Hiyaaa! Well this is just something I made up on the spur of the moment. I'm sure I'm not the first to wright something like this but I'd though I'd give it ago. So don't hestitate in telling me what you think.

Jesse De Silva. Jesse De Silva. Suze De Silva. Susannah De Silva. Susannah Simon De Silva. As I scribbled on my geometry book, I sighed. If the guy hadn't noticed me after the two months that I've been at the Junipero Serra Mission Academy then he obviously wasn't going to notice me now. Yet writing his name several times over and over again, gave me an indescribable pleasure.

Hector "Jesse" De Silva is the school hottie…and believe me when I say I'm not exaggerating because I'm not. I mean he's gorgeous from his dark black hair that curls at the back, to his startling brown eyes, to the scar running through his eyebrow, to his 6ft something muscle body…yeah basically the guys the full package when it comes to appearance. But not only is he good looking he's smart too and athletic; he's the Senior Class President and captain of the football team.

To bad he doesn't know I exist. Well okay this time I am exaggerating, I mean I'm sure he's seen me in the corridor, that is if he wasn't too busy laughing with his friends. That's another thing about him – as you probably guessed – he's popular, so he's hardly ever not surrounded by a bunch of admirers. There have even been rumours that he's been out with Kelly Prescott; the now most envied girl in school.

I don't know why he even would consider her, out of all the girls in our school. I mean she's not the nicest of people, she treats everyone around her – that isn't in the popular circle – like losers and looks down on them as if she's must better. I suppose the fact that she's really pretty has something to do with it…but I've also been told on many occasions that Jesse isn't the shallow type, mainly by my new best friend CeeCee.

"No really he's not," she had said during my first week at school, when we had immediately become friends and I'd confided in her that I thought Jesse was hot. "I mean, you'd think he would be shallow, considering he's the most popular guy in school, but he's not. He's actually really nice too, personality wise as we both know he's hot. But the other day – and this is no lie –I banged into him and drop all my books and guess what? He actually bent down and picked them up for me and apologised to me! I mean name one guy that would do that? Huh?"

I had to agree of course, as I couldn't think of one guy that would do that, apart from Adam – my other new best friend - and that's only because CeeCee would make him.

I was jerked out of my daydream, by the sound of the geometry's teacher's voice dismissing us from her class. As CeeCee and I made our way out of the classroom, I saw an all too familiar face bopping above the crowd. My stomach gave an almighty lurch and a weird noise issued from my mouth. CeeCee knowing only to well what it was about looked up searching for the man who made me go weak at the knees.

CeeCee elbowed me in the ribs, for the reason I had already known. Jesse was walking along the breezeway with – wouldn't you know it – Kelly Prescott, who was talking animatedly to him and Jesse to my dismay seemed to be listening attentively. Then he looked up at the sound of his name and clasped hands with Jake Ackerman, my stepbrother and one of Jesse's best friends. Jealously surfaced inside me like a raging monster.

Don't get me wrong I really liked Jesse, but being popular was never my thing – and probably never would be - but it just annoyed me so much that to get close to the guy you had to be popular. I had told myself I would never change for anyone…and that included him. It was at that moment that I decided to try and forget Jesse De Silva, no matter how hard a mission that may be. I pulled my eyes away from his face, grabbed CeeCee's arm and pulled her down the breezeway to the cafeteria.

"Hey! What are you doing?" CeeCee exclaimed wrenching her arm from my grasp.

"What does it look like I'm doing? Trying to get away from them," I said, leading the rest of the way into the cafeteria.

"What are you talking about?" said CeeCee frustrated, "You like the guy don't you? He's you're brother's best friend. How perfect is that? He could so, set you up!" she added quietly once we had got our food and chose a table.

"Jake? Please," I snorted, "He can't even set the table for crying out loud, never mind set two people up. Anyway, why would he even bother, I'm mean the chance of Jesse ever liking me is close to zero."

"Oh please, you were the talk of the school when you arrived here – still are for that matter - I mean everyone thought you were hot, coming from New York and wearing black and stuff." CeeCee said, with a hint of jealously.

"Yeah sure, that's why Jesse is sitting here with us right now, feeding me grapes," I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Anyway, I'm not too sure if I like him as much anymore. I mean if he's into Kelly Prescott…well that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?"

"For the last time, he doesn't like her, he's just being nice!" CeeCee practically screamed, causing heads all around to turn in our direction.

"God calm down! They're here now anyway, so shut up okay?" I said gesturing towards the open door with my head, as Jesse and his friends made their way in. Jesse as always was in the middle.

They sat down on the table behind CeeCee, just in my line of view. I tried not to stare, believe me I did but it was so hard not to. I raised an eyebrow a little as I watched him. He wasn't talking to everyone around him like I expected or listening to them either, they were all chatting to each other and Jesse was just sitting there leaning his chin on his hand, staring out over the hordes of other pupils. Then suddenly he wasn't looking at them anymore but at me instead. His eyes swivelled round so fast I actually choked on my sandwich in surprise.

"Jeez are you okay?" CeeCee said, looking concerned, but I ignored her and jumped off the bench.

"I'm fine…fine," I said between coughs, "Come one lets get out of here. Now!"

I grabbed the rest of my sandwich and rushed towards the door just as Jesse had begun to stand up. My cheeks burning red, I walked outside, kicking the gravel at my feet. So much for trying to forget about him.