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Keeping Peace with Yourself Chapter 1

"Come on, Dwayne talk please" said Sheryl. Sheryl has had tried everything to try to get her firstborn child, Dwayne to talk even if it is shut up, now. Her husband Richard has been trying to get her to send him away to a place so he will talk again because he doesn't believe the only reason Dwayne isn't talking is because he wants to be a fighter pilot.

"Dwayne, if you don't start talking, you know Richard is going to send you away. Think about what it is going to do to Olive without her older brother."

Dwayne just giving her the yeah right don't use the Olive card on me.

"Oh ok that's it I don't care anymore. Richard can send you away it doesn't matter anyway." Sheryl said as she went off to go get dinner from Dinah's Chicken Place for chicken.

"Hi, Dwayne" said Olive as she was coming out of her from practicing again to become a beauty pageant girl. She had been practicing every since she had became the runner-up in the semi-finals for the Little Miss Sunshine contest that she was in when she visited her cousins in California.

Dwayne wrote down his response to Olive: Hi Olive, how was your practicing with Grandpa?

"Good, will you ever talk again Dwayne even to me?"

No, not until I am in a fighter jet

"Is it true daddy will send you away if you don't start speaking soon?"

Probably is, why?

" Well, because even though you don't talk you are a really cool older brother and I don't think anything is wrong with you."

Well, thank you for the vote of confidence. Why don't you go off and play with your Barbies, mom will be home soon with dinner.

"Ok, see you at dinner" said Olive as she went off back to her room to play with her Barbies.

"Hey, stop reading that book, its not good for you, its only screwing you more up" Said Richard angrily coming inside after coming home from another hard day of work with no success. Some days Richard wondered why he still pushed his 9-step self-help to success book but then he remembered if he quit from that he was being a hypocrite and a loser so he continued on with his horrible job.

Why? That was all Dwayne wrote on his notepad in response to Richards statement.

" Oh, You know why. It doesn't matter anymore any ways because I found the perfect boarding house that can help you and make you "normal"."

What? Why?

"Oh, you heard me correctly you are being sent away so you can be fixed and you know why you are being sent away"

Arrgh, You suck, you should go to hell.

Right then Cheryl came through the door with dinner and Richard said "later"

"Go get Olive and Grandpa, will you Dwayne?" Said Cheryl.

He she his head yes and went on to go get Olive and Grandpa. He hoped Grandpa wouldn't complain about eating chicken again because it was getting very old because everyone was starting not to like having chicken for dinner but it was better than the alternative of Sheryl cooking.

About five minutes into dinner Richard decided it was a good idea to breach the subject of sending Dwayne away for a month so he will get "better".

"Ok, everyone let's have a family discussion, now" Said Richard in his best assertive voice.

"Oh, not again, last time we had one I got an intervention" said Grandpa.

Everyone except Richard had grimacing looks at the thought of having a family discussion.

"Ok, lets stop our complaining now and have this chat because it is very important to have it. I have found a very good boarding place to send Dwayne to help him get better because he has been depressed for a while now, with his no talking and his choices in reading but he can get better" Said Richard.

What, no I am not going there because I don't need to be institutionalized and I am not depressed, I am just silent because I made a vow to stay quiet till I get to fly jets. Dwayne wrote down on his notepad as fast as he could.

"Dwayne. I think this might be good for you, you could learn other ways to help you get to your goals that don't include going mute till its met." Said Sheryl.

Oh, come on you are siding with him why? Dwayne wrote in disbelief

"Oh, Richard, the boy is just trying to prove his individuality with being quiet so just god fucking let him" Said Grandpa just trying to keep Richard from ruining the boy's future.

"Daddy, why can't Dwayne stay here with us, he's alright?" Said Olive

"I am siding with Richard because I really want you talking again and you might just be happier if you are talking because you will make more friends" Said Sheryl trying convincingly as she could.

"Because honey Dwayne is beyond our help, and he will only get better with professional help that he can only get in this nice little place in Indiana called Keeping Peace With Yourself. Now that's final finish dinner and you are leaving in the morning Dwayne so pack up and you will be gone for a whole month."

What that's so unfair. I am not going that's final!!! Dwayne was near the verge of tears now.

Looking around the table Olive was the most upset because she was losing the most out of the deal; her brother for an entire month. While there was a faint but still there smile on Richard's because his plan to make his family a winning family instead of a losing family was coming together.