3rd game

The teams step out and the Fear factor guy greets them-

"Welcome, you are the last surviving teams in Fear factor and now onto your final test."

He then moved to show the space bridge that led into space. All now wondered what was going to happen.

"Hey, it's the space bridge," said Hot Shot seeing it.

"Yes, but . . ." started the Fear factor guy as he pointed to it.

There then came explosions everywhere on the space bridge and almost made everyone jump.

"That's it I'm leavin'," said Scattershot as he turned and readied to leave.

"Oh no you don't," smiled Jetfire as he stopped him from leaving by grabbing him.

"But Jetfire," he whined.

"You haven't heard what the goal is yet," said Jetfire.

And so Scattershot stayed to hear what the goal was. The Fear factor guy than started-

"The goal is for you teams to gather the most flags on the exploding space bridge in a minute. The team with the most wins. If you fall . . . you lose."

"Okay I'm leavin'," said Scattershot as he turned again.

"Ah, ah, you're stayin' here partner," said Jetfire tightening his grip.

Scattershot just bowed his head . . . he heighted hights.

"Teams get ready," said the Fear factor guy.

And so they all got ready. They were all going on at the same time to gather as many flags as they could to win. Now they were ready and they stood at the base of the bridge till the Fear factor guy said-

"Ready . . . set . . . oh wait before we do this . . ."

All stopped as he continued. He then held up three thick chains and said-

"You all have to be chained together at the ankle."

"WHAT?!" shouted Megatron.

"It would only be fair. That way if you fail to do somethig then so does your teammate." he said.

They were chained now and now they were ready.

"Ready . . . set . . . GO!" he shouted.

They were off onto the exploding space bridge. They tried to maintane their balance as they recovered the flags. Many a times they would go separate ways and cause the other to nearly fall. Megatron and Starscream did this on countless occaisons.

Jetfire had gotten two flags and Scattershot had gotten one, but as he got it the bridge collasped beneath him and . . . well let's just say he fell screaming like a little school girl.

"NNOO!!" cried Jetfire in slow mostion as he watched his partner lose it for them both.

"Oh, sorry, you fell . . . you lose," said the Fear factor guy shaking his head a bit.

Hot Shot had almost bit the dust as well, but Optimus had caught him. Hot Shot always tried to get the flags farthest away. Megatron and Starscream nearly fell as well for Megatron tried to get a flag, but the bridge collasped under him. Starscream barely humg on with the wait of Megatron and himself, but thanks to him they didn't fall.

"Time," said the Fear factor guy.

It was time to show their flags. Megatron and Starscream went first. The Fear factor guy started counting-

"One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six. Six flags . . . that's quite a bit. Optimus and Hot Shot let's see yours."

Optimus and Hot Shot gave them to him and he began counting-

"One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . six . . ."

He then paused as he raised up one more flag.

"Seven, sorry guys they won."

"YES!!!" jumped Hot Shot high fiving Optimus.

What?!" cried Megatron. "WE lost?! . . . this is all your fault Starscream!"

"I'm sure it is, sir," sighed Starscream used to being blamed.

"If you woulnd't have nearly fallen . . ." started Megatron.

"ME?!" shot back Starscream. "You were the one who nearly fell. I had to hold you up!"

"Don't talk back to me soldier!" he growled.

The losing teams' thoughts

"If I could do this again I would pick a different partner," said Megatron.

"Me too," growled Starscream barely even gazing at Megatron.

"I feel like a failure!" cried Scattershot in his hands.

"Take it easy on yourself Scattershot," said Jetfire rubbing his back. "We'll always have Big Brother."

Scattershot then jumped out of his chair and looked at everyone saying-

"Oh no . . . NNNOOO!!!!"

He then ran away and no one has seen him since.

Back to the wining team

"So what does it feel like to have won Fear factor?" asked the Fear factor guy.

"It feels GREAT!" jumped Hot Shot not even giving Optimus a chance to speak. "I mean when we . . ."

He was then cut off by the firm grip of Optimus' hand upon his mouth. Optimus then spoke his mind-

"This was a good game.It tested team work, and it shows with out it you can never win at anything."

"Good point Optimus," smiled the Fear factor guy. "Do you have one last thing to say before we end?"

Hot Shot tried to speak but with Optimus still holding his mouth it was useless. Optimus then turns to the camera and says-

"Kids . . . don't try this at home . . . it's not as easy as it looks."


Hot Shot's girl: I like to thank my twin sister who helped me think of these stories and to all you reviewers and readers. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!