Hungry Heart is one of my favorite TV shows and I won't lie when I say: I love it! Anyway, I've decided to make this fic about the seniors since all the fics I've read were mostly about the starting freshmen, aka Kyousuke, Rodrigo and Sakai. Mostly about Sako, but Kamata, Fahruki, Shimizu, Omura, Esaka and Ichikawa would be shown too. Also, I've included some of my own OCs just to add a little more drama in this fic. ;)

To all YAOI lovers reading this, I'm sorry but this is not a YAOI fic. There may be some 'friendliness' shown but there's no male/male pairings.

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As I walk down this corridor, people- my new batchmates- are bustling about. Everywhere I look, I can see some girls, screaming and hugging their friends whom they haven't seen over the summer, and some boys laughing at some random scene.

I turned left and saw some of my old schoolmates from Kennainu Junior High but they were too busy talking about something that they didn't see me pass by. Oh well, I hardly know them anyway.

My name is Sako Douji (made the surname up :D) and I am now a high school freshman in Jyoyo Akanegaoka High School. My favorite sport/pastime is soccer, I play midfield, and I'm just your average fifteen going sixteen year old guy.

I was supposed to continue my school days in Kennainu High School but a guy named Coach Murakami scouted me and asked me to play soccer here in Jyoyo High. . . so here I am.

Also, I'm suppose to be in class 1- B but I have no idea where it is, -Can you blame me? It's only my first day here!- and I have absolutely no idea where the faculty room is. I turned left once more and ended up nearly bumping into the very same guy I used to play with back in junior high.


The guy, Kamata-san, plays soccer like me. He's a forwards striker and he looks the part too. Big in size, eyes filled with determination and a fiery player. I won't lie when I say that he sometimes scares me with his roughness on the field. There was this one game where he broke the leg of one of the players in our opponent's team because he 'accidentally' missed the ball.

He paused, took a good look at me (which can be rather nerve wrecking), and finally gave me a look of recognition.

"Oh! You're the guy I played with last year, umm. . Saku, right?"

I smiled nervously and corrected him. "It's Sako"

"Right, right, Sako. So I assume that you've accepted this 'Coach Murakami's' offer, huh?"

I nodded. "The main reason why I'm in this school. You?"

He shrugged and we started walking down the corridor.

"I'm here to see if this 'Coach Murakami' deserves me to be on his field." he said with a grin.

"And if not?"

"If not, then he'll be losing a very valuable suppose-to-be team member"

I sweatdropped at this. Is Kamata-san for real?

We passed by a few classrooms and a few minutes later, I noticed that Kamata-san had stopped walking.

"Oy, Sakoyo, where're you going?" he asked me.

I stopped as well and realized that he was standing in front of a door with a "1-B" hanging on the wall next to it.

"What?" I asked stupidly.

"You're in class 1-B, right?"

I nodded and slowly walked back towards him.

"Then we're in the same class. Come on, the bell's about to ring" he said as he slid the door open.

I followed him into the classroom and looked around. Most of the people here were boys. Either that or the girls are just walking outside. Everyone was busy talking to each other and telling each other how exciting it was to be in high school. Some girls were standing next to the window ledges talking about someone in the swimming team. Kamata-san walked over to them and softly whispered something to them that must've been about me since they glanced at me for a second.

I pretended not to notice them and placed my bag at an empty seat next to the window. I was about to relax myself when I suddenly felt a pair of arms encircle my head (I was sitting down) and pull me back into an awkward hug.

"Sako-kun! Long time no see! I didn't recognize you with your new haircut!" I heard my 'hugger' say. It was a girl's voice and her accent sounded strangely familiar. I looked up and saw a familiar face grinning down at me. Green hair, yellow eyes and white-skinned, this girl was in my science class two years ago! I forgot what her name is; it will occur to me sooner or later.

"Hey!" she grinned. "If you don't say my name in three seconds, I'm going to give you a noogie you'll never forget!"

I would have yelled 'what?' out loud but her sleeves muffled my voice making it sound like a "muaff?".

"1" she cooed.

This girl. . she's that girl who came from England in a student exchange program our school was having in my first year of junior high. I don't know why she stayed in Japan for this long but I know she had an older sister who went back to England two summers ago. Kamata used to have a crush on that sister. . her name escapes me at the moment too, but I know that he was turned off when that girl told him that she hated soccer.

"2. . ."

J. This girl's name starts with a "J". Damnit! What's her name? It's on the tip of my tongue. . wait, wait. . . !


"Jenny Baker!" I yelled relievedly.

"Darn. . . he got it right." she said in mock-disappointment as she let me go from her hug of death.

Kamata came up to us grinning from ear to ear and sat next to me.

"Kamata-kun! You should've told me that Sako-kun here was gonna be our classmate!" Jenny scolded half-heartedly, going to her seat, which was next to his.

Kamata-san just grinned sheepishly and shrugged. I looked at him as if he had just eaten a living snail. Since when did the Jumbo-Center-Forward act so. . . innocent?

As if he read my mind, he smirked and looked at me straight at the eyes.

"Sakoyo, I bet you're wondering why I've become a little. . different."

I sweatdropped but didn't reply.

"It's because Jenny here became my girlfriend during the summer and we're engaged to be married by the end of this schoolyear."

My mouth dropped as I gawked at them both, only to see them both holding their stomachs while laughing out loud. I mentally shot myself for being so gullible and pretended to ignore their continuous laughter by staring out the window.

I wonder when soccer try-outs will start.

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