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Darkwing sat in a numbed silence. He looked around the dusty room that belonged to this universes Morgana. It was apparent that no one had been here for awhile. Nega-Kat had taken the car they made their escape in to be disposed of while Launchpad and Goslyan looked the house over to make sure it was safe to stay in. Being in this place brought up old memories he had locked away, or thought he had. Closing his eyes, the memories slowly replayed infront of him like a bad movie.

Morgana smiled sadly at him, caressing his cheek as he pleaded with her to stay. "But Dark darling, you and I both know this was only temporary. Besides, its not like you really loved me." Leaning in closer to him, she gently kissed him. A portal opened behind her, a view of her fathers house visible.

"Morg, please. You know that's a lie. I do love you. Stay with me, marry me?" He got down on a knee, a ring in his palm offered to her. It was simple compared to others, the diamond just under a carat. She looked slightly shocked as she gently took it from his palm, his face lighting for a moment with hope.

"Dark, I'm speechless. I had only thought this was a passing fancy for you." She smiled again before she sighed. Gently she brought him back to his knees. A cold band slipped onto his palm as she let go of the ring. "I can't. I promised my hand to another in my world. I really am sorry Darkwing. But, you'll have something he can never have. My heart." Tears welled up in her eyes as her hands slipped from his and turned, entering the portal.

"Morg, no!" He moved forward trying to grab her but the portal closed with a puff of sparkles and she was gone. "Morg..." Closing his eyes he bit back tears. She was gone. He would have gladly gone with her had she asked. Turning, he walked back to the Ratcatcher and sat. He didn't know how long he had sat there until the first rays of sunlight hit him. Sighing he started back to the tower. Luckily for him, Goslyan and Launchpad didn't know of his plan to ask Morgana to marry him and hoped they wouldn't question his mood.

Opening his eyes he found himself staring at Nega-Kat as she was moving a table infront of him, papers under her arm. What ever she had planned it was well thought out. Launchpad sat in an arm chair next to him, nervous. After a few minutes Darkwing looked around, puzzled. "Why exactly are we at Morgana's house?"

Nega-Kat looked up at him. "Cause I took it from her when I offed her. That a problem?" In moments of that sentence there was a crash, a shattering of a vase and angry growling. Launchpad almost flipped the chair as he jumped. Goslyan looked in from the other room to see what had happened. Darkwing stood over Nega-Kat, choking her. Had anyone new walked in, they would have thought Negaduck changed the colors of his suit.

"You what? You offed her? Enlightening me as to what you mean." When he only got a gasping noise as a reply he growled again. "You're telling me that you killed the woman that I loved?" Nega-Kat pulled at his hands before bringing her feet up and pushing him away.

Rubbing her throat she glared at him, breathing deeply a few times. "No, I'm saying I offed this universes Morgana. What ever happened to yours is not my problem." With that she turned and walked outside to take her anger out on a porch pillar. Goslyan followed, now in her Quiverwing Quack costume as Launchpad walked over to Darkwing.

"DW, this is the Negaverse. It was her evil double. And I'm not to sure how this works with everyone having an evil twin here, but I doubt it was our Morgana. She went home, remember?" Smiling weakly at his friend, Launchpad hoped that he would calm down. He knew that it was a touchy subject with Darkwing and was surprised at this reaction from him.

Quiverwing watched Nega-Kat punch the pillar a few times before sitting on the crumbling railing. She ducked behind her own pillar when Nega-Kat looked her way, slowly inching out again when it was safe to watch again.

"You can come out, Goslyan." Nega-Kat smirked slightly as she heard a soft gasp, then footsteps heading her way. She looked over at the girl, sizing her up before chuckling softly. "So your her double. Sure beats looking at a pink marshmallow. I'm guessing your Darkwings kid too." When she got no response she laughed alittle. "Thought so."

"How did you know?" When she heard the older woman growl, she recoiled slightly.

"I'm sick of having to keep explaining it to you people over and over again. Here, Goslyan is Negaducks daughter, though, shes far from his sidekick. She can give you a cavity with how sweet she is." Quiverwing only nodded. Nega-Kat thought for a moment, and smiled gently at her. Quiverwing for some reason didn't like her smile. "So tell me kid, how do you like this place?"

Inside, Darkwing had finally calmed down, embarrassed he had lost his temper like that. And choking the only person who was helping them at the moment only added to his shame. He picked up a few of the scattered papers, seeing blue prints for what looked like a castle that included a lab or cell area. His embarrassment forgotten, he read over some of the details. This woman was good. Almost every angle was covered with information on this place. Of course some if not all had to be changed with the addition of his team and minus one traitor. After setting the papers down, he walked outside and almost had a heart attack. There was his daughter, his sweet little girl, firing a gun at a tree.

Marching over he grabbed the gun before she fired it and glared at Nega-Kat who was doing her best to look innocent. "Shes Quiverwing Quack not Derringer Duck (A/N hope I spelled the name right.). Are you insane? Shes a child."

Nega-Kat looked amused by this and crossed her arms infront of her. "Really? And daddy lets her play Cowboys and Indians with the big boys. And as for the child part, when i was her age, I could handle an assault rifle." The two began to go back and forth over what was and wasn't right for a child to do.

Quiverwing stood there bewildered. 'Their like a really mad married couple.' With that thought she giggles softly and stopped when she didn't hear them anymore and looked over, seeing them both looking at her. Darkwing looked flustered by what ever she had said, and she looked like she was enjoying goading him. Quiverwing smiled innocently and went into the house quickly.

Nega-Kat watched her go and turned back to Darkwing and stopped before she said anything, and listened. When he began to talk again she put a hand over his beak, looking off into the distance. "Its not safe for us to be outside at the moment." Turning she walked inside, as Darkwing followed, annoyed.