A/N: There's going to be OOC so I apologize. Ichigo is completely gay in this story. Not bi and no where NEAR straight. He has a ton of affairs with almost every one in Soul Society. At least with the Shinigami. He can't make up his mind...Weird? Yes. Do I care? No. No flaming... constructive criticism is OK though. Thanks every one! Sorry for all the extra stuff but, this IS a HitsuxIchi story!

(Ichigo's Room: Night)

It was dark outside but Ichigo couldn't get to sleep. Even with the window open it felt like a hundred degrees in his room. He was also extremely sore from that days earlier activities. Hollows kept appearing and so he had spent most of his time fighting them. The group that had come from Soul Society had been in a deep meeting about the current situation, discussing what they were going to do about the arrancar and Aizen. Ichigo hadn't wanted to disrupt his meeting so he had gotten it done with himself. Of course that damn shinigami that's supposed to protect this town is useless. He thought to himself. He was only a representative, but he did about the same amount of work as the regular Shinigami.

He rolled onto his side and stared blankly at the wall. Usually Kon would jump out of the drawer right about now and start yelling him to cheer up but Kon was in his sister's room for the night. Perverted mod-soul. Ichigo allowed himself a small smirk at the thought before replacing it with his scowl once again. Rukia wasn't here either. She had been dispatched to another town for a couple days so it was lonely in the darkness. Ichigo flipped onto his other side to stare at the closet door.

He sighed and closed his eyes, trying to let sleep swade him over. The only thing closing his eyes help him did was think. He brain wasn't ready to shut down yet. It thought he needed to continue thinking, making him restless, and irritated. Dammit. Ichigo threw the covers back and sat up, placing his hands on his knees. He stood up and padded to his light switch, flicked it on and went to lay back down on his bed.

He laid down and stared at the ceiling, his eyes burning from the light being to bright. He closed his eyes and threw one arm across them, almost completely blocking out the light. This only made him think more clearly. There was something that had been on his mind for a little bit that he couldn't really put a finger on. He was too tired to actually deal with it. After almost half an hour of staring at the blackness behind his own arm, he finally fell asleep.


The next morning, he woke up tired, and still completely exhausted. He would've gone back to bed except that some one was tapping at the window. He turned to Renji sitting there like an idiot. Ichigo sat up quickly and threw open the window, dragging Renji inside. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Some one might see you!" Ichigo hissed in his face.

Renji pecked him on the lips and said, "No they wouldn't."

"Yes they-" Renji stopped him by pointing to himself. He wore his black shinigami robes and Zabimaru hung loosely at his side. Ichigo hit him in the chest and said, "Why didn't you say so sooner?"

"You didn't give me the chance."

"Humph." Ichigo turned away from him with his nose in the air. Renji wrapped his arms around Ichigo's muscular waist and laid his head on his shoulder.

"Don't be like that." He nuzzled his nose into Ichigo's neck. Then, "You smell like sweat."

Ichigo whacked him on the head and retorted, "I also haven't showered yet!" Renji grinned.

"Neither have I..."

"Is that a come on?" Ichigo asked him, also grinning.

"You bet..." He grabbed Ichigo in the privates, and Ichigo yelped.

"Don't do that!" Ichigo girly slapped Renji's hand away and Renji backed away laughing. Ichigo glared at him and grabbed him by the wrist, walking out his door. Karin was walking down the steps just as Ichigo and Renji walked past.

"Your new boyfriend?" Karin asked, looking Renji up and down. "You've got bad choice." Renji flushed pink. He wasn't exactly...gay per se, just that, Ichigo had an aura around him that compelled people toward him. Noticing the pink in his face, Karin asked, tactlessly, "Or is he just another one of your cheap fucks?"

Ichigo gave her a flabbergasted look. "I have never had a cheap fuck! My love is true and loyal! And no. He's just a friend!" Ichigo turned away from her and walked into the bathroom dragging the shocked looking Renji into the bathroom in him.

Just as he shut the door, he heard Karin say, "Then why are you dragging him into the bathroom with you you slut?"

Ichigo shrugged and closed the door. As soon as it latched slut, he pushed Renji against the wall and pressed his lips against his, tearing off the black robes. Renji ripped Ichigo's shirt in two and watched as it floated to the floor. Ichigo ripped the hair thing from Renji's hair and watched as it played its way down his back. Ichigo pushed on Renji's hard chest, grinding his lips on the others. Renji moved his leg back and forth between Ichigo's pushing into the erect length. Ichigo broke the kiss, moaning and throwing his head back. Renji took this opportunity to nip into his neck, making Ichigo moan even louder. He ran his hands over Ichigo's hips, pushing his pants onto the floor.

"S-stop!" Ichigo breathed, moaning as he bit into his ear, softly of course.

"Why?" He bit it softly again. "This is the only time I get to spend with you."

Ichigo pushed himself away from Renji and looked him in the eyes. "You have news for me and if we don't shower and I get told, Toshiro is going to yell at you." Renji shrugged.

"You're the boss." He said bitterly. Ichigo touched his face softly, kissing him on the cheek.

"We'll have a little fun later OK?" Renji smiled and nodded. He couldn't argue with that.

Ichigo smiled and nodded to, turning away to start the water. Renji let his eyes wander up and down Ichigo's body, looking at all the muscles he had. His ass was perfect, and although feminine, his back was strong and muscular. Renji reached out and ran one finger down his back. Ichigo shivered.

"I thought I said later?" He said sternly.

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself."

They didn't say anything else as the water warmed. They stepped in, and Ichigo, not letting him do anything else, let Renji hold him close, and kiss him gently along the neck and shoulders. "I love you." Renji whispered in his ear.

"I know. But I can't be anything more to you than a friend and a one night lover." Ichigo whispered back, knowing this would hurt him, but also knowing this was true. There was some one else he loved but he couldn't quite figure out who it was. All he knew was that he loved a shinigami male captain of the thirteen protection squads. Which one, he was clueless. There was Zaraki but Zaraki could never love himself and possibly his young, vice-captain. Byakuya was already taken, the chief commander much too old, Toshiro much to young (looking at least), Ukitake was sick all the time and he was taken by Shunsui. Iba's captain looked much to like a dog, captain of 12th squad was Über creepy, and Aizen, Ichimaru Gin, and Kaname Tousen, had all gone off to Hueco Mundo. Of course, the other's, Unahana, and Soi Fong were female so he had no interest in them.

None of them seemed to take his interest. He had reasons for not liking all of them but for most of them he had reasons to date them. Zaraki was strong and even if he were his lover, he would still love to fight so he could still get stronger. Toshiro looked young, but he wouldn't actually be dating an elementary student. The tenth squads captain was actually decades older than him. Aizen, along with the two he had run off with, were actually really cute so maybe, if they ever came back to reality, he could date them.

Renji's face pushed into Ichigo's shoulder. That wasn't what he had wanted him to say. Dammit, why does your power have to compel me towards you? He asked himself, cursing quietly. The water played down their bodies, neither of them saying anything, knowing that it was hard hearing something like that.

When the water had finally run cold, Renji let go of Ichigo and stepped out of the shower, wrapping the extra towel around him. He turned, prepared to take Ichigo's hand, but Ichigo was still standing in the cold shower water. Ichigo had his face facing the water, letting it streak down his cheeks, as if he were crying.

"Ichigo, if you don't get out your body will become one big pimple of purple." Renji said sarcastically.

"Hm?" Ichigo turned to Renji, opening his eyes, water blurring his vision. "Oh, right," Ichigo reached out a shivering hand and turned off the water. Renji handed him a towel, and wrapped his arm around his shivering shoulders. Ichigo wrapped the towel around himself, and was led by force through the door and down his hall to the bedroom. "W-what a-about o-our c-clothes?" Asked Ichigo, his teeth chattering, pressing himself closer to Renji for warmth.

"I'll get them." Renji flicked the light switch to "off" in Ichigo's room, before pushing him backwards onto the bed, so he was sitting instead of standing, his whole body tremoring. He watched and shivered as he watched Renji exit the room. Renji thought as he walked: Why can't he be mine? Then again, I really shouldn't care. He's gay, I'm not. I'm not even bi. I'm straight as a circle is round: nearly bumping into Yuzu.

Yuzu stumbled back a step, but righted herself, just as she was about to tumble backwards. "Hello?" She called. Renji knew she could see him, or at least an outline.

"Um, hi." he said softly, not wanting to startle her.

"Who're you?" She asked, "and how come I can only see an outline of you?"

Renji breathed a sigh of relief. That was until she asked, "Are you nii-chans new... you know? Toy?"

"Erk..." Renji didn't know what to say so he stuttered, "N-not exactly." He gave a nervous laugh.

"Wish I could see you," Yuzu said, casting an envious glance at her door. "Karin can and said that Ichi-nii has bad taste in men." She sighed and said, "If you're looking for the clothes lying in the bathroom, I already picked them up. Or, at east Ichi-nii's. I don't know if yours were there or not." With out another word, she floated past Renji, a glum look on her face.

Renji opened his mouth and gaped at her. He wasn't that bad looking was he? Shrugging, and closing his mouth, he took it as it being a rude way of his family not approving the two.

Renji walked the rest of the short walk back to the bathroom, retrieved his clothes, and took his time wandering back to the room. When he walked in, Ichigo had laid himself length wise across the bed, his hands folded under his head, his eyes closed, and his chest moving evenly. Renji's length immediately hardening, pressing painfully, at something that seemed to be nonexistent.

He dropped his robes, and walked over to the bed, and sat down next to the orange topped boy. He ran his thumb against Ichigo's lower lip. He leaned in and almost a hair away from the pink, soft lips, he heard Ichigo mutter, "Don't even think about it. Later means as in, the next couple of days..." Renji stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

"Hmph. Fine. You need to get dressed still. I won't leave until you're dressed." He backed up a little as Ichigo sat up.

"Are you expecting a show?" Ichigo asked, caressing his face with one hand.

Renji cocked an eyebrow that said, obviously. Ichigo stood up, letting his hand slide gently across Renji's jawline. Renji shivered as he watched Ichigo walk to the middle of the room, pressing play on a technical contraption of some sort. Music blared through the speakers, making Renji flinch a little. Seeing this, Ichigo turned the volume down a few notches. The music quieted and Renji's face was no longer screwed up in pain.

Some sort of pop music that you heard in strip bars spilled through the speakers. Ichigo started to swerve his body, getting his body into beat with the music. He began to slowly remove the towel that hung loosely against his waist. "I'm sorry to say," he breathed, letting the towel drop to the ground, "that it won't be much of a show with only one article of clothing." He walked over to Renji, watching his eyes grow to saucer sized UFOs. Ichigo put his self straddle-style on Renji, one leg on either side of the red head. He leaned in and Ichigo played with him a little, almost touching his lips but pushing away at the last minute...

Outside his door, unknown to him and his....ah 'partner' Yuzu and his father stood straining their ears, trying to listen in on this little play session. Isshin, had of course been shocked when he had first found out that his son was gay but was even more shocked when his son was a dirty slut of whore, playing around with a different man every night, not just settling on one. He was a prostitute, a sex toy.

"Dad," Yuzu whispered, "what are they doing in there?"

"I believe," said Isshin, a sly look on his face, "that Ichigo is giving his 'partner' a lap dance."

"What's that?" Yuzu asked, straining a little harder, trying to hear the conversation between the two men.

"Nothing that needs explanation at your age."

"Than why did you tell her what he was doing in the first place if you had had no intention of telling her what it was?" Asked an irritated female voice. Both of them jumped and turned their heads to see Karin with her arms crossed and her foot tapping. "If you must know Yuzu, he's pretty much dancing on Renji's lap while completely naked in a straddling position."

Yuzu turned pink and his father had a stunned look on his face. How did-? "Kurosaki Karin, how in the world do you know something like that?"

Shrugging she answered, her mood nonchalant, "I asked a teacher about it after I heard Chad saying he'd gotten a lap dance by Ichigo." Yuzu blushed an even darker color. She hadn't expected it to be anything like that.

Isshin again stared in shock. Why would a teacher tell some one of her age, what a dance like that was. It wasn't exactly appropriate. Karin saw this look and shrugged. "I also suggest you move unless you want your son to kick you ass into next month in 5...4....3...2...1..." Ichigo's door flew open, with Ichigo and Renji fully dressed in front of them.

Well, at least that's what Isshin and Yuzu saw. Well, maybe her father saw it to, but Karin could make out to shapes on the bed, making some hot, passionate love.

"What the hell do you want?" Kon's voice said, forming Ichigo's face into his famous scowl.

"N-nothing." Yuzu squeaked.

Kon was none to happy to be in Ichigo's body, not knowing how many places those hands had touched. Places Kon and never even wanted to touch. His scowl deepened as he waited an answer from the dick's father. When no reasonable response came, he kicked Isshin so hard, he though he had maybe broken a couple of ribs.

Isshin beamed at his 'son'. "I see being that way hasn't affected you any-"

"It seems to have affected your brain." Kon said, wanting badly to ditch this body.

Isshin glared. Being insulted by his son was one thing, but being insulted by a mod-soul was a whole other. Coughing he said, "So, is this your knew... You know...?"

"Boyfriend?" Said the real Ichigo, popping up behind Kon and Renji's mod-soul, who hadn't said anything. He had dressed himself in his robes again, nothing out of place, and oddly, he seemed perfectly clean after what he had just done. Renji came up behind him, also fully dressed, and a smile was planted clear as day across his face. He seemed content.

Isshin nodded.

"No. Just a friend. Can we go now? We have something we need to discuss." Isshin nodded with out argument, the glare on his son's face, and the immense reitsu pouring from his body, scared him.

Ichigo pulled the other two back into the room, closing the door behind him.

Ichigo popped Kon out of his body and placed it back into the lion stuffed animal, and then popped Renji's out of his gigai and handed it to him. He slipped it into his pocket before we both pulled into our bodies. Kon lay inanimated for a moment before sitting up, blinking and looking around. He saw the others in their bodies now, looking down at them, a glare planted across their faces.

"Disappearing now," Kon said, pulling open his drawer and jumping inside it, closing it behind him. He didn't like the way their reitsu felt. It didn't feel quite right.

Ichigo dropped into his desk chair, draping one arm over the back of it, while Renji sat on the bed and looked at him. "Well?" Ichigo asked, his voice harsh.

"They've begun to move."

"Who have?"

"Aizen and the Aranncar. We know they're headed straight for this town but we don't know when the exact attack will be. We're meeting a few hours after midnight, so around 2 am, at Uraharas' shoten. If you're late you'll regret it." Ichigo nodded, understanding everything, but nothing at all. Renji too nodded, pecked Ichigo one last time on the cheek and jumped from the window.

Renji ran as fast as he could from the clinic/house not wanting to be around the orange haired representative right now. He slowed when he found himself near a secluded park, and found himself a bench to plant himself on. Knowing he wouldn't be disrupted by anyone, it gave his head room to think.

What the hell was I thinking back there? I'm not gay! I love Rukia. At least I think I do... Renji grabbed his hair in frustration, raking his scalp with his nails, making it bleed the tiniest bit. But why? Why is it that every time I go to him I feel empty, and go back feeling fuller than life? It doesn't make any sense! And anyway, even if I did love him, he's got his eyes on some one else.

Renji laid out on the bench and stared at the darkening sky. How many hours had he spent with him? That damn bastard. All he wanted was someone to love but did that mean he had to fuck some one every night? Some one different every night? He had all of soul society drooling over him. He had them captured that could only be broken by his death.

Renji hit his head against the bench repeatedly, until it was raw, and probably bleeding. This wouldn't do him any good but at least it healed the pain in his chest a little. That pain in his heart that wouldn't fade.

Soon, Renji's eyes began to close as the sun set, sending whips of gold across the green grass like curtains. He heaved himself from the bench with much effort, finally getting himself to a standing position and wobbling his way back to the shoten.

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