Banana Peel

They say Atobe Keigo is graceful, elegant, charming, everything you can find in a gentleman. Especially Ore-sama himself thinks so; he even mastered the art of narcissism, until a crazy fan of Gakuto Mukahi said that Mukahi is more graceful then Atobe himself.

Atobe is definitely not satisfied and is furious. He must be the best for he is Ore-sama. The regulars could not pacify Atobe's anger, so they end up holding a competition on who is more graceful, Atobe or Mukahi. Most Hyotei regulars would agree this is a pointless competition. However, they could not think of anything to stop Atobe's madness in proving who is better. But before anything could start, Atobe immediately falls flat on his face. The competition could not be continued for Atobe had already lost.

He fell.

And all because of a banana peel.

Haha. I actually wonder how would everyone react if he really were to fall down. Please review. Thank you to all who actually reviewed for the past two drabbles I had put up. Oh yeah. Thanks to those who post a review for this drabble too. :P