SDD: Time to begin a new story

SDD: Time to begin a new story

Veemon: yea and I'm a main character.

SDD: can I just start the story

Veemon: fine but don't forget the disclaimer

SDD: o yea, I do not own digimon or any of its characters. Don't forget to review.

Summary: A New group of tamers meet by coincidence in the digital world. After agreeing to work as a team, digimon begin bio-merging into the real world frequently. Heading to the digital world to discover the cause the tamers encounter the resistance which is fighting against a tyrant who is trying to take over the digital world. They will learn that there is more than one and now the struggle for power begins. Can the tamers maintain peace in the digital world?

"Alright Veemon are you ready to show them what your made of" said Vic.

"Alright Vic, Vee-headbutt!" shouted Veemon as he threw himself at his opponent which turned out to be DarkTyrannomon. Veemon connected with the dinosaur making him stumble backwards.

"Alright!" cheered Vic. "Now let's end this"

"Alright, Vee Knockout" Veemon dashed forward and delivered a powerful punch to the snout of DarkTyrannomon.

"Yea, Vic we are the best team ever" Veemon said as he raised an arm in victory.

Currently Victor and Veemon were in the digital world. In case you didn't know, they are digimon partners. Vic is a 15 year old teen, who has a lot of confidence. His hair is cut short and he occasionally wears goggles. This was such an occasion. His attire consisted of a black shirt with a white long sleeve shirt under it. He wore blue jeans with white nike's.

Suddenly DarkTyrannomon began to glow. "Um, Veemon this isn't over yet" said Vic noticing the glowing dinosaur.

DarkTyrannomon digivolve too...


"I think i need a little upgrade" said Veemon as he backed away from the newly evolved ultimate.

"Right, its time to digivolve" said Vic holding out his digivice.

Veemon digivolve too


"Time to make this dinosaur extinct" said ExVeemon.

"Stop with the catch phrases and get him!" shouted Vic.


The V-shaped attack flew at MetalTyrannomon but was slashed away with a metal claw.

"We might be in some trouble Vic" said ExVeemon.

"Ya think" said Vic a little worried.

As MetalTyrannomon was about to fire his attack "Gargo Pellets!" Vic looked to his right in time to see a giant black bunny/dog in pants and black colored fur.

"Hey you looked like you needed some help" said a boy you stepped out. "I'm Chris"

Chris was a boy who looked about Vic's age. He had brown hair that came down to the middle of his neck. He wore a red shirt with the words kickass in lettering on the front of it. He had wristbands on each arm. His wore a pair a khaki shorts and white shoes.

"Hey, I'm Vic but there will be time for introductions later" said Vic as he focused on the battle.

"Giga Destroyer II" MetalTyrannomon raised his right hand and fired a missle.

"Look out" shouted Chris. BlackGargomon dodged to his left and as ExVeemon flew upward he was hit with the missile which exploded and sent him flying into a wall.

"Veemon" Vic cried to the dedigivolve rookie as he ran over.

"Looks like its me and you. Take him down BlackGargomon" said Chris.

"Glad to" said BlackGargomon as he charged the ultimate. "Bunny Pummel" BlackGargomon jumped up and hit MetalTyrannomon in the nose then hit him hard across the jaw.

As BlackGargomon was suspended in the air MetalTyrannomon attacked.

"Nuclear Laser!"

"Gargomon!" shouted Chris.

MetalTyrannomon fired a beam from his left hand that forced Chris to shield his eyes. When his vision returned he was shocked.

"H-he was d-deleted?" said Chris as he stared at the spot where BlackGargomon once was.

"Not quite" said a feminine voice from the side.


Chris turned to see a girl with long brown hair; which was done in a curly style. She wore a light blue t-shirt and a pair of khaki colored Capri's. Chris took another look and saw a digimon with BlackTerriermon in his mouth.

"Hey, uh Chris could you please TELL THIS THING TO LET ME DOWN!" yelled BlackTerriermon.

"Drop him Gaogamon" said the girl. "We've got bigger fish to fry"

"Techniqually he's a dinosaur" commented BlackTerriermon.


"What I'm just saying" said BlackTerriermon as he went back over to his tamer who was now joined by Vic and Veemon.

"Who's she?" asked Vic.

"No clue" replied Chris.

"Alright Gaogamon show these rookies how to deal with him" ordered the mystery girl.

"Spiral Blow" Gaogamon shot a tornado from his mouth that connected with MetalTyrannomon making him stumble. Gaogamon ran forward, "Dash Double Claw" he slashed his claws in making an X and effectively hurting MetalTyrannomon.

"Wow, he's strong, Vic" said Veemon.

As MetalTyrannomon tried to raise his right arm to fire Gaogamon took advantage.

"Gaoga Hound" he bit down hard on MetalTyrannomon's arm making him yell in pain.

"Vic let me finish him off" urged Veemon.

"Alright" said Vic reluctantly.

Veemon digivolve too


"As I said before time to make you extinct. V-Laser!" the V shaped attack hit MetalTyrannomon, who was trying to shake off Gaogamon, in the chest.

Suddenly he began to turn into data and disappear.

'You shouldn't fight to delete digimon" said Chris.

"I know but some of them are pure evil" said Vic. Suddenly a right hand came across Vic's face.

"Daaamn" said BlackTerriermon from Chris' shoulder.

"Normally I'd scold you but your right that was one hell of at hit" agreed Chris.

"Who told you to interfere" said an angry mysterious girl.

"What the hell!?" shouted Vic holding his cheek. "I thought it would be nice to help out"

"Well until I ask for your help, stay out of it" she said.

"Um, so what's your name?" asked Chris as he took a step back just in case.

"I'm Lana" she said to the second boy.

"Lang?" asked Vic and he got another hit to the face.

"Ah, you had that one coming buddy" said Veemon.

"Gee, thanks" said Vic who was slightly dazed.

"Do we have a team now?" asked Gaomon who Dave figured was the rookie form of Gaogamon.

"What makes you think that" asked Lana.

"Well there are three of us and we all have digimon" said Chris.

"I don't think any of us are fighting for evil so we're on the same side" said Vic who had put a good distance between him and Lana.

"Yea, we even have a gogglehead leader" said BlackTerriermon.

"You A leader? Don't make me laugh" said Lana.

"Come on it's like a digimon rule, if you have goggles, you're the leader" stated Vic as if it was out of a handbook.

"Fine, whatever" said Lana, crossing her arms.

After some more discussion they headed towards the digi-port and it turned out they all lived in the same town. However Vic and Lana lived in the Northern part of town, (much to Lana's disappointment) and Chris lived in the eastern part.

"So I guess I'll see you guys tomorrow" said Chris.

"Yea, his mom will kill him if he's home late" teased BlackTerriermon.

"Terriermon!" shouted Chris, Terriermon had a thing for embarrassing him.

"What?" said Terriermon with an innocent smile.

"Hey Vic, your mom is making steaks tonight" said Demiveemon from atop Vic's head.

"What do you care, you only get some if I bring it to you" replied Vic.

Takato Matsuki placed the final tray of bread on the counter for it to cool off. Today had been another busy day at his family's bakery. Everyone was demanding the popular dinosaur bread, originally known as Guilmon bread. It's exotic shape apparently attracted the little children who made their parents buy it.

If only they knew the origin of the creation, that would be something. It had been nine years since the tamers were last needed. He couldn't believe how fast time passed. Currently he was a senior in college. It was an exciting time but of course it had it's down sides. First off, Guilmon had to return to the digital world. Although they were reunited, Guilmon was simply to large for college and after some tears he promised to see him again in four years.

Now that four years of college were up, Takato was more than happy to see Guilmon. He could still picture Guilmon's childish face in his head.

Taking off his apron he tossed it down and looked out the glass window of the bakery. He saw a teenage boy and girl walking by. It was nice to see kids still out and about. Then Takato did a double take. On top of the boys head was a digimon.

He may have not seen any in a long time but the blue object on top of the boys head was defiantly a digimon. Takato couldn't believe it, what did this mean?