'Bloody bastard', Alex breathed agitated, as he closed the feeler of his SAT-phone. He took a few steps to the Killarney Ute and avoided his brother's stare for a moment. Leaning again the side of the Ute he now glanced up to Marcus, who swept away the dirt from his forehead as he had been digging the soil over the irrigation system. 'That was Bryce', Alex just let out shortly.

'Do I even wanna know?', Marcus asked, as he leaned his hands upon his shovel. It had been a long and hot day and both brothers were covered in dirt and sweat.

'Nah, you don't, but ...', the oldest breathed in, and looked over the paddock down to the creek for a small moment. When his blue gazers caught Marcus' again he just said; 'you will be doing a bit more boring paper work, pen-pusher'. He showed a half grin, with a light cynical tone in his voice. Alex now walked to the other side of the Ute, to lay his SAT phone in the dashboard.

'Hey, wait ... what do you mean', Marcus spoke, a bit worried now, as he dropped the shovel and took a few steps. His hands showed an asking question. Alex looked at him from the other side of the Ute, as he slammed its door.

'Like I said, we've lost our juridical masterpiece.'

Marcus looked lightly dumb. 'Wha?', his lips already formed.

'Bryce has offered Ashleigh another job. Don't ask me, why or when, but he pulled her off our case', Alex just said. Marcus frowned still confused as he couldn't understand his father's sudden change, let alone Ashleigh's sudden change.

'She did her brilliant best to make us get stuck with her, and now all of a sudden he pulls her off. That easily? And she agrees on that? That doesn't make sense', Marcus let out, as he widened his nostrils. The odd part of the family, he considered.

Alex just shrugged his shoulder; 'Bro, did our old man ever made sense? And Ashleigh does take after him for sure.'

Marcus shook his head, annoyed; 'he can't play tricks like that. What if he pulls me off the case?' He said it softly as he leant his back against the Ute. Alex returned and offered him a water jar.

'It's yóu that does make the choice in the end', he said, as he stood close to his younger brother's left side. Marcus looked up at him.

'I wish it was that easy. Don'forget how I even ended up here, remember.'

Alex grinned softly; 'well that didn't turn out that bad. The man does have his moments'.

Marcus now pulled one of his cheeks into a grimace, pleased to hear this from his brother. Whatever happened, he surely would look up to Alex. 'Very rare though', he added with a chuckle.

Content Alex looked at him, and placed his hand on Marcus' left shoulder; 'so it's just you and me than. We're stuck with each other'. Marcus nearly looked proudly in response, but Alex'eyes already caught something else, which was clearly way more interesting.

His black Ute pulled up and stopped a few meters in front of them. Stevie opened the door and stepped out with a vague smile. 'Ah there is the Mrs.', Marcus let out with a smirk; 'does the Mrs. also keep in mind there has been placed an entirely new irrigation system just right in front of Mr.s Ute?'

Stevie smiled at him; 'I do trust on your brilliant ability to lay it on the perfect level down the soil, so it doesn't break that easily'.

'Of course, it's perfectly laid. No worries', Marcus replied. He looked quickly at his brother. 'I guess we're done here, mind if I take the Ute?'

Alex hardly replied, a small move of his lips showed he didn't care much. 'I guess that will leave me testing it than?'

'I'll just drive to the creek to switch on the pump, than you guys can check if everything is all right', he said taking the shovel and lay it in the back. Marcus than walked to the drivers seat and sat down in the Killarney Ute. He gave them a small nod.

'To Ru', Alex just said, now letting his eyes focus on the woman just standing meters in front of him, as Marcus drove off. 'So ... hi there', he grinned, licking his lips.

'Oy, dirty, sweaty, hot man', Stevie replied teasing as her tongue run over her teeth. 'It took you guys long enough.'

'Better do it right all at once, with a bit more time, instead of having to do it twice', Alex said, as he took a few steps towards her and let his hands guide to her waist, pulling her close. They both stared pleasantly at each other, while Alex folded his fingers on her back.

'Since when did you come to that bright conclusion?', Stevie asked with a seductive grin.

'There is nothing wrong with taking time for things Stevie, you should know that', Alex said, curling up his nose. He loved the sparkle in her big brown eyes as she gazed into his blue watchers. Her fingers traveled up his strong exposed upper arms.

The irrigation system's sprinklers suddenly switched on, as Marcus knew it was a hopeless case to get their attention to make them aware he was about to turn it on. The water drops were falling down and Stevie jumped a bit back, and instantly giggled. 'It works Alex', she screamed the obvious.

'It sure does', Alex murmured as he watched the fields and enjoyed the refreshing water drops falling onto his hot skin. He looked at Marcus who waved and shouted something as a goodbye, before he took his seat in the Ute, and drove off. Stevie had closed her eyes and held her arms wide to feel as much of the water that came falling down. There was something great being married to a Killarney man, she thought. They had expensive irrigation systems and didn't mind about a bit more or less water during the drought.

Happily she twirled around and Alex watched her amused. 'This is fine!', she giggled out as she nearly tumbled over her feet.

'It sure is, missy', he walked to her and brushed his hand palms over each other as it mixed the dirt, sweat and water. Alex brushed it over her cheeks and she quickly opened her eyes and jumped back.

'Gross Alex', she laughed.

He looked at her daring, into her shiny eyes which were obviously delighted with the water. 'Let's see what's gross!', Alex laughed, stepping closer again as he tried to catch her. But Stevie ran away quickly.

'Don't even dare', Stevie squealed as she tried to run along the irrigation system. Her eyes half closed to avoid the water drops hitting her eyes. She heard his loud laughter, his running after her and it only made her giggle loudly as she tried to run faster, but basically she just wanted him to catch her.

Alex threw his arms towards her waist and managed to catch her, which made her scream and fall down. He caught her, broke her fall as she landed on the soil, half wet, half dusty and dry. He landed next to her on his knees, but held his strong arm over her front waist and held her down as her legs kicked around. 'Alex!', she shouted with joy.

'You called me, my lady?', Alex spoke as he moved up over her, to make her surrender. Stevie tried to protest, cause it fun, but he was obviously stronger as he held her between his legs and his hands caught her wrists and pressed them against the ground.

With a dirty smirk he looked down on her as Stevie slowly turned calm. Her eyes just looked daring at him. 'We get all dirty like this', she let out with a flirtatious touch.

'You know I don't mind ... getting dirty with you. Do remember the lovely moments we've already had in the mud', he exclaimed pleased, as he remembered Stevie all covered up in mud as she tried to save Tess' veil. She surely looked hot there, changing her shirt. And of course his proposal. It was worth it all to get dirty.

'True', she said, feeling the need to let her thumb stroke some dirt on his cheek, but of course he still didn't let go.

'And besides that, you look really sexy like this', Alex said with a deep voice, as the water drops still fell on them and he shook his head, to let them fall down on her teasingly. He let go off her right wrist, and moved his index finger to her neck, where it followed the trace of drops on her soft skin, to her cleavage. Her bra started to shine through her white tight top, which was half covered with her green/blue checked sleeveless shirt. Her necklace with rings rested lazy under her throat. Stevie let him, watching how he tried to reach further. 'Did I mention sexy?'

'Yes you did', she chuckled a bit touched. She lead her free hand towards his jaw and stroked it, holding on as his eyes looked into her eyes again. Stevie guided him close and Alex felt his dry lips fell onto hers, moving away for a second to wet them with his tongue, as he claimed her again. Stevie moaned against his lips, feeling his urge of her to open her mouth. His tongue slid in a second later, on search for hers.

The way he most of the time forced his kisses, his tongue in, was not to be compared with his soft treatment as he finally had his way. Her tongue stroke along his, tasting the deep kiss as she breathed out hasty. Stevie's fingers now forced their way up into his wet hair, moving her palm up and down his neck.

Alex parted, moving closer, better, to give her another smooch; deep, and passionate. Suddenly he felt that urge inside, that urge to have her, to make love to her. It couldn't be left with just some snogging as his hand guided along the side of her body, moving up her shirt and top, crawling underneath over her hot skin.

A bit animalistic and out of breathe Alex moved up, finally looking in her eyes. 'God, I want you', he breathed out heavily. At this very moment there wasn't a thought of the last past days crossing his mind.

'That was my line', Stevie replied with a touched grin, as her fingers were softly crawling down his jaw again. Now they lowered and reached for the sweaty dip between his collarbones. The heat was settling inside.

He didn't give it another thought, or moment as he leaned in quickly, forced his lips onto the salty skin down her neck and suckled his way down, making her body arch underneath him, in need of whatever he had on his mind. Stevie's moans disappeared into the wide paddock, as the water drops failed in cooling their bodies.

She lowered her hands over his back and pulled at his dark blue tanktop, within a move her flat hands moved it up and let the warm, sweaty skin slide underneath her palms. Her need made him move up for a moment, taking off his tanktop and showing his heated upper body, which made her mind go crazy of the sight. Alex lowered again and just took off where he had left as Stevie's hands ran up and down his back and neck, feeling his muscular body, his shoulder blades.

Alex crawled up a bit, and looked down her body. Stevie breathed out, taking this as a short break, but felt her body instantly jolting lightly as his fingers loosened the buttons of her sleeveless shirt, spreading it wide open, lowering more and pushed her white top up till he met her breasts. His mouth claimed the soft spot underneath her belly button and sucked softly, with the finest touch of joy.

Stevie closed her eyes for a moment, before she stared at the bright sky above, feeling her body breathing heavy, his lips and tongue licking her skin. A silly smile crept upon her face, as she just enjoyed this lovely feeling, noting it was crazy to do this out in the middle of paddock, with a sprinkler on. Crazy, but oh so randy.