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Chapter 1

"Come on everyone it is time to have breakfast." Kagome yelled while finishing the last bit of breakfast preparations. Inuyasha instantly jumped from the tree overhead while Sango and Miroku untangled themselves from each other on the other side of camp. Shippou was the only one that did not stir instantly. "Come on sweety get up before Inuyasha eats your portion of breakfast." Kagome laughed as Shippou practically threw himself at the bowl sitting next to Kagome.

"So what do we have planned for today Inuyasha?" It had been seven years and still it was the same thing every day. They would awaken and then plan the day, push on until the humans were ready to drop from exhaustion and then they would eat, sleep and then start the whole process over again. Kagome gave an excited smile as she listened because she knew they were down to the last shards and that the final confrontation with Naraku was at hand. The only things that were new with their group was that Kikyou now traveled with them as Inuyasha's mate and Shippou was now half of Kagome's height. Kagome had long ago accepted that she only loved Inuyasha like a brother and not the way that she had first thought.

"Keh! We are going to keep heading south because that is were the latest rumors…. What the fuck?" Suddenly, like a door was opened Inuyasha and Shippou could smell Naraku all around the clearing. Kagome, Kikyou, and Miroku could sense the strong tainted, demonic aura like a slap in the face. The group only had time to arm themselves when they were attacked. Kagome automatically took a stance of defense in front of her son. She and Kikyou stood back to back with the kitsune in between them. Kirara transformed and Sango jumped on to her back and took up fighting from the air. Miroku and Inuyasha took up stances near the two mikos on the ground. As soon as the first strikes of the battle were made the ookami prince Kouga rushed into the clearing in a gust of wind.

"Oii, dog-turd, you weren't planning to end this sadistic hanyou without me were you." Kouga exclaimed while racing towards a smiling Kagura. Inuyasha smiled at the familiar barb from the youkai he considered his friend though we would never reveal that to anyone. "Yeah well I knew that you were lurking around spying on us as usual so didn't think to waist my breath filthy wolf."

With that final comment everyone concentrated really hard on the battle at hand because all could tell that it was the final battle and one slip up could cause them their lives. Suddenly a cry was heard from the air by Sango as Kirara brought her back the ground. She had thrown her hiraikotsu when Kohaku threw his scythe and caught her across the back. "Oh kami. Sango are you alright?"

Kagome cried as she ran to her friends side leaving Kikyou to defend Shippou. She leaned over her friend to see if it was life threatening. It wasn't she discovered almost instantly but the brief distraction had given Naraku the opening he wanted and he sent a hoard of demons toward the women. Miroku saw this and panicked.

"Sango, Kagome hold on." He ran and jumped in front of the women and opened up his wind tunnel. To late he noticed the saimyoushou that were interwoven with the many demons. Sango also noticed and ran to support Miroku as the poisons began to drain him. "I love you Sango, I always have." He whispered as the last of the enemy was sucked into his cursed hand. Sango began to weep uncontrollably over his unconscious body.

"I love you too, Miroku. Please don't be dead. You have to survive this. If you do I promise to marry you and bare you as many children as you want." Kagome stood guard with Kirara until Sango gathered herself together and used the anger to fuel her determination in the battle.

Kagura continued to throw her attacks at Kouga who was stealthily avoiding them with the help of the jewel fragments in his legs. He was landing blow after blow on the wind witch when he was distracted by the smell of Kagome's blood. It was the opportunity that Kagura had been waiting for. She ripped the shards from his legs with one quick movement and threw Kouga to the ground. "Damn you witch. I will kill you even without the shards." He snarled as he tried to regain his feet. Kagura just sat on her huge leaf and smiled it did not sit well with Kouga because she looked positively gleeful. "I am not the one that you should be worrying about wolf." Even as she was finishing the sentence Naraku sent one of his tentacles through the yaisei-ookami. Kouga was stunned as he fell to the ground and darkness invaded his mind and body.

"Come now sister do truly believe that you will leave this clearing alive. For if you do you should forget it now for I will personally see to your demise with pleasure." Sango spun around in time to narrowly miss the blade that was sent her way by Kohaku. Sango then concentrated her entire being on fighting off Kohaku with out causing him any real danger. "Please Kohaku remember who I am and stop this. I love you. I don't want to hurt you." Kohaku smiled wickedly at her and replied. "then that will be your downfall sister." Sango continued to fend off his attacks without harming him.

Kagome had watched Kouga fall and aimed a purifying arrow straight at Naraku where she knew the jewel rested. Naraku sensed it at the last moment and moved so that it purified his side from his arm to his waist then disappeared from her site. Kagome then took aim at a startled Kagura and purified her before she ever knew what hit her. Kagome frantically searched for the evil hanyou and found him battling Inuyasha. She continued to fire arrows at the hoards of demons that were keeping herself, Kikyou, and Shippou busy.

Sango stood in awe as her brother disappeared from her vision. She stood in wait knowing that he would again attack. "You should concentrate harder sister if you plan on staying alive." Sango turned abruptly when she heard the whispered words next to her ear, but she found no one there. Then without any warned she was hit in the head with the hilt of Kohaku's sword hard enough to crack open her head and render her unconscious. As soon as Kohaku hit Sango he fell limp to the ground as a tentacle withdrew from his back with the jewel shard that had kept him alive. "You have served your purpose slayer by breaking your sister, now I have no use for you." Naraku exclaimed to himself with a sinister smile. Then he returned his full attention to the hanyou in front of him. "So Inuyasha it is down to your mate, your best friend, and yourself. Do you truly believe that the dead miko will stand a chance against me or do you think that she will crumble?" He goaded Inuyasha further into the fury that was overtaking him.

"Shut up and leave them out of this Naraku this is between you and me." Inuyasha once again hacked off a numerous amount of the appendages that were being sent his way.

"Kikyou I am sending you to Keade's village to inform her what is going on and to protect Shippou don't let him leave to try and return here please. This is for Inuyasha so that he can fight without having to worry if you are safe or not. Please understand." A frantic Kagome told Kikyou and Shippou. She had heard the threat from the hanyou and knew that it would be better if they were gone and she and Inuyasha could concentrate wholly on Naraku. She also knew that if she had to reveal her secret to win that Inuyasha would keep her secret and remain her friend.

"Alright Kagome. I don't like it but if it will help then I will do so." Kikyou bowed and grabbed a hold of a crying Shippou.

"NO mama I wont leave you. Please don't make me go let me fight with you." The kitsune was frantic to stay and give the only mother he knew what little protection he could. Kagome smiled an comforting smile and kissed him on his head. "It will be alright honey. I love you and will see you soon ok. Be good for Kikyou."

She closed her eyes and concentrated her newly gained ability to send her son and friend away from the battle at hand. As soon as she regained her bearings she turned to help Inuyasha with Naraku.

"Ahh so the miko has decided to aid you. All the better I can now kill you both more easily." Naraku smiled and seamed as if he was using no energy at all to fend them off. Inuyasha looked around and realized that he and Kagome were the only ones left standing in the battle. And frantically searched for his mate but could not find her. Kagome sensed what was distracting her friend.

"Its alright Inuyasha they are safe at the village. I sent them there to inform Keade and to keep both of our weaknesses out of Naraku's grasp." She smile at Inuyasha as he breathed a sigh of relief and then both continued their assault on Naraku's barrier while also fighting off the appendages that he was unmercifully hurling at them. Inuyasha noticed something out the corner of his eye and turned to see his stoic older brother walking out of the forest to his left. Naraku took advantage of the mistep in Inuyasha's concentration and stabbed him through his stomach and hurled his limp body into a tree deep in the forest. Kagome saw this and panicked she was left alone to fight off the depraived hanyou. 'well this is as good a time as any to truly fight him until the end' she thought as her eyes began to bleed red for the first time in this time period.

Sesshoumaru had rushed to the area where he could smell blood and death and evil. He saw his brother notice him but knew that the miko and the hanyou had yet to notice him. He was not surprised when his brother was thrown into the trees. He was however very surprised for the first time in his life when he felt the aura and scent around the miko changed to become that of a youkai instead of a human. He saw Naraku pause in his attacks and stare at the miko in awe and lust and it discusted him. "Come Kagome you do not have to fight me. Join me little one and we will rule all of Japan." He heard the hanyou proposition the miko-demon. Sesshoumaru was discusted. Then he was very amused though if anyone saw him they would only see a barely noticable quirk of his lips before it was gone as Kagome answered the hanyou.

"Oh please like I would even consider that after the way that you have ruined my friends lives. whatever. your smell alone is so revolting that i can barely stand to stand here." She spat at him while trying to keep from letting her beast take control. She could now sense that Sesshoumaru was standing just inside the trees watching the whole thing happen. She knew that if for no other reason he would help because they were on his lands. Her words had infuriated the hanyou and he now sent every thing he had at her. She was being overwhelmed and was beginning to think that she had judged Sesshoumaru wrong. She sent a final purification arrow that broke his barrier but was slammed into a tree only hard enough to imobilize her for a moment. She saw Naraku fly at her smiling and knew that she was about to die so she closed her eyes and waited for the pain. It never came.

"Do you plan on sitting there and dying or are you going to fight woman?" Sesshoumaru jumped in at the last moment surprising Kagome and completly terrifiying the hanyou. Kagome smiled and stood and took up a fighting stance next to the taiyoukai. "I knew you would help." She beamed at him. "hm" was his only reply as he lept at the hanyou. Kagome followed a second later. The hanyou was quickly losing to the pair of powerful youkai. Sesshoumaru finally got Naraku trapped on the ground. Kagome shot an arrow at him that contianed all of her powers. It purified him instanly. Kagome was overjoyed until she noticed that the jewel shard that he had held was once again scattered thoughout Japan. "Oh kami now we have to start all over agian. this really sucks." Sesshoumaru just looked at her for awile trying to decipher what kind of youkai she was, but before he could she quickly hid all traces of the youkai in her blood.

"Why do you hide what you are woman?" Sesshoumaru startled Kagome with his question. Then reality hit and she realized that her enemy now knew something that her family had fought so hard to hide. Sesshoumaru felt the fear and distress that rolled off the miko. "I will not ask again woman..."

" Oh Kami I am so stupid. After seven years of hiding the one person who finds out my secret is one of the very youkai I was trying to avoid knowing, Damn it why can't anything go right." She mumbled quietly to herself though the taiyoukai heard every word. Finally she looked up and met his eyes. "I do it for my own protection and as the element of surprise. My trump card incase I ever get into real trouble like today. Please Lord Sesshoumaru don't tell anyone. Not even my friends know of this." She looked at him as he thought about her reply. 'I could use her to help me against the youkai that are threatening my land rights.' She unconciously took a step back when a malicious smile appeared on his elegant face.

"You will fight for me and will keep your secret." Kagome was in awe at the order and was about to tell him no when Inuyasha began to make his way back into the clearing. "Don't answer now miko. I will be back in one weeks time to either take you with me or to reveal all to your friends and everyone else." Before Kagome could answer Sesshoumaru disapeared and Inuyasha stumbled into the clearing with a look of utter confusion on his face. "I will explain everything once we get to Keade's and get everyone healing ok I promise." Inuyasha grumbled but did as she said anyways.