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"None of us were expecting this," Uncle Harry began the Order meeting. "It was a secret, spur of the moment mission for a couple of Abscidos that Zach knew nothing about. He only is told of big attacks, not spontaneous murders." Harry cringed as he thought of his mother-in-law's death as a murder.

"Can I say something?" I raised my hand. Uncle Harry nodded his head to motion for me to continue. "Grandmum only died because she was alone in that big house. The way to keep us safest I think is to live in numbers. That way there are always people to keep track of us in our homes."

Ian interjected, "I like that idea too."

"So do I, there's strength in numbers," Uncle Harry agreed. "Great suggestion, Freddie. Ginny and I live in Godric's Hollow with Lily. Would anyone like to join us?"

"How about Elton and Gia and their baby?" Lily suggested. "They never joined the Order, but I want to keep them safe. Plus it will help them save money so they can raise their son and eventually buy a house of their own." She pleaded with her father using her eyes. "Can we, Dad?"

"That's a great idea, Lily," Uncle Harry said. "Mackenzie, would you want to join us during breaks when you're not teaching?"

"That would be brilliant, thank you," she replied with a smile.

"I'll move back in," Albus declared. He turned to me. "We can just get rid of the flat and split up."

"Smart idea, go back to our roots," I concurred while running a hand through my hair. I never thought I'd want to move back in with my parents or aunts and uncles, but here I was, just trying to survive. "Mum, Dad, can I move back in? I think we could have some good times together if you'd take me."

"Oh, of course we'll take you!" Mum exclaimed. Then she turned to Selena. "If you two don't share a room, you can come as well, dear. I just don't think I can take the idea of my son sharing a bed with his girlfriend in the house he grew up in, so don't take it personally." Mothers all over the world, no matter how much can change over time, will always agree with that statement.

Then my spontaneity kicked into high gear as I thought about Selena. I realized people were dying every day, that I might not even have much longer to live myself, and the only person I wanted to be with before I died was my girlfriend. But I didn't want her to be my girlfriend any longer, I wanted her to be my wife, my partner.

"I'd love to, thank you," Selena responded gratefully.

"Selena, will you marry me?" I blurted out. Everyone in the room turned to me with a startled look at my outburst. "I don't have a ring or a romantic gesture," I continued, "but I have me and the commitment I'm willing to make, and I love you. We may not have forever, but however long we have is how long I want you to be my wife." She was sitting next to me, so I got out of my seat and kneeled before her. "Please be my wife," I begged. Playing it cool was never one of my strong points.

She started crying. "Well, I never imagined you would ask me like this, but of course I'll marry you."

I jumped up and kissed her on the lips. As the kiss went on I had to pause and smile as I realized these were the only lips I'd be kissing for the rest of my life.

"That was so romantic!" Rose nearly sobbed. "When did Freddie get so romantic?"

"Well, if they're engaged I guess they can share a room now," Dad said to my mother with a shrug.

"Uh, I hate to interrupt this, but can we continue on with the meeting?" Albus suggested. I pulled away from Selena and sat down. "Sorry, mate, but we need to accomplish some things."

"No problem," I said with a goofy grin on my face.

"Is there anyone else who would like to stay in our house?" Mum offered to the table. "We have an extra room now that Selena and Freddie are engaged."

Ian raised his hand. "I need a place, I'm sorry to barge in though, but I play Quidditch most of the time anyway. You'd just be making sure nothing happened to me."

"You are not barging at all, we'd love to have you," Mum responded cheerfully.

"There's my house up for sale," Aunt Hermione projected. "Hugo is still home, but Rosie, you and Scorpius can have your room back if you want it?"

"Merlin," Uncle Ron moaned. "I'm with Rachael on that one."

"Ron, they're practically married anyway. And I'll live with that sort of lifestyle if it means I can have my Rosie home, so just deal." Then she smiled sweetly at her daughter. "What do you say, love? We'll keep Scorpius safe at our home and you won't have to separate from him." The desperation to have her daughter was shining in my aunt's eyes.

"Sure, Mum, I'll come home." Aunt Hermione was beaming.

"Now that the Burrow is empty, we can fit stragglers in there," Uncle Harry stated. "And since it's already been attacked, I don't think they will suspect it."

"Parvati and I will stay there," Neville replied.

McGonagall raised her hand. "I'll stay there as well. Hogwarts can't be the only place I report to all year round."

Stewart Ackerly, a man working for the Ministry, also raised his hand. "I'm single, I need a place to stay after I sell my flat."

Professor Kim said, "I'll go too."

Sullivan sighed. "I guess that's where all the Hogwarts professors are reporting to when we're not in session. Flitwick and I are in too."

"I love that you just reported me, but okay," Flitwick responded with a shrug.

"Katie, Ellen, and I need a place to stay as well," Oliver Wood piped in, "it's just us in the flat we reside.

Lacey started rambling, "Because of Sean I think Sam and I need to stay put in our house. We have room though for others." She turned to Ray. "You, Wenda, and Rainer could join us. Then we could help each other out with the kids, it'll be fine. You'll also understand how exhausting it is to live with us considering you have a child of your own." That woman knew how to go on and on about something that really wasn't a big deal.

"That works for me," Ray said blandly.

"Now we have Grimmauld Place that can hold people," Aunt Ginny declared. "Who would want to stay there?"

James raised his hand. "I would."

Randa stated, "I would too." Her unique eyes that I could never identify the color of glanced at Albus. "Is that okay?"

Al nodded his head. "I want you to be safe more than anything else."

"Sabina will need a place to stay," Selena cut in. "Could she go there when she's not teaching?" Aunt Ginny nodded her head. Selena then nodded her head at Hilary, a girl three years older than her who was already an established Auror. "Would you want to live there too, Hilary? I know you live alone."

"That would work," Hilary agreed.

Andromeda took a deep breath before saying, "I hate to move out of my lonely house, but I think these kids will need someone to cook and tend for them."

"Charlie and Tabitha, why don't you guys stay there as well?" Aunt Ginny suggested. "I know you've been staying in England more considering what's going on, so you could get rid of where you've been staying and help Andromeda take care of the house." She smiled at her big brother. "Please, Charlie?"

He glared at his little sister. "You can convince me to do anything, can't you?" Ginny smiled again. "All right, we'll stay there." Charlie turned to his wife. "Is that okay with you?"

Tabitha nodded her head. "It works."

Trudy raised her hand. "I need a place to stay too. Would it be all right if I was there as well, or are there too many people?"

"That house is huge, of course there is room for you stay there," Aunt Hermione jumped to her son's girlfriend's defense. "I'll contact Luna as well for there, she needs a place with people as well."

"There's room with us and the kids," Teddy said, pointing to Victoire.

"Dad and Kingsley?" Victoire smiled at the two men. "We would love to have you. I'll need some big strong men around the house to help me keep the kids safe." I lightly chuckled at that one. That girl could word anything to make it sound charming and irresistible. It was the greatest gift her mother had given her.

"Do I really have a choice?" Bill muttered.

Aunt Cadee perked up. "We still have Todd and Arthur in our home, and we'll contact Remus about this, but there's plenty of room for more!" She paused after mentioning this. "Merlin, Arthur graduates this year."

Rod Agentine, a younger member of the Order, nodded. "I hate to be a nuisance, but-"

"No nuisance at all!" Aunt Cadee exclaimed.

"We've figured out a lot today," Uncle Harry announced, "I think that can conclude the meeting. Hopefully these situations can keep us safe, but if anything happens or Zach lets me know anything, we'll meet again. Take care."