Last time on the amazing race . . .

The teams recieved their last clue to the last planet. It is there they shall travel back to their home planet cybertron and then they shall go to the largest cliff on the planet and climb to the top of it to race to the amazing race guy. It is then they shall win the race. First place wins.

As the teams drove their ships Optimus looked over at Megatron who seemed to get even dumber as the race progressed. He then sighed cause he knew, as soon as he asked Megatron, that he would snap at him for the question. And so Optimus asked Megatron-

"You do know where cybertron is right?"

Megatron gripped the steering wheel so tight that it almost broke as he turned to the autobot leader. Megatron then bared his teeth and spat-

"Of cause I do! What do you think I am . . . some kind of idiot dinobot?!"

"No, it's just you get lost easily. I was just making sure," said Optimus turning away from Megatron.

"Well stop making sure Prime," said Megatron turning back to concentrate on his driving. "I can take care of things myself."

Optimus just buried his head in his hand as he sighed getting ever so tired of his partner.

"I can't wait till we're done," sighed Optimus.

"You and me both Prime," sighed Megatron. " . . . but I have to say . . ."

Optimus then looked at Megatron in silence. Was he about to say something nice for once?

Megatron then glanced over at Prime and sighed and said-

"You have been a good partner in this race and . . . I don't know if I would have goten far with out you . . . so . . . thanks Prime."

Optimus was speechless. Megatron had just thanked him . . . but the true question was . . . could Optimus accept his thanks and thank him back? Optimus cleared his throat and sat up straight in his seat as he glanced over at Megatron a bit and said-

"Yea . . . you too."

It was sort of an . . . okay it was an awkward moment and both leaders knew that. They then tried to forget the whole thanking thing as they approached cybertron.

"Oh thank Primus. We're finally here," sighed Megatron glad the driving was just about over with.

Hot Shot and Starscream knew they were close to cybertron and so were glad the race was about over with . . . well . . . sort of.

"Man, can you believe the amazing race is about over with?" sighed Hot Shot deep down inside not wanting to finish the race.

"Yea," sighed Starscream feeling the same way.

Hot Shot then turned to Starscream and smiled that kind smile of his and said-

"Well I'm glad that amazing race guy teamed me up with you . . . you've been . . . well . . . so far the best partner any bot could have even if you are a decepticon."

At that Starscream gave a small smile, but still kept his gaze on the way to cybertron.

"Yea . . . same here," smiled Starscream. "It's a shame we can't do this more often."

"Yea," sighed Hot Shot bowing his head.

He then looked up and saw they closened on cybertron.

"Hey look, it's cybertron. Home sweet home," said Hot Shot.

"And the end of the race," said Starscream.

"Yup, so let's make every moment of it count," smiled Hot Shot as he held up his fist. "Let's beat Optimus and Megatron's tincans all the way across this universe."

"Let's," smirked Starscream.

Megatron and Optimus made it to the planet first and they landed first and Starscream and Hot Shot next. They landed near the cliff and so began to climb it as soon as they got their climbing gear on. Optimus had no trouble, but Megatron didn't like heights too much. He kept looking down at the endless fall.

"Primus I hate heights!" he pouted.

"Just don't look down Megatron and you'll be fine," said Optimus as he finished putting his gear on.

"Easier said then done," mumbled Megatron as he put his gear on.

As Hot Shot and Starscream made it to the cliff they looked up and Hot Shot whistled at its height.

"Wow," he gasped. "It's pretty heigh."

"Yea, so let's get going or else we'll lose," said Starscream as he geared up.

And so they all started climbing the heigh cliff and just prayed they wouldn't fall. Megatron was a little stiff, but he progressed, but slowly. Both teams were hooked to each other so if one member didn't move the other wouldn't be able to move either.

"Come on Megatron, just a little further!" strained Optimus as he tried to move but couldn't cause of the scared Megatron.

"I can't make any of my joints work," pouted Megatron. "I've lost it for both of us."

"No, we haven't lost yet Megatron. Now come on and start climbing. You're the leader of the decepticons for Primus' sake!" cried Optimus stretching out his hand to him.

Megatron then looked down again and then up at Optimus' outstretched hand. Megatron then took it and began climbing. Starscream and Hot Shot soon caught up with the leaders, but they were still a couple of climbs behind them.

"Come on we have to pass them!" said Hot Shot.

"I know, I know!" growled Starscream.

Starscream then thought of something he knew would help them to pass the leaders. He then smirked and looked up at them and called out to Megatron and said-

"You're too slow Megatron. We're going to pass the both of you."

"Hah! You're not going to pass me!" laughed Megatron as he looked down at the two young bots.

"You mean us right Megatron?" glared Optimus seeing the old Megatron returning.

"Just shut up Prime and keep climbing!" spat Megatron.

"Well I would if you hadn't have STOPPED!" shouted Optimus ready to knock one into the decepticon leader's face.

"You know what Prime!" started Megatron as the two began to fight again.

"Nice one," smiled Hot Shot as they slapped hands and continued on past the fighting leaders.

And so they made it to the top and took their gear off. They then looked down at the fighting leaders that had began to try and hit each other.

"They really need to learn to get along," smiled Hot Shot shaking his head a bit at the sorry sight of the sorry excuse for a team.

"Yea . . . you're right," said Starscream tilting his head a bit.

But then they saw something somewhat unespected . . . Megatron had lost his grip on the cliff and so fell, but was saved cause he was hooked onto Optimus, but Optimus couldn't hold both their weights and so it caused him to lose his grip and so therefore fall off the cliff. Both screamed and still argued as they fell into darkness.

"This is all you're fault Prime!" cried Megatron as he tried to grab something . . . anything.

"Give it a rest Megatron!" cried Optimus tried of him.

"Oh well," said Hot Shot looking over the cliff to where he couldn't see any one of them any more. "There they go."

"Hmp . . . stupid leaders," smiled Starscream as they turned and left.

As an eternity seemed to have passed Optimus and Megatron somehow made it to the amazing race guy. Both were breathing hard and both still had their climbing equipment on and both looked pretty banged up. As they came to them both nearlt fell over dead, but they stood their ground as they waited for what he had to say.

"Team one," he started. " . . . you are the . . ."

"If you say we're the last team I swear I'll!! . . ." started Megatron pointing at him with a barely hanging on arm.

"You are the first team to arrive. Congradultaions . . . you've won the amazing race," smiled the amazing race guy.

"We what?!" gasped Megatron not all completely there at the moment.

Then soon Starscream and Hot Shot came up behind the leaders.

"What in the universe?!" cried Hot Shot not believeing what he was seeing. "How the blackhole did you beat us?!"

Megatron and Optimus turned to them and Optimus coughed with tiredness as he said-

"Luck I guess."

Both Starscream and Hot Shot had wide open mouths as they gazed at everything and everyone. All the teams were there and all cheered on the winners. Megatron then gave out a small chuckle as he starightened and said-

"I can't believe I won the race . . . of course it was all thanks to me."

"Oh yea, thanks for making us fall of the cliff so we could beat them here," said Optimus sarcasticly.

Megatron then turned to him and pointed as he said-

"You know it was all me that made us win Prime."

"Yea, or caused of to get killed!!" shouted Optimus.

"You know what!!" started Megatron as he took out his blaster and started shooting at Optimus. "Take that Prime!"

Optimus defended himself and attacked as well. Soon the others joined in the fight. Hot Shot and Starscream stood there a bit as Hot Shot sighed and said-

"Well . . . here we go again."

"Yup," sighed Starscream as he and Hot Shot tool out their weapons and started attacking their enemies.

The amazing race guy then looks at the camera and says-

"Well there' one thing we all learned from this race and I know all you viewers will agree with me . . . Autobots and Decepticons will never make such good teams."


"Take that and that Prime!" cried Megatron as he kept shooting Optimus.

"OOOOHHHH Megatron!!" growled Optimus taking out more of his weapons and attacking. "The viewers want to hear our thoughts!!"

"Well then hear them!!!" cried Megatron shooting his blaster at Optimus with loud and clear BAMS!!


Hot Shot's girl: LOL Well there's the end of it guys now on to the others.

Thanks: I like to thank my sister who, again, helped me think of this story and to all my readers who enjoy my stories. I love you all and so does Jesus!!!