Authors note: I have been a huge fan of Zemyx for a few years now. Yes, that long. It's about time I have a oneshot collection dedicated to my OTP. They will range in rating, POV and can be read in any order. Have fun.

Title: Now?

Rating: T

Warnings: A Demyx moment.

POV: Third

Summary: Demyx makes a perfectly reasonable request... at two in the morning.


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Night had fallen on the City that Never Was (Even though the sky always seemed to be stuck in eternal night). The clocks were the only things that seemed to alarm the non-existent residence of the time. Like any normal person would at night, the organization members all retreated to their private quarters as the hour grew later.

"Zex... Zexy..." The Melodious Nocturnes' speech slurred from the air of sleepiness hanging over him.

Zexion's room was plain, yet comfortable. This gave Demyx perfect reason to share a room with the Cloaked Schemer ever since he took a personal liking to the lilac haired nobody. Nobodies held no heart to feel emotions, physical and sexual urges however were a different story all on their own. For this reason, Zexion didn't complain when Demyx hastily chose him one night to tame his natural sex drive. Yes, Zexion had no complains what-so-ever…

Except he could always do without the occasional Demyx moment…

They were pressed up against each other, back to back. Demyx closest to the wall.

"Yeah?" There was a hint of annoyance in the cloaked schemers voice as he answered. 'Better be important...'

"Le's have sex..."

"... Now?" Zexion groaned inwardly, rubbing at his still closed eyes.


"Right now?"


Zexion opened his eye that wasn't stuck behind his hair to take a quick look at the clock. "... It's two 'o clock in the morning Demyx..."

"So?" The blond put a slight whine in his voice. He knew that always got on Zexion's last nerve. "I wan' it now..." With such a slur, he seemed in no condition to do anything accept hope that he had a very nice arousing dream that night.

"Can it wait until tomorrow?"


"I think it can wait."

"Naw, I'll die before then..."

"You won't die..."

"Fine then. When everyone wakes up tomorrow morning and find out that I have faded into oblivion because you didn't have sex with me, you have fun answerin' to Xemnas when he asks why Organization Thirteen is now Organization Twelve!"

Zexion slapped a hand to his forehead at this kids wild excuses. Sometimes he truly believed that was all Demyx was good for.

"Fine..." Zexion opened his other eye, pushing himself up onto his elbows. He stretched out his arms, preparing himself for whatever Demyx wanted to do with him. He looked over at his sex addict of a roommate, noticing that he was doing nothing to get ready. The blond still lay on his side facing the wall. "Demyx?"

Zexion leaned over the Melodious Nocturne. His eyes were tightly closed and a light even breath could be felt in between his snores. The musical blond was once again fast asleep. A smirk played across Zexion's mouth as he pulled the covers over himself to go back to bed.

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