gained another suitor during this appointment." Said the angel.

"Please tell me you're kidding." Said Kuina.

"No… sorry." Said the angel.

Kuina sweat dropped.

"I shouldn't have made this appointment." She thought.

Meanwhile with the crew that were searching for the doctor, Vivi managed to get out of the snow, at the same time Tashigi did.

"Good you're okay." Said Vivi.

"We have to find the other four." Said Tashigi.

That was when Mari managed to come out of the snow.

"You okay?" asked Vivi.

"I'm fine…" said Mari, "I think…"

That was when Tomo and Pantene both came out. They glared at each other, then looked away.

That was when they saw Usopp's nose. Tashigi dragged him out.

"Oh… this warm and fuzzy feeling." Said Usopp, "I want it to last forever."

"That's not a good sign." Said Tomo.

"We need to wake him up." said Pantene.

Tashigi, Pantene, Mari and Vivi proceeded to beat him up in order to wake him up, Tomo stayed off to side due to the massive strength.

"Thank you guys for waking me up." Said Usopp with an extremely swollen head, "Is my head swollen?"

"No… not at all." Lied Vivi.

"When will the swelling go down?" asked Tashigi.

"I don't know…" said Pantene, "But I think we went overboard."

"Ya think?" asked Tomo.

"You didn't help." Said Mari.

"We should back to town." Said Tashigi.

The others nodded and headed back there.

Meanwhile Zoro was waking up.

"Are you okay?" asked a voice.

"What happened?" asked Zoro.

"You were caught in avalanche and I rescued you." Said the voice, which was clearly female.

"I see…" said Zoro.

That was when a figured walked into the room one which Zoro couldn't help staring at…

It was a young girl, around 10 or 11. Her skin was very white, and she had light purple hair wearing a white kimono, her hair was also put into pigtails.

"What?" she asked.

"You saved me?" asked Zoro, "But you're so…"

"Oh so the snow maiden of them mountain has to be a young woman is that it?" she asked, ""Oh… you cant' be the snow maiden! You're too much of a pip squeak" or "Yeah right kid and I'm Santa Claus." Seriously."

Zoro couldn't help but to sweat drop, wondering just what was going on and hopping that she wasn't in love with him…

Which unfortunately was the case…

Next time: Zoro learns about the girl who saved him, after figuring why she did. Who is she? And did she eat a Devil Fruit? Find out next time!