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The Doctor slowly pushed open the door to the TARDIS garden, and with his hands thrust deep into his pockets, he walked, head down, down the winding paths. After a few minutes, he stopped in front of a pink rose bush in full bloom. Just in front of it, was a small wooden plaque, delicately engraved, and polished to the point it was perfectly smooth and shiny. The Doctor knelt before it, and ran his fingers over a rose on the bush, and then lower tracing the letters in the wood. A single tear rolled down his freckled cheek.

On the plaque were the words, and below it was an intricate carving of a rose in bloom.

Rose Tyler.

Gone, but still oh so alive.

And I will love her forever.

The Doctor let out a ragged breath and let the tears flow freely down his cheeks. It had been a year since Bad Wolf Bay, since his declaration got cut short. A year since he truly felt both his hearts shatter.

As he knelt there crying, the TARDIS gave a small shudder, one that he ignored. Even his ship was less important to him than his few minutes mourning for his Rose.

But that was when he felt it. A hand on his shoulder. He was alone now, Martha had left him so she could look after her family, and the whole Titanic business had been sorted, and the side of the TARDIS repaired, and there was no one to hold his shoulder. He turned slowly on the spot and looked up. Looked up into those beautiful brown orbs that could only belong to Rose Tyler.

He blinked the tears from his eyes, clearing his slightly blurry vision, and slowly stood up, the hand never moving from his shoulder.


"My Doctor."

"How… what…" but his questioning words were cut short by Rose leaning up and placing a kiss on his lips. Finally.


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