4. One for the road

Cordelia touched Angel's face. She was already crying, and his eyes were brimming with tears too. "I'll be seeing you," she half-whispered, backing away for one last look before turning and walking away. She fingered the small bottle in her pocket. Seeing the clock on the opposite wall, she suddenly turned on her heel on a whim. "Oh, what the hell," she said to herself walking back toward Angel. "One for the road?"

They kissed for what felt like forever. The phone rang, and Cordelia brought herself back to reality. But she couldn't turn away; they pressed foreheads and cried quietly together.

"You know, um... I don't... I don't need to get that," Angel whispered.

"No," she said, finally getting a grip on herself. She backed away and straightened his tie. "That you have to get." She smiled at him encouragingly as he turned slowly away and strode toward the phone.

Cordelia swiftly took the small bottle out of her pocket and downed its contents before Angel had picked up the receiver. Instantly, a feeling like ice spread to her fingers, which she could no longer see; just as Wesley had guaranteed, she had disappeared.

Careful not to make noise, Cordelia stepped carefully out of her heels and picked them up. She crept to the doorway and glanced once more at Angel before heading toward the stairs. "But that's impossible," she heard him say. "She's standing right--"

By the time she got to the bottom of the stairs, she was running. She threw open the front doors and kept running down the sidewalk, making it two blocks before feeling the warmth spread back into her fingers.

Slamming the door to her hotel room shut eight blocks later, she sank down against it and broke down completely. When she got a hold of herself, she stood to regard the documents strewn over the bed: passport, birth certificate, driver's licence; it was all here.

"You really do work the best mojo in town," she muttered to herself. She sighed and sat on the bed.

Today Cordelia Chase gave up everything she knew and loved, including her life.

Today Karen Carpentier was born. And she had the whole world, and an old friend's salary for the month, at her disposal.

First stop was definitely Sunnydale.


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