Chapter 11

Diagon Alley And The Chamber

"I'd suggest getting clothes charmed to go up a size at least," said Severus as he Apparated Harry to Diagon Alley. Dumbledore didn't know they were out, so if the Order was here, they would be reprimanded like teenagers. Something he was all too familiar with when it came to the Headmaster, and quite frankly he was sick of it. So he didn't dally around, or allow Harry to do so. They swiftly made their way towards Madam Malkin's shop; they were cheaper than Gladrags. Gladrags had classier clothes; training under Hogwarts wasn't ideal for such wear, so Madam Malkin's it was. Opening the door, Severus was relieved to see it was empty of customers, but given how early it was he wasn't surprised. Most people would just be digging into their breakfast now.

Harry tried to keep up with Severus as they walked along the Alley, inwardly impressed with the swagger Snape had on. It excluded confidence, but confidence in what? The ability to take anyone that tried anything with him on? In his own power? He wished he could walk like that. When he walked he felt as though spiders were crawling all over his body, with everyone watching him all the time. He'd always wanted a place to be where he wouldn't be the 'Boy-Who-Lived' it seemed he may just have found one. The Founders were more powerful than him, so was Snape; they didn't see him as special. No, he was perfectly normal with them and he loved it. Even if he and Snape argued more often than not.

"Can I help you?" asked Malkin coming from the side room, her white hair wrapped in a bun. The plump witch looked nice in her new robes. She had them in a pale blue colour that went well with her eyes, her own design if he wasn't mistaken. He wasn't of course, there was an entire rack filled with them but Severus noticed none in the colour she was wearing.

"Mr. Potter requires a new wardrobe; go on, we do not have all day," said Severus immediately.

"Of course not," said Harry blankly before hopping onto the stool.

"It seems your old records don't need to be updated much," said Malkin, looking a tad bit worried. Boys his age usually grew so quickly it was hard to keep track. Harry was different; during his first and second year his robes had been the same size, all bar a few inches on the stomach. Admittedly he'd had a short spurt during his fourth and fifth year. Regardless, it was still disconcerting, to say the least; he shouldn't still be so short and thin come to that.

"He will sprout out this year, so put a charm on them that enables them to grow out," said Severus impassively.

"Of course," she said feeling a little better that someone was taking care of the young man in front of her.

Harry grimaced at the word sprout; seriously, he shuddered at the thought of ending up like Vernon or Dudley had been. He would never let himself get like that.

"Special made, or would you like to look around?" asked Malkin politely.

"I'll look around," said Harry immediately, causing Severus to nod in approval. Hopping off the stool he immediately began looking around the shop. Everything was pinned together it was so small, but this no longer surprised Harry. Every shop in Diagon Alley was tiny, well, with the exception of Gringotts, but that wasn't a shop. Picking stuff up he wanted, he found an assistant taking it from him and proceeding to following him around. Madam Malkin stayed quiet and far enough away that Harry didn't feel uncomfortable.

"He will need two pairs of closed black robes with my usual spells on them," said Severus, telling her now so she could get to it while Harry picked out everything he wanted. She nodded and made her way into the side room they had seen, a blue cover of fabric decorated the door stopping anyone from seeing inside. Severus then immediately went off to the specialised robes, ones duellers usually wore, looking for one that would look good on Harry. The green one caught his attention, and along with that his rather lewd fantasies. Cursing angrily, he closed his eyes trying to think of anything other than Harry. Potion ingredient after Potion ingredient was uttered under his breath, each more disgusting than the last until his lust had abated. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to get these robes, but the others were in really gaudy colours, which just made a target of the person wearing them. The darker the better, in his opinion, and it had nothing to do with his own personal taste.

Half an hour later they had everything they could possibly need. Severus used his own account (which was saved with Madam Malkin's) to pay for the two black robes and the green dueller's robe. Harry paid for everything else himself, using his own money ― Severus was beginning to see what Rowena meant about Harry being independent and fiercely dependant. He'd agreed before, but today he felt like he really believed it.

"Could we go to Hogsmeade? I'd like to get some sweets from Honeydukes," asked Harry.

"We could," said Severus sarcastically.

"May we?" asked Harry refraining from rolling his eyes. Honestly, sometimes he felt five years old around Snape, he always had something to correct. A niggling through of 'it's better than always getting let off with everything' entered his mind.

"Very well," said Severus. "But first we must go to the Apothecary."

Thirty five minutes later Severus Apparated Harry to Hogsmeade to get his sweets. For that Harry was grateful, the atmosphere in the apothecary smelt disgusting; it always had. Spending over half an hour in there, well…it wasn't his idea of a good time, let's put it that way. He didn't linger in the sweet shop too long, just grabbing all his favourite sweets, a lot more than he usually took during the train ride. He wanted enough to do him while training; sugar always gave him energy. Probably because he'd never been allowed it as a child he felt the affects more. He could sense Severus behind him rolling his eyes at the amount of sweets he had in his basket.

"Would you like something?" asked Harry biting his lip awkwardly; his professor had bought him new robes.

Severus eyebrows rose, it wasn't a question often directed at him. "I like the occasional bar of Honeydukes finest milk chocolate and the one with fruit and nuts," replied Severus, presenting the teenager with personal information nobody, other than Minerva, had figured out. Other than Lily, but she was no longer here. He, like Harry, had loved eating chocolate, because he was unable to have any as a child, unless Lily's parents handed him something.

Harry grinned and nodded, his Potions Master seemed more human every second he spent with him... even if his scowl was on his face looking permanently set. He placed two blocks of chocolate into his basket and then made his way over to the queue. The shop was almost empty, just a few kids in with their brothers or sisters. He was surprised any parent would let their child run around...especially with the war starting up. Unless they believed the Ministry's claims that their homes were safe with the spells they'd suggested. He had one word for them: idiots.

"Ready to leave?" asked Severus wryly.

"Well…I actually wanted to go to Dervish and Banges; I want to buy a wand holster," said Harry in explanation.

"That, Harry is the best idea you've had yet." said Severus impressed; nodding his consent they exited the sweet shop and walked down the road, bearing to the right and entering the shop.

"They all look different," mused Harry as they found the holster area.

"They're meant to," said Severus bluntly.

Harry snorted, "I meant by design, not colour or dragon hide."

"That's because they are for different areas of the body; the most popular kinds are calf and wrist," said Severus, "This one is for the back, for someone who prefers their wand at their shoulder. It has its drawbacks; it's awkward to reach for, but people don't expect the wands to be produced from there."

"That makes sense," said Harry, he had been wondered how anyone could have a calf or wrist the size they had. Although now he thought about it, Vernon and Dudley could have given it a fair go.

"Pick something and let's go," said Severus using the tone of voice he always used in the classroom. They had been here much longer than he was comfortable with. Perhaps the next time he would be confident Harry could hold his own against the Death Eaters and not be so paranoid.

"Okay," said Harry in surrender.

"Now," said Severus, leaving no room for argument.

"I'm going!" cried Harry in exasperation, grabbing two dragon hide wand holsters and hastily made his way to pay for them.

"Merlin, you'd think we are being attacked," grumbled Harry as he was guided out the shop quickly once he'd paid for them.

"Enough back chatter!" snapped Severus.

"You are the one talking to my back," said Harry, biting his tongue afterwards. He just couldn't help himself, he was used to winding Severus Snape up.

Severus pursed his lips; feeling slightly amused as he Apparated them to the gates of Hogwarts.

"Dobby?" called Severus.

"Yes sir?" asked Dobby appearing before them.

"Take us down to the Chamber," said Severus; Dobby would be accompanying them. There was no way they could take food down with them; they just did not know how long they would be there for. Dobby grabbed a hold of both their hands and took them down to the chamber of secrets with eagerness. He loved looking after his Harry Potter! And this was his chance. Maybe Harry Potter would find him loyal enough to hire him. As much as he loved being a free elf, he wanted a Master; he wanted to serve Master Harry Potter. Looking around Snape nodded in satisfaction, it seemed as though Dobby had done as he asked already. Everything he'd wanted down here was already down, which included his cauldron sets, even his chess board.

"Thank you, Dobby, do you have anything you wish to bring with you?" asked Severus.

"No sir!" said Dobby immediately beaming at the Potions Master, awed at his kindness.

"Very well," said Severus.

"How's Winky?" asked Harry kindly.

"She be a little better, Harry Potter sir, she not drinking so much nows," said Dobby proudly. He had helped her all by himself.

"Oh hell, no!" snarled Severus gaping at the ONLY bedroom in the chamber. There was no way he was sharing a bed or a room with a boy he was dreaming about at night. It would only succeed in complicating matters more. His self-disgust rose further; Merlin, this wasn't right ― the boy was seventeen! His student! A boy he'd sworn to protect.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry curiously; stepping in, his green eyes widened in surprise. "OH," was all Harry squeaked, going slightly red in the face.

Severus viciously bit the inside of his lip, as his mind immediately envisioned ways to make that blush encompass Harry's entire face.

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