I do not own Darkwing in any way

I do not own Darkwing in any way. I only own my characters I created for this story series. This is it, the last chapter for this story series. Enjoy.


Nega Kat swallowed as Negaduck stepped closer to her, his chain saw revving heavily. The last of Darkwings smoke pellet faded from the air, leaving it clean. Never before had she felt this emotion that was fear. It balled in the pit of her stomach and rose through her throat, burning like she had to throw up. The revving of the engine combined with a ringing in her ears till it was deafening.

"I wonder if I'll have a light at the end of my tunnel or if I'll just float in a black void. Then again, the devil must love me by now." She chuckled to herself at the morbid thought. Then again, she wasn't going to die like a dog and fall to her knees sobbing as she had seen so many do in the past. She was going to fight like a hellcat and try to tear his eyes out.

Negaduck watched her face. He was delighted to see fear in her eye. Then the emotion disappeared, replaced by a tiny smirk and her chuckling. He hated the sudden light of hope in her eye as she raised her hand up, probably to form another magical fire blast.

"Come one Negs, show me how much you hate me." She took off her eye patch with her other hand, enjoying the look of shock that crossed his face for a second before throwing a blast at him. It was time he saw what he was up against and she would enjoy every moment of it.


Darkwing ran down the hall, dodging household help as they ran about. Launchpad followed close behind with Quiverwing under one arm. They had checked every room in the hallway closest to the basement stairs and had yet to find the two people they needed to return home. "DW, maybe they aren't here. Maybe he moved them to another hideout."

"Then you and Gos go home and I'll stay and find her. I'm not leaving her behind." He skidded to a stop, hearing a baby crying down a side hall and took off toward it. He couldn't admit it to anyone yet, but he was attracted to Kat. He would do anything for her and protect her, if she would let him.

They stopped in front of a double door, padlocked from the outside. Quiverwing slipped out of Launchpads' arms and quickly went to the lock, picking it in only a few minutes.

Kat looked up when she heard the click as she tried to quiet the baby. The door opened to revel Darkwing and for some reason, Drake's roommate. She stood, smiling when the withered old woman stepped between them.

"You shall not enter without Lord Negaduck's permission." She cackled as she pulled a shotgun out from under her apron when a clang ran out in the room. The old nanny fell to the floor as Kat dropped a metal lamp to the floor, breaking it.

"You alright Kat?" Darkwing quickly went to her side, hugging her tightly. Kat blinked, surprised as she nodded. Launchpad looked out into the hall, chewing his lower lip.

"We need to go DW before anyone comes." Darkwing pulled away from Kat and nodded to his sidekick as he took Kats hand and moved, but finding her rooted to the spot.

"What's wrong?" Darkwing looked back at her, concerned

"I can't, he'll find me again and I think he meant it this time when he said he would kill me."

"He wouldn't, Nega Kat is handling him and when we cross over, I'll destroy the cake, trapping them here forever. He'll never hurt you again, I give you my word." She smiled as he said then, and then looked over his shoulder, turning pale as they heard a shotgun being pumped.

"Never say never, duck."


Nega Launchpad had been enjoying the darkness and silence of the run down house when his pager went off. The code flashed Negaduck's emergency code. This was the first time he had ever seen it and he felt cold inside. Standing quickly, causing the ring box to hit the floor, he looked at the slumbering pile of pink and left quickly. He may not see eye to eye with the man at the moment, but he was still his employer, and friend. He paused for a moment to contemplate that Kat was behind this then shook his head, knowing that this day would have come sooner or later. He failed to notice a pink flash behind him as he roared down the road

He quickly reached the place and ran inside to find it in disarray. The prisoners from the dungeon had been set loose some how and were destroying the place as Negaduck's army fought them off. He made his way quickly through the chaos when he saw people down a side hall, talking. To his mild amusement, he found Darkwing and his own look alike outside the nursery. Pulling his favorite shotgun out he walked behind them. He saw Kats face look at him, smirking as she went pale.

"Never say never, duck." He chuckled as Darkwing turned; a look to match Negaduck came on his face as he kept Kat and the infant behind him. "So, tell me. How did you escape? I'm dieing to know."

"Well, its thanks to Nega Kat. At the moment she's dealing with your boss. I think he's a bit out matched myself, but they can both rot for all I care at this moment. Now let us pass or I'll make you wish you were still under the rock you came from."

Everyone in the room that knew Darkwing stared at him like he had grown another head again. He had never said anything like that in his life and he seemed to mean it from the look in his eyes. Even with no ballistic weapons, he could still be a hazard with his smoke gun. Launchpad looked down as he felt Quiverwing grip his leg. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Nega Goslyan going to same thing to Nega Launchpad.

Both children knew this wasn't normal for Darkwing and were worried. Nega Goslyan looked up at Nega Launchpad, tugging his jeans to get is attention. He looked less then happy as he looked down, seeing the sugar princess.

"We have to help dad. They haven't done anything wrong, even thou I want a mother; I can't see someone miserable for my happiness. They have to go home and you have to help Lord Negaduck." She smiled sadly up at him as he blinked at her. He had never known the child had a brain in her marshmallow fluff head. And apparently, she was wiser then she let on.

A baby crying disrupted his musings. Looking up, he saw Kat trying to quiet the bundle in her arms, rocking it back and forth. Never in his career had he let anyone get away from him. He always took joy in others pain. A small voice keep nagging him that this was the one time he could turn a blind eye. It annoyingly sounded like Pinky. Growling he moved aside for Darkwing.

"Get out of here. If I catch you again, you're both mine. I don't care how much you throw at me or what Negaduck says, you'll be mounted on my wall." He turned and walked back down the hall, Nega Goslyan smiling at them before quickly following the imposing man.

Darkwing sighed, slowly relaxing then looked at Kat. "We need to go now." She nodded dumbly and allowed him to pull her out into the hall, Launchpad and Quiverwing following behind them. Darkwing wanted out of this loony bin before anyone else tried to stop them.


Nega Kat screamed in pain as the chain saw hit its mark on her side. She quickly kicked him in the chest, sending him back as an ark of blood followed in his wake. Pressing on the wound she stood, blood running from between her fingers and dripping on the once clean floor. Pain had always been a constant in her life, thou there had been a short break every now and then when she was with Launchpad, but those days were gone.

Staring at the man in front of her, she saw that he wasn't a senseless murderer as she had once thought, but a very sane and very dangerous man who would do as he pleased and not allow anything to disrupt the perfect disorder of his world. It was a sobering thought to only now understand what he was.

Negaduck smirked, seeing her looking off into space. He raised the chainsaw above him and revved it, the spinning teeth sending blood droplets everywhere. He took a step forward when he heard a clink then a pop before the chain stopped moving, the motor going dead. He growled in anger, tying to get it started again when he heard the coldest laugh he had heard yet coming from in front of him.

Nega Kat laughed hard, seeing his favored toy refusing to start for him. She held out her hand, forming a black fireball. "Oh, this is too funny. But a thought comes to me my dear Lord Negaduck. You have valued this world as your own 'personal playground'. Using it for your own amusement. I believe its time for you know what its like to lose these things that give you such joy." She tossed the ball up, laughing at his stunned look before he got the chain saw started again and ran at her. Nega Kat jumped back, slipping on her own blood when her eyes widened and looked down.

Nega Launchpad ran down the stairs in time to hear Nega Kat talking. It seemed like slow motion as he rounded the corner, Nega Goslyan next to him and watched Negaduck get the chain saw started again and run at her. Nega Goslyan gasped in horror as the spinning teeth made contact with Nega Kats stomach, blood spraying out. Even Nega Kat seemed shocked at the amount of blood as she looked down. She then looked past Negaduck, seeing Nega Launchpad before Negaduck pulled the chain saw out of her.

Nega Goslyan stood still, some of the blood having splattered her dress, the red spots growing as the material absorbed the liquid. She looked down, feeling the wetness on her, trying to understand what had happened.

Nega Kat hit the ground, shacking violently as Negaduck raised the chain saw to finish the job. None noticed the black burning orb overhead warping before it imploded on itself till it was to late. A shockwave went out, throwing them back as the wall crumbled on top of Nega Kat, trapping her under the rubble. Nega Launchpad slowly got up from off the stone steps and ran forward after a moment of shock, trying to dig her out. Negaduck sneered at him as he stood, wincing. Nega Launchpad took no notice as he pulled a large piece of stone away, finding Nega Kat and lifted her up to his lap, cradling her.

He gently wiped the blood away from her face, kissing her gently. Negaduck felt like vomiting till he saw the skin start to knit itself back together on some of her smaller wounds. Nega Launchpad continued to ignore him and he whispered softly into her ear.

Negaduck turned and saw his adoptive daughter standing still, looking at the blood on her hands and dress, seemingly in shock. It was a disturbing look on the girls' face that was normally too happy for her own good, but he would worry about it later; he had more important things to do at the moment then worry for the brats well-being.


Darkwing and the others had just reached the main door when a violent shockwave hit the floor, sending them on top of each other. Kat panicked and did her best to shield Emily from harm. The baby once again began to cry. Kat tried to quiet the baby, rocking her gently as Darkwing helped her up.

"We need to run guys." He said as he looked back at Launchpad who nodded. The larger man scooped Kat up, causing her to squeak while Darkwing picked up his daughter. They quickly ran outside toward one of the cars in the oversized driveway, selecting one with enough room and piled in. Launchpad quickly hotwired it as Darkwing kept a look out for any of Negaduck's goons. The engine finally roared to life and Kat got the baby to quiet down again. They pulled away quickly as a large black assault vehicle just missed them before it came to a halt outside of Negaduck's once pristine home. Out poured heavily armed troops as they entered the house to quell the escaped prisoners.

Negaduck walked up the steps, finding a mini war going on in his entrance hall. A thought accrued to him as he raced to the nursery. He found the door open and felt his anger rising as he entered, finding only the old woman on the floor, a broken lamp on the floor next to her. He knew almost at once who had taken her. He saw red, turning and running outside, finding skid marks from a car going down his drive way. "People are gona die tonight."


Launchpad drove carefully but quickly, trying not to attract attention to them. Quiverwing was smiling at the baby in the back seat as Kat showed her how to hold its head. Darkwing was silent, looking in the rearview mirror at them, then felt guilt rolling up his chest from his stomach. The bakery was only fifteen minutes away form them; their freedom so close and he had the urge to go back for Nega Kat. He knew that doing so would put those around him in more harm.

He silently prayed to whatever god was in this twisted reality would allow him the time they needed to escape. He relaxed as the building came into view in front of them, Launchpad coming to a halt. They quickly got out of the car when Darkwing heard the faint, familiar noise of the Troublemaker coming towards them

"We need to go now, Negaduck's caught up to us." Kat looked in the direction he was looking, biting her lip before following Quiverwing inside.

Before them stood the massive cake that connected their worlds, it's frosting giving it a deceiving look to what it really was. Launchpad went up first, carrying Quiverwing as Kat followed behind, and taking care of supporting the baby as she climbed the ladder. Darkwing followed behind her, getting his smoke gun out as the door burst open under the weight of the Troublemaker hitting it.

Darkwing turned, aiming at him as Negaduck took aim with his shotgun. No one moved as the stand off dragged on for a few minutes, Negaduck aiming back and forth between Kat and Darkwing. Launchpad took a step up only to have buckshot just missing him and Gos.

"They aren't part of this Negaduck." Kat yelled at him as she swallowed, looking at the baby in her arms. "If you let them go, I'll stay with you. I wouldn't fight, just let them go."

"You think this is what this is about now? I always get what I want and if not, I destroy it so no one else can. That's all you ever were, a pretty thing to add to my collection. Not to say this all hasn't been fun, but the games over." He smirked at the look on her face. What could she have been expecting? Love? If the twit had actually thought he cared about her, she was crazier then he was.

Darkwing growled, his trigger finger twitching. He would only get one change, hoping it would surprise Negaduck and allow them to escape. He pulled hard twice, firing two pellets from the gun. Gas filled the room quickly, causing Negaduck to fire.

"Move!" Darkwing moved quickly over Kat incase the stray buckshot went towards her and Launchpad pushed the lid off the cake, the purple gas and smoke mixing with the yellow and green glow from the portal. Launchpad fell in, still gripping Gos, tumbling back toward their rightful world. Darkwing gently pushed Kat forward, not knowing how long the smoke would last.

Below them Negaduck was coughing and wheezing as he inhaled the smoke. He looked up, his eyes watering slightly trying to find their outsides and laughed, aiming again. Darkwing heard the laughter and pushed Kat hard up the rest of the ladder toward the portal. A shotgun blast rang out through the area, followed by Kats scream and Emily's cries as they tumbled forward into the portal, Darkwing kicking the ladder as he fell in.

Launchpad stood waiting on the other side, nervous. He had heard the shot and screaming when the cake spit them out on this side. He was about to climb back up when the cake spit out Kat and Darkwing. He moved quickly, catching them. The first thing he saw was blood on Kats back, dreading what he would find. He looked at Gos, nodding. "Do it now before he follows!"

Quiverwing nodded and hacked the legs of the old table with an ax. The table groaned, falling to the side. The massive cake toppled over, breaking apart as any normal cake would before it began to violently pull itself into the portal it once housed till there was a pop and it was gone. She turned smiling till she saw the blood, the smile slipping off her lips. "Dad!" She ran over and Kat groaned, sitting up, kissing Emily's forehead.

Launchpad checked Darkwing, seeing the blood was coming from his back. Kat gasped softly, relishing he took the shot meant for her, her eyes watering. Launchpad bit his lip as he felt for a pulse, removing Darkwings mask without thinking. Kats eyes widened as she saw who was really the duck behind the mask.


Negaduck had just put the ladder back against the cake and made it half way up when it began to shake violently. He kept a firm grip on the ladder till the shaking stopped, the lid snapping closed on the cake. He climbed the rest of the way up, grabbing at the sugar roses on the cake and came away with icing and cake sticking to his fingers. He yelled in frustration, clawing the now real cake, finding his access gone. He continued to yell as he kicked the top of the cake off, pulling out an auto gun from nowhere and shot into the cake, destroying it further. He jumped off the falling ladder in a rage, destroying the contents of the room in an attempt to inflict some kind of damage but felt unsatisfied.

Never had Darkwing outsmarted him, the clown was probably lucky to get his shirt on without help and now he had sealed him back in his world, probably forever. Someone was going to pay and pay dearly.

He turned, walking to his bike and drove off back to his destroyed home, the thoughts of breaking his Kats neck over and over a tempting thought. "Oh yes, tonight will be fun."


2 years later.


Kat yawned, and sat up, looking around the dark room. It was well past midnight, and the crickets were chirping happily outside. She stood, walking across the hall to her daughters' room and looked in, smiling at Emily who lay on her side, a bear held in a headlock by one chubby arm. Walking in, she fixed the blanket covering her and looked out the window, her heart almost stopping as she saw a shadow with a wide brimmed watching her from the lawn below. She relaxed and opened the window completely, leaning out as a grappling hook hit the tree outside the window.

"You almost gave me a heart attack. Next time be where I can see you." She glared mockingly at the duck now sitting in her tree. Darkwing chuckled.

"Sorry, didn't mean to. I was on my way out and was making sure everything was all right here. You know I worry." Kat smiled at him, crossing her arms.

"With the 'Terror who Flaps in the Night' watching over me, what do I have to worry about." Darkwing gave her a look, remembering the nightmares she had the first few months back. He and Goslyan had stayed with her during the nights when the dreams had gotten especially bad; trying to assure her that Negaduck was gone forever.

"I'm just making sure. I care about you." He smiled, embarrassed as he felt himself blush softly. Kat leaned out fully and he met her half way as they kissed softly.

"And I care about you Drake. Now go before the city burns down of something." He chuckled deeply and slipped out of the tree, disappearing into the shadows in her backyard. She pulled herself in and closed the window, rubbing her arms. As much as she knew that Negaduck was trapped, she still left uneasy at times.

Turning around to Emily, she sighed happily, picking her up causing her to fuss and went back to her room, lying down in bed. She kissed Emily's forehead as Emily slipped back into sleep. Kat yawned and curled around the child, thinking of Goslyan's 13th birthday the next morning and smiles, closing her eyes.


Well, there you have it. The final chapter in this series. I'm evil aren't I? But what of Nega Kat and the Negaverse you ask? Oh, I'm sure that in the next week we'll be seeing them again. I promise you…..Till then, happy reading.