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Four hours later, Ichigo stood in front of the Urahara Shoten alone, his hands dangling loosely at his sides. He knocked at the door and it seemed that not even ten seconds had passed, before Tessai stood in front of him. "Welcome Kurosaki-kun," he said politely.

"Thanks you," Ichigo gave a dazzling smile. This was one of the few men he wouldn't kiss. It just seemed unnatural. Ichigo stepped inside the dark shop and walked back to the house portion of the store. He slipped his shoes off and entered into a brightly lit room, full of people. Well, mostly shinigami but still people. The quiet hushed voices were silenced as Ichigo entered the shop, looks of fright crossing one or two faces.

Urahara, the amazing man that he was, broke that silence simply by yelling out, "What are you all hushed for? It's not like it's the end of the world!" He of course kept his smile hidden behind his fan.

People muttered out jeers to this, as every one started what seemed to be light conversations again. Urahara came over and gave Ichigo a quick peck on the lips, welcoming 'd gotten so used to Ichigo's invisible magic pulling him towards him, it had become instinckt. Shuuhei, would was squished between Hinamori and Kira, got up and made his way towards Ichigo.

Like many, he had spent the night in Ichigo's bed and was pulled to him again and again by his strange magic. He reached open his arms, hugged Ichigo and then pecked him lightly on the cheek. "So," he asked, letting the orange haired boy go, "How ya' been doing?"

"As well as could be expected," Ichigo said. "Been restless about somethings. But, how have you been? I haven't seen you in what feels like ages. You never stop by and visit anymore."

Shuuhei went red in the face. He knew exactly what Ichigo meant by 'visit' he couldn't even bring himself to think about it. "I-I've been busy. I'm getting married soon."

"Really? You're being taken from me? By whom should I ask?" Ichigo inquired, giving him a slightly hurt look. He had always been one of Ichigo's favorites.

"Oi, Kira!" Shuuhei said loudly.

"Yes?" Came Kira's slightly muffled reply. He was being swarmed with girls who were swooning him. Him and something on his finger. His ring finger as you could probably guess.

"Come here for a sec!" Kira stood, despite the protests of the girls, and stumbled through people to get to his boyfriend. Shuuhei wrapped his arm around Kira, making him blush an ever deep scarlet. "We're gettin' married."

"WHAT?!" Ichigo cried. This silenced the whole room once again, just as his first arrival had.

The two men turned bright pink in turn. Soi Fong, who sat furthest from the two said, "Oi, what's the yelling about Strawberry?"

Shuuhei said, "We had meant to keep this our little secret but," he gave Ichigo a small glare, "We're getting married in two weeks." The room seemed to grow even quieter, if that was possible of course.

Well, until Orihime jumped up and shouted, her face bright with excitement she coudln't seem to contain, "Really! That's so.... Amazing! For how long?" She asked, her bubbliness rubbing off on the others.

"Since when?!" Some one shouted.

"How come you didn't say anything?!"

The couples faces seemed to brighten the slightest bit. It seemed to be such a glorious moment for the two, that the original gathering plan seemed to be all but forgotten. "Um, I guess we've been together a little over a year now? And we've been engaged for a week. We thought you guys would throw a huge commotion about it and I guess we were right."

Ichigo pecked Kira on the cheek, congratulated him and moved to the back of the room where he had spotted Ikkaku and Yumichika alone, playing with each others fingers and lips. "Hey," he said. Ikkaku and then Yumichika pecked him on the cheek. They both thought, Dammit. Why does he have the aura that compells us to do that? It's going to have to stop if we... "You're getting married?" Ichigo asked, quietly this time. He'd never see the light of day again if he pissed these two off.

Yumichika leaned back into Ikkaku. "Yup. Of course the wedding is going to be beautiful. I won't let some one make it ugly."

"That some one being me?" Ichigo said sarcastically.

"Of course not. You're ma' best man." Ikkaku said, thumping Ichigo on the back. He'd said this much to loudly. The room was hushed again. "Whoops..."

Kira and Shuuhei were the first ones to ask, "Since when?"

Orihime again shouted, "WOW! Another wedding! So, when is it?" She paused. "Who's your best man Shuuhei? You didn't tell us."

They looked once again at the first couple. "Renji." Kira said, flashing a set of perfectly white teeth.

Renji who Ichigo hadn't noticed until now, had been sittin g in a corner of the room drinking, and started sputtering into it when he heard his name. "W-what?!" He asked, sake dribbling down his chin.

"What an unbeautiful response." Yumichika muttered, staring at what he called a disgrace.

"No way in hell am I going to be your best man! Forget it!" Shuuhei's face dropped a little.

"Why not?" Kira asked. "Not like you have anything important going on right now."

"I said no and I'm standing by that answer!" Renji said firmly. Ichigo eyed him and decided to do something about it. He stood up and walked over to Renji, kneeling down in front of him.

"Come on Renji-kun," he purred. "A friend is asking for help. How can you say no? Just pretend it's a mission." He purred, even closer to Renji's face. Dammit Ichigo! Don't breathe so close to my face! Why are you so freakin' cute?

"I-I said no and I mean no." Renji stuttered, staring into Ichigo's eyes. He was trying to look away but couldn't. It was his magic once again, compelling him to listen to his request. Ichigo batted his eye lashes, his face not even turning the slightest color... Unlike Renji whose whole face turned dark red. He finally gave in. Throwing his head back he yelled, "ALRIGHT! FINE!" Every one in the room cheered, every one just noticing the dead silence while all that had been happening.

They all continued to talk, that was until, Hitsugaya Toshiro stepped in, a grave look on his face. Ichigo had backed off Renji just as Toshiro came in. Toshiro seemed to glare at Ichigo, a non-approving look on his face. He was the only one completely resistant to Ichigo's 'magic'. "What ever this is all about, you had better pay attention and shut your traps. We've got even more new information on Aizen...." this shut every one up immediately, "and we have a vag idea of when he's going to attack."

"When?" Ishida asked, pushing his glasses up, looking at the young, white haired, shinigami captain.

"In two weeks. The day before or after those two wedding." He said, jabbing his finger in Kira and Shuuhei's direction.

Orihime's face became shocked and the happy buzz of ealier came to a sudden halt. Every one stared at the two the captain was pointing at. Kira looked on the bridge of tears, and Shuuhei who was completely shocked, had a blank look on his face, like all his emotional skills had halted like the buzz of the room. "When do we attack?" He asked, his voice a drone. He sounded like a robot that was just about to be scraped.

"As soon as we can." Toshiro said. "We're going to get into groups and fight that way."

Zaraki's voice floated through the room, a note of boredom in his voice. "Groups? What the fuck for? I can fight on my own." Toshiro glared at him.

"You'll do and Yamammoto-taicho orders. Since you're so picky, you can with who ever the hell you please."

"Obviously Yachiro, Ikkaku, and Yumichika. I only fight with eleventh squad."

The pink haired girl sitting next to him jumped up and grined. Jumping onto Zaraki she yelled, "Yay! I get to fight with Ken-chan!" The effect her smile had on every one was strange. She smiled, than Zaraki smiled (smirked actually, and then Ichigo, Uryuu, Kira, and so on. Soon, every one in the room was smiling again.

Toshiro coughed. "I'd like to remind you all of how serious this situation is. It's not time to play around. And I guess every one will just go with their squads. If you leader isn't here, the highest seat here will become your captain. Understand?"

Every one answered, their answer obviously unanimous, "Hai!"

"Ano, excuse me? What about us? We don't belong in-"

"Orihime you're going with fourth squad, Uryuu is going with me, and Ichigo is obvously with Zaraki." He blushed when he had said Ichigo's first name by mistake. He hadn't meant to. Actually, he didn't turn colors but the temperature in the room dropped by about five degrees.

They all agreed, their replies nods or low mutters. For the next maybe four hours, they discussed what the plans would be. After all that time though, none of them had come up with anything. They were tired and restless, some of them speechless. Ichigo stifled a yawn and looked around the room. His eyes were drooping but he could still see some of the bodies of people who had long ago passed out. Orihime had fallen asleep against Ishida's shoulder, and he had covered her with some sort of cloth.

Ichigo stood up, his body a little wobbly, and walked over to Ishida, sat down pecked him on the lips, holding a little longer than he did with most people. Ishida was one of few ex's that he still had feelings for. When Ishida's dad had made him promise that he wouldn't help the shinigami, Ishida had decided that it was unhealthy for them to be together like that so he had broken it off. "So," Ichigo said, after letting go of Ishida's lips, "how have you been?"

"Never been better." He said sarcastically. He looked sad as he gazed longingly at him. He was still madly in love but his father wouldn't allow it. He didn't know that despite his promise, he still helped the shinigami, just so he could be closer to Ichigo.

"Ha ha." Ichigo laughed, his sound toneless. His face was in a deep scowl, as he tried to figure out a way to make Aizen stop long before the wedding were to be held. Ishida pulled him closer again and kissed him hard.

"I miss you Ichigo." Ishida said. His blue eyes pierced the deepest sore in Ichigo's heart but Ichigo knew that it could never work between .

Ichigo pushed him away, accidently bumping into Orihime. She stirred from he sleep, rubbing her eyes and looking around.

"Ora?" She said, her face confused, "where am I?"

"Sorry for waking you," Ichigo said, "You're at Urahara's store."Orihime pushed herself from Ishida's shoulder, still rubbing her eyes as she looked around her.

"Still?" Her voice was slurred because of just waking up.

"Yeah. The meeting's over so I'll walk you home." Ishida stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he pulled her to her feet. She wobbled so she used Ishida as a support. "See ya' tomorrow." Ishida said, pushing his glasses up once more. Urahara and Ichigo nodded and watched as they walked off.

"That'd be a cute couple if Ishida weren't gay as hell." Renji said, his words slurred because of over drinking alcohol. Slowly, every one began to snap out of their sleep and leave the store. Ichigo stood by the door, receiving a kiss, or a hug, from every one that hadn't done it ealier. The only two of the shinigami that stayed behind were Toshiro and Renji.

Ichigo turned to them and said, "Oiyasuminasai mina."

He bowed and turned to leave but was stopped when he heard Toshiro say, "Kurosaki, wait. I have something I need to speak with you about. Kisuke do you have an empty room that I could speak privately with him?"

"Hai!" Urahara said, everyone seeing the fainstest smile behind his fan. "Tessai, please show them to one of the empty rooms. They may be a bit messy so I apologize." He grinned at the orange and white haired boys and disappeared into his own room.

"This way if you please." Tessai sheppered them out of the room. Renji gave Ichigo a funny look as he walked with Toshiro out the door. He smirked then, knowing that even Toshiro wouldn't be able to hold back when in a room with him. Even the man of steal and pride, Zaraki Kenpachi, had ended up in bed with him.

Tessai led them down the hall to a small, almost cramped room, shutting the door behind the boys and walking away. Ichigo plopped onto the floor, sitting cross-legged and staring at Toshiro. "So," he said, his voice silk, "you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Yes." Hitsugaya did not sit but stayed standing so he could look sternly down at Ichigo. "From here on out, you are not to flaunt around showing off your... what ever it is that you want to call it."

Ichigo gave him a deep scowl. "And why not? It's just until I've found what I want. I'm still more into the mission than finding myself a lover. My gayness hasn't affected my brain."

"I"m not so sure about that. It's certainly affected your reitsu."

"What do y-" Ichigo was stopped midsentence.

Hitsugaya had lunged at Ichigo, pressing his lips hard aginst the others. Ichigo sucked in, of course being completely unprepared. His eye fluttered shut though, his lips pressing even harder into the young captains. When they broke apart,Hitsugaya looked at him for a second before pushing himself away, the tempture in the room dropping ten degrees.

"What the hell?" Ichigo asked, his thoughts hazy.

"Sorry. I... It's just, when I see you with other people, men, I get a little jealous and I can't tell why. I'm not like you and I'm completely immune to your strange magic."

Magic? What the hell is he talking about? "I don't mind. And of course you're not gay. None of the shinigami I've slept with are." This time, Hitsugaya did blush a deep scarlet. How could some one say that as if they didn't have a care in the world about it?

"How many of them have you slept with?" He asked, turning red to the tips of his ears.

"Lost count after twenty. Yumichika, Kira, Ikkau, Shuuhei, Renji, Zaraki if you can believe it, Byakuya, the chief commander, his vice-captain. Oh, Hanataro, Ukitake, Shunsui. And then a lot more lower ranking officers that I can't remember names to. And then I've also slept with Ishida, his dad, Chad, Keigo. The list goes on for awhile."

"You're a freaking prostitute!" Hitsugaya yelled, losing his cool. "How can you do that? How can you not be faithful to just one person?!"

"Haven't found the right one yet. All I know is that it's a captain of the thirteen protection squads."

"Could that one person be me?" Hitsugaya asked, his voice low but no threatening.

"I'll have to see what you can do." Ichigo got onto his knees and crawled to the white haired captain. He placed his hands on his hips and slowly inched his body upwards. When he came in level with the other's face, he pressed his lips hard against the pale pink lips. Htsugaya's eyes fluttered closed.

He gripped Ichigo by the shoulders, pressing his lips hard against the others. I can't be doing this. I'm not like him! I'm not gay. So why/ Why is it that every time I'm away from him, my heart feels like it's being torn apart? Ichigo pushed Hitsugaya into the opposing wall, well his tongue played war against the captains. His hands removed the captains clothes like they were his own, letting them drop to the floor.

Hitsugaya slipped Ichigo's shirt off, hearing it, just faintly, land on the floor. They broke apart and almost as soon as they breathed, Ichigo began kissing him between the neck and shoulder, his right hand playing with the captain's nipple. Toshiro arched his body in Ichigo, his hard length pressing against his.

"That didn't take long." Ichigo breathed into his ear, making him go scarlet again. Ichigo then grabbed the length in hand, making the poor man moan loudly. A little too loud for either's comfort. Ichigo shrugged it off quickly and continued what he was doing. He nipped along soft parts of the boys neck, and used his left for pumping the length and the right for playing with the soft-ish, pink nipple. He licked along the neck, and stuck the other one in his mouth and began to suck...

"Hu-nnnn..." Hitsugaya moaned as Ichigo moved his left hand faster. The faster he went the louder Hitsugaya moaned. "I-I-I'm coming!" he yelled, just moments later it seemed. The white cum shot into Ichigo's hand, making Ichigo stop his other motions all together.

"The didn't take long." He licked along the shoulder and neck watching as the other one moaned. "Is this your first time with a man? Or maybe your first time ever?"

"With a man." he took a sharp breath as Ichigo bit one of the most sensitive parts of his neck.

"Than I'll go easy on you. Get on your hand and knees." Hitsugaya obediently did as he was told, watching as Ichigo licked the white 'cream' from his fingers. Ichigo unbuttoned his pants and let them slip to the floor, followed by his boxers so he was now standing naked in front of him. He bent down behind Hitsugaya and licked two of fingers, getting them wet.

"Get ready," He said softly, positioning one of the fingers. Hitsugaya squeezed his eyes shut and screamed as Ichigo pushed the finger inside him. "There's one," Ichigo said, pausing a minute before sticking the other finger in, receiving another loud yelp from him.

This is going easy?! Hitsugaya thought hysterically. Then what's his version of harsh?! Ichigo started slowly, his entrance was tight and he didn't want to hurt the boy. After a minuter though, he moved his fingers faster. He used his fingers until he came again before preparing to thrust his now erect length inside the boy. This time, the boy didn't get any preparation time. He thrust himself inside the captain all the way, and started rocking his hips back and forth. It took almost a minute of yelps from the captain until Ichigo found the right spot to hit every time. He leaned and touched his bare stomach skin to the captains bare back skin and grabbed the still erect length, pumping it in rhythm with his thrusts. Soon, they both came, Ichigo releasing into the captain, and the captain into the floor.

Hitsugaya collapsed with Ichigo on top of him. They didn't talk until there breathing had returned to normal. The first thing that Ichigo said was, "You're perfect."

And the only thing the captain said was, "I know." He kissed Ichigo one last time before his eyelids closed and he was engulfed in darkness as he fell into a dreamless sleep...


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