Chapter 2: Soccer Try-outs are Today?
It looks like I'm off to a good start in high school. All my teachers seem nice and completely knowledgable about what they're doing, and my classmates are all friendly and lively. Jenny introduced me and Kamata to some of her friends and we all spent lunchbreak on the grassy areas outside the building together. I was surprised that Kamata-san was so open to everyone; he's changed. (And although he insists that it was because of all the things that have happened to him during the summer, I really think Jenny was the main reason.)

Right now, I'm running down an empty hallway because I've just found out that soccer try-outs are today and I'm pretty sure I'm late. It's a good thing I've brought my soccer gear with me otherwise I would've been forced to run all the way back home just to get them.

I wonder why this Coach Murakami didn't give any of us any details. And by us, I mean me, Kamata and these two guys from class 1-A. (Jenny was very informative about the people in our batch.) I glanced down at my watch and cursed.

Try-outs started fifteen minutes ago!

I quickly turned left and, not watching where I was going, crashed head-first into a person and fell on the hard floor.




Shimatta. . . .

I sat up, rubbed the stinging spot on my head while grinding my teeth and looked straight to see a girl doing the exact same thing. She looked to be my age, slim, long black hair and really, really pretty. She looked at me and saw that I too, was holding my head.

"S-Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going" she smiled apologetically.

"Me too, gomen" I smiled back. I slowly got to my feet and helped her up.

"In a rush?" she asked.

"Soccer try-outs. Didn't know they were today." I replied.

She laughed and pointed towards a flight of stairs to our right.

"Then, you should take the shortcut before you're late-r. The soccer field's in front of the jogging areas of the judo team, you can't miss it."

I thanked her and was about to ask her where she was headed but she was already waving me goodbye and running off.

I felt a bit disappointed for some reason, but as soon as I glanced down at my watch once more, I rushed towards the soccer field before I could become twenty minutes late.


"Sako! Hurry up!" I saw Kamata waving his arms in the air, signaling me to run faster.

That girl I literally bumped into was right, the soccer field would be impossible to miss from the jogging areas. I rushed down another flight of stairs leading towards the field and met up with Kamata at its entrance.

"Sorry I'm late. I didn't know try-outs would be today." I said while panting slightly.

"Neither did I, but Jenny informed me after you left. The Coach isn't here yet so you still have some time to get out of your uniform." he said.

"Arigatou." I smiled.

We then both walked inside and headed towards the lockers.

Inside, there were ten other freshmen, excluding me and Kamata, and some of our sempais from the second year. I quickly changed into our soccer attire and walked over to Kamata and two other guys, also freshmen.

"Sako, these two are the two other guys Coach Murakami scouted, the ones Jenny told us about. This is Omura, " he said while pointing to a guy with orange-brown hair and really chinky eyes; "And Shimizu. Both from class 1-A." he pointed to the other guy with short, yellowish-like hair.

"Nice to meet you" I smiled.

They both moved a bit to the side so I could sit down as well and pretty soon, we were as noisy as monkeys.


"Alright, everyone go out on the fields and begin doing some warm up exercises! Umm. . . . Sako, Kamata, Shimizu and Omura, Coach Murakami wants to see you."

The four of us looked up at the guy standing on the doorway and stood up.

He led us towards the field and the first thing I saw was a tall, middle aged man who was smiling at me.

So this is Coach Murakami. . . .

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