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Chapter 23: Tenshi

Kuina sighed when she arrived back to the world of the living. She then looked up and saw the new suitor.

"Seriously?" she asked while face palming.

She couldn't believe that the new suitor was a little kid!

Zoro looked at Kuina through the corner of his eye.

"You might want to bring me up later." She said.

Zoro sighed…

"Why don't you believe I was able to do it?" asked the girl.

"Well it's just you're a little kid." Said Zoro.

That was when the girl created a snowball.

"I ate the snowflake snowflake fruit. It allows me to create unlimited amounts of snow." She explained, "But it's not the Snow Snow Fruit… I can't turn to snow."

That was when the girl began to blush.

Zoro looked at Kuina who nodded.

Turns out young girls are effected as well.

"Are you okay?" asked Zoro.

"I'm fine!" yelled the girl, "Look I'm sure you know what a Devil Fruit is so you probably believe me that I saved you…"

"Yeah." Said Zoro.

The girl began to blush even more.

"I should go." Said Zoro.

"Why?" asked the girl.

"I have to find my crew." Said Zoro, "They might have been out there."

"But you were alone! I didn't find anyone with you." Said the girl.

"Tell her you got lost." Said Kuina.

"That's the truth…" muttered Zoro.

"You're hopeless…" muttered Kuina.

"I guess I can take you to the town by the coast." Said the girl.

Zoro sighed knowing the girl would probably follow him anyways.

"Fine." He said.

The girl gave a squee.

"Oh… what is your name?" asked the girl.

"Zoro." Answered Zoro.

"That's a good name, my name is Tenshi." Said the girl.

"Seriously?" asked Kuina.

Zoro had a look on his face.

"If you make that joke I will punch you." Said Kuina.

"Fine…" sighed Zoro.

"Okay! Let's go!" said Tenshi.

Tenshi lead the way to town. As she lead the way Kuina and Zoro were having a conversation.

"Okay… what were you doing while I was gone?" asked Kuina.

"I was training." Said Zoro.

Kuina sighed, "And you got lost." Said Kuina.

Zoro muttered something under his breath.

"Look it's fine you got lost, but you have to be careful." Said Kuina.

"Yeah, yeah…" muttered Zoro.

"Anyways…" said Kuina, "What are we going to do about her?"

"It's your fault that girls falls in love me." Said Zoro.

"That's not the only problem…" said Kuina, "Isn't it obvious, she lives alone… she's probably going try to join."

"I know…" muttered Zoro.

That was when they saw the other group making their way back to town.

"Wait… Zoro?" asked Tashigi.

"Zoro!" said Pantene.

"Oh wow! You're shirtless!" said Tomo.

Mari couldn't help but to stare as did Vivi.

Pantene deicide to hug him but Tenshi got into the way.

"What?" asked Pantene.

"Stop it! Zoro's mine!" said Tenshi.

"What?" asked Pantene.

"I said he's mine! I found him lost in the woods so he's mine!" said Tenshi.

Began to blush and rub the back of his head.

"It's not what you think." Said Zoro.

"You're nothing but a pipsqueak!" said Tomo joining Pantene, "There's not way he can be yours!"

"All show you!" yelled Tenshi, "Snow ball barrage!"

Tenshi began to create many snowballs and toss them at Tomo and Pantene. However both of them dodged, causing the snowballs to hit Usopp, eventually knocking him out.

"Not again…" muttered Tashigi.

"We just woke him up." Said Mari.

"Well she's stronger than Usopp." Said Kuina.

"A lot of people are stronger than Usopp." Mumbled Zoro.

After waking up Usopp, they headed back to town.

"You know you don't need to follow us." Said Tomo.

"I want to make sure Zoro's back with his crew!" said Tenshi.

"We are his crew!" yelled Tomo.

"Well at least his captain then." Said Tenshi, "I bet none of you are his captain."

Tenshi proceeded to hug Zoro.

"Stop arguing with a 5 year old…" said Pantene, "IT's pathetic."

"I'm 10!" said Tenshi.

Zoro sighed…

"Did you know that it effect girls that age?" asked Tashigi.

"I guess it does." Said Kuina, "But I should study it… man…"

"What's wrong?" asked Tashigi.

"It's nothing…" sighed Kuina.

That was when they arrived in town. They saw a bunch of Wapol's men on top of a mound preventing from anyone digging it up.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Mari.

The town's person she asked explained that it was Dalton, he got injured in attack led by Wapol then the avalanche happened.

"It's them again." Muttered Tomo.

"All right." Said Zoro.

He looked at Kuina and nodded, she knew it was it meant. He didn't have swords.

"Halo Weapon Lend! Twin Katana!" called out Kuina throwing her halo.

Zoro caught the Halo and the two katana once again appeared in his hands.

Of course those that never saw that happened shouted "Where did those swords come from!"

Zoro proceeded to fight and easily take down one of the men.

Turns out Zoro attacked him for other reasons.

"Oh wow this feels nice!" said Zoro wearing the jacket that he stole.

"Seriously!" Yelled Tashigi, Kuina and Usopp.

"Oh…" muttered Tomo, "Why did you have to put that one."

"We're in the middle of a snowy island, you seriously think he wants to go around shirtless for the rest of the day?" asked Pantene.

"Good point!" said Tomo.

"Hey!" yelled one of Wapol's men, "It's that brat! The one with the crazy snow powers!"

"Get her!" said another.

One of them decided to attack her, however Tomo punched him away.

"Why did you do that?" asked Tenshi.

"You're an annoying brat! But you're still a kid!" said Tomo.

"No I meant I can take care of them myself." Said Tenshi.

Tenshi created a giant snowball and began to roll it at the men however it began to roll towards her. But Tashigi grabbed her in time.

"You should leave it to the grown ups." Said Tashigi.

Pantene ran towards the men with a sword drawn and took a few out, while Zoro took down several more.

"Way to go Zoro!" cheered Tomo.

"Do some more work! Will you!" yelled Pantene.

Soon enough all of Wapol's men were defeated.

"All right!" called out one of the town's people "We need shovels! We have to dig out Dalton!"

"Dalton? Who's Dalton?" asked Zoro.

"I'll explain later! Just help us dig him out." Said Tashigi.

"Fine…" said Zoro.

And so they began to dig out Dalton…

And only after wards would they try to get Tenshi off their backs… Hopefully…

Next Time: Will they be able to get rid of Tenshi... it's going to be hard. Really, really hard. Meanwhile Vivi is unsure about her country as well as her feelings for Zoro. What will happen, find out next time!