Payback is a Witch Part 1

"Surely Master Vargas, you have to admit that the curriculum of Potions Making needs to be updated. There haven't been any advances in Potions in the last one hundred and fifty years because the education of Potions Specialists has not changed. Every Potions Master and Mistress would benefit having a background in Spells Making and a working understanding of the science of chemistry," Hermione said, looking at the large, gray-eyed, silver-haired, goateed Potions Master.

Master Vargas was scowling. What a little upstart. How dare she debate him when the ink on her degree was barely dry?

"Mistress Granger, you must be aware that chemistry does not operate in the magical world as it does in the muggle world," he said disdainfully. "So why waste our time with such drivel? Obviously you could use a few refresher courses if a glaring fact like that escapes your notice."

Professor Severus Snape stood with several other Potions Masters in a small circle listening to Potions Mistress Hermione Granger challenge Master Vargas about the dismal condition of the current curriculum required to gain a degree in Potions. It was the last day of a weeklong Potions Convention that was held twice a year at the Jacob P. Lewder Center on the campus of Lewder University.

Potions Masters and Mistresses gathered bi-annually to listen to lectures, participate in seminars and receive awards for their contributions to the Potions Field. Severus personally thought it was a gathering for stuffed shirts and blusterers. There had been no true advances in Potions for years…just reworking of what had already been accomplished. His dark eyes rested on Hermione. The witch had turned out just as he thought she would.

All week long Severus listened to other wizards complain about a new Potions Mistress who was argumentive, pushy, and tried to force her wild theories down the throats of anyone who would listen to her. What was worse, she only had her certification for a year. The sheer audacity of the witch. The proper thing for her to do was to keep her mouth shut and her ears open, listening to and respecting the voices of experience.

Severus had snorted at this. As far as he was concerned, the pompous bastards were the voices of stagnation. The field of Potions needed a boost, and Hermione Granger could be the one to kick it square in the ass, sending it sailing into new and exciting areas of study and growth. She wasn't afraid to try new things.

Severus smirked. He knew that to be a fact. Seven years ago Mistress Granger had tried quite a few new things while spending the weekend at his home to make sure she received the proper grade to get a scholarship to go to Lewder University and study potions. He had ridden the young witch with impunity then sent her off ready for other forms of 'higher education.' The wizard kept tabs on her, however. She had done very well, graduating with very high honors from the prestigious school.

Because of her marks, Hermione landed a nice position in the Ministry's Magical Research and Development Department. She was given a lab, equipment, privacy and the freedom to pursue any project she wished. She had to produce five viable discoveries a year, not limited to Potions. As part of her incentive package, Hermione was allowed to patent one development a year and keep the residuals. But she had to pay for the patent, which was expensive. It was still quite a sweet deal.

Now she was here at the convention, going toe-to-toe with Master Vargas, the biggest fraud in the Potions Field. The wizard got awards based on his previous works, works he had stolen from others, and long, boring books he wrote, and rewrote and rewrote. Severus read constantly and he hadn't seen the man put out an original thought in print in over twenty years. But since Vargas was so respected, no one dared challenge him. It was a good way to be ostracized.

Well, no one until now.

Hermione scowled at Vargas.

"I am certainly aware of the difficulties of using chemical reactions in the magical world, Master Vargas…which is why I believe a background in Spells Making is important. I have developed a spell that generates a non-magical field that when cast allows not only chemical reactions but the use of electricity as well. In short, it creates a muggle aisle within the confines of magic," she said evenly.

Everyone began talking among themselves. A muggle aisle within the confines of the magical world? If the witch really had created such a spell, then it could open up an entire new vista of study and development. Muggle technology could be used in the magical world. Muggles had some amazing machines. This was a huge.

"Brilliant," Professor Snape thought, "The witch is absolutely brilliant."

"Rubbish!" Master Vargas said, "If you have made such a discovery, why did you not present it here at the convention?"

"Because," Hermione said, "there is the little matter of a Potions Master or Mistress having to be in the field at least five years before they can present anything at these conventions, Master Vargas. But you would know that, since you are on the Convention board and help draft the rules. I find this particular rule quite unfair."

Master Vargas frowned at her.

"That rule is in place, Mistress, in order to make sure that only Masters and Mistresses with the proper life experience present their discoveries. We can't let every wet-behind-the-ear upstart and know-it-all loose on our constituents with poorly researched offerings that are overturned within the next six months," he said, his gray eyes hard.

Now the witch was questioning the board. This Hermione Granger was trouble.

"Well, I assure you my research is impeccable. I have every jot and diddle of my notes properly organized and ready for presentation. I fully intend to patent the spell and its application in the coming months, as soon as I raise the money to pay for it."

Severus looked at the witch with interest. So…she needed money, eh?

The wheels started turning in the wizard's head. He saw an opportunity here. An opportunity for riches, fame and maybe even another go at the witch.

"Well, I suggest you scrape your galleons together then, Mistress," Vargas said rather dismissively. "In the meantime, spare us your inane rantings about 'change' and get some time and experience under your belt. No one is going to take you seriously until you do."

Vargas turned and strode off, followed by his entourage of Potions Masters and Mistresses. Hermione looked after them, her fists clenched and her eyes narrowed. She had no idea that her peers would be so closed-minded. Hermione believed that everyone had her thirst for knowledge and growth. But those in the field of Potions had grown comfortable with the status quo. It didn't matter how brilliant you were, only the time served. Seniority. That was what mattered.

That was the gated tower Severus hoped the brilliant witch would topple. If Hermione could get her discoveries out and prove them, then she would have to be recognized. If she were recognized, then things would start to change. Other sharp young minds would be accepted and their ideas utilized. Then the Field of Potions could advance.

Severus studied the witch, whose back was turned to him. All this week, Severus had skulked about observing her, but not approaching her. Hermione caught glimpses of the dark wizard, but made no attempt to make contact with him. But she did attend his lecture on "Potions Development: The Truth and the Lie"

In essence, Severus had lectured on the rampant stagnation in their field. What he said wasn't very popular. Master Vargas and his group walked out within twenty minutes, Severus' black eyes following them as he continued his lecture. By the time he finished, the room of over two hundred people had dwindled down to about forty. But the wizard didn't care. He would still be paid, and those forty people knew that it was time for a change if they wanted the Art of Potions to remain vital and strong. It wasn't a dying art, but it wasn't a growing one either. Something had to give. There was so much more to discover. So much more to do.

Hermione listened to the wizard, enthralled. He still had that command, that power to mesmerize, his voice dragging over her like silk. It was easy to see and feel Severus' passion for his art. It was also easy to see that his views coincided with her own. Hermione felt she could have an ally in Severus Snape…except for one thing. The way he had treated her years ago.

True, Hermione had agreed to the wizard's terms, but had done so under duress. She deserved to go to Lewder's because of her abilities, but the wizard had reduced her hard work to a matter of how many positions he could twist her body into as he stuck his tool in her. Hermione's nostrils flared every time she thought about it. In her mind, she had developed several vengeful scenarios to pay the wizard back for taking advantage of her the way he did…but they were all just that. Scenarios. Dreams. Fantasies.

In a perfect world…Severus Snape would pay for his callousness. But Hermione's world wasn't perfect.

The witch stood looking after Vargas and his cronies. Shit. She'd show them. They'd recognize her…just wait until she got that patent.

"A sickle for your thoughts," a familiar voice purred at her.

Hermione spun and looked up into the dark eyes of Professor Severus Snape. He was smirking at her.

"I don't have a sickle for you, Professor" she snapped, starting to storm off.

"Ah, but I might have a few thousand galleons for you, Mistress Granger," he replied, "Enough to pay for that patent you need. The spell sounds amazing…if you actually have created it."

Hermione turned back to him.

"Are you insinuating that I would lie about something like this, Professor?" she asked him, her eyes flashing.

Severus arched an eyebrow at her.

"You wouldn't be the first young Potions Mistress, or Master for that matter, to try and impress your constituents with an outrageous claim," he said silkily.

Hermione scowled at him and was about to insult him when the wizard said, "But I believe you. You were brilliant back in Hogwarts, and I believe you are even more so now."

Hermione just blinked at him.

"If you have created a spell that casts a muggle aisle in which muggle physics can operate in the wizarding world, the applications are endless, Mistress Granger. Not only in the field of Potions, but across the board. The wizarding world could take advantage of muggle technology such as computers, television and other luxuries beyond our reach. You could become a very rich witch, Mistress Granger, and I…a very rich wizard as your partner," he said, his dark eyes washing over her.

"I'm not in this for the money," Hermione said, "I simply want to improve my art."

"Then improve it…but don't deny yourself the other benefits of your discovery," the wizard said, sounding for all the world like a tempting devil with his low, smooth voice. "I will be happy to help you. I have the funds and the belief in you."

Hermione stared at him.

"No," she said, "I want nothing to do with you. You're a conniving bastard."

Severus scowled at her a moment.

"Mistress Granger, I want you to slowly turn and pretend to look around the crowd, but focus your attention on the two wizards by the cauldron table," the wizard said in a low voice. "Don't let them see you watching them."

Hermione looked at the wizard for a moment, then slowly turned, letting her amber eyes search the crowd. She saw two wizards conversing and looking at her. One was tall and blonde-haired, the other short, square-jawed and black-haired. They didn't look too friendly or reputable. She turned back to the Professor.

"Who are they?" she asked him.

"Let's just say they are friends of Vargas," the wizard replied. "There is a reason we in the Potions field don't usually tell others about our discoveries, Mistress Granger. We either demonstrate them, or keep them to ourselves until such time as we can demonstrate them. This is so our discoveries aren't stolen. Most likely, those two men plan to 'relieve' you of your discovery and deliver it to Vargas."

Hermione looked back at the men.

"Turn around!" Severus hissed at her, "Don't give yourself away, witch!"

Hermione turned back to him.

"You're trying to scare me, Professor," she accused.

Severus looked at her soberly.

"You think so? Let's do a little experiment then, shall we? Walk the perimeter of this hall and return back here to me," he said evenly. "See if you have any 'shadows' following you."

Hermione looked at the dark wizard for a moment. His eyes glittered with challenge.

"Fine, I will," she said.

Hermione began to walk around the room, pretending to look at the various items being offered for purchase. The two men followed her at a distance. After a few minutes, she returned to the Potions Master who waited with his arms folded, a smug look on his face.

"They ARE following me," the witch said, looking nervous.

Hermione lived alone in a small neat two-bedroom home in a quiet section of Little Hangelton. Other than wards and her own spellcasting abilities, she didn't have much in the way of protection. She couldn't watch out for danger twenty-four hours a day.

"I could speak to Vargas," Severus said, looking at the witch, "Tell him I am involved in your project. I can make those men go away. Vargas knows not to fuck with me."

Indeed, the wizard did. Severus was a free man now. Voldemort had died several years ago in a rather undignified but suitable manner. No great battle or vengeful Harry Potter bringing the wrath of the gods down upon his scaly head. No. An accident took the Dark Lord out.

There had been a very drunken revel one night at his fortress, and the Dark Lord was rip-roaringly drunk on a concoction of blood, spices and vodka, a drink he called a "Bloody Muggle" He tripped over the body of a muggle woman left at the base of his throne and fell so hard against the steps he busted his head wide open. It didn't help that no one came to his assistance as his brains oozed on to the stone tile. The revel just went on and his deatheaters left his body there until someone leaked his death to the Ministry and the Aurors claimed it. His death was not the blaze of glory the Dark Lord would have wanted. More like the flare of a match that was struck, spluttered and died.

With the Dark Lord's death, Severus was liberated and free to do as he chose. He stayed on at Hogwarts because it was familiar, but he did get an assistant and had more time to work on his first love. Potions. There had only been one attempt to steal one of his discoveries, an attempt that had a very grisly end for the perpetrator. Severus made it a point to speak to Vargas directly. Now, when Severus 'spoke' to someone, quite a bit of pain was involved. He beat Vargas within an inch of his life and dared him to tell anyone who did it.

"I have a pensieve of the wizard's confession he worked for you, Vargas. He would have killed me if necessary to acquire my work. If you report this, Vargas, I will be forced to make that confession public. You'll be ruined," the wizard hissed at the broken wizard.

Vargas left Severus alone after that. If the wizard spoke up for Hermione, her discovery would be safe.

"So, what do you say, Mistress? Do I talk to Vargas, or would you rather risk a late night visit from his 'friends?'" the Potions Master asked the witch, his eyes washing over her. Hermione had become more attractive with age…her body filling out and her hair softening to curls.

"I am sure that if they do manage to enter your domicile, your discovery won't be all they take," the wizard said, "And the Ministry will not assign you Aurors unless they believe there is a real danger. If you claim Master Vargas has hired goons to steal your work, you won't be believed because he is so respected. Your only other option is to give Vargas your research and the spell."

"I'd never do that," Hermione hissed, "I worked hard on developing that spell. I started it in university. It took me forever to get it to work."

"So…what do you say, Mistress? Me or Vargas?" he asked her.

Hermione looked at him.

"To what degree do you want to be involved in this, Professor?" she asked him.

"I will be a silent partner," he said, "You can go about your work without my interference…though I may stop by now and again."

"For what?" she asked, her belly tightening as the wizard stared down at her.

"To discuss residuals, areas of expansion, legalities. Matters of that nature," he said, "Nothing personal."

Hermione sighed. Yes, it made sense he would do that. But still, she needed to know that his interest would be all business…all the time. That he wouldn't try to do to her now what he did when she was a seventh year.

"How do I know you won't make…make any physical demands on me?" Hermione asked him.

The Professor smirked at her.

"Because in this case, Mistress Granger, you have something else to offer me. Wealth. And as delightful as your trim is…it doesn't pay the bills," he purred at her. "I will take galleons over trim any day."

Hermione turned bright red. So his motives were purely financial. How Slytherin. Hermione glanced back at the wizards, who were pretending to look over the cauldrons again. Well, it would be a way to get her spell and application patented. She wouldn't have to wait five years to be recognized as a Potions Mistress of worth either. Hermione was ambitious and impatient to make her mark. Yes, Severus was a bastard, and she owed him…she owed him good, but still she could use his galleons and his protection in this matter. It made sense to take advantage of him.

Severus Snape had taught her over that weekend, that she did indeed need to look out for herself. She had become Slytherinized, just as he said she would. And it worked for her.

"All right. I'll accept your offer if you are willing to take twenty percent. I've done all the work after all, and if the use of the spell has the application you believe it does…you will be a very rich wizard even with that percentage," she said shrewdly.

"Thirty percent. I am putting up all the funds and it will be some time before I recoup the galleons I put out," he replied.

"Twenty-five," Hermione responded.

"Done," Severus said, extending his pale hand.

Hermione looked at it.

"It is a common practice to shake on a deal, Mistress Granger," he said silkily. He knew the witch didn't want to physically touch him. It might bring back a few memories. "Plus it is necessary for our agreement to take hold," he said.

Hermione sighed and took the wizard's hand. It was firm and warm. Severus gripped her hand rather possessively as magic swirled around them. He released her.

"It's done," he said. "I will go talk to Vargas immediately. When shall I come to your house to go over your research?" he asked her.

Hermione didn't want the wizard coming to her home.

"How about we meet at the Three Broomsticks?" she countered, "I'd feel more comfortable there. They have a conference room."

"Yes, and anyone can eavesdrop on the conversation," the Potions Master replied. "If we meet at the Three Broomsticks, we will have to get a private room. They have suites that have sitting areas and tables. I would prefer that," he said.

The rooms also had large four-poster beds.

"Fine. We'll split the cost," she said.

"No. I'm richer than you. I will pay for it," Severus replied evenly.

Hermione wasn't about to argue. She made decent money but she tried to hang on to every sickle of it. Let him pay. At least he'd be paying for something concernng her.

"Fine," she agreed.

Hermione and the Potions Master made arrangements to get together Tuesday night to go over the research. Then Wednesday Hermione would go to Hogwarts and demonstrate how the 'Aisle of Non-Magic' allowed her to use chemicals in the brewing process in his Potions lab.

"Good. Now I want you to wait here while I go talk to Vargas and get him to call his cronies off," Severus said, walking away into the crowd.

After about twenty minutes he returned to her. A moment later, a very pale-faced Vargas appeared. The wizard walked over to the two men and spoke to them animatedly. There seemed to be a small argument going on. Finally Vargas reached in his robes pocket, drew out a bag and placed some galleons in the wizards' outstretched hands, scowling. Apparently they wanted pay for time served. The two wizards left and Vargas nervously looked toward Severus and nodded slightly.

Severus, somber-faced, nodded back. Vargas disappeared back into the crowd. Severus looked at Hermione.

"Seems as if I've bailed you out again, witch," he said to her, smirking.

Hermione frowned at him as she remembered the last time he "bailed" her out of a difficulty.

"Yes. Again to your own advantage," she replied stiffly.

"There's a cost to making bail, Mistress," he replied smoothly, "Now I must be off. I will see you Tuesday night at the Three Broomsticks promptly at seven. I hope you still retain your ability to be on time."

"I'll be there," Hermione said rather snarkily.

The Potions Master gave her another smirk then billowed off into the crowd. He still moved like a big cat. Hermione watched him go, anger sitting like a stone in the middle of her belly.

"He's so fucking smug," she thought. "He gets away with everything. It's not fair."

Hermione began making her way to the exit. She was finished with the conference. As she walked down the main staircase that led to the college campus, her mind was working a thousand kilometers a second.

Hm. The Professor had already gotten Vargas to leave her alone. He already agreed to pay for the patent. She pretty much was set as far as that went.

As she walked, Hermione became angrier and angrier as she thought about how he had manipulated her into this arrangement. She had needed his help, but it still irked her how smug he was about it all. The wizard believed he could do anything to her and get away with it. Well, he couldn't. Not this time.

Hermione made a decision. There was more than one project she was working on. She had another specialized elixir that was in the testing phase. She used nifflers and horned toads to experiment with because of the visible differences in behavior, with excellent results. What was different about the application of this potion was both the elixir and antidote were administered with a hypodermic needle rather than ingested. She had mugglized the application. The elixir went directly into the blood stream and worked quite quickly.

Well, she had wanted to find a human subject to test it on.

Hermione grinned wickedly.

Professor Severus Snape would do just fine.

Hermione arrived at the Three Broomsticks at five minutes to seven. She walked up to the bar where Rosmerta was flirting with a patron. He had to be one hundred and fifty years old. Rosmerta was wearing a low-cut blue dress with an apron over it, her large breasts looking like an inverted bottom as they fairly spilled out of her garb. She wore this dress for her male patrons, who were quite appreciative of her choice in garments. The old wizard's bleary eyes were fixed on the innkeeper's ample bosom, one gnarled hand was clenching and unclenching reflexively and he had a rather lascivious yet toothless grin on his face.

"Um, excuse me, Rosmerta," Hermione said tentatively.

Rosmerta turned to Hermione with a smile.

"Hello Hermione," she said reaching into her apron pocket and taking out a key. She handed it to the witch. "Professor Snape is waiting for you in room one eighteen."

Rosmerta's blue eyes flicked over Hermione consideringly. She didn't look like the kind of witch the Potions Master usually bedded down. She was too…wholesome. The witches Severus brought to the inn were tramps and looked like it. When they left, they looked decidedly worse for wear as well. If the little Potions Mistress was planning on tangling with the Professor, the gods help her. Rosmerta had seen witches almost twice her size limping away from the inn after a few hours with the wizard.

"I keep a stash of purple potion in the back if you need it, Hermione," Rosmerta said to her helpfully.

Hermione looked at her puzzled for a moment.

"Pain potion? Why would I need pa…" Hermione began, then she realized what Rosmerta thought her business with the Potions Master was.

"Oh…oh no, Rosmerta," Hermione said, holding up her briefcase and flushing, "I'm here on business. We got a suite for more privacy."

Rosmerta looked at the briefcase. Yes, that made sense. The conference room wasn't the most secure area, and again, Hermione didn't look like the Professor's type.

"Ah, my mistake then. The Professor usually books his rooms for pleasure, not business," the witch said, smiling at Hermione…who shuddered.

"Trust me, Rosmerta…this is strictly business," Hermione assured the innkeeper, then headed for the stairs. Rosmerta looked after her, wiping a glass idly. A gnarled hand slowly inched towards her cleavage. Rosmerta saw it and smacked it lightly, grinning at the old wizard who had tried to get a handful while she was distracted.

"Now Horace," she said, putting her hands on her hips and arching an eyebrow, "You can look, but no touching."

"Drat. I haven't touched a titty in twenty-five years," the old wizard complained, his long bushy eyebrows furrowing. "No one has any respect for the aged anymore."

Rosmerta looked at the wizard. In twenty-five years? Hell, he still would have been over one hundred and twenty. He was doing pretty damn good if you asked her.

"Have a butterbeer," Rosmerta said, filling a glass and sliding it toward him.

Horace took it and said sadly, "Thank you…but it's just not the same."

Hermione walked down the hallway until she came to room one eighteen. She tried the knob. The door was open. Slowly she swung the door open and looked around the room. There was a large four-poster bed with bed bedding, two nightstands with flowers on them in vases, though she noticed several crushed rose blooms on the floor. There was also a small sitting area with three armchairs, a sofa, and a rather large table with four chairs around it. Sitting at the table was Severus Snape, reading a parchment. He looked up.

"Punctually as ever I see, Mistress Granger," he purred, rising as she entered the room. "Please sit down and we'll get right to it."

Hermione walked over to the table, pulled out a chair and sat opposite the Potions Master, who slid the papers in front of him over to her.

"These are the patent forms you need to fill out, and this is our business contract drawn up by my solicitor who will be handling the processing. When you read it, you will see all is above board. Now you have the research papers?" he asked her.

Well the wizard was certainly all business

Hermione nodded.

"Yes, here in my briefcase," she said, putting it on the table, opening it and taking out a number of parchments and notebooks. She slid them over to the wizard. She also set a muggle flashlight on the table. Muggle flashlights didn't work in the wizarding world. Severus looked at it as she slid the books and parchments over to him.

"Why do you have a flashlight?" he asked her curiously.

"Just to give you a little demonstration," she said pulling out her wand.

Severus reached over and picked up the flashlight. He screwed the head off of it to check for batteries, shaking them out, then putting them back in properly. He screwed the head back on, then clicked the button. Nothing happened.

"It doesn't work," he said shortly.

"No. It isn't supposed to, but watch," Hermione replied, making an intricate motion with her wand while muttering an incantation under her breath. Severus felt a subtle change of atmosphere.

"Try it now," Hermione said.

Severus clicked the switch and a strong beam shined from it. The Potions Master stared at the flashlight, then looked up at her…his eyes glinting.

"We're going to make a fortune," he said actually smiling at the witch.

Hermione was taken aback. Severus' teeth were crooked, but still he had a pretty nice smile. It did wonders for his looks. But it didn't last long as he clicked the flashlight off, put it down and opened the first notebook. His eyes shifted left to right and he didn't look up again, he was so absorbed in reading.

Hermione looked down at the paperwork in front of her, and picked up the business agreement, expecting it to be written in difficult to understand legal jargon, the kind of language used when someone was attempting to cheat the uninformed out of something. To her surprise it was written in clear, concise, easy to understand language, every duty and condition outlined and explained. It seemed the Professor wanted to keep everything on the level.

But he would. There was a lot of money to be made here and he didn't want any hedging on Hermione's part. He would provide the galleons and she would provide the spell and research. It was cold cut and dry.

Hermione started as Severus stood up, his nose firmly in the book and started pacing as he read, nodding as he did so, stopping every moment or so, muttering, his eyebrows quirking a bit before he continued pacing and reading as if oblivious to the witch's presence. Whenever Severus read something compelling, he would walk about as he absorbed it.

Hermione was amazed the wizard didn't stumble over anything, because he never took his face out of the notebook except to put it down and pick up the next. Then Severus began pacing again. Hermione finally got used to it and started filling out the patent forms, noticing Severus had already added his name in the proper places but hadn't filled out any information. That was her job.

There was a page for the precise wand movement diagrams to be drawn. Hell, Hermione had drawn the symbols so many times, she could probably do it in her sleep. The witch enjoyed diagramming, so picked up a muggle pencil out of her briefcase and began sketching. She would fill the diagram in with ink when she finished.

Severus sat back down again, now picking up the parchment, which contained a number of wand movements, from Hermione's initial spell to the completed working version of it. Meticulous notes were neatly written under each incarnation of her work and the Potions Master what quite impressed since she started designing the spell in her third year of university. Since the witch began this spell before being employed by the Ministry, that meant that even the Ministry would be required to pay for its use, which upped the ante quite a bit. The Potions Master was quite pleased. He had heard it said before, but now he truly believed it…

Hermione Granger really was the brightest witch of the age. He studied the witch as she concentrated on her diagramming. The tip of her tongue was peeking out from between her small, full lips as she focused, her brow was furrowed and it was plain to see that there was nothing on earth more important than Hermione getting each line just right. Severus began to wonder what she did in her spare time. What was her private life like? Did she have a steady wizard taking care of her needs or did she play the Quidditch pitch?

Severus noticed immediately when he talked to her at the convention that Hermione did not seem, well, man-starved. Most witches he'd been with got a definite heated look whenever he billowed up, no matter how much time had past. He was a rather unforgettable wizard. But Hermione evidenced nothing. Nothing at all. Of course, he hadn't really expected any show of desire…he had taken the witch under duress, but at least a touch of embarrassment or discomfort. The witch hadn't even given him that.

Maybe she did what many people did with unpleasant memories…forced it to the back of her mind and kept it there. But, she did show some aggression when he first spoke to her, so their past wasn't completely forgotten. Maybe the witch had simply landed on her feet, come to terms with what she did and decided to just get on with her life. That would be the best-case scenario. The Potions Master was glad she didn't appear to hold a grudge. That would make things difficult between them. They were partners now…or would be as soon as she signed the contract…which she was doing now.

"There. Finished," Hermione said, sliding the papers over to the dark wizard with a smile.

Severus studied the patent papers carefully, making sure every I was dotted and every T crossed. Satisfied, he folded the papers and put them in his pocket.

"I will take these to my solicitor on my lunch hour tomorrow," he said to Hermione.

"Who is the solicitor again?" Hermione asked him.

"Geoffrey Blout," Severus said, "Best solicitor in the wizarding world.

Hermione nodded. She had heard of Mr. Blout.

Severus sat back in the chair and studied her.

"So what have you been doing with yourself other than attending conventions and giving old established Potions Masters heart attacks?" Severus asked her.

"Just working at the Ministry and doing my own projects at home," Hermione replied.

"Yes, you work in the Department of Magical Research and Development," Severus said, "a very good and secure position. Very coveted too."

Hermione nodded, a little knot starting to form in her belly as she thought of the other reason she was here with the Professor.

"What type of other little spells and potions are you working on?" Severus asked her curiously. Maybe she had some other projects that were financially worthwhile. "I might be interested in financing your other projects as well."

"Oh, I have a couple of very promising projects on the burner," the witch said obliquely, "One or two of them I could use some hands on help with, actually."

Severus' eyes narrowed a bit. Hm. Since he had an assistant at Hogwarts, he could spend some time helping the witch…maybe he could get those knickers off of her again in the process as well.

"Well, Potions Mistress, I might be willing to lend a hand or two on a worthwhile project," he said.

"Really?" Hermione replied, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice. He'd like to stick those hands right in her pockets, she was sure. Severus loved his art, but he liked making galleons too.

"Yes," he purred.

That was all Hermione was waiting to hear.

"Would you excuse me, Professor? I need to…powder my nose," the witch said demurely, rising from the chair and heading for the bathroom.

Severus watched her enter and close the door.

"This witch is going to make me filthy rich," the wizard thought idly as he waited for her.

In the bathroom, Hermione reached in her pocket and quickly took out a hypodermic needle with a little rubber stopper on the end of it and a small bottle. Quickly she pulled the rubber piece off the needle, rolled up her robes sleeve and plucked the crook of her elbow, making a vein rise. She stuck her arm, pulled out a small amount of blood into the needle, shook down her sleeve, then opened the bottle and drew in the elixir, filling the rest of the needle cavity completely. Then she shook the needle mixing the contents, peering at it.

"Yes," she said to herself, flushing the loo and putting the bottle back in her pocket. She turned on the faucet for a moment, slipped her hand with the hypodermic into her pocket, then exited the bathroom.

When she returned to the table, she made as if to pick up her books and papers as she passed Severus, then let them fall to the floor, scattering them.

"Oops," she said.

The Potions Master stood up immediately, drawing his chair out the way and bent to help her pick up the papers. The moment he bent over, Hermione quickly stuck the needle in his left cheek and injected him. The Potions Master roared.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" he yelled at the witch as she backed up.

"You said you wanted to help me with a project," she said with a wicked smile.

Severus was going to kill her. He walked toward the retreating witch, but everything was getting blurry.

"What did you do to me," he gasped, grasping the table to keep his balance.

"Made you a human test subject," she replied, "Don't worry…it's worked fine with nifflers and horned toads. I have the antidote at my house."

Suddenly, Hermione's legs buckled too.

"You little bitch," Severus hissed, trying to get at her and collapsing heavily on the floor.

Hermione managed to make it over to the bed before she too passed out.

About an hour later, Severus descended the staircase in the Three Broomsticks and strode over to the bar where Rosmerta stood drying glasses. He was carrying Hermione's briefcase. He stopped and looked at the innkeeper.

"Miss Granger will be staying the night," the Professor said, "Be sure she gets an eight o'clock wake up call."

He placed both room keys on the bar.

Rosmerta nodded.

"Yes Professor, thank you for your business," the innkeeper said, smiling at the Potions Master. He looked a bit odd.

"You're welcome," he said, exiting the tavern quickly.

Rosmerta looked after him, then towards the stairs. She felt something wasn't quite right. The witch called her waitress over.

"Annadale, watch the bar for me. I'm going to check on a guest," Rosmerta said, removing her apron and picking up the key Severus left.

Annadale moved behind the bar as soon as Rosmerta left it. The blonde witch hurried up the stairs. There had been something about the Professor's eyes that didn't look quite...well, normal.. She walked up to room one-eighteen and tried the door. It was locked. The witch then listened at the door, but didn't hear anything. It was deathly quiet. She inserted the key and opened the door slowly. The torches were turned low.

Rosmerta pulled out her wand and raised the torches. She saw Hermione laying in the four-poster sound asleep. The witch was fully dressed and breathing easily. She looked fine. Rosmerta breathed a sigh of relief, lowered the torches and exited the room.

The witch had thought the worst for some reason. She was glad she was wrong. Rosmerta returned to the bar and taking care of her customers. She would make sure the witch was awakened at eight on the dot.

Um…eight o'clock wake up call! You have to get up!" a nervous young male voice sounded on the other side of the door to room one eighteen.

It was twenty-two year old Harold Gumpfort, the morning prep wizard for the Three Broomsticks. Normally he'd be in the kitchen setting up for the breakfast crowd, but this morning Rosmerta sent him upstairs to do a wake-up call because she was busy with inventory and placing orders for supplies.

"Make sure she's up before you leave, Harold," Rosmerta told him.

So far, there was no answer. Harold knocked again.

"Morning wake-up!" he called through the door. He had a key and could use it if necessary, but he'd rather the witch in the room got up herself.

Severus groaned and rolled over. He opened his eyes and blinked several times. He immediately knew he wasn't at Hogwarts. Who was banging like that?

He sat up and rubbed his eyes, still trying to get adjusted to the bright light of day. What happened? The last thing he remembered was that Hermione had stuck him with a needle, saying she had the antidote, then everything going blurry…

Severus was suddenly aware that he didn't feel quite right…his chest felt heavy. He looked down…

Harold started when a piercing scream came from the room. He fumbled with the key and opened the door and rushed in to find a chestnut-haired witch sitting up in the middle of the bed feeling her body all over.

"What's wrong?" he asked Severus.

"What's wrong?' Severus snapped, climbing out of the bed and standing up, facing Harold and pulling his robes tight against his body. "Look at this body! These breasts! This bottom!"

Harold looked. They weren't too bad. Sure she was older than he was…looked as if she were around twenty-six. Was she coming on to him?

Harold leaned back and looked out into the hallway to see if anyone were coming. No one was around. He looked at Severus again.

"Doesn't look like anything's wrong with your body from where I'm standing," the wizard said with a grin. "Maybe I should give it a closer examination?"

Severus froze and looked at the young man imperiously.

"This…" he seethed, "Is not my body. It belongs to someone else."

"Oh," Harold said, the light going out of his eyes, "Well, if you're involved with somebody else that's all you had to say."

Severus stared at the wizard for a moment.

"Get the fuck out of my room," he said.

His voice still sounded dangerous, even though he spoke with Hermione's timbre. Harold picked up on it immediately and backed out of the room.

"All right," he said closing the door and heading back down the hallway.

"Crazy witch. She needs to get her signals right," he muttered, bouncing down the stairs.

Severus stood in the room, helplessly looking down at the body he found himself trapped in. Hermione Granger's body. And if he were in her body…that meant…she was most likely tripping around the wizarding world in his. Dear gods.

"Shit," he said, running his hand through his thick mane of curling hair. Suddenly he had to piss. He walked toward the bathroom, aware of the weight of his breasts and behind as he did so. He felt off-balance and had to twist a bit to move properly. Everything seemed to jiggle.

The transformed wizard entered the bathroom and walked over to the loo. He immediately began to unfasten the front of his robes and went for his fly, but there was no fly. He had a skirt on underneath his robes.

"Oh Merlin's balls," he seethed, turning around, hiking up his robes awkwardly and lowering his knickers. Severus sat on the bowl, hissing because it was cold. He felt as if he were sitting on pillows, his buttocks were so plump.

"I'm going to kill that witch," he said, scowling.

After using the loo and wiping himself, Severus flushed it, washed his hands and splashed some water on his face. Then he stared at himself in the mirror. Wide amber eyes stared back at him, and small full lips pursed petulantly. His hair looked as if he'd been in a wind tunnel. He ran his hand through it, but it just looked worse. He looked around the bathroom. There was no brush. Fuck it. He had to get out of here and find Hermione. Hm. She said the antidote was at her house.

Damn. He had no idea where Hermione lived.

Severus walked back into the room and looked at the table. His wand was there but every bit of paperwork was gone. The patent papers were in his robes pocket and Hermione must have taken her briefcase and all the research papers. He picked up his wand and put it in his pocket. Then he sat down on the bed to think.

How could he find out where she lived?

Hm. Ronald Weasley worked at the Ministry as an Auror. He could tell him where the witch lived. Severus stood up with purpose.

He would go to the Ministry, find out where Hermione lived, then go there and make her give him the antidote, then pay her back for this atrocity. The wizard wasn't sure what he would do to her, but he'd figure that out later.

Severus stalked out of the room, tromped down the stairs and headed for the exit. Rosmerta was counting bottles of liquor behind the bar and notating them on a little parchment pad when she saw Severus descending the stairs. She had no idea it was Severus however. He looked like Hermione after all.

"Good morning, Hermione," she said with a bright smile, "Did you have a good night's sleep?"

"No I did not, Madam, and your wake-up service leaves something to be desired," Severus snapped with a scowl, stalking past the startled witch and exiting the inn.

Rosmerta blinked after him. Hermione had never been so rude. Harold must have done something wrong when he woke the witch up.

"Harold!" Rosmerta called toward the kitchen, "Get out here!"

Severus apparated to the Ministry and walked up the stairs quickly. He felt a little winded. Hermione's body wasn't in top physical shape like his own and already he was pushing it. Her legs were so short…he felt as if he couldn't cover any distance in good time. He tried to stride but all he could manage was a quick, shifting gait. He was aware his bum was swinging and breasts bouncing despite being encased in a bra. An uncomfortable bra. This was awful. He wasn't used to all this meat hanging off him. He walked through the Ministry door. A clerk sitting at an information desk greeted him.

"Good morning, Mistress Granger," the woman said as Severus stalked up to her, scowling.

"I need to talk to Ronald Weasley," he said.

The clerk looked at the witch. She never looked so…unpleasant before. Hermione always had a return greeting. Maybe she was just having a bad morning.

"I just saw Mr. Weasley go into the Auror staff room," the clerk replied, her blue eyes looking at Severus intently.

"And where's that?" he snapped at her.

The witch scowled a bit herself now.

"Where it's always been, down the corridor, fifth door on the right," she replied peevishly.

Severus stalked away without a word of thanks.

"Honestly, people should leave their problems at home," the clerk muttered, looking after the witch. She was walking a little strangely as if her balance was off. Hm. Was Mistress Granger a teetotaler? The clerk shook her head and went back to her work.

Severus walked into the staff room. There were tables, a cooler, a sink, counter and cabinets, and a stove. Ron was pouring himself a cup of coffee from a pot and was the only one in the room. He set the pot back down on the stove, took a careful sip of the coffee, then turned to see Severus. His eyes lit up.

"Mr. Weasley, can you tell me where Hermione Granger lives?" Severus asked him.

Ron looked at the witch in front of him oddly…then a slow smile crossed his face.

"Oh…Mr. Weasley is it now?" he said, setting his coffee down on the closest table and walking toward Severus. "Is this a new game, Miss Granger? If it is…I like it."

Ron definitely had a rather predatory look on his face as he approached Severus, who instinctively started to back up.

Suddenly, Ron grabbed him and pulled him tight against his body.

"Mr. Weasley! What the hell do you think you're doing?" he yelled at him, struggling in the wizard's arms, trying to break free. But Hermione's body didn't really have any strength to it.

"This," Ron said, kissing him.

Severus froze, then bit the wizard on his lip before he slipped him any tongue. Ron released him immediately.

"Ow! What's wrong with you, Hermione?" Ron said, dabbing at his lip with his finger and looking at the bit of blood on the tip of it.

Severus fixed his robes.

"I didn't feel like being kissed," he replied, trying to keep his cool.

"So you bite me?" Ron asked him, sucking on his lower lip now. "You could have just said no, you know."

"You wrapped around me as if you had eight arms and didn't give me time to say anything, Mr. Weasley," Severus said, frowning.

Ron looked at the witch, his eyebrows raised.

"Ah, I get it. You're role-playing. You want to be hard to get. All right, I can get into this. You be Miss Granger, and I'll be Mr. Weasley," the red-headed Auror said. "I'll come by after work and we can become 'acquainted' again. We haven't shagged in ages anyway."

Severus looked at Ron in horror. He was shagging Hermione? Great Granymede! Thank the gods he'd be out of her body in a little while.

"Um, that's fine, Mr. Weasley. Now can you tell me where I live?" he asked the Auror.

Ron grinned at him.

"A stranger with amnesia. I love it," he said with a little growl. "Do you remember what your favorite position is?"

Severus rolled his eyes. This was too much.

"Yes, on top with the witch's legs thrown over my shoulders while I hold her down by the wrists," Severus replied, "Now can you please tell me where I live?"

Ron stared at the wizard open-mouthed.

"150 Lavender Lane, Little Hangelton," the wizard answered.

"Thank you," Severus said turning and starting to leave the room.

"Wait! How about a kiss for your old shag buddy before you go?" Ron asked, stepping forward. Severus spun.

"Let's just save that for tonight," he said.

"All right. I'll keep that position in mind too," the wizard said grinning lasciviously.

Severus exited the staff room. Were all wizards such hormonal driven pigs? He thought about himself when it came to witches.


The wizard stalked past the frowning clerk, who wondered where the Potions Mistress was going. It was almost time to clock in for work. The clerk shrugged. Maybe she was taking the day off.

Severus walked down the Ministry stairs and headed for the closest public apparation point, shaking his head slightly. Hermione Granger doing Ronald Weasley. He would never have believed it. Ron wasn't in her league at all.

Actually, Hermione and Ron were not compatible for a serious relationship. But as shag buddies they got along just fine. Ron was fun, the kind of wizard that would tackle a giggling Hermione, pull the covers completely over them and go to town, or chase her around the house naked, or slip a sock over his tool and parade around, striking ridiculous poses while she laughed herself into conniptions. Hermione and Ron weren't truly lovers, they were more like friends who shagged occasionally when the mood hit them. Both had other people they saw as well.

Ron was something else. If he felt Hermione starting to orgasm he'd shout, "And Ronald Weasley catches the Snatch! One hundred and fifty points for Gryffindor!"

Ron was the only wizard who could make Hermione laugh and come at the same time. The Auror was a piece of work all right. And Hermione enjoyed him immensely.

Severus reached the apparation point and vanished with a scowl and a clap of thunder.

Hermione was sitting in her living room thumbing through the latest issue of Potions Weekly. She had just showered and was dressed in a pink, fluffy bathrobe much too short for Severus' body. It had been an interesting experience waking up with an enormous hard-on. She had forgotten how big the Professor was.

"Merlin," she breathed when she woke up throbbing, the black silk boxers she wore stretched and tented toward the ceiling. Pissing was quite pleasurable too. Her erection deflated immediately afterwards.

Hermione looked at herself in the mirror, noting the mesmerizing black eyes, hawkish nose and sensuous, cruel mouth of the wizard. She eyed the lanky black hair.

"Well, this is something I can improve," she said heading for the shower.

Hermione spent quite a bit of time washing her organ. It felt delicious. Then she went at the lanky hair, scrubbing out all the greasiness with her favorite shampoo and then using her jasmine scented conditioner. When she exited the shower, she dried it and brushed it to silkiness. The Professor really had nice hair if he'd take care of it. She scourgified and pulled on the black boxers. The fluffy pink bathrobe was just habit.

Now she was waiting for him to show up. It was almost nine. She was sure he'd figure out a way to find out where she lived. On the small table next to the chair she was sitting in was a small bottle and a rubber-tipped hypodermic needle. The antidote.

The Professor must have been livid to wake up in a witch's body. She could only imagine what he went through. Well, he deserved it. At least she knew the elixir worked on humans as well as it did on nifflers and horned toads.

Hermione continued to leaf through her magazine. Suddenly the door flew open and Severus stormed in. Hermione looked up to see a petite, scowling chestnut-haired witch barreling toward her. She stopped about five feet away and put her hands on her hips.

"What the fuck are you wearing and what did you do to my hair?" Severus demanded, eyeing the fluffy pink bathrobe and his silky hair. The witch was already ruining his image.

"And is that jasmine I smell?" he seethed

Hermione folded the magazine and sat it down on the table, letting her black eyes drift over the Potions Master. She focused on his hair, which was practically one big tangle.

"Your hair…what about my hair? You couldn't locate a brush for gods' sakes?" she said silkily, scowling at him.

"I demand you give me the antidote, right now witch…or I'll…" Severus seethed, his small fists clenched.

Hermione rose slowly and stalked toward him. His long, lean body took a bit of getting used to. It was very strong, but she felt awkward as if the weight distribution was all wrong. She was used to breasts. And when she sat down, her butt bones seemed to come into direct contact with whatever she was sitting on. There was next to no cushion.

"Or you'll what?" Hermione asked the wizard, towering over him, her eyes narrowed.

"How dare you threaten me with my own body!" Severus said, pushing the witch.

But Hermione's body had little power and the witch didn't budge. Instead, she smirked at him. She slid one long pale finger under his chin.

"You're lucky I'm not you, Severus, or I'd be plugging you right now," she purred.

"What?" Severus blustered, backing up from the witch. "I have no desire to have a penis stuck in me, Hermione. Particularly my own. Now turn my body back over to me this minute!"

What Hermione said made the wizard quite nervous. He had never been on the receiving end, and based on what he did to witches, he never wanted to experience it for himself.

Hermione gave a low, wicked chuckle. She looked absolutely ridiculous in the fluffy pink robe, but still had the upper hand. She cocked her head at the wizard.

"I don't know. I kind of like having your body. It's so strong," she said, caressing her pale chest sexily. "Lean…powerful."

"Take your hands off me," Severus seethed. "I despise your body. It's awkward, weak and unbalanced. You have all the strength of a kitten. Plus your breasts and behind are too large. How do you even get around like this without toppling on your face?"

Severus was feeling a breast as he spoke.

"Stop that!" Hermione huffed, smacking his hand away. "There is nothing wrong with my breasts or my behind. You just don't have the grace to carry them properly."

Severus looked at Hermione with a wicked gleam in his amber eyes. So…she didn't want him touching her body eh? The wizard stepped back a few paces and began squeezing both breasts, smiling at Hermione as he did so.

Hermione's face turned bright red.

"You stop that right now, Severus Snape! Stop feeling up my body!" she yelled at him, her fists clenching.

Severus slapped himself on the buttocks, pursing his lips at her.

"Actually, it's my body for the moment. If I want to have a little fun with it, well…then that's my prerogative. I never did really peek under these robes…" he said, starting to hike them up. "It's been seven years since I've seen your…errr…my goodies."

As the wizard bared his legs, raising the robes higher and higher, Hermione felt the urge to wrap her long fingers around Severus' throat and just squeeze until his eyes popped out of his head. It was a very violent thought, probably a side effect of being inside a body that was used to violence.

"All right. All right. I'll give you the antidote. Just stop fondling yourself…I mean me," she said.

Severus lowered his robes, grinning rather wickedly.

Hermione sighed and walked over to the table and picked up the syringe, Severus looking on with interest as she rolled up her sleeve. His eyes fell on the antidote and he walked over and went to pick it up to examine it.

"What are you doing?" Hermione yelled at him, making a grab for the bottle at the same time.

The bottle tipped off the table, fell to the floor and shattered.

Both witch and wizard looked at the smashed elixir. Hermione's pale face went even paler. She looked up at Severus.

"Why did you do that you idiot?" she hissed at him.

"I simply wanted to look at it. You were the one who overreacted," he spat back.

Hermione threw her hands up.

"That was the last bit of antidote I had. I have to brew more now…and the brewing takes a month to complete!" she agonized.

Severus' heart almost stopped.

"What? A month?" he cried, scowling at her. "What kind of moronic twit experiments with a potion of this nature when she has next to no antidote available?"

Before she knew what she was doing, Hermione was on Severus backing him up against the wall, trapping him against it with her body. White-hot anger made her belly tighten and she had to make a powerful effort to keep her hands at her sides as she scowled down at the wizard. She really had the urge to hurt him.

"Don't …call…me…names," she growled at him, her nostrils flaring and eyes hard as stone.

Severus stared up at her, and felt fear wash over him. It wasn't a normal response for the wizard…it must be her body's response to being threatened.

"I'm…I'm sorry," he said in a low voice, aware of the hardness of his body against Hermione's softness. It was almost overpowering.

Hermione could snap him in half if she wanted. He wondered if her reactions were being affected by being in his body.

Hermione regained control and backed off, staring at him.

"My gods," she said, "I just got so angry. I felt like I wanted to kill you. And all you did was call me a twit."

Severus' heart was pounding so fast he had to catch his breath. This was something the witch hadn't figured in her experiment. Their personalities or souls may have switched, but their bodies retained their reactionary natures.

Severus was very disciplined and could control his urge to lash out at others when he was angered or displeased. He'd had to do it all his life. There had been many times he wanted to hurt someone, but held his peace. Life had made him a violent man. But he was used to controlling his reactions.

Hermione was not. And this made her dangerous.

"Hermione, we'd better sit down," he suggested.

The witch turned and looked at him with haunted black eyes. Severus knew that look well from his mirror during his service to the Dark Lord when he had returned to Hogwarts or his home after witnessing some abomination.

"Sit down," he said again softly.

Hermione sat down in the armchair. Severus cautiously approached and sat down on the sofa across from the witch.

"Hermione, obviously this elixir of yours switches the personality only. Your reaction to me is reflective of my own aggressive nature, a nature I had to learn to control. When you trapped me against the wall, I became very frightened…that is not my nature…that is yours," he said, "We have a very big problem here. Not me as much, because my discipline transferred with me…but you witch, you have no such control. You never developed it because you never needed it."

Hermione looked at him.

"But I am disciplined. I prove it all the time with my work, the amount of time I spend doing it, focusing on it…the things I give up for it, my studies…my research" she began.

"That is a different kind of discipline, Hermione. You have mental discipline for matters of the mind. You need more than that now. I've lived a brutal, violent life, and my body is attuned to that kind of life," Severus said his eyes leveled on the witch trapped in his body.

"Hermione, you have to start on that antidote immediately. You are a walking bomb. You have to return to your body and give me back mine as soon as possible, before you do something that ends up sending you and my body to Azkaban. Is there any way you can speed up the brewing process?"

Hermione shook her head.

"No, not without compromising the antidote," she replied. Then she let her head fall into her hand. "I should have done a controlled experiment, damn it. I just…just wanted to get you back so much. I thought my observations with the nifflers and horned toads gave me enough information where I could safely test the elixir on humans."

Severus eyed her a moment.

"You forgot a very important element, Hermione. People may act like animals, but they are not animals. We are more complex. It is our minds that keep our bodies in check, our minds that raise us above the animal nature. Our minds are attuned to the body's instinctual and reactionary facets. We've had a lifetime to gain control of our individual being. If you put an unfamiliar mind in another body, it has to learn that body before it can control it. If the body has strong reactions, more than likely it will overpower the mind. Your mind is not ready for my body, witch. My body has gone through turmoil you have never experienced. You may not be able to control yourself if you become too angry," Severus said.

He didn't bring up her sexual responses. He had powerful urges…no doubt his body would still have them. It was used to relatively frequent sex…albeit with different witches. He had never settled down to one, but continued to live as he did when under the Dark Lord's thumb. It was hard to break old habits. He liked his witches hot and easy. Then he thought of something.

"We have another problem, Hermione. We both have lives to live. I have an assistant at Hogwarts but that does not relieve me of my duties as a teacher and a head of house. You have a job at the Ministry and have an obligation to fulfill. Currently we are both neglecting our duties. We are going to have to fill each other's shoes until we can switch back," he said. "We can't report this. You know uncontrolled experimentation can result in your certification being pulled. You could lose your degree…"

Here the Professor's amber eyes glinted.

"…not that you don't deserve to lose it. I can't believe you did this to me. But if you left the field of Potions, then I know it will be many years before advances will be made, and I'm tired of the stagnation. So I won't say anything…but you'll owe me for my silence," he said, his eyes narrowing slightly.

Hermione looked up at him.

Dear gods. Not again.

"Owe you what?" she asked him, already anticipating the answer. The bastard still hadn't changed.

"We'll discuss that when we are back in our rightful bodies," he replied evenly.

Severus didn't want to get Hermione worked up by telling her he intended to have sex with her again. Boy, did she deserve a good hard buggering for this indignity. But he held his tongue. The witch could have a violent reaction and end up beating him. In Hermione's body he didn't stand a chance of defending himself physically.

Hermione looked at him a long moment, then sighed.

"I can't fucking believe this. I'm back under your thumb again. It's like a nightmare," Hermione said, scowling.

Severus wanted to tell her if she had left well enough alone, she wouldn't be in this situation and neither would he. Now he had to live out the next month pretending to be her. Then, Ron came to mind. Shit.

"Speaking of nightmares, your paramour Ronald Weasley wants to come over tonight and play 'pretend' with me," Severus said, "Now what are you going to do about that?"

Hermione looked at him rather indignantly.

"Ron is not my paramour. He is just a friend…with privileges," she replied.

Hearing that statement coming out of his own mouth made the wizard want to gag.

"Well, those privileges are supposed to be with you, not me," the wizard said angrily.

Hermione smirked as she imagined Ron shagging the Professor. Oh, that would be payback for both her and the red-haired wizard, though she was sure Ron would want to castrate himself if he ever found out.

Severus didn't like that smirk.

"Don't even think about it. You have to get him to back off me," the Potions Master said, spreading his legs a bit and scratching his crotch through his robes

"Don't do that! You don't have the proper part!" Hermione seethed.

Severus looked down then looked at her sheepishly.

"Sorry. Habit, I guess," he said.

Hermione frowned at his treatment of her body then continued their conversation.

"Anyway, how am I supposed to get him to back off you? Just tell him no. Ron will understand. I tell him no all the time," the witch said.

Severus did not want to go through the ordeal of Ron begging him for sex. Wizards just didn't take 'no' from witches they were already sleeping with. A concerted effort would be made to breach his walls before Ron gave up. Severus wasn't going to stand for that.

"Fine. I'll hex him then," Severus said darkly.

That would take care of the problem perfectly.

"Later you can tell him you were suffering from PFS," the wizard added.

Hermione scowled at him.

"That's PMS, and you'd better not hex him. He's my friend," the witch said.

Severus looked at her stubbornly.

Finally Hermione said, "I'll send him an owl saying I'll contact him when I want him to come over, all right? That will cover the month."

"Good," Severus replied. Hermione looked at him, her eyes glittering.

"You might want to try him out though. He's pretty good," she said with an ugly little smirk.

Severus seriously considered drawing out his wand and hexing the witch for even making such a suggestion…but then he'd be hexing his own body. Instead, he ignored her comment.

"Let's start on the antidote," Severus said, rising from the chair and watching Hermione unfold his lean body from the chair in the ridiculous pink bathrobe. "And could you please dress my body in decent attire? My robes, for example?"

Hermione grinned at him and twirled in the pink robe. The effect was horrifyingly feminine. He looked like a tall, ugly drag queen for a moment. .

"Don't do that!" Severus hissed at her.

Hermione chuckled.

"All right. I'll put on your robes. Wait here," Hermione said, exiting the room.

Severus noticed that she switched his slim hips slightly as she exited. Dear gods. He was going to have to teach the witch to walk like a man. She couldn't walk around Hogwarts that way. That would just add another rumor to the pile. He could almost hear his students now.

"Pssst. I heard Professor Snape goes both ways."

He shuddered.

In her bedroom, Hermione removed the pink robe and pulled Severus' robes on over her head. She looked in the mirror and straightened them. Then she scowled at herself imperiously.

"I am the snarkiest bastard in the world, Severus Snape," she said to her reflection, then chuckled.

She couldn't seem to get a full laugh out. Probably because the wizard seldom laughed. Hermione thought about what Severus said about controlling his reactions to people. No one could keep everything bottled up. Maybe he had some activity he engaged in to let off steam. She'd have to ask him. The witch didn't want to lose control and hurt anyone.

She exited the bedroom and walked back through the living room.

"Follow me," she said to the wizard, leading him to the kitchen and opening a door that led to the basement. Torches flared up.

"My lab is down there," she said, starting down the steps.

Severus followed her, holding on to the banister tightly as he did so. Another female reaction to walking down a steep flight of stairs. Gods, he hated the timidity of Hermione's body. It seemed scared of everything.

Hermione walked toward another door.

"Severus, do you have any activity you use to let off steam? I figure if you do, I could use it to help keep your body in check," the witch said as she pulled out her wand and unwarded her lab.

Severus didn't answer her. She turned at looked at him, a bit of irritation in her black eyes.

"Well, do you have an outlet?" she asked him.

Severus smirked at her. It was amazing how close it was to his actual smirk, being it was on her face.

"Yes," he replied, arching one plucked eyebrow, "Sex."

Hermione opened the lab door and walked in, followed by Severus, who looked around the space with interest. Hermione turned on him.

"Sex? That's how you get release?" she asked him.

The wizard looked at her evenly.

"Don't you remember what it was like to be with me?" he asked her. It was disconcerting to see himself blush.

"Yes, I remember, though I try very hard to forget," the witch replied, scowling. "So what is it you do? Entice witches to your home and spend the weekend shagging them like you did me when it gets to be too much?"

Severus stared at her.

"No, I don't. You are the only one who had that honor. Cheap motel rooms are as good as most get," he replied. "Or the side of a building, maybe even a bathroom at a bar. It really doesn't matter to me where I take them…only that I take them."

"You're a real pig, Severus, you know that?" the witch said, her pale face contorted with disgust.

She pushed a strand of silken hair out of her face as she looked at the wizard and had a terrible thought. What if he started shagging wizards the way he did witches? She'd be ruined.

"I'm not a pig. I'm a man. The witches are always willing. I don't force anyone," the wizard replied, starting to wander about the lab, looking at her equipment. It was good at his own lab at Hogwarts. The witch must have spent quite a few galleons to set this up.

"You forced me," Hermione countered.

Severus turned on her.

"I didn't force you, Hermione. I gave you a choice," he said evenly.

Hermione snorted, her large nose pulsating with disdain.

"Some choice. A scholarship or failure," she replied growing angry again. Gods, her chest was so tight.

"Well, the choice was decidedly stacked on my side, yes, but you still made it. You came to me willing to be shagged in exchange for passing grades. And I did all I promised concerning you," the wizard replied. "I even ended the weekend early. I didn't do near as much to you as I could have."

Hermione remembered that. She remembered how during the final act the wizard made her admit she liked what he did to her, and wanted him…or his tool rather, then they had a heated bout of sex and she was completely caught up in it, whispering to him passionately as he rode her body, egging the wizard on. When they finished, she asked him if she could kiss him. And that was when he ended the weekend and sent her back to her room. She was supposed to spend the entire night in his bed.

"If I had known asking for a kiss would have kept you off me, I would have asked for one immediately," she said as she set up the cauldron, pulling out her wand and placing a purification spell on it as Severus sat down on a stool and watched her.

"You still would have been reamed and not kissed," he replied. "What happened was my sex was too good to you and you were becoming infatuated with me. I was only interested in your body…not you. It was better to end it then."

"You really are a pig," Hermione said, opening a drawer and pulling out some parchments. She looked them over then set them aside.

Severus made a grunting sound. Hermione ignored him. She'd had enough of talking about what happened seven years ago.

"We're going to have to contact our jobs," Severus said, "let them know we are going to be absent."

"I already did. Both Hogwarts and the Ministry. I owled them last night when I returned home. I was certain you wouldn't be showing up in Potions class," she said, carefully measuring ingredients.

Severus looked at her. The witch still paid attention to detail. He watched as the witch cast the spell that made the aisle of non-magic and carefully added water and several powdered chemicals. She lit the burner and turned it on high, watching the cauldron carefully for about five minutes, then turned the burner down and removed the spell. She then opened a small envelope of parchment and shook what appeared to be chopped herbs into the cauldron. She covered it, cast a sealing spell on it and turned to him.

"That's it for a week," she said. "The lid can't be lifted until then. After that, I will add the next series of ingredients."

"How long did it take you to develop this potion and antidote?" Severus asked her.

"Only three years," she replied, "I had some help however. I used some muggle-based mind altering drugs to concoct the elixir. Consciousness shifters combined with the properties of a few magical plants and an incantation or two. First I did it in theory using mathematical formulas the science of chemistry utilizes, then did a bit of Arithmancy for the magical portion. Theoretically, I found a potion that would switch minds was possible. All that was left was to make it and a way to reverse it. The elixir itself only takes one week to brew…but the antidote is more complex."

Severus stared at her. So she was developing this potion and antidote while taking grueling courses at Lewders. He shook his head. The witch was amazing.

"May I see your research?" he asked her.

"No," Hermione replied, packing it away and making a big show of warding it. Severus scowled.

"I'm not going to steal your work, Hermione," he said coldly.

Hermione made a final flick with her wand.

"I know," she said, heading for the door. Severus stood up and followed her up the stairs, once again clinging to the banister. Once he exited, Hermione securely warded the basement door and walked over to the cooler, taking out some bread and meat. Severus' stomach growled.

Hermione looked at him imperiously.

"If we are going to live each other's lives for a month convincingly, we need to talk…candidly," she said, "So pull up a chair."

Hermione gave Severus a run-down of the potions she was working on at the Ministry. He was welcome to try his hand at them…all the research was there. Severus thought he might enjoy that. Now as to Hermione being at Hogwarts, that was another matter.

"Firstly, I am not a conversationalist, so you don't have to talk to anyone. I mostly stay in my rooms or my lab and spend two hours in the evening in the Head of House office to be available to my Slytherins. You may find yourself in a position of having to advise them. They are not Gryffindors. You will not report any mischief they are involved in. We keep what happens in Slytherin house, in Slytherin house. Your job is to keep them out of trouble or in other words…undiscovered. Only if they are caught in the wrong do you punish them, and make it severe. Shoveling thestral shit or accompanying Hagrid into the Forbidden Forest are good punishments. If the situation is concerning sex, you will provide them with protection if they need it, not judge them or try to impress your moral standards on them. Adult morality towards sex when it concerns youngsters tends to be to pretend it doesn't exist or that it is bad. Neither is true. Slytherins have a healthy attitude toward sex. I want to keep it that way. Mostly they will just want someone to listen to their problems, not solve them. Do that as much as possible. You will also be required to find ways to replace points other staff have taken from them. Make your reasons feasible so you don't end up in front of Albus having to defend your actions."

Hermione just looked at the wizard. So that's how he handled his students…covering up for them, being just a sounding board and letting them shag if they wanted. She shook her head slightly. No wonder Slytherins acted the way they did. What kind of moral guidance was he giving them?

Severus knew very well the witch was judging his handling of his students. Fuck her. His Slytherins were the best prepared to face the world as it was. They left his house resourceful and cunning, well aware of the consequences of their actions. They generally did quite well in life. The wizard continued.

"Since Voldemort's death, I don't communicate with Albus near as much as I used to. A quick greeting is all he requires. As for my classes, I have a lesson plan that is simple to follow. My assistant Albert does most of the class teaching. I only lecture and administer tests for the most part. As far as the lectures go, let Albert do them for the month. He needs the practice and I doubt if you could do it with as much command as I do. The students will notice the difference in delivery. I intend on retiring soon and Albert will take my place. So mostly you will oversee Albert. He is quite good and doesn't require much in the way of direction, though his interaction with the class is much too lenient in my opinion. Don't let him get away with giving any student partial credits for their work."

Hermione snorted. Albert probably told the students when they did a good job. That would be akin to blasphemy to Severus, who praised no one.

"Now that we have our basic job duties out of the way, we need to focus on our personal lives. Mine is relatively simple. For the most part I stick to the castle. If you go out to Hogsmeade or Knockturn alley, most likely you will be accosted by several of my female acquaintances wanting an hour or two of intimacy. I don't know how my body will react to this, but most likely it will react. I like trim and I daresay it will crave its weekly dose of trim. You're going to have to handle this own your own should it happen. However, you can just push the witches away from you if not interested. They are used to that kind of treatment. If you want to have sex with them, be prepared to work out. They are all lusty and masochistic."

Hermione blanched.

"I will certainly not be doing any lusty, masochistic witches!" she said, scowling at him.

"That's what your morality tells you. Just wait until my tool kicks in," the Potions Master replied. "Now, about you. Are there any more Ronald Weasleys hiding in the shadows that I should know about?"

Hermione swallowed.

No there were no more Rons, but there was a Vladimir. Vladimir Blovotsky. A dark wizard who lived in Knockturn Alley.

Her answer to Severus.

Vlad was an apocathery assistant. She had met him one day when she went to the infamous Alley to buy some very rare herbs for a potion she was working on. Vlad had very intense blue eyes, black hair cut short, and a close-cropped beard. The wizard was short, well built, oozed sex and spoke with an accent that reminded her of Victor. But he wasn't from Bulgaria. Vlad never told her where he was from. His voice was not as silky as Severus' but it was rugged and sexy enough to make the witch cream herself whenever he made a dirty suggestion.

Hermione didn't see the wizard often, but when she did he left her walking bow-legged. The wizard was extremely dominating and worse than the Potions Master when he wanted her. Vlad never took no for an answer, and had on more than one occasion thrown Hermione over his shoulder and apparated to his flat with her. Then he would practically tear her clothes off and pummel her senseless for trying to deny him. He was also into light bondage and delighted in tying Hermione up in various ways, ways she loved. These aspects of the wizard appealed to the darker nature Severus had awakened in the witch years ago. If Severus ran into Vlad while in her body, there would definitely be problems.

"Stay away from Knockturn Alley," she said to the wizard, "I have an acquaintance there who is a bit on the rough side. If he sees you, he's going to want you. And what Vlad wants, he gets. He'll shag the shit out of you."

Severus arched both eyebrows at the witch.

"So you did go and find a lover in Knockturn Alley to meet your twisted little needs," he said, grinning at the witch. "He sounds like quite a piece of work if you can't go near him without him ravishing you."

Hermione blushed. Again Severus saw himself turn bright red. He hadn't known he could turn so red. Now he was curious.

"Is he as good as I was?" the Potions Master asked her.

Hermione looked startled, then her eyes narrowed.

"Better," she replied.

Hermione was lying however. Vlad was very, very good. Strong, sexual…an animal in bed. His member was big, but he was still no Severus. But he served his purpose and fulfilled her darker needs adequately.

Now it was Severus' turn to narrow his eyes. So, she had found another wizard who was a rough rider. A wizard she thought could outshag him. His small nostrils flared a bit as his competitive streak rose.

"Maybe when I get my body back, I should invite Vlad over for a friendly competition," he said to the witch. "We could take turns and judge the winner by the number of orgasms we can pull from you."

Dear gods. Vlad and Severus? She'd never survive it. She'd be pummeled to death.

Hermione throbbed and began to swell. Merlin.

The witch hissed, unable to hide what she felt. Her robes began to tent.

"Shit," she said shifting in the chair, wanting to place her hand on the huge organ.

Severus watched her erection grow, and felt a strange, urgent throb in beneath his navel, then a warmth began to spread throughout his lower body. A slight ache started between his legs. The wizard's eyes widened. Oh shit. Hermione's body was responding to her erection. It remembered him.

"I've got to go to the bathroom," the wizard said, rising from the chair and fleeing the kitchen.

Hermione watched him go with relief. Now she could handle her tool.

"Gods, how does he deal with this?" she groaned as she unfastened the robes over her lap and stuck her hand down her trousers, gripping her shaft and fisting it.

"Fuck!" she said, throwing her head back.

The witch was jacking off, and it felt amazing. She pulled her organ out of her trousers and through the opening in her robes and really went to work on it, watching her long pale fingers grip and slide over its length. The head was almost purple and was leaking. Hermione leaned forward, working her hand faster and faster, her pleasure building and a delicious pressure growing in her loins.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" she gasped as she reached her pinnacle and her long legs kicked out and she shouted as she came, pleasure thrumming through the shaft, racing up her spine. The witch shuddered as pulse after blissful pulse shot from her organ.

In the bathroom, Severus heard the shout, ran back to the kitchen and watched open-mouthed as Hermione, leaning forward and shuddering, shot wad after wad across the kitchen, thick come landing several feet away on the floor.

She was panting heavily as her climax came to a close.

"Holy shit," she gasped, leaning back in the chair, her organ falling limply over her grasping hand. "That was fucking fantastic!"

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing with my . . . assets?" Severus screeched at her.

Still panting, Hermione leaned forward and looked at the wizard evenly. Her black eyes held a rather hot glint as she gazed at him.

"Getting better acquainted," she replied breathlessly.

After a rather heated and unresolved argument about the proper use of their bodies, Severus and Hermione parted ways, the witch apparating to his private rooms at Hogwarts and the wizard spending the night at her house

Hermione rewarded the entrance to her lab with both a repelling spell and her signature to keep the wizard from snooping around down there while she was gone.

I t was agreed Hermione would drop off the patent papers at the solicitor's the next day. Then they each would go about their daily routines as the other and meet up again at Hermione's house in four days with a full report on their activities, unless there was a problem and they needed to meet sooner.

Now Severus lay in Hermione's four-poster, his amber eyes looking around at the bright pastel colors, paintings on the walls and unicorn knickknacks.

"Humph. Unicorns," Severus snorted inwardly as his eyes rested on one ceramic beauty rearing on its back hooves, pawing the air, its head bowed regally, "Hermione's been around the block so many times, if the witch ever went near a unicorn it would run her through repeatedly. She'd do better collecting rabbits instead. Closer to her nature."

Actually having two occasional lovers that she saw exclusively didn't qualify Hermione as a candidate for Madam Bordagia's House of Multiple Pleasures, but Severus was rather unfair when it came to the sexuality of witches. Although he did them every chance he got without giving a commitment, he thought a proper witch shouldn't have more than one exclusive lover. How he came up with this chauvinistic view of women with his track record of 'shag and runs' was a mystery.

Severus found he was slightly disappointed Hermione wasn't a proper witch. Not only was he disappointed…he was jealous of Vlad. Not Ron so much. Ron was obviously an occasional pleasurable indulgence. They had sex for fun. Plus, Severus was certain he could outshag Ron. He had seen the wizard's attributes in his seventh year after a Quidditch game, when he entered the communal shower in search of one of his Slytherins. He was an average-sized young man.

Vlad however, seemed to be the witch's substitute for him. That wizard met a need for Hermione, so was much more important to her sexually. It was obvious Hermione allowed the wizard to take her with impunity whenever he wished, so he had a hold over her. Most likely he had the ability to melt her into a puddle of incoherent lust.

Severus scowled. The witch had said Vlad was a better wizard in the sack than he was. And that struck a blow to his ego. Since he knew Hermione had broken one of the most important rules of Potions Making by doing an uncontrolled experiment, she had to ensure his silence…which meant he'd be riding this luscious little body he found himself in within a month. He most certainly would be in bed with Vlad as well, and planned to really put it to the witch in such a way her Knockturn Alley stud would pale by comparison.

Suddenly Severus felt his nipples harden, and that knot of warmth started spreading through his body like slow-rolling honey. Shit. He had inadvertently aroused himself at the thought of doing Hermione under duress again, and her body was responding in the normal female manner

"Oh gods damn it," he muttered as the ache started between his thighs again.

When he fled the kitchen for the bathroom the first time, the wizard attempted to calm down by splashing water on his face repeatedly…to no avail. But Hermione's shout brought him back to the kitchen, and the shock of seeing the witch ejaculating effectively killed the urges. But now, he had nothing to distract him.

Severus' breasts were tingling terribly, and in order to relieve them, he ran his palms over the tips of them and was rewarded with delicious little shocks of pleasure. The wizard gasped in surprise at the intensity of it.

"So this is what it feels like to Hermione to have her breasts caressed," he thought, his back arching slightly.

He had to admit it felt very good. Very, very good. The wizard began to explore the body he was in. It was quite a thorough education. He never knew the witch responded to caresses in such a powerful way. He didn't do much caressing, but decided that to do so would intensify his abilities as a lover if he were actually trying to bring a witch pleasure, which he rarely did. Her pleasure was always an unconscious side effect of his own quest for satisfaction. But considering Hermione was sleeping with Vlad, a contender for the title of "Best Shag," Severus figured every little bit would help.

Finally, he slipped a hand to his core. It was soaked. He brought his glistening fingers to his mouth and tasted them. Gods. If only he had this ability to taste a woman whenever he wanted as a wizard…he'd be in heaven. He returned his hand to his center and started manipulating his core, moaning in delight as thrill after thrill coursed through his writhing body. Severus was good at female masturbation because he knew exactly what to do to bring a witch to orgasm with his hands. But now he was learning how to prolong the pleasure because he could feel the effects of his fingers on different parts of his sex.

Severus found himself wishing Hermione's body were double-jointed so he could get his tongue down there. Experimentally he inserted two fingers inside his hot tunnel and hissed at the sensation as his body arched. Such fullness with only two fingers. A tool would really hit the spot. He thrust back and forth, finding his hips rising and falling of their own accord. He moved his thumb back and found the combination exhilarating, powerful pulses of pleasure washing over him as that knot in his belly expanded and grew. The wizard's brow was covered in perspiration now as he desperately worked toward whatever end was approaching, moaning and hissing as he pleasured the body he was in. Suddenly he felt as if his body drew in upon itself, then a burst of sweetness exploded inside him and the wizard melted inwardly, shrieking as he orgasmed.

Severus seemed to spin away from his body for a moment, then fell back into an ocean of pleasure, his body feeling as if it were drifting gently. His release poured out of him, musky and hot, and the wizard brought his hand to his mouth again, tasting the sweetness of Hermione's body, savoring it before totally collapsing, his breasts rising and falling quickly in reaction to coming as a woman.

"Great Merlin's fuzzy balls," he panted as he came back to earth.

"That was fucking fantastic."

Hermione returned four days later to find Severus sitting in the kitchen with a dark scowl on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" Hermione said, setting the briefcase of student parchments on the kitchen table and looking at the wizard curiously.

Severus looked up at her.

"Your body is sick. I've been aching all day and my stomach is cramping. I took several stomach soothers and …and…"

Severus suddenly stopped talking and stared at Hermione a moment.

"Did you cut my hair?" he shrieked at her.

Hermione looked at him. His shoulder-length locks were cut in a kind of pageboy, falling just below his ears, the front layered so it didn't fall into his eyes.

"Yes. It was entirely unmanageable," she said. "Plus, I think it looks good."

"Looks good? How dare you cut my hair!" Severus seethed, rising from the chair then doubling over, clutching his stomach.

Hermione's black eyes shifted to the calendar on the kitchen wall, then back at Severus.

"Your stomach isn't hurting you. Those are cramps. Your period is about to come on," she said as the wizard dropped heavily back into the chair.

"My what?" he groaned, rocking back and forth against the painful knotting inside him.

"Your period. Your menstrual cycle," she responded, smirking a bit.

Severus Snape on the rag. Oh, this was too good.

"Oh good gods," he spat, "Isn't there any way to stop it?"

Hermione looked at the suffering wizard for a moment.

"Yes. Pregnancy," she replied, smiling now.

"Fuck!" Severus hissed.

Hermione chuckled.

"Wait here," she said.

The witch exited the kitchen and walked to her bedroom. She then entered the bathroom and removed a small bottle from her medicinal potions cabinet. Then she opened the cabinet under the sink, hesitated over the box of tampons, then took a sanitary napkin out of a box beside them. She didn't want Severus shoving anything inside her . . . even a tampon. It might give him ideas. Hermione stuck the pad in her robes pocket and returned to the kitchen. Severus was still bent and rocking in the chair. The cramps must have been very painful. Hermione could almost sympathize. Almost, but not quite.

Smirking, Hermione pulled open the utensil drawer, took out a spoon, rinsed it off, then uncapped the bottle and poured a bit of the potion into the spoon. She set the bottle on the counter and approached Severus.

"Open up," she said, holding the spoon in front of his face.

"What is that?" he asked, squinting at the spoon.

"It's for cramps," she said, "It will make them go away."

Desperate for relief, Severus opened his mouth and Hermione slipped the spoon in.

Severus made a horrible face.

"That's disgusting," he spluttered after he swallowed the foul potion down.

"That's one of the costs of womanhood," Hermione responded.

Immediately the cramps disappeared.

"Oh, that's much better," Severus said, straightening.

Hermione reached into her pocket and pulled out the sanitary napkin, handing it to him.

"Oh dear Circe," the wizard said, holding the pad in his small hand. He knew what sanitary napkins were. He kept them in his office for emergencies when his female students ran out.

"Do you know how to use that?" she asked the wizard.

"Yes," he grumbled. "I put it in my knickers. I guess I'll have to put some on now."

Hermione raised her eyebrows.

"You aren't wearing knickers? I always wear knickers," she said to him, scowling. "It keeps my robes sanitary. You have to wear knickers, Severus."

The wizard scowled at her.

"The act of putting on knickers is one I can't get used to," he said in a low voice.

"Well, you better get used to it, or you'll have blood everywhere and stink of fish," Hermione replied. "I won't have my things ruined because you don't take care of yourself, or my body rather, properly."

"All right…all right. I'm going now," Severus said, standing up and exiting the kitchen.

"Make sure you wash first before you put that on," Hermione called after him. "And put on a bra too! You'll have my breasts hanging at my knees before I'm thirty."

Gods. She had to get him out of her body. There was no telling what the wizard had been doing to it these past few days. She knew he had to be exploring it. She certainly had been exploring his.

Severus made his way toward the witch's bedroom. He had been through Hermione's underwear drawer before hoping to find a pair of female boxers in the mix. No such luck. She either had plain cotton or fancy silk knickers.

Severus went through the drawer again, more thoroughly this time. He arched an eyebrow as he pulled out a pair of rather sheer crotchless knickers in Slytherin green. Now, who did she have these for? He put them back and pulled out a white bra and knickers. He was about to close the drawer, when he saw something flesh colored up in the far back right corner. He pulled the drawer out farther and slid the knickers over.

Damn. It was a dildo…a long one. Hm. Too bad he was on his period. Since experiencing what fingers felt like in the witch's sleeve, Severus wasn't beyond testing a dildo on the witch's body. Maybe after his cycle was over he'd give it a try. He closed the drawer and walked into the bathroom and pulled Hermione's robe over his head. Naked, he looked down at his body. It was very shaggable.

He picked up a washcloth, turned on the basin and stuck it under the stream of water wetting it before applying soap. He washed between his legs thoroughly, though he took much longer than Hermione would have. Then he toweled off, picked up the pad, scowling, pulled off the adhesive strip on the bottom, then picked up the knickers. He wasn't sure if he should attach the pad to the knickers first or place it comfortably between his legs then slide the knickers on and press the crotch against the pad to adhere it. He went with comfort.

Then he struggled with Hermione's harness…or as she called it, bra. He had hell trying to reach around and fasten it. Finally, he fastened it first and pulled it over his head, thrusting his arms through the straps and pulling it down over his full breasts, then stuffing them inside. Good, he felt all tied up. Severus was glad he was a wizard. Witches just had too much shit to do concerning their bodies. Hermione walked into the bedroom just in time to see Severus standing in his underwear. He was about to pull his robes back on.

Hermione gasped.

"Severus! Look at my elbows and knees! They're so dry they're flaking. Having you been moisturizing?" she asked him.

"No. I haven't. Why should I?" he groused. "It's not like anyone is going to be smoothing their hands over your body while I'm in it. Except maybe me."

Hermione scowled at him, then strode into the bathroom, opened her vanity and took out a bottle of moisturizing lotion. Then she walked back by him snagging him by his arm and dragging him with her.

"Unhand me!" he cried, struggling ineffectively. Hermione threw him into the bed.

"Take off your bra," she said angrily.

Severus crossed his hands over his breasts.

"Why…why I will not!" he spat at her.

Hermione's black eyes grew hard and dangerous.

"Severus Snape, you will not turn my skin into sandpaper. I'm going to make sure it is fully moisturized," she seethed.

Hermione sat the bottle of lotion down on the nightstand.

"Now you either take that bra off, witch, or I'll take it off for you," she growled, unaware of her use of the word witch.

But Severus noticed it. Shit. His body was kicking in. This wasn't good. Rather than upset the witch further, Severus pulled his bra over his head, letting his full breasts fall into view. Hermione's eyes glinted as she looked at him.

"Lie down on your stomach and slide over," she said, picking up the bottle of lotion again, opening it and pouring some into her hand.

Severus complied, lying down in the bed, his face turned away from the witch. He felt his hair being lifted and moved aside, then large, warm, slightly roughened hands begin to smooth over his shoulders firmly, spreading the lotion over his skin. It felt very good.

Hermione worked the lotion into her body's skin, feeling the softness of it beneath her hands as she applied the moisturizer. She let out a breath as she added more lotion, smoothing it over the curve of her waist before lifting each arm and working it in, particularly over her scaly elbows.

Hermione lotioned the wizard's back, then slipped her hands under his knickers and massaged the full globes of his buttocks. Severus shifted beneath her touch, sighing. His entire body was tingling now as the witch intimately kneaded his body. Merlin, her hands felt good as they slid down his thighs, moving close to his core. For a moment, the wizard wished she would touch his core . . . but pushed the thought out of his mind. He was a man for gods sakes! A man shouldn't be turning him on…even if that man was himself.

"Turn over," Hermione said in a low voice.

She had been responding to caressing Severus as well, and had a huge hard-on. But she fought what she felt.

Severus flipped to his back, his amber eyes meeting Hermione's black ones. Hermione couldn't help but notice how sexy she really was, her petite body quite attractive with its large breasts and curvaceous hips. Her eyes fell to the chestnut patch of hair, and she felt a powerful throb.

Swallowing, the witch put more lotion on her hands and smoothed it over Severus' neck and shoulders, the wizard moving his head in order to give her more access to his skin, his lips slightly parting as he closed his eyes. His nipples hardened.

Hermione felt a powerful urge to kiss the wizard, but again fought it. It was…was unseemly. She wasn't a man after all, she was a woman for gods sakes! A woman shouldn't be turning her on…even if that woman was herself.

Hermione hissed as her hands moved over Severus' breasts and the wizard arched up reflexively, moaning. Hermione stared down at him and continued to caress his breasts for several minutes, watching him undulate, her eyes locking to his pelvis, which was rolling in a manner she was finding magnetic. Hermione licked her lips.

"You know, this is quite an interesting situation," Severus said suddenly. Hermione looked up at his face. His amber eyes were heated.

"What do you mean?" she replied, her voice quite raw as she finally moved her hands down to the wizard's stomach. He was still undulating.

"The female body is quite responsive to touch," the wizard said, looking up at her.

Hermione cleared her throat.

"The male body is quite responsive to touching a female body," she replied, slipping her hands under Severus' knickers and rubbing lotion into his skin.

She made sure not to touch between his thighs. She wasn't sure if her body could stand it, menstrual cycle or not. She sped up her application of the lotion…wanting to end this before it got out of hand. Her body wanted to shag badly and she knew if it did, she would get pleasure from it.

It occurred to Hermione that this would be one hell of a way to pay Severus back for his misuse of her. Hell, he was planning on shagging her when their bodies switched back, in return for his silence about her uncontrolled experiment. He hadn't changed at all.

Hermione's eyes narrowed as she slid her fingers between the wizard's toes and listened to his sighs of pleasure. She made another decision

She was going to do Severus Snape before she switched them back.

And do him hard.

Three days later, Severus Snape walked through Diagon Alley looking up at the signs as he navigated the crowds. He was on his lunch break from the Ministry and looking for a particular shop recommended to him by the front desk clerk. He saw it.

Biddy Botter's Beauty Emporium.

He grinned and walked inside.

A smiling witch in a blue uniform with an apron walked up to him.

"Hello Miss, how can I help you today?" she asked him.

Severus gave her a smirk.

"I'd like a haircut," he replied. "Preferably, a short one."

Forty-five minutes later, a very different looking Hermione Granger emerged from the beauty shop. Severus looked in the window at his reflection and patted his hair with satisfaction. Two could play at this game. No more tugging a comb and brush through his locks every morning for him.

Severus started back toward the apparation point and was passing Diagon Alley when suddenly someone grabbed him and yanked him into the small opening. The wizard was pulled backwards against a short, broad body. He started to scream but a hand was clapped over his mouth and he was dragged into a small, dark niche. He felt a pair of lips press against his ear.

"Where have you been witch?" a low, rather dangerous and accented voice asked him, "I haven't had you in over two months. You know better than that. Were you trying to make Vlad come and seek you out? I am very, very displeased."

Severus felt one hand move roughly over his breasts and struggled ineffectively even as his treacherous body gave a strong pulse of desire. The wizard still had his hand clamped over his mouth. Severus tried to bite him, but he only readjusted his hand. It seemed he was used to that.

"But you will soon fix that, yes?" Vlad breathed.

Suddenly they disapparated.

They reappeared in a tiny flat. It consisted of a combination living room and kitchen, with a door, presumably leading to Vlad's bedroom. It was sparsely furnished, containing a small sofa, an armchair and a long table against the wall, on which were bags of herbs and a couple of open books. A wooden chair was drawn up against it. On the wall was the painting of a man who looked very much like Vlad. Probably his father.

The wizard spun Severus to face him, holding his arms tightly, his blue eyes fixed on his hair. He scowled.

"What did you do to your hair, Hermione?" he asked her, his eyes shifting to Severus' face.

"I cut it," Severus replied, "It was too much trouble to take care of."

Vlad's eyes shifted back to his hair, which was cut in a short curling afro that framed the wizard's face.

"I don't like it. Witches are supposed to have long hair. How can I hold on to it when I take you from behind when it is so short? You must grow it back. Use magic," he declared.

Severus didn't say anything. He needed the wizard to let him go so he could reach his wand. Suddenly Vlad kissed him violently, shoving his tongue into the wizard's mouth and pulling him tight against his body. Severus could feel his iron erection beneath his robes and struggled. He felt Hermione's body heating up deliciously, but his mind was not engaged. All he wanted was to get away. This wasn't like when Hermione was touching him. This was something much different. The only reason Severus didn't bite Vlad's tongue was because he had a sense the wizard was violent and would strike him.

"Ah, you are hot for Vlad. Good," the wizard said, pulling back from his mouth, mistaking the wizard's struggling for reaction. "But first you will blow me for staying away from me for so long," the wizard said, releasing Severus and starting to unbutton his robes.

Severus wasted no time drawing his wand and pointing the tip of it between Vlad's eyes.

"I won't be blowing you today or any day, wizard," Severus said through clenched teeth.

Vlad stopped unbuttoning his robes and scowled at the wizard. Then his face broke out into a smile.

"You play with Vlad, no?" he said, reaching for the wand.

"No," Severus replied, hitting him with a binding spell.

Ropes flew out the end of his wand, wrapping around Vlad, who fell straight back. Luckily the sofa caught him.

"What are you doing you crazy bitch?" Vlad shouted at him, struggling uselessly in the ropes. "I tie you up. You don't tie me up. I am the man! You will pay for this! I will bugger you until you bleed!"

My. Vlad certainly had a temper.

Severus arched an eyebrow at the wizard. This was Hermione's idea of a replacement for him? This violent bastard? Sure, Severus knew he was hard on witches, but he had never injured any in the way Vlad threatened to do to Hermione. This wasn't good. Sooner or later this wizard was going to do the witch some harm. Not that Severus was any knight in shining armor…but he didn't like the idea of it. The wizard was bigger and stronger than Hermione. She wouldn't have a chance with him.

The wizard thought for a moment as Hermione's twisted lover continued to rage and threaten her with terrible sexual retribution. This Vlad really was a sick fuck. Severus seriously doubted that Hermione's masochistic streak ran this deep. His body was not responding to the wizard at all now.

Severus eyed the wizard, then flicked his wand at him, levitating him for a moment then placed him so his stomach rested against the back of the sofa and he was on his knees, slightly bent. Then the wizard added extra ropes to hold him in place.

"Vlad, I think this relationship has been very one-sided up to this point," he said to the wizard evenly. "You have far too much power."

"What to you mean?" Vlad asked, trying to turn his head so he could see the witch. "What are you doing to me? Let me go! Let me go you bitch!"

Severus smirked evilly.

"I don't think so, Vlad. I think you need a lesson. A deep, penetrating lesson that you won't forget any time soon. Something that will make you see the kind of violence you intend to perpetrate against me is cruel and painful. Something that will make you never think of doing such a thing again," Severus said.

"You have no idea what pain is! You let me go now! Now!" Vlad raged, twisting in his bindings.

Severus made a circular motion with his wand, and the seat of Vlad's trousers disappeared revealing his muscular flanks.

"What? What are you doing?" Vlad demanded, feeling the air hit his naked flesh.

Severus strolled around the sofa, walking over to the desk where the bags of herbs and books rested. He pointed his wand at one of the books and flicked it.

Vlad's blue eyes went wide.

"No! No! What are you doing, Hermione? Release me witch. I swear I will let you go. I will not touch you. We can just end it…can't we?" Vlad said, fear in his voice now.

Severus tied the huge black strap-on dildo around his trim waist securely. It was about four inches in circumference and had to be at least ten inches long.

"No, Vlad. After this…we can end it," Severus replied, walking back around the sofa and moving into position behind the wizard.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Vlad screamed horribly.

Severus didn't even use grease.

Today was the seventh day and it was time to add the next round of ingredients to the antidote. Hermione apparated to her home and let herself in. The house was dark. Hermione walked through it cautiously.

"Severus? Severus?" she called. She walked into the kitchen, then the living room. He wasn't there. Her brow creased she walked back toward the bedroom. It was dark as well. She pulled out her wand and turned up the torches to see Severus stretched out in the bed sound asleep. That was odd. He normally retired much later.

Suddenly Hermione's eyes narrowed and she stalked up to the bed, looking down on the wizard.

Oh no. No.

"Severus! What did you do to my hair?" she roared at him.

The startled wizard sat up in the bed, blinking up at the angry, towering wizard standing over the bed clenching her pale hands.

"I cut it," he replied sarcastically, "It was entirely unmanageable. Plus I think it looks good."

Hermione stared at the short curly cut. She looked like a chestnut-haired Little Orphan Annie.

"How dare you cut my hair, Severus!" she seethed at him.

"You had no qualms cutting mine," he countered.

"But yours needed cutting. Mine didn't," she responded.

Hermione couldn't believe this. All her beautiful hair chopped off. She was going to kill him. Kill him. No…she was going to take this out in flesh. Just wait. Juuuuust wait. She began to make a list of his offenses.

Severus looked at her incredulously.

"You might be used to spending more than half and hour trying to tame those tangles you call curls, but I'm not. It makes my hand cramp and my arm grow tired," he said. "Now all I have to do is wet it and forget it."

Hermione scowled at him.

"You're going to pay for this, Severus Snape…mark my words," she declared, her black eyes glittering at him dangerously.

Severus slid out of the bed and stood, looking up at the witch for a moment, before heading for the bathroom and closing the door.

Presently Hermione heard, "Oh bloody hell, not again!" then a string of curses.

There was silence for a moment, then the door cracked.

"Would you hand me a pair of knickers?" Severus said, scowling through the crack at Hermione. "I've fucking leaked again. This is the third pair of knickers I had to change today. Bloody pad doesn't hold shit."

Hermione couldn't help grinning although she was pissed about her hair being cut. She went into the drawer and selected a pair of very sexy red knickers, walked over to the bathroom door and passed them through the crack. Silence followed. Then Severus' small hand held the knickers out the door again.

"Very funny," he seethed. "Plain white cotton, if you please."

Hermione chuckled and retrieved a normal pair of knickers and passed them through the door, which was then slammed shut. It went silent again, then she heard a trickle in the loo, then a flush, then the basin running for a little while. Finally Severus emerged, looking disgusted.

"I tell you…thanks the gods I was born a wizard," he said, stalking past Hermione, who thought of something.

"Where are you putting the bloody knickers?" she asked him, frowning.

"In the hamper," he replied.

"The hamper? You have to wash them out in cold water immediately Severus. They stain and plus you will have all my clothes smelling like a slaughterhouse," she said to him.

Hermione strode into the bathroom, stopped up the basin, filled it with cold water and gingerly retrieved the bloody garments out of her hamper, dropping them into the sink. She reached under the counter and took out a box of magical cleaning solution and poured it into the water and swirled the knickers around. The blood disappeared, but she still let them soak. She exited the bathroom and looked at Severus, who was standing in the middle of the bedroom.

"Honestly. You are the most unsanitary wizard I know. Wearing no knickers under your robes. Putting bloody garments in my hamper. Gods!" she complained, her pale nose wrinkled as she looked at the wizard.

I'm a blinking MAN, Hermione. I don't know about what witches do at times like this," Severus retorted, heading out of the bedroom toward the kitchen. "I'm doing the best I can here."

Severus was hungry. He had expended a lot of energy this afternoon and pushed Hermione's body to the limit punishing Vlad. His back ached from the unaccustomed activity.

One thing was for certain…Vlad wouldn't be shagging the witch again in this lifetime. He took a Wizarding oath on it in exchange for Severus releasing him. He was sobbing as he did so. The wizard really laid it on him, giving the apocathery assistant what he threatened to give Hermione. Most likely Vlad was at St. Mungo's getting his rectum fixed. Severus was almost sure he would treat witches better in the future, if he dealt with them at all.

"I met your Vlad this afternoon," Severus said over his shoulder as he entered the kitchen.

Hermione paused. He met Vlad? No wonder he was sleeping when she came home.

Hermione hurried into the kitchen, her black eyes sweeping over the wizard.

"Did he hurt you much? I haven't been with him in about two months. He had to have been…livid," she said, looking at the wizard with concern.

The concern was more for the state of her body after being taken by an angry Vlad, than for what the wizard went through. Vlad could get rather brutal.

"No, he didn't hurt me at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed our little interlude," Severus said, taking some bread, cheese and meat out of the cooler and setting it on the table.

Hermione plopped down in a chair, staring at the wizard in disbelief. Severus had liked getting shagged by Vlad? She felt a little stab of jealousy as she looked at him. She wanted to be the first to pop the wizard's cherry.

"But Vlad didn't seem to enjoy it as much," he added, going to the utensil drawer and taking out a knife, then to the overhead cabinet for a plate. He paused.

"Do you want a sandwich?" he asked Hermione, who was still staring at him.

She shook her head.

"What do you mean he didn't enjoy it? He loves doing me," Hermione said.

Severus cut two thick slices of bread, then a slice of cheese.

"He might like doing you, but he didn't like you doing him," the wizard replied, placing some meat on the bread, covering it with another slice and setting it on the plate.

"What? What are you talking about 'me doing him?' Severus Snape, what did you do?" Hermione demanded, her large nostrils pulsating.

Severus calmly put the food away and cleaned up the crumbs he left behind, before sitting down at the table and taking a bite of his sandwich, chewing slowly. Hermione folded her arms and looked at him angrily.

"I'm waiting," she said testily.

Severus leveled his amber eyes at the witch.

"That is your idea of a wizard to meet your needs, Hermione? He's a fucking animal," he said to her, scowling now.

Hermione snorted.

"Like you can talk," she retorted.

"I would never do to a witch what that wizard threatened to do to you when you tried to deny him. As black-hearted as I am, I would never shag a witch until she was damaged, or even suggest it. Yes, I am rough and can be brutal, but I have control. I've never deeply injured a witch beyond making her a bit sore or leaving a little residual ache. Vlad wanted to damage you. Eventually he would have," Severus said to the witch. "It would have been better if you sought me out again, than be with someone with the capacity to do that, Hermione. I would have treated you the way you needed."

"Seek you out? You've been sniffing too many potions," the witch replied.

Severus studied her.

"Well, you won't have to worry about him anymore. He took a wizarding oath not to see you in any capacity again," the wizard said, taking another bite of his sandwich.

"What? You had no right, Severus! I liked Vlad!" she roared at him.

"Well, I didn't like Vlad. I would have just left him tied up if he hadn't threatened me as he did. I could have left, Hermione, but the next time he saw you…he would have hurt you. Badly. Believe me," he said.

"You tied Vlad up?" Hermione asked him.

Gods. She could only imagine how the wizard reacted to that. Vlad had very definite ideas of what roles witches served in sex. Only submissive ones. He must have blown a torch.

"That was all I could do. He wanted me to perform fellatio because you had denied him so long. It wasn't going to happen. So I put a binding spell on him," the wizard explained.

Hermione let her head drop into her hand for a moment. Vlad must have gone ballistic.

"He started ranting and raving and said he was going to bugger you until you bled. That is more than being a dominant lover, Hermione. The man was an animal. He also said he was going to do a few other painful things to you. Would you have rather I let you walk into that unprepared? You said he wouldn't take no for an answer, so you couldn't have just stopped seeing him. He would have abducted you the first chance he got and brutalized you…maybe even killed you after he'd done his damage to keep from going to Azkaban. It has happened to other witches in Knockturn Alley. It could have happened to you. So I took care of Vlad. He won't be targeting you any more."

Hermione stared at Severus. Vlad did have an awful temper, and there had been one or two times when he went too far with her. But still, most of the time he gave her what she needed. Now he was gone.

"What did you do to him?" she asked Severus, almost afraid of his answer.

"I did to him what he threatened to do to you. Buggered him with a strap-on and no lubrication until he bled," the wizard replied, rising from the table, walking over to the upper cabinet and taking out a glass, then over to the cooler where he removed a pitcher of pumpkin juice. He filled the glass, put it back and returned to the table as Hermione stared at him, her black eyes wide.

"You buggered Vlad with a strap-on?" she asked him, trembling slightly.

Severus nodded.

"Very thoroughly. Your body isn't in very good condition and I used a lot of energy. I was exhausted when I returned to the Ministry to finish the day. When I came home, all I could think of was bed," the wizard replied.

"How did he get you?" Hermione inquired.

"He must have been in Knockturn Alley when I walked by heading for the beauty emporium," Severus replied. "He grabbed me on my way back to the Ministry."

Yes. That was standard Vlad all right. He'd done the same thing to her when she went to the bookstore one afternoon. Hermione shook her head. Well, Vlad was out of her life now, thanks to Severus and his warped sense of justice. Now what was she supposed to do when she wanted brutal sex? Ron just didn't have it in him to make her scream…he said he didn't like to feel he was hurting her. The Auror's sex was good when she was in the mood for it, but when she needed more…Ron just couldn't deliver. He was too sweet-natured.

"You're looking very sorry for yourself," Severus said, taking a sip of pumpkin juice. He set the glass down. "Now you have no one to ram you into conniptions when you need it. Mr. Weasley can't do it, otherwise you wouldn't have needed Vlad."

Hermione looked at him, her black eyes glinting. She didn't reply.

"Well, there's always me. When I get my body back that is," the wizard said, his amber eyes looking at her levelly. "You know what I can do to you, witch. It's been a long time, but I assure you…I'm like a fine wine. I only get better with age."

Hermione felt herself throb, and quickly stood up.

"I have to go see about the antidote," she said, drawing her wand and walking to the basement door. She removed all the wards, opened it and descended into the darkness. Severus watched her go.

The wizard smirked. Vlad had unknowingly maneuvered him into quite a delicious position as far as Hermione Granger was concerned. Voldemort was dead now, and there was no reason he couldn't continue to do the witch once he got to her when he was switched back to his body. He'd make her crave him.

Hermione didn't know it, but she was a marked witch.

After about three weeks of uneventful impersonation, both Severus and Hermione were approached, Hermione by Dumbledore and Severus by Ron.

Severus was in the Auror staff room, getting a cup of coffee, when a witch strolled in. Her hair was black and close cropped, and her eyes almost violet. She was quite attractive in her way, just about the same size as Severus.

"Good morning, Mistress Granger," the witch said, smiling at him.

"Good morning," Severus replied.

"You don't know me. My name is Sappho Grunderwurld, and I work in the Department of Magical Records," the witch said, preparing herself a cup of coffee as she spoke. She added a generous amount of sugar and cream, stirring it, then looked at Severus.

"I wanted to ask you if you would like to go out sometime?" Sappho asked him.

Severus stared at her.

"Go out?" he repeated.

"Yes," Sappho replied with a bright smile, "To dinner and a show."

Severus blinked at her. Was this how witches made new friends?

"Ah, you mean a girl's night out," he said to the witch.

Sappho's eyes glittered a bit.

"Something like that, yes. But we would be the only two girls," she said rather meaningfully.

Neither Severus nor Sappho noticed Ron had entered the staff room. He stopped by the door, listening.

"Certainly you don't mean out on a date?" Severus asked the witch, astonished.

Sappho gave him a rather sexy smile now.

"Yes, I do mean a date, Mistress Granger. I've been watching you the past couple of weeks, and I believe we have something in common," she replied.

"We certainly do. Sexual parts," the wizard thought as he looked at the witch. Gods, she was hitting on Hermione. She thought the witch was gay.

Sappho pulled out a slip of parchment and slipped it into Severus' small hand, caressing it slightly as she did so.

"Owl me and we'll iron out the details," the witch said, turning and exiting the staff room, walking right past Ron. The Auror turned to watch her go, then turned back toward Severus.

"You're dating women now, Hermione? That would explain a lot," he said, walking up to the witch and looking her over. "That haircut for example. It's pretty butch."

Severus brought one hand to his hair self-consciously.

"I am not dating witches, Mr. Weasley," Severus replied, picking up his coffee and making as if to leave. Ron caught him lightly by the wrist.

"What's going on, Hermione? You haven't called me over in a while. I kind of miss our time together. Hearing you laugh," the wizard said, his voice dropping low. "You know no one can make you laugh like I do."

Severus felt Hermione's body respond lightly to the wizard. It wasn't anything overwhelming, just a small, pleasant pulse.

"I've been busy," Severus replied lamely.

Ron searched his face.

"You've been going to Vlad, haven't you?" he asked him, his voice going a bit dark. "I know he does something for you I can't Hermione, but I don't like or trust that wizard. I wish you would stop seeing him. I know we aren't exclusive, but I really think he's dangerous. I've seen the bruises. No wizard should bruise you."

Bruises? Vlad used to leave bruises on Hermione? Well, he wouldn't be doing that anymore. The wizard was lucky Severus hadn't known that. He would have returned the favor.

"I can handle my own affairs, Mr. Weasley," Severus replied evenly.

Ron scowled at him.

"And what is this Mr. Weasley business? You don't even say my name anymore. Are you trying to distance yourself from me, Hermione? Do you want to stop seeing me? If you do, all you have to do is say so," the wizard said.

He looked a bit sad however. Severus didn't care, he jumped on the chance.

"Yes…Ron. That's it precisely. There's…there's someone else I am getting quite involved with and want to be exclusive with," the wizard said.

"Really? You've finally found someone you're willing to see exclusively? Wow, Hermione. That's great," Ron said, but he didn't look as if it were great. "Who is it? It's not Vlad is it?"

"No, not Vlad. I've stopped seeing him too," Severus said. That much was true at least. "But I would rather not say who it is. The relationship is still rather new and we are still working on the commitment part. I don't want the person to hear we're an item before we actually become an item."

Ron nodded with understanding. He looked relieved Hermione was no longer seeing Vlad.

"Ok, Hermione. I can respect that," Ron said. He looked at her and took a deep breath, "So no more shag buddies, eh?"

Severus shook his head.

"Well, buddies will be fine then, though it was fun. You are wonderful Hermione," the wizard said earnestly. "I'm going to miss our games. And getting close to you."

"I bet," Severus thought.

"You have your other girlfriends," Severus said by way of comfort, not realizing he sounded cold. But Ron didn't take offense. It was true after all.

He nodded.

"Yeah, but they aren't you. Still, they'll have to do," the Auror answered him. Then Ron cocked his head at the witch. "This person…he is a wizard, right? I mean, I just saw Sappho putting the moves on you…and you didn't tell her no…"

Severus frowned.

"Why does everyone think I'm gay all of the sudden?" he snarled.

Ron shrugged.

"Well, that haircut for one thing. It is kind of short. Plus you never dress up anymore or wear heels to work like you used to. And your walk…well…it's changed. A lot less swish and a lot more stomp if you know what I mean," Ron said tactfully. "And people in the Research Department say you've been more snappish when you talk to them now. Not polite at all. Very dominating. That's not you, Hermione."

Severus scowled.

"So everyone thinks I've changed my sexual orientation because of my hair, my shoes, my walk and the way I talk?" he asked the wizard, his face contorting slightly.

Ron shrugged.

"Pretty much. Remember, you cut me off too," the wizard added.

This was too much.

"All of you are fucking idiots!" he said to the wizard, putting down his cup and storming out of the staff room.

Ron looked after him, open-mouthed. Hermione rarely cursed in public or called people names. He shook his head.

"Bye, Hermione," he called after her. But Severus was gone.

"Maybe she's going through the Change," the wizard theorized, walking over to the stove to get himself a cup of coffee.


Hermione was in Severus' study at Hogwarts, sitting at his desk and marking test papers. She was being very severe, trying to copy the wizard's marking style. She had brought a few tests home and watched him grade them. She pretty much had the gist of it.

Suddenly the flames in the floo turned green.

"Severus?" the Headmaster's voice called.

Hermione's belly went cold. She had been doing a fine job of avoiding Albus and the rest of the staff…even taking all her meals in the rooms to avoid placing herself in a position of interaction. There was only one week left now.

"Yes, Headmaster?" Hermione replied.

"I would like a word, if you please," the wizard replied.

"I'll be right up, sir," Hermione said, putting down her quill and standing up. She took a deep breath, and went into cold, snarky mode, straightening her body to full height and striding over to the floo.

Hermione loved Dumbledore, and she had to make sure this warmth didn't shine through when she met with him. Severus was very reserved with others, despite how openly he talked with her. It wouldn't do to show any emotion while with the Headmaster.

Hermione stepped through the floo and into Dumbledore's office. The wizard was sitting behind the desk, his blue eyes sober behind his half-moon glasses.

"Good morning, Headmaster," Hermione said silkily.

"Good morning, Severus. Please have a seat," the wizard replied, gesturing toward the comfortable armchair sitting in front of his desk. Hermione sat down.

Suddenly, Fawkes let out a trill at Hermione in greeting, his beautiful eyes whirling. Albus turned to look at the bird, then back at Hermione.

"I don't believe I've ever hear Fawkes greet you so enthusiastically, Severus," Albus commented, looking at him intently.

Hermione shrugged.

"Maybe Fawkes is just feeling magnanimous, Headmaster," Hermione replied.

Albus nodded.

"Perhaps," he said thoughtfully. He leveled his blue eyes at Hermione.

"The reason I have summoned you here, Severus, is that I and the staff noticed you've been more withdrawn and anti-social than usual, though I thought that impossible," the wizard said. "I want to know is there anything wrong?"

Hermione looked at the old wizard.

"No, nothing is wrong Headmaster. I am just very busy with my retirement plans," she lied. "As for my absences, the staff might as well get used to it."

There. That was a Severus Snape reply if there ever was one.

Albus looked at the wizard. Severus had always been rather uncommunicative. He only spoke when he had something to say for the most part, though Albus hoped that he had others he interacted with in a more social manner. He had no problem addressing his pupils or his Slytherins. It was other adults that he didn't truly socialize with. The wizard spent too much time down in the dungeons. He hadn't even been apparating at night like he usually did. That meant his nighttime activities had been curtailed as well.

Dumbledore was aware of the Potions Master's comings and goings at Hogwarts, although he didn't know where he went. He presumed Severus was out with witches however. Albus was well aware of his licentious nature when it came to the fairer sex. If the wizard had any other interest that came close to brewing, it was shagging witches. When he stopped doing that, it was cause for worry. But if the wizard didn't want to share what was happening in his life, Dumbledore couldn't make him.

The old wizard sighed.

"Well I just want to let you know, Severus, that if you need someone to talk to, I'm here," the Headmaster said.

Hermione felt a little warmth pulse through her heart. Albus was such a kind, caring wizard. Even towards a cold-hearted bastard like Severus. But then again, he had known Severus since he was a child, and the dark wizard had served him well as a spy for many years. It made sense the Headmaster cared about the wizard. Every one needed a bit of care.

"Thank you Headmaster, but I assure you, I am fine. Now, if you don't mind, I would like to return to my study. I have tests to mark," Hermione said stiffly, rising and emulating the wizard as best she could.

"Of course," the Headmaster said, "I'm glad we had this moment to talk Severus. I was worried about you."

Hermione looked at him.

"There is no need to worry about me, Headmaster. I am fine. Good day, sir," she replied, turning with what she hoped was a decent billow of robes and striding through the floo.

Fawkes let out another trill.

Albus turned to him.

"Fawkes, I've never known you to make such a fuss over the Potions Master," the wizard said to the phoenix.

Fawkes rolled his beautiful eyes at his master.

The bird knew exactly who had been in the office, but would never tell.

A few more days passed. The antidote was almost completed. It didn't precisely take a month, but twenty-eight days. It would be ready tonight. Yet Severus didn't know this, and Hermione was not about to tell him. She had plans to make. A seduction to complete.

On her way home from Hogwarts, she stopped by Haggleberry's Liquor and Spirits and picked up several bottles of good wine and two bottles of Ogden's Firewhiskey. Hermione didn't drink, because liquor lowered her inhibitions too much. Severus didn't know this either, and he did drink. Hermione was counting on her body to react as it normally did under the influence of alcohol. If it did, Severus would be quite susceptible to 'suggestion.'

Hermione planned to get him to engage in a celebratory drink or six, then tell him she needed to moisturize her body.

After that, things would get interesting.

When Hermione came in that evening, her arms full of bags, Severus was in the kitchen cooking a simple dinner of spaghetti with tomatoes, fennel and basil, garlic bread and a salad. Male or female, the wizard knew his way around the kitchen. He turned around and looked at the bags curiously as Hermione set them on the table.

"What's this?" he asked her, walking up to the bags and looking in. He let out a whoop as he pulled out a bottle of Firewhiskey.

"Yesss," he hissed, turning the bottle and eyeing the amber liquid.

"I thought since tomorrow the antidote would be completed, we could celebrate a bit tonight," Hermione said, her eyes sweeping over the wizard. "There's also wine."

Severus smiled broadly. He hadn't had a decent drink since he was switched into this blasted body. There was no liquor in the house, so he presumed Hermione didn't drink. Obviously he had been wrong. He walked back over to the stove and drained the spaghetti. He quickly put it in a large bowl, added the tomato, basil and fennel, tossing it lightly. He set it on the table along with the garlic bread, hot and crusty from the over. He then retrieved the salad from the cooler. Hermione put a quick chilling spell on the wine and retrieved two glasses from the cabinet. The table was quickly set, and the two settled down to eat.

It was a rather quiet meal, Hermione's wheel's turning as she watched Severus with hooded eyes. His body was kicking in, and she had a slight erection as she thought about how she would seduce the wizard. Hermione thought the most difficult aspect of this might be Severus' perception of himself as a man in a woman's body. As such, the idea of being reamed by a tool, especially one as big as his would not be palatable to the wizard.

Hermione had to work her body into a state of arousal that overpowered the wizard's perceived sexuality, so the passion would carry him along and he would willingly accept her. Hermione herself felt like a coiled spring. Severus' body was strong, although she hadn't been working out…he was probably going to have to play catch-up, but she still was in very good shape. The wizard's body seemed tireless.

Hermione had indulged herself in several more bouts of masturbation over the past month, and she was more than curious about how it would feel to take a witch. If her hand felt so delightful, a warm, wet clutching tunnel of flesh would feel exquisite…even if it were her own. She was literally going to shag herself…in a manner of speaking.

What Hermione didn't realize was Severus' body's sexual clock wasn't ticking, it was ringing at full alarm. It hadn't had actual sex in a month, and it was conditioned for trim at least once weekly. So her desire to take Severus was in fact, a reflection of his body's physical urges. If she hadn't been jacking off so frequently, she would be in a much worse state than she was.

They finished their meal, and Hermione said, "Why don't you retire to the living room and have some Firewhiskey, Severus. I'll clean up in here."

Severus dabbed at his mouth daintily, rose from the table and grabbed the bottle of firewhiskey and a glass, then walked out of the kitchen.

Hermione quickly stood up, pulled out her wand and cleared the table. Then she walked over to the basement door, unwarded it and entered, warding it securely behind her. She descended the stair quickly and unwarded her lab, zipping inside, her robes billowing, then securely warded the lab door too. She walked over to the cauldron.

"This is it," she breathed, casting a spell to unseal the top, then lifting it off. Yes! It was a deep amber. The antidote was ready.

Hermione took out several small bottles from beneath the counter, scourgified and purified them, and with a tap of her wand, filled each one and magically cooled them. She walked over to another drawer and removed a rubber-tipped syringe, pulling the top off of it and rolling up her sleeve, revealing her pale, sinewy arm. She didn't need to tap the crook of her elbow…Severus' body had good veins. She drew out a bit of blood, then picked up a bottle and drew its contents into the syringe, shaking it to mix the antidote thoroughly. She then recapped the tip of the needle with the rubber piece, then cast a stasis spell on it. She put the syringe in her robes pocket. Hermione then put the other bottles of antidote in her potions store, grabbed a bottle of sober-up potions, pocketed it and returned upstairs.

She walked into the living room to find Severus finishing his first glass of firewhiskey.

"Ahhh!" he said, settling back in the chair. "That hits the spot."

Hermione couldn't help but think of the spot she planned on hitting. The wizard's body was truly taking over now.

Severus looked at her.

"Where were you? Cleaning up shouldn't have taken that long," he said. His cheeks were already flushed.

"I went to check on the antidote," Hermione said silkily, watching as the wizard poured another half glass of firewhiskey. "I'll be right back."

Severus raised his glass to her in acknowledgement, then took a healthy sip. He shuddered a little as it went down. Typical Hermione response. Hermione headed for the bedroom. She closed the door behind her and walked over to the nightstand. She took the syringe and the sober-up potion out of her pocket, opened the drawer and placed them inside. There, that was done. Next she went into the bathroom, removed all of her clothing, including her boxers, then put her robes back on so she was completely nude underneath them. She wanted easy access once she got started. Hermione then retrieved the bottle of lotion, returned to the bedroom and placed it on the nightstand.

She rubbed her pale hands together evilly.

"Now Professor Severus Snape…you're going to learn what it is to be the shagee, instead of the shagger," she breathed, swelling in anticipation. "The alcohol might start you off, but when I do you…you will be aware of every single stroke, you bastard."

Swiftly Hermione walked back into the living room, sat down in the armchair across from Severus and leveled her eyes on him. Even with the short hair, he looked delicious.

"Aren't you going to join me?" he asked the witch. His amber eyes had quite a gleam now. The alcohol was already taking effect.

Hermione really didn't want to drink anything. Severus' body probably had quite a tolerance for alcohol, but she wasn't sure her mind could handle it. She wanted to be aware of what she was doing.

"No," she said, bouncing her fist off her stomach as if trying to belch, "I think there was a bit too much garlic on your garlic bread. It's coming back on me. I'd better wait until my stomach settles."

Severus snorted.

"It's all in your mind. I love garlic. My body can easily handle my garlic bread," the wizard said.

"Be that as it may, Severus…I'm still going to wait," the witch said, her dark eyes watching him intently.

Severus shrugged.

"Suit yourself," he said, downing his firewhiskey. He was starting to feel very good, and he had only had two glasses. Normally it took him about five to get the kind of buzz he was feeling. He looked at Hermione.

"So witch, will you be glad to get your body back?" he asked her, his eyes sweeping over his own form.

He certainly wasn't handsome, but he could see the dark attraction, the dangerous allure he had for some witches. The way he spoke and moved was magnetic and his eyes mesmerizing when he focused them on a woman. Once he had sex with a witch, either she was mad about him or didn't want him to come near her again. Most of the time it was the former. But since he could never truly be sure of the outcome, he took every witch for a good hard ride, just it case it would be the first and last time.

His eyes flicked to his hair. Hermione kept it quite nice and it was growing back quickly. He'd cast a hair-growing spell on it as soon as he switched back. He planned to do Hermione immediately. His body had to be starved, and actually Hermione's body was a bit achy too. Besides, he owed her big for this one. The witch was going to pay. Plus, there was Vlad to erase as well. But there were some benefits to having been a witch for a month. He had learned things about Hermione's body that he was sure applied to most witches. He would be an even better lover after this.

"Will I be glad to get my body back?" Hermione purred at him, "In more ways than one, wizard."

Severus gave her a perplexed look at the comment. Hermione continued.

"Though I have to admit, masturbation is much easier as a wizard than a witch," Hermione said, smirking.

"I don't agree with that," Severus said, "Your body seems to get hair-trigger orgasms when fingered just right."

Hermione felt herself harden a bit at the thought of Severus diddling her twat and adjusted herself in the armchair, crossing one of her legs to hide the telltale imprint. She didn't have anything on under her robes so her erection would be easy to see.

"Really," she said, licking her lips a bit.

Severus noticed this, and felt a little pulse in his belly.

"Maybe you can show me how to do that," Hermione said to him. "I have trouble getting myself off in a timely manner. It takes a long time."

Severus felt another stronger pulse.

"You want to watch me masturbate?" he asked her.

"Well, actually I will be watching me masturbate and learning something useful. It's the least you can do, considering you've been having your way with my body since you first got it," she responded evenly.

Severus looked at her. The alcohol was kicking in, and he was feeling rather randy anyway. What the fuck could it hurt? He set the glass down.

"All right. I'll show you," he said, standing up a bit unsteadily.

Hermione's tool stood straight up. Shit. She wasn't going to need the lotion excuse to get at him.

"Follow me," Severus said, walking toward the bedroom. Hermione could tell the wizard was inebriated.

"Following," she replied, standing up, praying he wouldn't look back. Her organ was pointing straight at him and her robes were greatly expanded from her body. She looked like she was hiding a pole beneath it.

And she was. The witch bit her lip against the longing tearing through her. Gods, she wanted to ream him.

Hermione strode after the wizard, her black eyes full of lust.

She was almost there.

The moment Severus arrived in the bedroom he started undressing. Hermione entered behind him and sat on the small wooden chair, watching as he unbuttoned his robes halfway, then pulled them over his head. He was only in a bra and knickers underneath.

"Did you go to work like that?" Hermione asked him.

"Yes, I did. Your clothing is too confining. Everything is so tight to your body," he replied, pulling his bra over his head so his large firm breasts bounced into view.

Hermione fought back a hiss as she noticed his nipples were hardened. The wizard was already turned on. Severus stepped out of his knickers, and Hermione's dark eyes fell to his bush. It was a bit bushy…the wizard wasn't keeping it trimmed. There was also hair on her legs and under her arms. Not a lot, but it was still there. Hermione found she didn't care. She wasn't about to take him to task about it now. She watched as he turned, his plump bottom facing her for a moment, then a quick glimpse of vulva as he climbed into the bed and fell on his back.

"Come here if you want to see how this is done properly," he said to her.

Hermione stood up, held her erection down with her hand and walked over to the bed, sitting down on it quickly. She looked down on Severus' body, or her body rather and it took all her strength not to roll over on it.

"So show me," she said, her voice raw.

Severus spread his legs wide. Hermione shifted a bit so she could see her own pink core. It was glistening already, and her nub was standing at attention, engorged with blood. The slit of her entrance was visible. Gods, she wanted in. The witch swallowed back a growl.

Severus brought one small hand down to rest between his thighs, looking up at her.

"Now pay careful attention, witch," he breathed, "It's all in the technique."

Hermione watched with glittering eyes as Severus parted his labia, and lightly pinched his button, then flicked it lightly with his forefinger. The witch was aware that she was salivating…it had to be Severus' body reacting. He loved to oral sex after all.

"It's like a little trigger," Severus gasped, flicking again, his hips rising in reaction, then running his finger around it several times, his breath hitching as he did so. He began twiddling it in earnest,

Hermione's black eyes washed over him as he began to respond to his self-manipulation. She swallowed, aware of the strong desire to replace his fingers with her tongue as she watched his glistening fingertips working over her core.

Severus began to sigh and moan, and the witch's tool began to actually hurt. She hissed and Severus' eyes flew open and looked at her hungrily.

"Does it feel good, Severus?" Hermione growled as his body undulated.

"Yessss, very intense…I'm on the verge," he groaned, his body arching up deliciously.

"Let me do it," the witch purred, "To see if I've got it right."

Severus was lost to the feeling of his approaching orgasm, and the idea of Hermione's fingers finishing him would free him to concentrate on coming. He removed his hand and Hermione shifted closer, placing her fingers at his core and flicking them lightly over his nub, her eyes locked to his contorting face.

"Fuck!" Severus hissed, bearing down on Hermione's fingers as she worked her magic.

Hermione worked with an expertise that could only be ingrained in the wizard's body. Severus arched up again, his head thrashing from side to side.

"Dear Merlin, don't stop!" he hissed, turning red, his body beginning to heat up. Hermione knew what that meant and began to unfasten her robes with one hand quickly as she slid two fingers inside the undulating wizard's body and mashed his button with her thumb.

"Shit, Hermione!" he gasped, his hips moving in time with her thrusts, "What are you doing to me?"

"Pleasuring you, wizard," she said in a low voice, "I know what my body needs at this point. I might as well let you experience it. Doesn't it feel good? Aren't you on the edge?"

Severus panted as he felt a sweet tightening inside.

"Yes…yes…oh dear gods," he gasped.

Suddenly the wizard stiffened, then let out a shriek, coming strongly.

Hermoine quickly pulled off her robes and mounted the orgasming wizard's body, falling on top of him as he keened.

"You want more. I've got more for you wizard. It's my turn now," the witch gasped.

Hermione didn't know how to shag a witch, but Severus' body did and positioned itself for penetration. Hermione could feel the head of her organ resting against the hot, sticky core of her own body.

Severus was so lost to his own orgasm, he didn't protest. He couldn't. A wave of lust washed over him even as he released. Hermione's sudden weight was a welcome thing, and even as he came, he ached. It wasn't enough. He was a wizard, and being possessed wasn't a normal desire, but he was locked in the witch's body, and her body was starving for fulfillment.

Hermione shifted and suddenly thrust, burying herself deep inside the wizard's climaxing body with a groan of delight as his tight, wet warmth slid over her.

"Oh shit!" Hermione gasped against the sensation, her eyes rolling up for a moment as Severus arched under her, his mouth dropping open. Trying to keep to her plan, Hermione reached for the nightstand, opened the drawer and took out the sober-up potion, and opened it.

"Drink this," she hissed at the wizard, bringing it to his open mouth. He snapped his mouth shut.

"What is that?" he gasped.

Hermione pulled back and thrust into Severus hard, making his mouth drop open as he gasped against her power, then poured the sober-up potion into his mouth and clasped a pale hand over it so he couldn't spit it out. It was difficult for the witch to do, because it felt so good to be inside him, she had to concentrate to control herself.

"Swallow it, wizard!" she hissed at him. "I want you to remember this."

Hermione pulled back and thrust into Severus again, and the wizard gasped, choked and swallowed. Hermione released his mouth and quickly grasped his wrists, pulling them up alongside his head as his inebriation cleared.

"What the fuck?" the wizard gasped, his amber eyes staring up at the smirking witch. They were still rather hot looking, but realization was in them as well. "What are you doing? Get off me, witch!"

"No…I won't get off of you, Severus. I'm going to get off on you," Hermione said, winding her pelvis reflexively, whirling her thickness around inside him, causing the wizard to groan helplessly as she stared down at him. "Payback is a witch, wizard. I am probably going to be the first person to ever break you…I know what it's like and you will surrender to me mind, body and soul. And afterwards, no matter what you do to me or how you manipulate me, I will always find satisfaction in the fact that I was the one who made the great Severus Snape lose every bit of himself. That I was the one to make you surrender. You won't be able to change that. I will always have that power and that comfort, wizard."

Severus looked up at the witch on top of him, inside of him and knew by the hungry glint in her eyes that she fully intended to ride the shit out of him as thoroughly as he would have done her. His body would take over. He could feel her lust washing over him and she was as hard as iron.

"This is rape," he hissed, groaning again as Hermione lustfully ground inside him, her eyes narrowing in vengeful pleasure.

"I don't think I can rape my own body…and even if I could, I really don't give a damn right now, Severus. I have to admit, sex from this side feels awfully good," she said, shuddering slightly as he pulsed around her. He was well lubricated and her tool was coated.

Hermione lifted her hips high and slammed deep into the wizard again, hitting his cervix.

Severus gasped at the delicious slide and ache, fighting back the shriek that tried to tear from his throat when Hermione cleaved his body and hit bottom. Even Voldemort hadn't been able to make him scream. He wasn't going to let this witch in a wizard's body have that satisfaction, that claim to fame. Hermione stared down at him.

"You like me hitting you hard, don't you Severus?" the witch hissed, pulling back and ramming into the wizard again. "I know you do, because my body likes it hard and rough."

Severus flung his head to the side, his body buckling and eyes watering, He groaned but didn't shriek. Hermione looked at him, her eyes widening slightly in realization.

"You don't want to scream," she said delightedly. "You think you can control it, don't you Severus? Well, you're on the receiving end, and I assure you…you will shriek for me, wizard, like I shrieked for you."

Hermione pulled out of his body and released one of Severus' wrists. The moment the wizard felt his arm freed, he flailed at Hermione with it, hitting her on her shoulder and chest and doing absolutely no damage as the witch smirked and hooked one strong sinewy arm under his thigh, drawing it up, capturing his wrist again. She did the same to the other side, spreading the wizard wide beneath her and raising herself up on her hands automatically. Severus' entrance was open now and glistening, a bit of creamy lubrication visible around the rim.

Hermione's nostrils flared as she looked down at her huge member, dangling just above the trapped wizard. Gods, the hunger coursing through her body was powerful and her organ was throbbing, aching for entry. So this was what it felt like to want a witch. It was like a fire consuming every part of her being.

Severus blinked up at the witch. He was silent. There was nothing he could say. His body was clutching in on itself and he was torn between wanting what the witch was about to give him and wanting to preserve his perceived manhood. Severus looked down at his own tool, pointing at his core, leaking as it dangled. His organ seemed even larger than normal, but that was because of his perspective as a petite witch trapped under a wizard over six feet tall. Gods, how was he going to take this?

The same way Hermione did.

A/N: "Turnabout is fair play." lol. Actually, I lost a few readers when I first wrote this story, readers who couldn't stand the idea of Hermione doing the Potions master this way. I thought it a bit double-standardy, considering he would have done it to Hermione without a second thought. Actually, I thought it rather cool myself, especially the aspect of the wizard actually feeling what a witch felt when she wanted sex. Up to this point, he only thought of himself for the most part. This is an eye-opening experience for the wizard and maybe he will see things a bit differently after having been on the other side of the situation. In other words, it was the perfect setup for "forced growth" if you know what I mean. Anyway, this is the end of part one of "Payback is a Witch." More to come. Thanks for reading.