Rule Number 1: Never shout "OMG IT'S AN URGAL BEHIND YOU!!!" before Brom is about to run into a tree

Rule Number 2: Never dress up as a Shade for Halloween around Brom

Rule Number 3: Don't ever tell Brom he's old and make fun of his beard. Trust me...

Rule Number 4: Don't replace Brom's sword with a stick... he'll use it on you anyways.

Rule Number 5: Never lose his whine flask... it will be a not-good situation.

Rule Number 6: Never put Brom into suggestive posistions while he is sleeping.

Rule Number 7: Never mistake your Dragon for a lizard. EVER.

Rule Number 8: Never try to switch your horse with Snowfire. Again- he will use his stick.

Rule Number 9: Never give Brom wine after 8 o'clock...

Rule Number 10: Don't try to wash Brom's right hand.

Rule number 11: Never reveal your gedwey ignasia and shout "GO WEB GO!"

Rule Number 12: Never imitate Brom while he is speaking. He'll use his stick...

Rule Number 13: If Brom is leaned over a pond while washing his face- don't try to push him in.

Rule Number 14: When Brom hands you a fresh plate of killed deer, don't ask to go to McDonalds instead.

Rule Number 15: Never whistle suggestivly as Arya passes

Rule Number 16: Don't use any papers from Brom's house as scrach paper.

Rule Number 17: Never make a braid with Brom's beard.

Rule Number 18: Never let Brom cook your meals without wearing a hair net on his beard

Rule Number 19: Don't scry on Brom unless your sure he is out of the bathroom. Just... trust me on this.

Rule Number 20: Don't ever turn your back to Brom when he challenges you to a duel- you'll end up on the floor with a broken back.

Rule Number 21: If you ever came close to trading a Dragon egg for a piece of meat- make sure that remains secret from Brom.

Rule Number 22: At least pretend to be interested when Brom gives you lessons on the ancient language.

Rule Number 23: Don't try to cut his purse.

Rule Number 24: Uh- and don't make fun of him for having a 'purse'.

Rule Number 25: Don't think about things you shouldn't when around Brom. Unless you can block your mind really well- I still don't suggest it though.

Rule Number 26: Don't call him "Grandpa".

Rule Number 27: Never say "Saphria" is a stupid name around Brom/

Rule Number 28: Never call Brom "Broom."

Rule Number 29: Don't draw a smiley face on your Gedwey Ignasia/

Rule Number 30: Never replace Brom's 'toilet paper' with poison ivy leaves.

Rule Number 31: Never run up to Brom while he is talking to a male citizan, and shout "SAY YES TO GAY SEX!!"

Rule Number 32: Don't think naughty things. Brom OR Saphira will know. Trust me..

Written by Jayzeer and Tianimalz