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School Drama: Year 1

Chapter Nine: Aftershock


She ran as quickly as her legs would carry her. If she wanted to have a chance at saving Rin from the upcoming fate she was going to have, she needed to find Inuyasha and quickly. After all, if there was anyone who was brave enough to yell at Sesshoumaru to his face, it was Inuyasha (or was it dumb enough?).

When she rounded a corner and ran smack into someone's body, she quickly apologized, running off after seeing the oncoming complaint that reflected in the crimson orbs of the man. She didn't have time to waste with some idiot who doesn't know how to move out of the way!

"Inuyasha! Hey, where are you?" She called down the halls. Where the heck did this guy go all the time? She was his girlfriend! Shouldn't he be near her or something all the time to like...make sure no other guy swept her away off her feet?

She ran around another corner and saw a flustered Inuyasha before her and paused. He seemed quite distraught. His hair seemed to be sticking out in some areas and his clothes were ruffled. She quickly ignored his appearance and went straight to the point.

"Inuyasha, you need to talk to your brother. He's got Rin in one of his little schemes! Do you think you can get him to let her go?" Kagome pulled off a teary-eyed look as she pouted for Inuyasha, who, in reaction, simply frowned and grumbled.

"I don't know Kagome, you know how that bastard is. Besides, what makes you think he'd listen to me? He hates me, in case you've forgot. But I'm a little busy..." His eyes moved away from Kagome and focused on his door. Kagome's eyes followed his view, but she was quickly cut off by his body standing in front of the door. Something reacted in her mind and she suddenly felt as if she were falling. Was...was Inuyasha hiding something from her?

Inuyasha...what were you doing before I came along? She would have to ask one of the others. If she spoke out her suspicions now, Inuyasha might get angry. She didn't want that. Not yet. She nodded and smiled as if nothing was wrong.

"Okay Inuyasha! Really though, try and talk to him? Please?" She didn't wait for his response and quickly left down the hallway -- unknownst to Inuyasha, she was biting her lower lip in attempt not to ask him what was behind his door.

Inuyasha waited until he could no longer hear or sense her nearby. He let out a sigh of relief and growled slightly, opening his door to reveal a young woman. His hand was tight on the doorknob, his knuckles turning white as he glared at her.

"That was too close for comfort, Kikyou. Get out of my room." He moved to the side, revealing the doorway. The young woman, looking almost similar to Kagome, merely glared back. She stood from his bed and straightened her clothes before walking out. She turned her head and spoke in a frighteningly calm voice.

"You'll come for me, Inuyasha. And I'll be waiting for the day Kagome realizes it." Inuyasha slammed the door in her face and sat down on his bed, his body now shaking as he held his head in his hands.

Damn it...damn it, damn it all...


Sesshoumaru sat in his dormroom, frowning slightly as he stared up at the ceiling. Pure annoyance was written all over his face. The only reason he allowed his expressions to shine through was simply because his dorm mate was not here at the moment.

Of course, when is that human ever here? He doesn't concern me. He closed his eyes and lay down on his bed, his annoyance rising as his current thoughts chased themselves around in his head.

"Why are you doing this to me? I didn't do anything to you either!"

Yes, why was he preying on someone who was obviously new to the school? He could have gone after one of the other women who obviously desired him. They would have most likely jumped off a bridge if he ordered them to. He rubbed his forehead some in attempt to rid himself of the oncoming headache.

She's such a naïve child. Yet her question does have some meaning to it. Why did I choose to use her? Because Kagura is all ready irked by her. Of course that was the reason. Why must her question trouble me? The answer is quite obvious. She needn't be my "girlfriend" to annoy Kagura. But so long as young Rin is near me, Kagura will be too busy dealing with her to annoy me.

Things were going as he wanted. Perhaps this year, he could slip by unannoyed by the women of this school. But, knowing his luck, it wasn't likely to happen.

His ears twitched with the sound of heavy footsteps and his eyes drew to the door. A few moments later, in walked his roommate. The darkened figure seemed to stumble through the door for a moment before collapsing on the bed opposite of Sesshoumaru. He lifted a brow slightly, pondering his clumsy footsteps. He scented no alcohol, so that could only mean...

"A run in with Sango, Miroku? That woman is going to be the death of you one day..." Sesshoumaru didn't wait for a response from the groaning man and picked up a novel from his nightstand. The title was Guilty Pleasures, something that obviously drew the hentai's attention from the bed.

"You're reading that thing again, Sesshoumaru? I never expected you to be the secret pervert..." Miroku couldn't help but grin through the black eye and throbbing cheek. Sesshoumaru merely glared at him.

"I am no pervert. The title of the book is merely the name of a..." His sentenced trailed off. If he were to describe the place, then that would merely help the hentai in proving his point. Better go with a different description. "Of a place that is owned by vampires. Nothing more." He glanced back down at the novel, indicating that the matter was closed.

Miroku frowned and watched the demon read. He rolled his eyes before smirking. I'll get a hold on that book Sesshoumaru. Just you wait.

Sesshoumaru felt a cold shiver run down his spine.


Rin scowled and threw her pillows repeatedly against the wall in a poor attempt to vent her anger. Sarah watched from across the room, completely bored with nothing else to do, obviously.


Rin paused at her venting and looked to Sarah, a scornful look on her face. If Sarah was interrupting her little session, then she'd be the new wall for her pillows to crash against.

Sarah leaned back, crossing her arms. "You should try punching them instead. Throwing things isn't really going to help unless you actually hit the person your mad at."

Rin stared at her for a while before setting the pillows down. She stared at them for a moment before letting loose what one could refer to as a "battle roar" and started pounding at the pillows with her tiny fists. Sarah watched with a delighted look, resisting the urge to laugh at the girl's frantic behavior. She shook her head.

After another fifteen minutes of the restless punching, Rin grew worn out. Besides, she didn't want to completely ruin her pillows simply because of a certain jerk of a demon. He wasn't worth it. She layed down and sighed, glancing over to Sarah, only to find her asleep.

Guess she got bored watching me. Who wouldn't, I guess. She sat up and stretched, opening and closing her fists in attempt to get some feeling back in them. They had gone numb a few minutes ago, which was another reason Rin had stopped. She then took out her diary from her bookbag and opened it, pondering what to write.

Dear Diary,

I went to talk to Sesshoumaru about Kagome. A lot of good that did me. I don't think I've ever hated someone so much! Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word. But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY don't like him. How can someone so handsome be such a...a...evil person! It's like he's an anti-Batman...Ooh! I have a new nickname for him now. Penguin! Because he's so cold-hearted and evil...Wow, maybe I watch too much Batman. I should stop.

I should tell Kagome what's happened, shouldn't I? But what if she goes to confront Sesshoumaru about it too? Would he get mad? What if he gave out the secret? Oh, I don't know what to do anymore! Tell her or don't? She has the right to know. But I don't want her to make matters worse! I should have never come to this school...

Hitomi, Rin


She felt as if the world around her had shattered. The words repeated themselves in her mind, reason trying to grasp the meaning behind them. Yet, she didn't want to know. She wanted to deny everything she had just heard. None of this ever happened, right? She was just imagining things. Inuyasha wasn't cheating on her! He couldn't be...could he?

"You'll come for me, Inuyasha. And I'll be waiting for the day Kagome realizes it."

But he was. Inuyasha was cheating on her with another woman. That was why his clothes were ruffled; he was messing with her. That was why he didn't want her in the room; she was in it. That was why he was so nervous; he didn't want her to find out. Everything made sense. But how long was he doing this behind her back? How long was he having this affair?

How could I have been so ignorant of it? Oh Kagome, what are you going to do now? She leaned against the wall she had been hiding behind, sliding down to the floor. Inuyasha had not been aware that she had hid behind the corner. Had not been aware that she was listening to every word.

Before she knew it, tears were trailing down her cheeks. She choked on her breath before she quickly stood, running down the hall. Inuyasha would smell her tears. He would hear the noise she was making. He'd become aware that she was here. She didn't want that.

She didn't stop running until she came to her room. She hesitated to open the door. That slight hesitation was all it took for her to collapse against the wall, crying her heart out, her voice calling out for anyone who would listen. Many of the dorm rooms opened, many girls gathering around her in worry for the young heartbroken female.

She felt someone wrap their arms around her, mutting soothing words in her ears. She hugged them tightly, her shoulders jerking from each gasp of breath. She realized the person holding her was Rin, and the one muttering in her ear was Sango. She recognized them through the haze of her mind. She managed to open one tear-glistening eye and looked at the crowd of people that had gathered around. At that moment, she made a promise.

I'll make Inuyasha pay. But first, I'll make him admit it himself.

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Guilty Pleasures is the name of the first novel in an Anita Blake, Vampire Slayer series. The reason Sesshy was so unwilling to describe the place is because it's basically a whorehouse of vampires...VERY SEXY vampires. Lot's a violence, death, gore and sex in this series...I'd advise it for people who like those kinds of things. Heehee.

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