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The dark haired man sighed and sunk down into the chair, whipping his cloak as he did. He fished inside one of his pockets and produced a pack of cigarettes. He pulled out a lighter aswell and lit the cigarette as he placed it between his lips.

He held the smoke in his lungs for a few seconds before breathing it out of his tight lips.

"It's good to be back." He said, turning his attention to the bulky man who had just entered the dingy room and sat down in a vacant seat.

"Of course, Itachi-san." Kisame answered; an inhuman smirk visible across his face. His skin seemed to be a shade of blue and grey-indicating that he wasn't of perfect health.

Itachi sneered and his tongue darted out of his mouth to lick his dry lips.


He was back. He was back after ten years. And he was back with a vengeance.

Itachi had laid low for all those years; gaining power, gaining allies. He had created an organisation – The Akatsuki – and was the main man with power.

For years, the police organisation had tried to hunt him down. Going to all measures to ensure his capture, but nothing worked. There were times when they were extremely close, only putting half a foot wrong, but Itachi was better. Much better. He was always one step ahead, sometimes even more.

He was on his journey to the place he wanted to be; perfection. Even at a young age, he was pushed forward, pushed onwards to be perfect. To become that perfection that his parents wanted him to be.

The absence of love, the absence of comfort had turned him cold. It had turned his heart to ice and had warped his sense of right and wrong.

Nothing would ever come in his way when it was something he wanted, something he needed. Itachi would always get it. No matter what.

After years of gruelling training and studying, it had become too much –even for Itachi- and he needed an extra source of help. That was when he turned to the drugs. They had kept him alert and they had kept him awake, but it changed him.

It changed the Itachi that his parents knew. He was someone else, almost as if someone had taken refuge in his body.

Itachi had become more determined then. To be brilliant at everything he did. Whether it was school, sports, business, fighting – everything.

His parents had noticed the change in their son and had slowly started to neglect him, to stop giving him all of the attention.

They would spend all of their time and energy wasted on Sasuke. Itachi hated it. He hated it more than he hated not being perfect. He despised the fact that he wasn't being noticed, he despised the fact that his little brother would receive all of their attention.

It maddened him.

He noticed the way his parents would treat Sasuke, the way they would tell him they loved him and would always humour him when he did the smallest thing right. Not once had they raised their voice at their precious little angel.

Itachi was furious.

That was when he stopped regarding them as his family. Just burdens that needed to be rid of.

They came in the way of his path to perfection, to power.

He rid himself of the so called burdens that day, the day when he was finally seeing clearly and thinking straight. The day in which he found his purpose in life.

Sasuke was no obstacle, no set back. Just a boy. A boy who wasn't even worth his time.

But Itachi gained pleasure from seeing others suffer and he knew then that that was what he wanted to do with Sasuke.

To break, to destroy his little brother. The kid who stole the attention who gained the praise which he didn't deserve without even raising a finger.

He would play games with the boy's mind until he wished he was dead. Yes. That was much more fun.


The elder Uchiha removed the cancer stick from between his lips and released the breath he was holding. Smoke drifted upwards and dissolved into the air.

Kisame held out a large thick hand towards Itachi, who stubbed the end of the cigarette in his palm. The large man grinned and tightened his hand into a fist before ridding himself of the cigarette. Not bothering to check where it had fallen.

Itachi rose from his chair, raking a pale hand through his dark hair. (1) "Time to get to work Kisame. Enough games."

(1) Holy shit, THAT RHYMED!

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