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The bottle spun on…

Five pairs of eyes squinted, almost hungrily at it.

It stopped.

"It's you, Harry." Said Hermione. "It's closest to you. So, truth or dare?"

Said boy thought for a second. He had been picking truth for a while, and he couldn't resist tempting fate… just once. Anyway, wasn't he a Gryffindor? "Dare." He looked around. He wasn't really worried. It couldn't be that bad… or could it?

"Dare? Hm… it's a tough one, giving you a dare. I know! How about…." Hermione paused for effect, her brown eyes sparkling with mischief "I dare you to gatecrash the Slytherin's New Year party. Before you protest, it's a costume party, you needn't tell them who you are, but bring back something".

Harry sighed. "That's almost unfair!" Looking at his friends, he sighed. "Don't worry, a dare's a dare." The rest of the night passed in a blur. Harry was very reluctant, though. He vaguely registered Hermione having to dance at the great hall tomorrow and Dean having to kiss Pansy; all he thought of was how to get to the Slytherin party tomorrow night. He was not afraid, at least, he wouldn't be, ordinarily. It was just that his longtime crush and worst enemy was there. He hated to think what he would do under the influence of alcohol.

The day, or rather, night came. Harry felt nervous. He couldn't find a proper mask. He had chosen to wear a tight black leather top and a pair of black leather jeans. Around his neck, a silver charm lay, the shape of a cat's eye.

"That's a great outfit, Harry. About your mask, I think that I have one for you." She held out a green mask, framed with silver. It played up to his emerald eyes. There was also a slot against his mouth.

"Face paint would have been better but we don't have time. However, I doubt that anyone will not believe that you're a Slytherin…well, hopefully. "

"Thanks, Hermione. Though, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't even need a mask. Still… it's beautiful." He glanced at my reflection in the full-length mirror. Well, he had to admit he looked nice. Hermione had allowed silver streaks into his hair, claiming that it was the 'final touch'.'

He sighed. Better do it now before he lost his nerve. He placed the Invisibility cloak around himself. Perhaps someone would let him in unknowingly.

He walked towards the Slytherin common room, and waited for a while. Sure enough, Blaise walked by after a while. "Supremely Slytherin", he declared, and walked into the common room. Harry took off his invisibility cloak and hid it. Then, he muttered the password, and entered the room.

It was sort of dark, but it was lit by candles. For a second, Harry wondered what would happen if one of the candles fell onto the ground.

Blaise was the first one who noticed him. He could tell it was Blaise; the guy hadn't bothered to dress up. Some others in the room were, though, but he could tell who most o0f them were.

"Who are you?"

"I… I'm Nagendra "

"What language is that?"

"It's Hindi, and it means 'lord of the snakes'."He said this as emotionlessly as he could. Wouldn't Blaise just stop? Or did he suspect? Without giving Blaise the chance to answer more questions, he turned his mind to the dancers, and walked around to find a better view of the dancers.

It was warm, the human body heat overpowering. He wished that there was some air-conditioner. Muggle things sometimes worked better than magic; he couldn't thing of any cooling spell and doubted that he had been taught any.

Then he saw him; the one with the lightly coloured hair and smoke-coloured eyes. Smoke; it kept out feelings, just as the owner of those entrancing eyes did.

He gazed at the figure. Oh, he knew who it was, despite the black mask. It was the one he thought about every night… The one who haunted his dreams. And he was without Pansy. Harry saw that the rumors were true; they had broken up. It was wrong, he knew, to feel anything like that for a guy… but hey, forbidden fruit always did taste better. Pleasure, is when you attain what you've always wanted… his heart ached with pain as he thought of the one he would never have. Yet… he wouldn't regret feeling this way.

"Would you like to dance?" he asked the Slytherin he had been thinking of. This was the only way to forget…perhaps once he had a taste of it, he would no longer crave it so.

Dra… Malfoy's eyes widened with surprise. For a moment, Harry thought that he was going to decline, but he stood up graciously and assented to the dance with a nod of his head.

They moved as one. Harry never thought that his enemy nd crush could dance so well,; the guy moved like fluid.

"You dance well."

Malfoy snorted. "You're stating the obvious."

For once, Harry did not retort. He only smiled. Yes, Draco was a bit of an arrogant git, but wasn't that why Harry liked him? Wait. Draco? There must be something wrong with him today. Malfoy. Malfoy, Malfoy, Malfoy, he reminded himself.

"That's true. " Harry simply replied. His voice was sort of soft, and almost dreamy, somehow.

A smile crossed Draco's… wait…Malfoy's face. The idiot looked hot, he admitted.



"What's that?" He asked the blonde slytherin.

"The countdown to the new year" came the reply.


"Four…!"Suddenly, Harry remembered an old legend.




As cheers broke out, Harry pressed his lips to Draco's face. Yes, Draco. Harry had given over warring with his heart. Draco he would remain, but only in Harry's heart.

Harry knew it was time to leave. Yet he couldn't stop himself from speaking on last sentence

"You know what they say… if you kiss a person on new years day, midnight, you will be with that person forever." The last word was hissed.

He saw his love blush a bright red, too dazed to notice that he was walking away, out of the common room.

Harry returned to the Gryffindor common room. Smiling, he removed every trace of his costume. Then, he threw himself into his bed and fell asleep.

Did Draco like me, even in that costume?

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