Summary: Attending a new school isn't easy. Unfortunately, Rin Hitomi must learn the hard way. Will she be able to tell who her real friends are? Before it's too late?

Author's Note: This will be my first story, so I hope you will like it. This takes place in modern day Japan, and Rin is grown...enough to be a Freshman in High School. Read and Review, my pretties!

School Drama: Year 1

Chapter One: Enter Kagome! Helpful And Excited!

Dear Diary,

To say that I'm terrified would be an understatement. All my life, I have been sheltered by my father; he was just too afraid that something would happen to my mother. But thanks to some hard convincing, he is allowing me to go to high school. This will be the first time I have gotten teachings outside of home. I thought it would be exciting, thought that I would be able to handle it. And boy, was I wrong. I don't think I'll survive! What am I going to do?

Hitomi, Rin

She closed the small booklet and let out a sigh, attempting to rid herself of the frantic emotions coursing through her. School for the first time in her life. All she wanted was to prove to her father that she could take care of herself. But now she was beginning to have second thoughts. What if no one liked her? What if she didn't learn the right material from her tutors?

'Snap out of it Rin! You'll be fine, you're going to be fine! Yeah, just keep thinking that; keep lying to yourself and you'll be okay!' She groaned and settled her forehead on her nightstand, feeling queasy in the stomach. And what's worse, it's a dorm high school! And she had no car, so it only meant she'd be able to see her father when she got the money to take a bus, or on holiday's when he came to get her.

She lifted her head to look at the diary and quickly stuffed it in her bookbag, deciding to take it with her. She'd need at least one friend, right? She heard the faint sounds of footsteps and stood up, going to her door. She turned the knob and opened it, smiling brightly at her father as he stood there before her.

"Are you ready?" His question was easily answered as he looked behind her, staring at the suitcase and bookbag. His mouth turned into a small frown. Rin turned and grabbed her things, taking one last look at her room. She wouldn't be able to see it for a while. The same sense of fear returned to her and she quickly made her way to the front door, her suitcase blundering down the staircase.

She stopped at the door and stared at it for a while. "Are you sure you want to go, dear? You can always stay here and study!" Her father's voice was full of concern and worry, and Rin knew why. Being homeschooled all her life, he never had to seperate from her like this. It was understandable that he didn't want her to go...

"Papa, I'm sure! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." She turned around and smiled at him, trying her best not to let on that she was terrified out of her wits. Her father didn't look convinced and hugged her tightly, not letting go.

"You're so much like your mother..." He whispered in her ear before letting her go. Rin smiled gently. She had never known her mother well...she was very young when she had died. But she knew her father was devastated. He didn't want to lose the last of his family.

"Papa, I'll be fine. Hitomi's Honor!" She grinned and did a 'V for Victory' sign, attempting to make him feel better. Her father gave a small laugh before patting her on the head.

"Alright, alright. Just promise you won't forget your old man when you're there, okay?"

She felt her dread lighten as her father did one of his rare childish smiles, the age in his face disappearing for the moment. She quickly nodded her head. "I won't forget you, Papa. I promise that I'll find a way to see you before the Holiday's!" She fisted her hands, a determined look on her face. Her father pat her head again before carrying her suitcase out the door.

"Well then, you don't want to be late your first day, do you?"

Rin's eyes immediately went to the house clock and paled. She only had fifteen minutes to get to school! She let loose a small scream and quickly ran out the door, leaving her father behind in her dust. He blinked rapidly before tailing after her. "Hey, wait up!"


Hisakata High was huge!

But then, she had never seen a school upclose like this before. She watched the gathering students, most coming by their own cars. Rin suddenly felt childish, having her father drive her to school. Some of the students gathered in groups, most likely happy to see their friends again. She felt the fear return to her and started to breathe harshly. What if she didn't make any friends? Or worse, what if she made enemies?

She looked at her father, giving him a pleading look. He missed it, also staring at the crowd of teenagers. She knew he was just as worried as she, but for different reasons. She gathered her things, taking a few steps away from the car before stopping. She waved her father goodbye and watched as he nodded to her, driving away. She looked back to Hisakata and only one thought ran through her mind.

'I'm gonna die!'

She took a deep breath, calming herself somewhat, and walked through the crowd. Many ignored her, some pointed and made jokes. But she managed to ignore them on the most part. She looked down at the brochure.

"Hisakata High School ensures that you will feel comfortable, safe, and confident!"

She felt the need to scoff. Comfortable? Hardly. Safe? Who knows. Confident? As if! She sighed and made her way to the entrance. It was tough getting her suitcase up all the stairs, but she managed to do so without falling, which was a success on her part. She noted the difference of being inside. Few students were in the building, getting their dorm keys and class schedules. It seemed that on the first day, students were allowed to slack...

"Hey! You're new here, aren't you?"

Rin jumped, immediately screaming as she turned around to face the person from which the voice came from. She blushed furiously as many of the students indoors stopped walking and looked at her strangely. She fumbled with her hands and looked to the one who had spoke to her.

She was pretty, in Rin's mind. Her eyes were a dark midnight-blue, and her raven-black hair fell gracefully down her back. She wore the school uniform, a white pirate-like shirt with the school vest over it, and a blue skirt. She was smiling happily down at Rin, who stood a couple inches under her. She seemed friendly...

'She must have gone here before if she was able to tell I was new...' Rin simply nodded to the female's question, feeling self-conscious when compared on looks to her. The girl simply held out her hand to Rin, still smiling at her.

"My name is Higurashi, Kagome. What's yours?" Rin stared at the hand for a moment before nervously taking it, shaking Kagome's hand. She didn't trust her voice just yet, but the girl had put her in a position...

"M-my name is Rin...H-Hitomi, Rin..." She mentally bat herself as she stuttered. Of course it was obvious that she was new! How many other people noticed that she had never gone here before?

Kagome dropped her hand and studied Rin for a moment before grinning again. "Don't be so scared. Hisakata isn't as intimidating as it seems. Well, maybe some of the girls here are, but don't worry, I'll keep you safe!" Rin stared at her for a moment. Did she...make a friend? But she had done nothing but speak her name! Rin couldn't help but smile some, bowing slightly to the girl.

"I-I don't wish to be any trouble for you--"

"Don't worry about it! I'm happy to help! D'you have you schedule and key yet?" Rin stared at her before shaking her head slowly. This girl was strange. But again, she had never really been outside of home...

When Kagome grabbed Rin's hand, she immediately felt her legs give way and fell to the floor, completely unprepared for the action. Kagome stopped and looked down at Rin, blinking some. "Oops! Sorry, I didn't mean to make you fall..." She helped Rin stand back up, and then walked with her to the counter. She was immediately glad that she managed to get to the counter, because right after she got her key and schedule, all the students who were outside came in. Kagome quickly pulled Rin away from the ever growing crowd to examine the long, long line that was about to take place.

'Wow...I'm glad I ran into Kagome when I did...otherwise, I'd be waiting for a long time...' Her thoughts were quickly interrupted however, when Kagome gave a squeal. She turned her head to look at her newly found friend and blinked.

"W...what is it?" She asked hesitantly. Had she done something wrong already? When Kagome grabbed the hand that held her dorm key, she jumped slightly.

"You're in room 209! I'm in room 207! We're practically across the hall from each other!" It was obvious that Kagome was excited about being so close to her new friend. Rin was as well, for it simply meant she had someone to walk back to dorm with. That was when a question popped into her mind.

"Umm...Kagome? How do the dorms work, exactly?" The brochure was anything but explicit. It took a moment for Kagome to understand what she meant by her question, but soon grinned once again. 'I think that Kagome's just a little too happy...'

"Well, in Hisakata High, you share a dorm with one fellow student. The dorms are split too; one side of the school is the girl's dorm, and the other side is the boy's dorm. We're forbidden to go to the opposite side, which really sucks, because you won't be able to hang out with the guys unless you're out of the school." Rin watched as Kagome spoke on, talking about her boyfriend that attended this school as well, but wouldn't be able to see him until both of their classes were over. Rin smiled slightly.

'A boyfriend? Wonder what it's like. I mean, not that I want one or anything,'d be nice, I'd think.' Rin was jerked out of her thoughts - literally - when Kagome grabbed her arm and quickly led her down the halls of the school. Rin was quick to memorize where they were going, because it had to be to the dorm rooms. Regardless, she knew that she would eventually get lost. 'This school is so big! I should have probably gone to a smaller one instead...but no, I just had to have the real life experience!'

When they made a sudden left, Rin nearly slid and caused the both of them to fall, but luckily Kagome was going too fast to allow any of that. Rin wasn't sure how many other turns they made, but when they came to a complete stop, she felt the uttermost relief wash over her. Her legs simply couldn't put up with such running! At least not at that quick a pace! Kagome must've taken track...

"Here we are! Dorm room 209!" Kagome smiled happily before pointing to the door. Rin looked up at the door and read the golden numbers before poking Kagome on the shoulder.

"Erm...Kagome...that's room 205..."

Kagome immediately froze before sweatdropping slightly. " is? Oopsie..." Rin immediately regretted correcting her, for she was once again jerked away. It was a short distance yes, but it was still long enough to make Kagome run.

"Now we're at dorm room 209!" Kagome released Rin's arm, which she was very grateful for, and looked at the dorm numbers. Sure enough, room 209. Rin glanced down at her key and opened the door, looking into the large room. Two beds, both on opposite sides of the room. It was completely white and the carpet was a bland grey. She frowned. 'Do they expect us to decorate it ourselves?'

As if on cue, Kagome began to explain.

"You can do what you want with the dorm. You can paint it, replace the carpet...but just remember, half of this place belongs to someone else, too. So don't overdue it to the point where you cross their lines." Rin had forgotten that she was to share this place with someone else. She wished that Kagome were sharing this place with her instead of some other stranger, and in a panic, turned to Kagome.

"Kagome, what if the person here doesn't like me? What do I do? I don't want anyone to not like me-"

"Don't worry! If she doesn't like you, just ignore her. Besides, if she messes with any of your stuff or hassles you, just tell a teacher or counselor and she'll be moved!"

Rin was jealous of Kagome. She seemed to have all the answers, knew the school, and probably many of the people that came here. But Rin had never been in a school before, and she was utterly terrified! 'But Kagome had to go through the same thing sometime in her life too, so I can't be too jealous of her...though she is pretty happy about this whole thing, I think.'

"And besides, I'm right across the hall, so don't hesitate to come and see a friend!" Kagome smiled and hugged Rin tightly before letting go. Rin felt immediately happy. Kagome had just considered herself a friend...she had made a friend, her first day of school! Hopefully things would roll out smoothly, just like today. But she knew better than to hope for such a thing.

The two spent a few more minutes talking before Kagome decided to go see her own dorm, and hopefully find her boyfriend before he made it to the boy's dorm. Rin closed her door and settled on the bed to the left, taking out her diary as she began to write.

Dear Diary,

I made it! I'm in Hisakata High, and I've made a friend already! Her name's Higurashi, Kagome. I think she's really nice...she's helped me out so much already, and even agreed to help me find my classes tomorrow! I feel a little bad though. Maybe I'm being too much of a hassle to her? I wouldn't want her to think I was a kid...

Oh, what am I saying? She understands! I think she understands. My dorm room is a little boring looking...but maybe I'll be able to fix that. I just want to find out who my dorm partner is. But then again, I don't wanna know at the same time. I hope it's someone nice! Who knows, maybe it'll be one of Kagome's friends! I'm sure she has nice friends, judging by how she is. I'm so excited now! I can't wait to start tomorrow!

Hitomi, Rin

Rin closed her diary and pushed it back into her backpack, sitting on the bed for a few moments. She was about to get up and go find Kagome's dorm room, but her door suddenly swooshed open. She stared at the girl that stood before her, and gulped. She looked...scary.

The girl had hair dark as night, in a high ponytail. Her skin was pale, and her eyes were dark and empty looking. She wore a red tank top that curved under her breasts, and a black leather mini skirt that looked far too short on her. Rin bowed politely and blushed, unnerved by the woman in front of her.

"M-my name is Hitomi, Rin..."

She stared at the woman, and she stared back, with what seemed to be a disgusted look. She blew Rin's greeting off and went to the opposite bed, throwing her things onto it.

"The name's Sarah. And don't piss me off, kid."

Author's Note: Dun dun duuun. Okay, not really. Well, Rin's first day has gone pretty well, hasn't it? Sarah doesn't seem like such a nice person, though. Kagome's so bubbly and full of energy, don'tcha think? -sweatdrop- Bah. REVIEW, PLEASE!

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