Story: It may Just Happen.

Anime: Naruto

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Warnings: Angst. BoyxBoy. Language. Death. Murderers. Shitty writing. Lack of inspiration for future chapters.

First chapter of my multi-chapter fic. It took me a while to complete this and I made lots of changes, but I hope its good enough now. If you find mistakes or stuff, just review and tell me so I can fix it.



"Voice on phone"

'Ring Tone'

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Sasuke tore his gaze away from the television, if only for a moment, to answer Naruto's question.

"Water will be fine thanks dobe."

Naruto's loud voice was heard from the kitchen, one room away, "Coming right up teme."

Sasuke inwardly chuckled at their strange way of showing friendship. He readjusted his position on the couch, popping his stiff joints loudly, while stretching his long slender legs which were positioned gracefully on the length of the sofa. He brushed one hand through sleek black hair before flicking over the channel to a horror movie.

Naruto appeared through the doorway of the sitting room, a glass in one hand, a bowl of steaming ramen in the other. "Your water, Uchiha. On ice." He winked menacingly.

The raven let a smirk play on his thin lips as he took the drink and murmured quick thanks. Naruto had on tight fitted dark jeans which hung low on his hips, with a snugly fitted black t-shirt on the top half-showing a sliver of tan skin at his waist.

His blonde hair was shaggy and unruly, but perfectly framing sharp cheekbones and dazzling blue eyes.

"Hey teme, move up so I can sit."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "No."

"What do you mean no?!" The blonde had already put aside his noodles and was ready to lunge at the Uchiha. "Move now!"

"No. Make me."

Sasuke prepared himself, and as Naruto flew forwards, he held him back by the shoulders with ease, as he twisted his arms behind his back and threw him to the floor – sitting on his back.

"Ehhhhh! No fair." Naruto pouted as he attempted to lash out of Sasuke's grip, but there was no progress.

The dark haired boy leant forwards to his ear, still gripping tightly onto the others arms. Breathing heavily, he said softly "There's no point Naruto, you know I'm always going to be better than you. Just accept it."

He huffed before a smirk was visible, "You just couldn't wait till you had a chance to get on top of me, eh?"

Sasuke just leant closer and replied, "Don't flatter yourself Uzumaki, you do nothing for me." Before ruffling the blonde's hair abit and sitting back down on the sofa.

Naruto huffed abit more and stood up, smoothing the creases in his t-shirt before picking up his ramen again. "Ramen.Ramen.Ramen.Ramen." he chanted as he sat down beside Sasuke - slurping the noodles. The raven just rolled his eyes and turned up the television-shrieks blasting out of the speakers.

He didn't feel the slightest bit guilty in being so rude in Naruto's house. As neither of them had parents, they would spend most of their time at each others houses.

This was like a second home to Sasuke.

"Yo Sasuke?"

"Hn?" Not once did his eyes leave the TV screen.

"You got yourself a boyfriend yet?" Naruto asked, in between mouthfuls of noodles.


"Are you even looking?"

"No. Why?"

"Just curious."

Sasuke continued watching the gruesome scenes of the horror film before Naruto broke the silence again.

"That's probably why you're so grouchy." The blonde pondered on this, one finger on his chin.

The raven turned his head, so deep onyx eyes met cerulean ones.


"It's 'cause you haven't had a good fuck in a while." Naruto grinned, as if he was proud he had worked it out.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't think about my sex life, thanks." Sasuke's tone stayed flat and he turned his attention back to the TV – turning it up.

Light shone in through open blinds, making patterns on the kitchen counter with sunlight. Sasuke sat quietly at the counter, slowly stirring his coffee – drifting into a daydream.

The kitchen was a spacious room, the pale walls were lined with cabinets and shelves, (mainly full of instant ramen) and a large marble-topped table sat in the centre. Great, big windows let the morning sunlight pour through its glass and spread throughout the open space like water.

Even at the early hour, the raven was fully dressed. He had on his favourite skin tight black jeans and a light blue t-shirt, which fitted perfectly – showing off his slim physique. He ran a hand through immaculate black hair, brushing his glossy bangs out of dark eyes. In the early daylight, his hair held a blue tinge to it.

There was a sudden clutter of footsteps and Sasuke rolled his eyes, knowing what to expect. He took another sip of coffee, just as Naruto stumbled down the stairs, almost missing the bottom step. He emerged into the kitchen, eyes still half closed with sleep. He really wasn't a morning person.

The blonde only wore a pair of dark blue boxers, revealing tight, taught muscles rippling through tanned skin. His boxers were loose hanging on his hips while his usually messy hair was out of control. It was sticking out in all directions.

The blonde fell into a chair at the counter and his head dropped down onto the table, making Sasuke shake his head and smirk at his friend's stupidity.

"Morning, dobe."

Naruto just shook his head from its position the marble, and said, "No…no. Too early…."

The dark haired boy took another sip of his fragrant coffee before getting up to make another cup for his half asleep friend – thinking it might wake him up.

Seeing as Sasuke spent almost as much time –maybe more- at Naruto's house, they had set up a spare room where he would sleep. Most of the raven's clothes were here anyway and it would just be a hassle to go back and forth.

Naruto's breathing deepened and his mouth hung open, indicating that he had fallen back to sleep.

'You've got this new head filled up wi-' (1)

Sasuke swiftly retrieved the blonde's mobile from its place by the kettle, before flipping it open and holding it to his ear.

"What do you want?"

"Oh that's nice of you Uchiha. I'm good, how about you?" Kiba's cheerful voice at the other end of the phone dripped with sarcasm.

"What is it Inuzuka?" The raven narrowed his eyes at the early morning call.

"Why are you even answering Naruto's phone? What have you done to him?! You've killed him, haven't you?!"

There was an evident sigh from Sasuke's side.


Sasuke just ran a pale hand through dark hair and rolled his eyes at all of his idiotic friends.

"Kiba what is it? Naruto's fallen asleep on the kitchen counter, he can't talk."

"Fine. Just wanted to know if you guys were up for going to the pub tonight? Us and the rest of the gang will be there. What do you say?"

"Fine. What time?"

"Please, don't overdo the enthusiasm. Meet us at 8:30. You better be there you big faggot!"

The raven rolled his eyes once again and moved the device away from his ear.


There was an evident "I HEARD THAT!", before Sasuke flipped the phone shut again.

There was a glint in the raven's eyes as a smirk flashed on his lips. He was conjuring up a plan.

He whistled a random tune while opening the fridge door and fishing out the orange juice. Slowly he poured the chilled drink into a tall glass – filling it to the brim. Sasuke kept stealing glances at the blonde, making sure he was still asleep. If the idiot knew he was whistling his reputation for being a cold bastard would be ruined.

With agile movements, Sasuke stepped towards Naruto – glass in hand. In one swift movement, he upturned its contents onto the blonde's head. Liquid dripped from his hair and onto his neck and bare back.

Naruto's eyes shot open, bugging out of his face, and he propelled out of his seat – shouting curses at the top of his voice, "WHATTHEFUCKINGHELL!JESUSCHRIST!BLOODYFUCK!AAAARRGH!" He was definitely awake now, Sasuke grinned. Mission accomplished.

The blonde stood in front of the raven, chest soaked in juiced, hair sticky and wet. He was fuming, but Sasuke continued to smirk.

"What the fuck did you do that for?!" Naruto's words were slow and laced with pure malice.

"Just wanted to wake you up, that's all. Besides, I thought you liked juice with your breakfast?" he couldn't help but grin as Naruto's eyes twitched with annoyance.

"I'm going to go have a shower. Clean this up." And with that, he stormed up the stairs – stomping on each individual step.

The raven stood smirking, still clutching the empty glass in one hand.

Ten minutes later, when the kitchen was spotless and gleaming once again, Naruto came trotting into the living room – only a towel around his waist.

Sasuke was sitting quietly on the leather sofa, one leg over the other and a newspaper in hand.

The blonde huffed some more, catching the other boy's attention.

"You like parading around half dressed, don't you?" he said, not evening looking up.

Naruto placed his hands on tan hips and narrowed his eyes, "This is my house teme." And as quickly Naruto had gotten into the foul mood, the mood lifted, into one where the blonde's eyes twinkled and his lips held a slight smirk.

"It's not my fault if my gorgeous body sets off gay alarm bells in your head." He pouted and raised his eyebrows in a superficial way.

Sasuke sighed and looked up from under the pages of the newspaper and sighted Naruto standing in the doorway, hands on hips and drops of water slowly trickling down his bare chest.

Ok, so maybe Naruto was half right. He was definitely gorgeous and Sasuke had seen him naked way too many times to count, but he had never thought of him in that way. It would just be weird. Best friends don't do that sort of thing.

"You, Uchiha, should be glad I'm not one to hold grudges!"

Sasuke was snapped back to reality and only half heard what the blonde was saying. He nodded lightly and looked back down to the obituaries he was reading.

A thought crossed the raven's mind, "Hey Naruto?"

"Yeah? What is it?" he was now shaking his hair like a wet dog, trying to get rid of the water.

"You know what you asked me last night?" Naruto nodded in reply, cocking his head to the side.

"Well, what about you? Got your eyes on any girls?"

The blonde stopped drenching everything in his eyesight and pondered on the question.

"Hhm. Come to think of it, no."

"Really? I thought you liked Sakura, and it's not like you, to not be hunting down some air headed chick."

"I did like Sakura, but I don't know, I just don't dig her like that anymore. Besides, she spends all of her time sticking to you like a bad smell; she doesn't even know I exist." Sasuke grimaced.

"Che. Girls are troublesome. I don't know how you can stand all of that giggling and shrieking." He shuddered at the thought.

Naruto failed to suppress a laugh. "You kill me, Uchiha." (2)

"Glad to know." He even let a faint smile pass his usually sneering lips.

An awkward silence followed and Sasuke looked up and frowned at the sight of Naruto looking slightly distressed and in deep thought. Drops of water continued to fall from his shaggy mop of hair. Albeit, smaller drops of water.

"What's wrong teme?" The tone Sasuke used was soft and careful. He wasn't sure what had caused the sudden mood change, and really didn't want to tread in it thoughtlessly.

Naruto lifted his head and met the raven's gaze. Deep pools of blue met deeps pools of charcoal.

"I don't know Sasuke. It just made me think. Like, really think. What you asked me made me realise something." Sasuke stayed quiet giving Naruto a chance to carry on and explain himself.

"I'm lonely."

The raven snapped his head up sharp. Was he hearing correctly? Naruto, lonely? The most popular, likeable guy I've ever come across, lonely. Naruto would always be at the centre of friendship groups and nearly everyone he met would take a liking to him. Even if his loud habits meant it would take a while.

Before Sasuke had a chance to get a word in, the blonde sighed and continued.

"You might not think so, but it's true. Ever since…that incident" The raven knew what he was referring to. "I feel lonely. I just want someone to be able to share my burdens with. Someone that will take some of the pressure off and make me feel wanted."

Naruto sighed again. Deep breathes escaped his pink lips. He dropped down onto the sofa beside Sasuke – not bothering to hold onto his towel which nearly fell off in the process. There was a faraway look in his eyes – like he was really thinking.

"Dobe. You still have me."

Naruto smiled and turned to face his best friend. "Yeah. You're right. I do. Thanks bastard."

"No problem, and remember I'm not going anywhere, so you could always share your burdens with me."

"Mhm. Yeah, I guess I could." Naruto's reply was half-hearted and Sasuke couldn't help but feel a little helpless.

The blonde's eyebrows were furrowed together and a mixture of thought and distaste were painted onto his face.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" The blonde came back to reality with the feel of Sasuke's hands massaging his neck and shoulders.

"Calm down dobe. I'm not going to molest you. You just looked all tense and worked up." His hands worked over the muscles in Naruto's back, gliding over smooth, tanned skin.

Eventually the blonde relaxed into his friend's touch and even let a moan escape his lips as Sasuke massaged a particular tense section on his shoulders.

"Mhm. You're pretty good at this teme."

"Hey! Don't go all homo on me now." Naruto giggled.

"Shall I let you in on a secret?" His eyes were half closed and his arms were loose at his sides.

"Sure. Knock yourself out." Sasuke said.

"Well…I'm not as straight as you think I am…"

"Eh? What do you mean by that? You're by far the straightest guy I know."

"I've had a boyfriend before. Before w-"

Sasuke hands stopped moving. His mouth hung open. The shock discovery of his best friend's secret took a while to absorb.


"Yep. Don't look at me like that! I was young and kind of wanted to experiment. You know?"

Maybe the expression on the raven's face made him look more mortified than he actually was. Actually, he wasn't mortified at all. It was just a shock to find out your straightest friend, wasn't all that straight in the end.

"Ok. Explain yourself now. Or I may just die of lack of air."

Naruto took a deep breath and made a sign that meant for Sasuke to continue massaging while he explained.

"Well. I was fourteen and my best friend at that time was gay. I asked him how he knew and he told me that he just…did. So, you can kind of guess what happened after that. I was curious and he was willing." He shrugged and sighed.

"And? What happened after that? What made you realise that, no – you were not a big homo and, yes – boobs were the way to go?" Sasuke asked curiously, not even paying attention to what he was doing with his hands now (3), too infatuated in Naruto's story.

"To be honest, I don't think I ever did." It took the raven a while to get over that one. "The relationship didn't last that long. I think what broke us up was more to do with the fact that he wasn't right for me and not because of his gender."

"Wow. Now that is definitely a confession and a half."

Naruto nodded. He turned his body so that Sasuke wouldn't be able to massage him any more. His eyes were fixed to the carpet. Its grey colour and appearance burned into his cornea. It was as if what he had just revealed was too personal and embarrassed him. So Naruto continued carpet gazing until Sasuke broke the silence.

"Did you fuck?" The raven couldn't hold back the grin/smirk and relished in seeing Naruto embarrassed. It was a rare occasion. It had to be celebrated.

"No." His blue orbs didn't leave the tiny stain he had located. "We never went that far. When I moved to this city for college, we kind of lost contact too."

"So, you're telling me that if the right boy comes along, you may just turn completely for them?" His curiosity had definitely got the better of him now.

"Yeah, I guess I am. You never know what the future holds. It may just happen."

They sat in complete silence after this for a good few minutes. Sasuke tried to swallow all of that information without choking, and really didn't understand why it made his insides warm and happy.

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(1) The song for his ring tone is 'Make Damn Sure' By 'Taking Back Sunday'

(2) Just if some people don't know. It's a saying for when someone's really funny. Like you're dying of laughter.

(3) Oh behave!