Final Battle time! By the way all the script said was this fight would take place in Bangladesh but didn't say were so I just picked the biggest city.

Final Conflict

Dhaka, Bangladesh, 12 pm;

Bagan rapidly approached the city with Mothra hot on his heels. Along away Bagan had laid waste to Shanghai from the skies. Miki, Ed, and Logan had arrived ahead of him and were working hard along with UN soldiers to get every living thing possible out of the city in preparation for the two kaijus' epic struggle. "I don't think we'll be able to get everyone out in time." said Miki.

"Well at least Gotengo is repaired and waiting to help Mothra when those two start using this city as a wrestling ring." said Ed.

"That would be now, Look!" yelled Logan, pointing to the sky.

A dark shadow was cast across the full moon. Bagan looked upon the city, he saw a highway full of cars trying to escape the doomed city. Bagan prepared to fire his plasma beam but Mothra slams into him, knocking Bagan's beam off into the sky. Bagan turns to face her. The two monsters roar threats at each other. The group take an elevator the top of a skyscraper get in place to watch. Miki places the Cosmos's container on the ledge. "Well I guess we have front row seats to the match of the century." said Ed.

"Enough with the wrestling puns." said Miki, annoyed.

Bagan flies forward as does Mothra. The two slam into each other with great force several times. Bagan gains the upper hand and sends Mothra spiraling at the ground. Mothra catches herself and hovers above the ground. Bagan lands, crushing a building in the process. The two stare off at each. Mothra points the tip of her abdomen at Bagan. It opens a storm of black quills shoot forth. Bagan recoils from surprise of the new attack. Mothra stops the attack and rockets forward, slamming into Bagan. Bagan catches her and throws her into a building. She rights herself as the building collapses. She fires her antenna beams, Bagan counters with his horn beam. An explosion knocks both back and levels a good portion of the city. Mothra slashes a gash in Bagan's armor, Bagan slams his tail into her. Bagan charges forward, horn ready to scour his enemy. Mothra rolls out of the way, causing Bagan to crash through another skyscraper.

Mothra fires another barrage of stingers. Bagan ducks behind the remains of the building. Mothra's stingers collapse the building. Bagan Fires a horn beam from behind the smoke. It slams into Mothra and sends her flying through another building. Bagan flies over and tries to squash Mothra beneath his feet. Jade colored lightning fires from Mothra's wings. Bagan screams in pain and is sent back as Mothra takes to the skies. Bagan opens his wings and fires his energy orbs. Mothra's wing ignites into a fireball. Mothra flies over the water and puts out the flame.

Mothra flies at Bagan. Bagan whips his tail around and slams it into Mothra's head. Mothra crashes to the ground. Bagan leaps into the air and stomps on Mothra several times. "Mothra." said the Cosmos.

"Look it's the Gotengo." said Logan.

The Gotengo's particle rays hit Bagan's back, getting his attention. The Gotengo fires its missiles, hitting Bagan. Unaffected, Bagan fires his plasma beam. Gotengo avoids the beams. Gotengo rockets forward and activates its drill. The massive bit digs into the scar left from Bagan's first battle with Mothra. Bagan roars in agony before firing his beam pointblank at Gotengo. Explosions rock the hull. Gotengo retreats as Bagan fires his energy orbs. Gotengo crashes to the ground. Bagan closes in but Mothra blast him in the back with her wing lightning. Bagan turns to see Mothra fly high into the sky. Bagan takes off in pursuit. The two titans clash again. Mothra latches onto Bagan's chest. She drives the tip of her abdomen into his wound and fires her stingers. Bagan screams in agony as his insides are ravaged by the sharp projectiles. Bagan plummets from the sky.

"I think Mothra won." said Miki.

"Mosura ya Mosura

Dongan kasakuyan

Indo muu

Rusuto uiraadoa

Hanba hanbamuyan

Randa banuneradon


Kasaku yaanmu." sang the Cosmos.

Green energy runs down Mothra's wings and a large orb of it grows in her thorax. A massive beam of green energy spouts forth and slams into Bagan's wound. Bagan is sent hurdling to earth as blood spurts from his mouth. Bagan lands on an oil refinery causing a massive explosion. Mothra lands not far away and looks for any sign of movement. Bagan staggers from the flames, blood pouring from his wound and mouth, his right arm falling limply to his side. Bagan slowly approaches Mothra. He raises his tail and launches it forward at Mothra's head. The blade stops right as it almost hits. Bagan's eyes begin to fade. He lets out one last roar that shatters every window left in the city. Bagan's eyes closes and he falls to the ground. Mothra lets out a victorious roar.

"The dreaded dragon, Bagan lives no more." said the Cosmos.

Every human remaining in the city lets out a loud cheer. "So Bagan is dead. I can't help but wonder what humanity might do with the body of a creature like him. Who knows what the military might do with his DNA?" asks Logan.

"Worry not, friends. Mothra will drop Bagan's body into the deep ocean where no one will be able to do evil with it." Mothra grabs hold of Bagan's corpse and lefts it into the air. She flies out to sea.

Far out in the Indian Ocean, Mothra drops Bagan from the night sky. A pillar of sea water launches into the sky. Mothra watches as her mother's murder sinks into the depths of the ocean.

United Nations, 8 am;

Three weeks after the final battle, Logan is before the UN. "Three weeks ago, a terrible event rocked the world. Five cities are destroyed, the death toil in the millions. Our own recklessness and greed released an ancient evil that we were powerless against. If it weren't for the Mothras, my crew, and the crew of the Gotengo, Bagan would have wiped out life as we know it. Humans need to learn to be less reckless about are planet. Who knows what other monsters could be slumbering in the frozen recesses of our planet? If we don't be careful, one could wake up at any time. Despite all the trouble we've caused, Mothra will still protect us if we are so foolish as to do so again." said Logan, he is met with massive applause.

Mothra and the Cosmos fly overhead, Mothra lets out a screech and flies toward her home on infant island.

The End...

Antarctic, 8:15 am;

A dark, dinosaur-like shadow hung in the glacier. Beside it another and another.

Or is it?

Well I hoped you guys had a good time. The ending was just to get a point across but if someone wants to use it for a sequel fanfic your welcome to it. See yah!