"First vote . . . Starscream . . . Sideways . . . Tidal wave . . . Tidal wave . . . and Sunstreaker," finished the survivor guy with the votes. "Tidal wave you are the fifth person to be voted off transformers survivor . . . I'm sorry."

"Tidal wave undertsands," sighed Tidal wave as he bowed and brought his torch to be estinguished.

"The tribe has spoken," said the survivor guy as he estinguished Tidal wave's torch.

And so Tidal wave went off and the decepticon team back to their camp.

"Tidal wave have nothing to say," said Tidal wave.
Check in to see the next survivor and how the decepticons will get by without their muscle of the team. Will they be able to win the rest of the challanges now that Tidal wave has been voted off? Find out on the next . . . Survivor.

Hot Shot's girl: Well there you have it, but I will try and update this story as soon as I can, but I get writers block on this alot so it might take a while. Well see ya, bye:D