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Chapter 21

Sesshoumaru was annoyed that Kagome had hardly spoken to him since this morning in their chambers and yet she was outside his study this very moment laughing in her carefree way with his general! ' we will not sit here and listen to this! He is trying to take our mate! Do not give him the chance to sway her from us! We should not have been so cruel to her this morning!' Sesshoumaru growled outwardly when he heard Isamu sounding so familiar with Kagome! 'She is not going to sway from us! besides that Isamu does not want our mate he is our friend! He is only doing as we asked by keeping her safe in our absince! calm yourself' Sesshoumaru could not stop his beast from releasing another growl when he heard Kagome giggle again! He knew that his eyes had started to bleed red during the conversation and did not want Kagome to see him this way when she came into the study and calmed himself with great effort! Sesshoumaru sat calmly at his desk waiting for Kagome to enter. When she did enter she was smiling at him. This calmed his beast better then anything Sesshoumaru had said or done. "Kagome" Sesshoumaru sighed her name as he relaxed.

Kagome looked at her mate curiouslly when she heard the way he said her name! She could not think of what he had to be anxious about and figured maybe something was happening in his lands that had him upset! She watched as the slight pink tinge in his eyes faded when she smiled at him and walked to Sesshoumaru and slid easily into his lap when he automatically reached out for her! She snuggled into him and sighed contentedly when he nuzzled her inhaled her scent deeply! "Sesshoumaru, my mate, what has you so anxious this afternoon?"

"Nothing that is important my heart! I simply have missed your company today! My beast does not think that we have enough time alone with our mate!" Kagome giggled when Sesshoumaru nuzzled her neck. His breath as he talked was tickling her. "I think that I agree with my beast Kagome. I do not think that we have had enough time to ourselves today!" Kagome shivered when Sesshoumaru began to lick, kiss and nip at her neck. "I think that we will make up for our teasing this morning. What say you mate will you allow us to cure you of your distraction" Kagome whimpered her accent as Sesshoumaru with a movement to quick to register had turned her so that she was staddling him backwards with her back to his chest.


"Good" Sesshoumaru mummered as he began to raise Kagome's kimono up so that he could reach her aching core! Kagome whimpered again as Sesshoumaru ripped her panties off of her with one powerful flick of his wrist. Sesshoumaru kept her up on her knees and placed her hands on his desk as he returned one hand to her center and undid his own hakama while we rose to his knees behind her! Sesshoumaru waited until he could feel that she was close before he thrust his fingers into her to feel her readiness for him! Seeing that she was more then ready pulled his fingers out and thrust his painfully hard shaft into her slick waiting folds! Kagome cried out and ofter only two powerful thrusts from her mate she came screaming his name! Her body had been craving this since she had been left wanting in her room this morning! Her beast was not yet satisfied and Sesshoumaru's beast could sence this and begged for Sesshoumaru to let him loose if only slightly!

Sesshoumaru gave into his beast and they pulled from their mate only for a moment to move her into a different position! Kagome whimpered at the loss of her mate and turned to him when she felt him pull away from her completely! what she saw made her gasp in arousal! Sesshoumaru had used his demonic speed to shred his clothing so that he stood naked in all his glory! His chisled abs and muscled perfect pale body was adorned only by his jagged magenta markings at ankle hip and wrist! That part of him that she wanted inside of her stood tall and at attention just for her still wet from being inside of her! Kagome moved up to his wonderful face his mouth slightly open where she could see his fangs! His marks on his face jagged from not the only sign that his beast was upon him! Kagome looked into his blood red eyes and the hungry possesive look in them and her beast practically purred at the Alpha Inu standing so tall and proud and oh so aroused in front of them! Kagome began to take her own clothes off and Sesshoumaru watched for but a second before deciding that it would not be fast enough for himself of his beast. They wanted to see her bare for them and they wanted it now!

Sesshoumaru strode forward and lifted Kagome off of her knees by her arms and they used their claws to shred Kagomes kimono and Kagome watched as her scraps of clothing joined Sesshoumarus on the floor! He then pulled her roughly into his chest and kissed her with the passion and dominance that Kagome craved since she saw him unclothed! Kagome growled in approval when Sesshoumaru lifter her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist! Her slick center was placed just over the head of his shaft and she thrust herself down on him! Both moaned at the sudden movement! Kagome lifted and thrust herself down once more before Sesshoumaru stilled her! He would not be able to remain standing for much longer if she continued the way that she was! Kagome squealed as Sesshoumaru moved to swipe his desk clean with one swipe and laid kagome onto the surface! All without removing himself from her! He then began thrusting into her with long, sure, slow thrusts! Kagome felt like she was going to go crazy from his pace! "Sesshoumaru please" Kagome pleaded! Sesshoumaru was determined to see to her pleasure before his own and knew that if he gave into her he wouldnt last! "Please" Kagome begged again! Sesshoumaru continued his slow torturious rythym! Kagome couldnt take it anymore! She leaned up grabbed Sesshoumaru around the neck and pulled his face down so that their noses were touching! "Sesshoumaru i need you to go faster! I will hurt you if you do not do this for me!" Kagome snarled at him before crushing her lips to his! Sesshoumaru was shocked at Kagome's heated words but still thought to do as he determind! Kagome moved from Sesshoumaru's mouth to his cheek and then to his neck! She licked the side of his neck from his the bottom to his ear and then as sh began to nibble at his ear she dug her claws into his back. Sesshoumaru couldnt take it anymore he pushed Kagome back down to the table and proceeded to do exactly what Kagome craved! Both reached their climax at thesame time and Kagome screamed Sesshoumarus name at the same time he roared for her!

~End Lemon~

Kagome giggled as she stood from the desk and saw the mess they had made of the room! scrolls, ink, and quills lay scattered to one side of the room where Sesshoumaru had thrown them! Behind the desk lay the tattered remains of their clothing nothing had survived Sesshoumaru and beast's passion! Kagome giggled again as she saw that Sesshoumaru did not look phased at all at the mess that was his study! "How in the world are we going to explain this?" Sesshoumaru chuckled and inhailed the scent of his mate! He loved the way it smelled when their scent mingled with the scent of their love making! Sesshoumaru caught a scent he had not smelled before! He didn't know what it was and inhaled deeply again! It was coming from his mate! Maybe she was in her heat again that would explain why he could not resist her! Sesshoumaru stepped closer to Kagome and sniffed her closer! "Sesshoumaru what are you doing sniffing me?" Kagome giggled as his breath tickled her.

'She is pupped!' Sesshoumaru stilled against Kagome 'She is pupped?' Sesshoumaru could not believe it! He dropped to his knees infront of Kagome and inhaled deeply with his nose pressed to her stomache. 'We are to have an heir' Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around Kagome tighter and pressed his ear to her! 'we will not hear anything so soon it is too early but she is pupped' Kagome was really begining to wonder what the heck was up with Sesshoumaru he was acting so strangly.

"Sesshoumaru what is it? What is wrong?" Kagome asked Sesshomaru. Kagome was really begining to worry about Sesshoumaru! "What is it mate what is the matter?" Sesshoumaru only held her tighter and and began to growl low and soothingly! Kagome relaxed but only slightly. "Sesshoumaru, Mate, tell me what is going on!" Kagome said soothingly she gently moved Sesshoumarus arms but he only loosened them enough for her to slid down to her knees to look him in the face! He tightened his arms once again when she was finished moving! Sesshoumaru kissed Kagome sweetly on the mouth before leaning back to look her in the eyes.

"Kagome my mate." Sesshoumaru paused and moved one arm around and placed his clawed hand gently on her stomache between them. Kagome began to get wonder at the gentle way he looked at her and touched her. He was always good to her but this was a new gentleness that she had never seen. Her thoughts were confirmed when Sesshoumaru smiled ever so sweetly at her. "I know that we are already mother and father to Rin and Shippou. But now we are going to have..Umph" Sesshoumaru did not get to finish his sentence because Kagome anticipating the end of his statement had knocked them both over to the ground! Kagome looked down and Sesshoumaru as she lay on top of him!

"I'm pregnant!" Kagome squealed when Sesshoumaru nodded his head she squealed again and crushed her lips to his! Finally she had to break for a breath. "I can't believe it. I am pregnant we are going to have a baby! I can not wait to tell everyone! My mother is going to be so excited and so is Sango and Kikyou! I cant wait to start getting things ready and I..." Sesshoumaru listened with amusement as Kagome rambled on excitedly! He had known that she was going to be excited he was excited as well! His beast was quiet and content to listen to their mate go on about their pup they knew she was going to be a good and protective mother! They were going to raise a most powerful heir! Finally Sesshoumaru leaned up and kissed her to slow down her now almost inperceptable words in her excitement.

"Kagome, calm yourself, we have plenty of time to get ready for our baby! For now lets get up and find some clothes and get this mess in here cleaned up before we prepare for all the things that need to be done to prepare for an heir." Kagome took a deep breath and calmed down but she never stopped smiling she leaned down and kissed Sesshoumaru one more time before she rolled off of him and let him help her to her feet. "I will have Keira fetch us some clothes while we start cleaning up the study. You can talk to me about whatever it was that brought you in here in the first place." Kagome nodded and grabbed a piece of kimono off the ground that was just big enough when she wrapped it around her and tied it that it fell to her mid thigh. Sesshoumaru leaned out the door and sent someone to summon Keira! Started picking up the rest of the matterial on the floor.

"Sesshoumaru we need to discuss Rin and what we are going to do about her going back and forth to start her training as a miko! Kikyou is willing to start as soon as we are ready but she will be able to travel less and less until their baby is born!" Kagome stated. She already had an idea about what they could do but she knew that Sesshoumaru is much more efficient at plans and stratagies.

"What do you have in mind Kagome I know that you have already thought of something. I will listen to your suggestion and see if there is anything that we can do to improve or not on it." Sesshoumaru knew that Kagome already had a plan that she wanted to do and knew that it was probably a good one that only needed a tweek or two if any. Kagome smiled and continued to clean as she continued.

"Well I figured that we can send Rin even before she starts her cycle so that she can be prepared for whatever happens when she does. Most mikos her age have already been learning for a year or so. So I thought that maybe starting in a week we can send Rin with an armed excort and a companion to keep her company when she is not training. You and I previously discussed her spending a week in edo with Kikyou and then Kikyou would come here for a week but seeing as Kikyou is pregnant and is almost to far along to be traveling i figured that we could keep Akalya on staff here and that for the week that Rin is home Akalya will be her instructor. Akalya and Kikyou can keep record of what they are teaching while Rin is with each so that nothing is repeated and they can stay on the same page as far as her studies." Sesshoumaru nodded her plan was a sound one and he didnt see anything that needed to be improved upon Kagome had covered everything except who the guards would be and who the companion would be.

"Kagome who will you send as her guard and who will be her companion? Other then these things your idea needs no improvement." Sesshoumaru saw that Kagome was proud of herself and he was proud of her also. He looked at her flat belly as she straightend and could not wait until she was heavy with pup. He sat the pile of scrolls he had just picked up on his desk and moved to wrap his arms around her from behind and placed his hands on her belly. Kagome smiled as she felt Sesshoumaru place a kiss on top of her head before resting his chin there.

"I know nothing of who would be best to perform these duties. I figured that i would leave those things up to you my mate. You know much better then I, who would be best to watch Rin and who she would enjoy having around to play with more." Kagome felt Sesshoumaru rubbing his cheek on her head scent marking her. She figured that he would be doing that quite alot until the baby was born.

"I will think on who will do the escorting and as far as her companion I can think of a few that we can send i will put a list together and then you me and Rin can sit and decided who will go with her." Kagome nodded now that that was settled she could help Rin start preparing for her trip. Just then there was a gentle knock at the door "That will be Keira with our clothes." Sesshoumaru said as he released Kagome to answer the door. After getting the clothes from keira and letting her know that someone would need to come later to retrieve the ruined kimonos and replace the ink stained rug, Sesshoumaru turned and helped Kagome get her kimono on before donning his own clothes they finished picking up the last of the scrolls and quills before sitting down on the cushions infront of the fire place in the study to discuss the rest of Kagome's concerns.

"Sesshoumaru when will the Lords be coming for the ceremony to intruduce me." Sesshoumaru pulled Kagome close.

"The ceremony will be a little different now that you are pupped. None can challange me for you and you can not be tested in hand to hand combat or in any other way that can harm or risk the pup. Your skills can still be tested in competition but not combat. My claim on you is solid now that you carry my heir. Also after the Ceremony of Rights, we will have to begin working on getting you aquainted with your new sword and all that it has to offer you. You will have a group of demonesses assighned to be with you at all times when Isamu or myself can not be with you. I will have as few male scents as possible around you while you are pupped. Inuyoukia are very peticular when it comes to their mate and pup. Even though I know that you will never stray from me it will be hard for my beast to smell other males on you while you carry our pup." Sesshoumaru knew that Kagome did not want to be guarded and that she would have some issues handling what needed to be done for both of their sake. His beast would have no tolerance for other males around their mate while she was pupped and knew that he could not confine her to their chambers as any other Inu would have done. His Kagome would not stand for that and he would never again make the mistake of thinking to lock her up for her own good. That didnt work too well the last time that he had done that.

"Sesshoumaru I am glad to know that you can not be challanged for me I was not looking forward to any fights that may have happend. Even though i know that you would have won I did not want to watch you fight because of me. I am super excited to start working with my sword that was one of the things that I wanted to talk to you about. I understand that things will need to be different while I am pregnant. I talked with Keira and my mother not to long ago about it and I am glad that I dont have to fight with you about trying to lock me in our room." Kagome laughed when she felt Sesshoumaru stiffen in shock. "See I can be reasonable. I agree to the demonesses so long as i get to help pick them and that some or all of them are chosen from the demoness that guarded me when I was in my heat. They were wonderfulm fierce and kind." Sesshoumaru leaned down and kissed Kagome greatfully. He was glad that he was not going to have to fight her about the guards.

"I am so gratefull that we are not going to fight about the guard. Now I am going to send letters out to the lords that the ceremony will be in two weeks and then I will send one of my oldest and most faithful servents to you to help you prepare for it. She was here when my grandfather did it with my grandmother and then when my father introduced my mother and now she will be here to help me introduce you." Sesshoumaru stood up and brought Kagome with him. "Well I am going to get busy on all this work you have kept me from doing. Why dont you run along and see how the childrens studies are going. I will meet you when it is time for dinner." Sesshoumaru kissed Kagome and she told him that she would see him later and was not surprisesd to see Isamu waiting at the door when Sesshoumaru opened it for her. "Isamu do try to refriane from telling my mate anything that would put fancy ideas in her head about me being soft." Kagome laghed as she took Isamus offered arm. Isamu saw the slight tightening around Sesshoumaru's eyes when Kagome got close to him.

"I will do no such thing my friend. Those will be the ones that I tell her first. And do not worry my friend my scent will be the only male scent you smell when she is returned to you. I will protect your mate and unborn pup with my last breath." Isamu inclined his head to his friend and noticed that Sesshoumaru relaxed at his words.

"See that you do Isamu. Yours is the only male scent that I think my beast will tolerate besides the kit. I believe the only reason he is ok with it is because your scent is as familiar to me as my own. Watch over them my old friend." Kagome leaned up and kissed Sesshoumaru one more time before she walked away with Isamu.

"I love you Sesshoumaru." Kagome stated quietly knowing full well that Sesshoumaru had heard her and she smiled to herself when she heard his soft reply in her mind. "And I you my mate." Kagome looked up at Isamu when he smiled down at her knowingly. "So what story will you tell me first my friend." Isamu looked to be thinking about it very hard before he picked one.

"How about we take a walk through the gardens before we go to the children and I will tell you how Sesshomaru and I first met." Kagome nodded her head and followed and Isamu led her to the palace gardens. "Well let me see, A very long long time ago my father was recruited by the former lord to be the general for the western army. I was about six at the time and had been training with my father to be as great a warrior as him someday. Well Sesshoumaru was also six at the time and had also been training with his father. Well when we were intoduced to each other our fathers were hoping that the two of us would take to each other because Togu, Sesshoumaru's father, had seen me train with my father and knew that i would be great to take over the spot of general when father was no longer able. Well obviously Sesshoumaru and I wanted nothing to do with each other and decided that we were enemies. The two of us set about to make the others life miserable. pulling silly pranks and avoiding each other. Finally our fathers decided that it was time for us to get along and locked the two of us in the dojo. With nothing else to do we of course decided that fighting was the only option we had. So we did. Niether coming out the victor and succedding in beating each other up pretty good. By about half way through the fight whe decided that we were not enemies but that we had very much in common and that we were better suited as friends. Our mothers were livid that our fathers had allowd such a fight to occur to their poor little boys. We very much enjoyed sitting together and laughing as they great inu youkai and his general coward before their mates. We have been friends ever since and none have succeeded who have stood against us." Kagome smiled at the antics of the two boys in the story. She could see Isamu running around pulling pranks he was so carefree plus he is a kitsune. But she would have loved to see Sesshoumaru in such a carefree way.

"Thank you Isamu for the story. It is good to know that Sesshoumaru was not always the ice prince he was when I first met him. I am also glad to know that he has someone who has always been close to him and some that he trusts. Now I think it is time to get back to the children and get ready for dinner." Kagome watched from the doorway of the library as the children finished up with their studies. Isamu stood to the side of the door watching the children as well. Both wondered what it would be like having another pup running around the castle.

"Momma." Rin hollered as she noticed Kagome in the doorway. "We have been very good studying today and did not get in trouble once. I love to study. When will I begin training with Lady Kikyou to study being a miko. Mother how will she travel when she becomes so very big pregnant. How long will i be away from you and father and shippou and ... well other people." Kagome laughed at Rins endless questions. Even though Rin was not her biological daughter she was very much like Kagome.

" I am glad that you were very good today. I am proud that you love to study. Your father and I will talk to you later about everything to do with your miko training tomorrow after lunch." Kagome had noticed her hesitation and wondered who in the world Rin was going to say before she hesitated and ask about everyone in general. SHippou had joined them by now and was excitedly telling his mother of the things that they were being taught and how he didnt think he really needed to be in the class. "Why dont you think that you should be in here learning with Rin SHippou."

"Well mother some of the things that we are learning I have already learned from you." Shippou stated shyly. Kagome turned to Rin when she gasped.

"So that is how you knew most of the answers already. You tried to act like you were just so smart." Rin stuck her tongue out at Shippou and turned to Kagome. "He tried to act like he was so much better because he already knew the answers. But if I had been with you as long as Shippou then I would know all of those things too. Right momma?" Kagome hugged Rin.

"Of course you would my dear. And Shippou we do not make people feel bad for not knowing everything that we know. We teach them what we know because knowledge should be shared not used to make people feel stupid." Shippou quietly said yes mother without ever lifting his head. "Now lets head to the dinning room to get ready for supper. Your father will be meeting us there." Kagome and the children followed by Isamu made their way to the dinning hall where Sesshoumaru was already waiting. Isamu turned to leave the dinning room once making sure that Sesshoumaru was present. Kagome turned pleading eyes to Sesshoumaru 'please can he stay for dinner. if he is going to be around all the time he might as well be treated as family. please.' Sesshoumaru sighed before nodding to he mate 'thank you Sesshoumaru. you are the best.' "i should hope so my Kagome." "Isamu" Kagome waited until he turned. "Will you not join us for dinner and all meals from now on. if you are going to be a constant presence you will be treated as family." Isamu looked to Sesshoumaru and was given a nod of aproval before inclining his head to Kagome and taking his seat at the table.

"Thank you Kagome, Sesshoumaru. For including me in your family time." Isamu waited until everyone was served and then made his own plate he was glad that Sesshoumaru had found such a wonderful and kind demoness to be his mate. Kagome was a perfect lady of the west and just what Sesshoumaru needed to balance him.

"Of course you are welcome Isamu. You are my oldest friend and if anyone should be given the honor to sit at my families table it is you." Sesshoumaru surprised everyone by saying. The family enjoyed their meal chatting about their day Sesshoumaru had asked Kagome to keep the pregnancy a secret for now until it could be announced to her mother and father as well. Kagome had agreed. When everyone was finished eating Isamu excused himself to his rooms and Kagome and Sesshoumaru walked with the children to their rooms and tucked them in. When everyone was settled into bed Kagome and Sesshoumaru retired to their chambers.

Kagome lay in bed thinking about the ever so gentle way that Sesshoumaru had just finished making love to her. She had never felt so treasured or loved. Now they were laying in bed with Sessshoumaru's head on Kagome's stomach. She didnt think that he could hear anything just yet but she loved that he was so happy about the pup as she was. After about forty-five minutes when Kagome was drifting off to sleep Sesshoumaru moved and pulled Kagome close to him. They both fell asleep soon after happy with the way things were heading.

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