Ginny frowned as she followed the group to the Slytherin common room, those two really were idiots! She couldn't understand how Ron and Harry managed to get along with them two baboons, let alone that Pug-Faced-Pansy, who for some reason had decided to cling to Ron. When she finally got out of this weird situation she would be having serious words with her friends.

"Cupcake." Ginny was woken from her inner rant when the password was spoken. She followed them through the entrance wall.

"Well, where's the dorm then?" Ron said, turning to Pansy expectedly.

"Must I do everything?" She complained before stomping off to the 6th year boy's dorm. They were all completely unsurprised to find the door open and Theo gone. Ginny's blood was practically boiling, those boys were unbelievable.

After calming down a considerable amount Harry realised he would have to go and find out why Draco was singing so passionately to Professor Snape, it was then he realised that Draco had went in search to find his unrequited love. Now Harry was by himself in Cronan Tower. Where the hell was everyone else? Harry sighed and noticed the map was still pinned to the wall. He took a look and was pleased to find that Draco hadn't got very far; he seemed to have cornered the terrified Professor just down the corridor. It was then that he noticed that everyone was in the Slytherin dormitories. Huh, Ginny was there too, that was strange. But where was Blaise?He stared for a while but the map was so big when it was unfolded that it was difficult to pinpoint one person, that would be something he would fix in the future he was sure.

After a few minutes he noticed him at the edge of the map with someone named Theodore Nott. Who the hell was Theodore Nott anyway? He had never heard of the bloke. Oh no, was Blaise cheating on him? Hurt flared through Harry, was this where Blaise was sneaking off to all the time? He watched them walk down the corridor and traced the latin trying to remember what the words meant. Why were the Marauders so intelligent anyway? Didn't they realise Hogwarts wouldn't always teach latin? He wandered where they were headed as they seemed to be going to a dead end, no-one really used that part of the castle. Harry gasped as he watched their names blink out as they seemed to disappear into the wall of the castle. He grabbed a pencil off the fireplace and circled the map so he wouldn't forget.

It was then that Snape and Draco came back into the room, Snape's hair sticking up in a wild mess.

"Don't ask, Potter." He sneered. "One of those nasty Lust Potions again, where does he keep getting them from anyway?" Harry shrugged. "Well anyway, I have none of the cure left, I used it all last time, I've placed a calming spell on him just to soften the erm, lust, a bit." Harry nodded.

They both chose to ignore that Draco was transferring dust into floating love hearts and blowing them at Snape while they tried to have a serious conversation. Snape was quite impressed with his transfiguration skills but he wouldn't admit it.

"The potion had to have come from Crabbe and Goyle, but why would they drug Draco? They said they were going to the Slytherin dorms to pick up energy potions."

"And why would there be energy potions there,, Mr. Potter?"

"Well apparently there's someone who has loads of potions there, in their old dorm?" Harry questioned, realising that that wasn't possible as that dorm was now empty apart from one person. The person who must have drugged Draco.

"Professor... Who is left in the sixth year dorm?" He asked, pulling his wand out in a threatening manner.

"I believe there is a Mister Nott there." He sneered coming to the same realisation as the others. Harry was ready to march to map to find this Slytherin and bloody murder him but then tripped over in shock.

"Nott? I just watched a Theodore Nott disappear off the Marauders Map with Blaise. Oh no, I have to find him!" It was then he realised he would have to explain to Professor Snape about the map which he really wasn't looking forward too because he knew it would be taken off him.

"Marauders Map? I knew you had that monstrosity!"

"You know about the map?"

"Of course I do, your idiot father used to spy on me and prank me all the time with his werewolf friend and that mutt, Black. Though I did eventually outsmart them by warding my Headboy dorm so it was wiped off the map. I assume it worked as I got a lot more peace and quiet in my final year and they didn't seem to find my dorm room." Harry grabbed Snape in excitement and pulled him over to the wall to look at the map. "That is a big map," Snape commented as he watched the little footprints walk across the paper.

"By any chance is your old dorm room here?" Harry pointed to the pencil mark and Snape smiled, nodding.

"Yes, they were the old prefect quarters. They haven't been used for years, Hogwarts used to bunk all the prefects together you see, I don't know why they stopped using those rooms to be honest but I think they're empty now."

Harry bounced in excitement.

"I just watched Blaise and that Nott character disappear there."

"My goodness, then what are we standing here for? Let's go and get them!" Harry and Snape rushed out of the dorm room only to return a few minutes later when they realised they had left Draco behind.

Once discovering that the dorm was empty the others decided to go and see of Draco and Harry had returned from Snape's house. Everyone was in lesson's so they got through the corridors fairly quickly.

"Hey, I'm surprised that none of us have got a howler for bunking off our lesson's yet." Goyle muttered, "I always get a howler when I miss class." Ron and Ginny looked confused.

"I've never had a howler for missing school." Ron replied and Ginny nodded in agreement.

"Yes well," Pansy snapped. "You're normally saving the world or something alike." She scoffed, walking ahead of the others.

"Ha, not always, half the time I'm just too tired to get outta bed." Ron laughed.

"It's not funny Ron!" Ginny scolded, elbowing him.

"Bloody well is." He muttered as he rubbed his arm better.

They soon got back to the dorm and nothing seemed to have moved. They sat down on the beds and chairs. "Well I guess we should just wait." Ron muttered, reached forwards and ate a biscuit that was on one of the plates on the coffee table next to some empty veils. "Hey guys, what was in these veils?" He asked, spraying crumbs everywhere.

"Those were the potions for Harry and Draco!" Ginny exclaimed, jumping up and rushing to the map. "They must have got back and drank them! They're sure to be going down to the dorms to meet us! God, we missed them on the way back!"

Pansy jumped up and browsed the map too and Ron followed, soon everyone was crowded around it. "I don't think so, they're not there!"

Ginny frowned at the blonde.

"Well where else would they have gone?" She challenged. Ginny really hated this bimbo.

"To the place they have circled on the map?" Pansy snapped back, looking smug as she pointed a perfectly manicured nail and the pencil mark at the top corner.

"Wow, Pansy, it's times like these I really love you!" Ron said planting a kiss on her cheek and staring proudly at her.

Ginny furiously pulled the map off the wall and stormed out screaming in frustration as she watched her own footsteps make their way to... She squinted at the latin, Prefect Quarters.

Author Notes: I laughed so hard writing this, I keep picturing Snape to be like Snape from 'A Very Potter Musical' by 'Starkid' and really want a scene with him arguing with Lupin, "THAT'S ABSURD!" don't let me do it! Thanks for the reviews guys!

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