-I'm on a roll tonight! I've actually had this written for a year now but I had to work my way up to it. I hope you enjoy it!-RL

Chapter 13

I sat in silence for about maybe, two minutes. I could still feel the irrational anger hip away at the walls again. I stood up and grabbed a baggy t-shirt and jeans out of my suitcase. I headed to the shower in hopes that it would calm me down. The shower was tiny, but big enough for me. I didn't like big open areas anyway. I stepped in and let the hot water wash the sweat off of my forehead and back. I scrubbed down and rinsed and was out in ten minutes. I slipped on my clean clothes. Stopped. Someone had been in the room. My suitcase which I had put on my bed was on the floor. The top pocket which had my personal hygiene things in it was sagging in. I picked it up and found it was lighter than it was suppose to be. I opened up the main compartment. It was empty except for my undergarments. I looked up hoping that by some miracle they were on my bed. Nope the only thing there was a burgundy colored dress, with a note card laying next to it. I picked it up.


I hope I have the honor of you attendance at dinner this evening. The time has slightly changed. Please come down when the moon is high. I hope this dress is suited to your liking.


The anger broke down the walls in my chest and flooded over me. How dare he take my clothes? I thought as got up and pulled open the standing closet. The lack of color hit me. Red. Every last one of the dresses in the damned thing was red. I tried to curb the anger that was consuming me at every passing second. I slammed the doors shut with all the force I was capable of. The sound reverberated in the suffocating silence making me feel a little better. I glanced out the window at the full moon and sighed knowing that the drop, if it didn't kill, would at least cripple me. What about the baby? asked the voice in the back of my head. I sighed, turned around, and let out a low growl. I grabbed the dress on my bed and the only pair of shoes I had, and hurled them out the window, letting out a shriek as I did so.

"You know, that was a very expensive dress" My anger gave way just a little as I recognized the voice. Nikolas. I ran and slammed my shoulder into him. Pain ripped through my arm but I knew it would subside, meanwhile I had caught him off guard and he had tumbled to the floor. I proceeded to smash my fist into his face, hoping it would break his nose. I heard a crack as his jaw broke. Blood trickled down his face where my ring, the damned ring that got my into this in the first place, ripped into his cheek. Within seconds he was standing again, rubbing his jaw as it healed. "That's not a very nice way to greet someone you love." He said watching me huff and pace like a caged Bangled Tiger ready to pounce.

"Love? Love!?" I screeched charging at him again, fists raised. He held his ground as I rammed into him and pounded his chest over and over like a child throwing a fit. "You don't abandon the person you claim to love! You don't give them over to someone just because, Nikolas." I pulled back and glared at him, eyes filling with unwanted tears. I sat down on the bed and pulled up my legs to rest my head on. I watched him as he made his way over with dried blood on his face. I pang of guilt hit me. No, no guilt. I told myself. He handed you over to some vampire creep to do Goddess-knows-what with, abandoned you when you need him most, no guilt.

"Mae" he said soothingly as he sat down on the bed next to me. His skin contrasted with the black bedding. Suddenly I had the urge to reach out a curl up into his arms, like I use. I inwardly scolded myself again. "I did this for you" he whispered in my ear. I hadn't noticed how close he had gotten to me. His cold fingers slid under my chin; I didn't have the will to keep him from turning my face toward him. He locked eyes with me. "Listen to me. Adolphus will not hurt you. He's a friend of sorts."

"Oh that makes me feel so much better. Of sorts" I mimicked him on the last words. "You are aware he has this weird thing for me right?" Nikolas raised his shoulders in a shrug. "Don't raise your shoulders at me! Don't give that look! I'm not crazy!" I rethought what had happened. Maybe I had over reacted with the dress. A bit. Just a bit. I put my hands on my stomach and a wave of panic spread over me. I hadn't been thinking when I had launched a poor excuse for an attack on Nikolas. I felt a small almost undetectable movement. I felt my face relax suddenly. Nikolas was watching me; I threw up my mental barriers so suddenly he looked taken a back for a second.

"Mae" his voice was quiet. "What's wrong?" He knew better than to pry if I threw up the barriers. "What is wrong? Please, tell me. If Adolphus did something to you I'll…" He trailed off and I could literally see the thoughts he was having. Unconsciously, his lips pulled back into a snarl, and then his face smoothed over. I didn't like that look.

"No! No other than being well, creepy he hasn't done anything. I just don't like this 'arrangement' that's all." Why was I defending Adolphus? I didn't like this at all but hey he was just doing a favor for a friend – of sorts. Wasn't his fault he was creepy, right? I took a deep breath waiting for his eyes to look a bit more clam. "Its just," I paused looking for the right words. "Apparently vampire sex isn't an effective form of birth control"

If vampires could die again, I'm pretty sure Nickolas would be sprawled on the floor, motionless from a heart attack. I waited for a few minutes then got up, pulling my face from Nikolas's hand. He was stone still as I strolled over to the window and looked out. Somehow the dress and shoes I had tossed had disappeared, along with my anger. I sighed and turned back to my vampire statue. He was gone. I figured as much. My stomach growled and I sighed

I pulled off my baggy shirt and jeans and opened the closet. My stomach growled again as a reached for a dress. I pulled one out at random and slid it on,eying the high-heels that lined the bottom. No way was I going to risk life and limb trying to walk in those. I crouched down and rifled through the back and found a pair of slippers and put them on. I made my way to the door. I stopped at the vanity, cringing as I looked at my reflection. I pulled the braid out and ran a brush through the knots. I braided my hair again and stuck a jeweled hair clip at the bottom. At least no one could chide me for being a mess at dinner. I opened the door and found the dress and my shoes folder neatly in a pile at my feet. I picked them up and put them on the chair in front of the vanity.

I let my nose guide me as I wandered around the castle. It was like being thrown back in to the sixteenth century. Brightly colored portraits of Adolphus's ancestors lined the walls. Some of the women were holding little dogs, others fans or what ever was fashionable for that era. The men always stood, either leaning against something or up right. One in particular caught my eye. It was of a little girl. She was seated on a small wooden chair. Her hands were neatly folded in her lap, covered by the folds of her yellow dress. Dark brown curls framed her face making her seem as though she could reach out and embrace me. Her lips, which were a pale pink that only children have, were curled into a sad smile. Her solemn green eyes bore into mine as I stood transfix by the taste of bitter sorrow.

"So, I see you ave found my sizter." I jumped as Adolphus's voice came from beside me. "Her name vas Belinda. She vuz very young vhen she died. The room you are occupying vas her'z and her favorite color vas red. Here she iz only ight. She hated that drez, but my mozer was very persuasive sometimes." He chuckled at a memory I saw dance across his face. " My mozer vuz very angery vhen she pazt, she blamed my fazer becoze he favored me." I looked at him but he stared ahead at Belinda's face. "Belinda vus a very quiet child. Mozer use to say she vus alvays sinking, alvays vaching you to see vhat you vere doing. But for a solem child, she loved to ride her horze in the medow. Vone nite zhere vuz a fier vere ve kept the horzse" He paused. "She tired to save her favorite buz the smoke made it impozable fer her to gez out." He reached up and stroked the painting's face. Small red dots welled up in his eyes and slid down his face, coming to rest on his white collar. "Mozer vasn't the same after that. She vould lock herself in Belinda's room. Sometimez I vould hear her laughing, uzers she vould veep. You look jus like her."

"I. I'm sorry" slightly taken aback. I didn't want to know what it would feel like to lose a sibling. He sighed.

"No, no I am. You muz still be angry vif me for taking your clothes. I juz thought you might like za dresses better. I vill make sur that they are returned to your room." He paused and looked at me." I have trouble remembering you are not Belinda. I am sorry." He smiled sadly. "Now, " his smiled got a little bigger. Now is didn't scare me. "you mus be starving now zat zhere are two of you."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, how did you know about my my..." I trailed off slightly taken a back. I had just told Nikolas…Nikolas.

"It vus easy to guess at, vhen Nicolas flew at me in a hoof." He laughed and I didn't think it was unpleasant. "Have you told him who the fozer is?

"He is the father" I said confused. Adolphus stopped laughing and his face darkened. I really didn't like that look.

"Zhat my dear iz not poszable. Ve are the Valking dead, Ve can not make children. But come along" he took my hand and pulled in the direction I had been walking. "Ve muz get you to dinner. Nicolas iz vaiting"