Title-- Understatement

Disclaimer-- I. Own. Nothing.

Sum-- Don remembers the past and is able to make sense of the present. Some people don't change. Leo's one of them. Drabble. One-shot.

"You're hurt." The declaration was out before the thought was complete. Such is childhood.

"No, I'm not." The blue-clad turtle shook his head stubbornly, unconsciously bringing his arm closer to himself.

Don allows himself a smile.

"Let me see," he'd insisted. "I can fix it."

"No," said Leo. He scooted closer to the wall.

Earnestly, the purple-clan turtle tot moved closer with bated breath, trying to steal a glance at Leo's injury, but his brother just wouldn't let him. "I promise I won't tell Master Splinter," he offered finally.

Leo blinked, studying his brother with a suspicious frown. "Promise you won't tell anybody."

This was where, as Don remembers, he nodded. "Promise. Now let me see it!"

"It's not that bad..." Leo trailed off, begrudgingly revealing his arm. As the towel fell away and the blood spilled over and hit his leg, his purple-clad brother gasped.

"Yeah, right," Don laughs bitterly in the dark. And he bends over his now-teenage brother's cold chest, hands gripping the dark-crusted blankets and bandages, and he finally lets the tears run. "It was never 'that bad' to you, was it, Leo?"