Disclaimer: They aren't mine. I used bits of the book to fit in with my plotline.

Summary: AU. What if he had never called her Mudblood? A short story about the relationship between Lily and Snape, beginning with his worst memory. LilyEvans/SeverusSnape.

Tagline: What if… what if he had never said the cursèd word?

Author's Note: There are five chapters of this story, plus a prologue! This is the last one. Enjoy, and tell me what you think:) and stay tuned for the AU sequel possibly called The Little Lily

The Prince, the Toerag, and the Lily

Chapter Five

Spinner's End of the Beginning

Lily went to her parents' house and sent Severus an owl. She told them that Janie had been called away urgently (her sister had an accident), and that's why she'd come home nearly a week early. Instead of a return owl, she heard a loud knock on the door, and her mum calling, 'Lily!'

She bounded down the stairs, her dark red hair flying. Severus looked a little startled, then looked like he wanted to say something, but Lily interrupted.

'Do you want to go by the river? I've just arrived.'

'Right. Yeah.' Snape turned again. He was wearing a pair of jeans and white undershirt, which gave him a neater appearance than usual. Lily followed him to the riverbank close to the little Snape house at Spinner's End.

'I thought you weren't supposed to be back until a week from now?' Severus finally asked, breaking the silence.

'Yeah, I was. But I felt a little unhappy with my poor choice in company.' Lily said, avoiding his eyes.

'Why, who were you with?'

'I don't want to talk about it,' Lily answered in a curt tone with a very definitive note to it. 'It was a mistake.'

They walked in silence, until Lily chose a sunlit patch of grass and sat. Severus sat across from her, watching as she angrily poked the ground with a twig.

'Are you alright?' He asked, hoping the anger wasn't directed at him. She shrugged.

'You were at the Malfoy Manor,' she said, trying to keep herself from sounding too accusing, but failing.

'You were gone,' he snapped back.

'I needed a holiday!'

'Don't we all.'

'Sev, I don't want to fight. I've had enough for one day.'


'Well? You wanted to see me. You're leaving?'

'I'm thinking about it. I mean, I've talked with some people. But it isn't sure yet.'

'Don't go.' Lily cut him off, suddenly feeling a sick wave of dread wash over her. Severus stared at her, hope burning in his black eyes.

'Lily, look-'

'No, I'm serious. Please. Don't go!' The words seemed to be streaming out of her mouth uncontrollably, urgently. They stared at each other. Lily noted that his hair had been washed, even though it was quite long, nearly brushing his shoulders. Her eyes travelled to his clean clothes, and finally back to his eyes, which were watching her very carefully.

'I won't.'

She sighed, an inexplicable wave of relief washing over her.

'But Lily, what should we do then?'


'Well we can't just- I can't keep living with my mum, I'm helping her best I can but she needs to be in a hospital, I can't keep-I need to- We need to find jobs,' Severus mumbled, slumping.

'You can't leave!' Lily cried. 'Home isn't home without you being right around the corner, and-' she stopped, looking stricken.

He was staring at his hands as if trying to gather his courage. 'Maybe we can get a place in Diagon Alley.'

Lily stared at him. He was still avoiding her eyes, knitting his fingers together, apart. Finally she murmured, 'We?'

He finally met her gaze and gave a tiny nod. She didn't say anything, but her expression softened slightly. They stood quite frozen, looking at each other. Lily's head was filled with muddled, contradicting thoughts, all trying to come to the surface at once and convince her of what to do.

Does he like me?

But James!

But James was just the arrogant prat Sev said he was.

But Sev has been my best friend since-well, ages ago!


Yeah, exactly.

Well, what's wrong with that?

Snogging my best friend? Everything!!


Well what if we break up? Then he's gone forever.

Puh-lease. You think he's just in it for the snogging?

Well what then?




'Oh, yeah. Um, do you mean, like-' but Severus cut her off, leaning in toward her until her words turned into a whisper and then stopped. Their lips met and something warm and tingly seemed to pour from her into Severus, making him want more. He reluctantly touched her hair, weaving his fingers through it. His eye slid open ever so slowly to see her pale skin so close that he could count the tiny sprinkling of freckles over her nose.

The kiss seemed to last forever, both reluctant to be the one to pull away. Finally they broke, avoiding each other's gaze. After a long pause, Lily looked up into his eyes.

'Yes, I suppose we should. Find a flat at Diagon Alley, I mean.'