Title: Requirements

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: Aragorn and everyone else belong to Tolkien. I don't own any of them.

Rating: PG. No romance or adult themes.

Summary: Poem. As Aragorn thinks upon his family and friends, he knows that not much is required of him to belong.

A/N: I will be posting a lot of my short stories, poems, and oneshots from 7/30 to 8/02, before I leave. Then I will be on hiatus (Though I might post one or two poem if I can) until September.


I need not to do great deeds,

Nor earn much wealth,

Nor become one who is famous.


I need not to be a scholar,

Nor a warrior,

A hero,

Or even a king.


I need not to hide myself,

Hide my mistakes,

Or put on a guise.


I need not to be any of these—

I only need to be myself.


For my family and friends love me—
for whatever I may be,

Or what I do,

I have their love.


Though I may not meet the standards of the world,

Though others may condemn me for who I am,

Scorn me for what I do,

Ridicule me for the choices I make,


It means nothing,

For the love of my father,

My friends,

My brothers,

Is enough.


I know I am not perfect,

I know I have many faults,

And I know that I may fall at times and fail,


But they will be there for me,

Encouraging me,

Correcting me,

Supporting me—

They will never judge me for who I am.

The End