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Chapter 1: The Silver Rock

Finally, I put down my Fruits Basket book. I am madly in love with this series. Iwas already up to book six and had just finished reading all of it. Poor Kyo-kun, I thought sadly. Good for Tohru though. I know she's just a character, but I really look up to her. What an admirable person… and Ayame-kun is just weird. I laughed quietly. Wow, I'm was such a bookworm. If only I could go there…

The next day, as I was coming home from school, something struck my eye. Something was lodged between the fence and the sidewalk. It was very shiny. What in the world is that? I fingered it and found out how snug it was in there. After much elbow grease, I finally had pulled it out. It was a shiny, sliver rock. It was so silver it looked metallic. Perhaps chrome? What was really intriguing was that it was in the shape of a B; a very lopsided B. I starred at it, studying it hard. What was a chrome B-shaped rock doing here? What is this from? I decided to place it in my backpack and ran home.

"Alright, you funky, shiny, rock-thing," I said to it as it sat there all nice on my desk, "what do you do? Where are you from?"

Of course rocks don't talk so I really didn't know what I was thinking. I did know that this was obviously no ordinary rock. It had to do something.

"Fine," I said, defeated. Defeated by a rock. How sad is that? "I'll just leave you there for now." I walked over to my Fruits Baskets and picked up number one. I flipped through its pages.

"What a beautiful morning!" said Tohru happily. That sentence and Tohru's face struck out at me. I placed my book down on top of the rock and sighed.

"I wish I could've been there," I said quietly. Wouldn't it be so cool if you could just pop into a book?

Just then, the rock began flashing underneath my book. Its glow got brighter and brighter until its silvery light filled my whole room. My book! I fought against the blinding light over to my desk. I reached out for my book but the minute I touched it, everything went black. Where am I?…


I awoke to birds chirping and the sun beaming down upon my face. I was in a forest somewhere. Why did it look familiar? In the distance was a yellow tent. A girl suddenly popped out with a big smile on her face. I felt my mouth fall open. No way!! Is that really Tohru?

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