I have writers block with my other story so I thought I would try writing a song fic. Plus I had just seen the Achy Jakey Heart episode so the two things seemed to fit in my mind.

Disclaimer: I don't own Hannah Montana or the Ghost of the Robot song "Good Night Sweet Girl"

Are we done for now,
Or is this for good,
Will there be something in time?
With us there should.

I know when I left things were a bit shaky but we never actually broke up. I didn't tell anyone your secret, just like I promised. I'm also trying my hardest to be Leslie, not Jake. Jake is still a part of me, just like Miley is a part of Hannah, but now at least I'm not Jake all the time. And I did it all for you.

Only girl for me is you
There can be no other one
If I didn't have faith
I would come undone

In the note I said that I hope I am worthy of a girl like you but the truth is I only want you. Miley I'm in love with you. I always have been. There really is no other girl for me. Those blue eyes which I could lose myself in forever. I've done all this for you just in the hopes that you might be mine.

So much promise in your eyes
Seems that I can only see
It always makes me wonder
If you save it all for me

I look into those same blue eyes that I fell in love with now and I'm sure I see love. I really hope it's for me. You say that what I see in your eyes isn't for me but who is it for? There is no one else so admit it, it's all for me.

Maybe you do
Maybe you don't
Maybe you should
Probably wont...

Ok maybe it's not all for me, but you have to admit you still feel something. I wonder, has that hope and love I see in your eyes been there while I was gone? Or was it all stored up for the five months I wasn't there to see it?

Because there will be...

They may beThere will be other guys
Who will whisper in your ear
Say they'll take away you sadness
And your fears

They may be kind and true
They may be good for you
But they'll never care for you
More than I do

This other person, they won't be good enough for you. All they will do is hurt you. They won't be there for you, they won't love you right. You'll see that one day. You'll realise that I am the only one for you.

I'll be always there
There to the end
I can't do much
But be your one true friend

But until you come to that realisation I will be here. I will wait for you forever if I have to. After all I have changed, and one of those changes has been into a more patient person. You may not love me now so I will settle for being your friend. Then I can still be there for you everyday and still be close to you.

To the end
Through the end
Our lives to spend
With each other till the end
Of time...

I will always be in your life. I will watch and wait for you. Even if it takes all my life or yours, you WILL love me. I don't care what it takes to make you realise it, but whatever it is I will do it and then you and I will be together forever. Together just like I've planned it.

We'll spend our lives together. We'll get married as soon as possible in a church, you in the flowing sparkling white dress I've already picked out. It'll be real special, only close friends and family attending. No reception just straight to the Alps for our dream honeymoon. And because of the time difference it will be morning when we arrive so we can get some rest before we get to celebrate our wedding night. That night will be when you conceive our first child, Leslie Jr. Then five more children will follow in regular two year intervals.

Still see the promise in your eyes
And still wonder if it's for me

You look at me with the same look in your eyes. The look that tells me you still care, that you still love. But now I start to wonder, is what you said true? Is there someone else? No there can't be. And even if there was could you honestly pick them over Jake Ryan? Even if you did it wouldn't matter. I would still get you in the end. I may have changed into a more patient person but that doesn't mean I don't get jealous. Whoever it is doesn't have chance.

But i know it's still there
Even when you sleep

I like how you look when you sleep. You really shouldn't open your window so much. Anyone off the street could come in and do anything they wanted to you my love. But that's why I'm here, to protect my sleeping angel.

A brief smile flickers over your face and I wonder if you are dreaming and if so what about. Do you dream of that night in the Alps like I do? Soon that dream will come true my sweet girl. You let out a soft sigh and mutter a word, too soft for me to hear but I see the smile on your face and feel my lips stretching to meet yours.

The soft sunlight peeks through the whispers of fabric you call curtains, interrupting my heads journey to yours. I shift realising I must now leave you. I settle for kissing your head, momentarily losing myself in the sweet smell of your hair. I leave you to doze for the remaining hour till you arise. I love you...

So I say, good night sweet girl

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