Chapter 2

The Fight For Harry Potter

Severus watched the fight intently, much more closely than he usually did, since he was always bored at these things. Unfortunately, if he wanted to fight them, he would need to know their weak spots. Where they were being injured and with what, just in case he was called up next. It was going to be some battle if he wanted to ensure he had Potter to himself. He knew what they would expect, and the thought turned his stomach. Not just because he hated the boy, no, he was his student. He had a sense of morals, even if the idiots he had to put up with at these meetings didn't. He had no doubt who would win this bout, Lucius might have been weakened after his stay in Azkaban, but he was more powerful and knew more magic than Nott. Nott was content with what spells he knew; they did what he liked them to do, and that was it. In fact the idiot probably hadn't opened a book since his seventh year at Hogwarts. His son Theodore was different, he was an avid reader.

Severus winced in sympathy when a certain spell hit Nott. He didn't care if the man lived or died really, but to be hit with that spell in that area, well who could blame him for wincing? Everyone else had done the same thing; an invisible boot kicking you between the legs would be excruciatingly painful. Bellatrix, on the other hand, laughed crazily, jumping up and down in her spot next to the Dark Lord. The unconscious form of Harry Potter lay not two feet from her. Her sister was off to the side, watching everything, her worry shining through her eyes, despite her emotionless face. It surprised Severus, even to this day, how she could love such a man. He was cold, calculating and had reduced her life to this. Oh, the kicker was the fact that his godson Draco was destined to become a Death Eater. Draco didn't have a chance to choose, his path had been set for him the minute he was born. So far he'd been safe, but the second he graduated Hogwarts…he dreaded what would become of the innocent little boy he'd held all those years ago.

"YEILD," boomed Lucius, standing over the body of Nott, who was shaking and moaning in agony. He really should have known better than to go up against Lucius Malfoy...not that he'd had a choice either.

Nott used his sleeve to staunch the blood pouring out his nose, as he cupped his squashed manhood wondering if the pain would ever stop. He was in no condition to continue; his left leg was broken, and a slashing curse had hit him on his right shoulder, which was also oozing blood a bit too zealously. The dizziness was beginning to affect his brain-to-mouth functions. "Yes," he managed to get out.

Lucius smirked in triumph, turning to face the Dark Lord, basking in the pride he saw on his Dark Lord's face. He didn't even seem bothered that his wife might have liked some reassurance. There was only one person Lucius strove for approval from, and that was the red-eyed man who was grinning insanely. "Crabbe, take him to the potions lab, clean him up!" He was of course talking about Nott, and Crabbe was at least smart enough to realize this.

With Crabbe's help, Nott hobbled out of the room, moaning in agony. A few of the onlookers that had been all too eager to fight for Potter…suddenly didn't want to anymore. Walden Macnair suddenly blended himself into the background. It looked as though he could only take on and kill dangerous beasts that were already subdued. Severus realized there were only a few more challengers; he tensed, ready to be called on. Bellatrix was the Dark Lord's favourite; no doubt she'd be called last, so she had more chance of getting her own way. Lucius had failed in his last mission; that was why the Dark Lord had made him go first. There was a reason behind absolutely everything the Dark Lord did. Therefore Severus was rather surprised by the Dark Lord's next decision.

"Bellatrix," intoned Voldemort, taking sadistic glee in Narcissa's paling looks, and Bellatrix's indignant face. She obviously hadn't expected him to pick her; truth be told, the Dark Lord wanted Snape to win. He was always very…creative when he wanted to be. Admittedly he hadn't touched anyone in a long time; this was a first. If anyone hated Harry Potter just as much as him, it was Severus Snape. It was rather amusing the way he spat the boy's name while giving his reports.

"My Lord?" gaped Bellatrix, it wasn't that she was afraid of Lucius; she would take him on any day. She didn't even spare a thought for her sister, she would make her lord proud any way she could.

"Yes?" asked the Dark Lord, his voice becoming dangerous as he suspected his decision being questioned.

"Thank you, My Lord," said Bellatrix bowing low before taking her position on the 'duelling' area that Lucius and Nott had just used. She didn't want to make him angry, he was extremely happy with her so far. Her husband, Rodolphus watched the proceedings with pride. His wife could look after herself, but if Lucius hurt her unjustly... well, he would have to figure out a way to repay the favour. He looked over at Narcissa as he thought this.

"Confringo," snarled Bellatrix, and the duel was on after having just bowed to one another in 'respect'; ironic, really, since neither actually liked the other. Lucius moved out of the way, as his Grand Hall wall was blasted, causing debris to fly everywhere.

"Flagrate," said Lucius, his wand going around in swift complicated motions before he sent the fiery burning lines at his sister in law. Bellatrix moved out of the way, but one tail end of the pattern hit her on the shoulder causing her to hiss.

"Crucio!" snarled the mad witch, not just mad as in totally bonkers, but she was furious Lucius had managed to get her. They both wanted to win; they wanted Potter and the Dark Lord's approval.

"Crucio!" shouted Lucius in turn. He had always been furious at the fact Potter had freed his servant. He'd never managed to get him back for that, and simply put, this was a chance for him to get his revenge. Dobby had been in his family for three generations, and he'd been the perfect servant. Now he was gone, and he hadn't been able to get another elf. Most of the elves were actually at schools, like Hogwarts and Durmstrang.

"Aruspices!" yelled Bellatrix a gleam filling her eyes, as they all drew breath as one. She was using an entrails expelling curse, when she'd been told no permanent harm. Lucius raised a shield in the nick of time causing it to fly back at the unsuspecting witch.

Bellatrix cursed, jumping side to avoid it, falling with a painful thump on the marble flooring that adorned Malfoy's Grand Hall. All too soon she was screaming in agony, as Lucius successfully applied the Cruciatus curse on her. Lucius stalked forward, his face filled with disgust. Still he kept the spell on her as she shrieked in nerve ending agony.

"Lucius," warned Voldemort, he knew how long the spell could be kept on without permanent damage. Something he had learned through trial and error.

Lucius immediately removed the spell at the threatening voice. "Do you give up?" he asked Bellatrix scornfully.

Bellatrix laughed, a high-pitched, desperate sound emanating from her voice as she lay there twitching. "Never," she said, weakly grabbing for her wand. After being under the curse, it left you weak but not incapacitated.

"Crucio!" yelled Lucius once again before she could raise her wand.

The screaming once again started up bordering on hysteria.

Severus felt a sense of feral satisfaction at what Lucius was doing, a bitter taste of the witch's own medicine. He'd like to imagine Alice and Frank Longbottom were smiling right now. No, unfortunately they weren't, they'd be forever stuck in their own mind, cut adrift from a world they'd helped save. He shuddered at the thought of being left like that himself; no, he'd find a way to kill himself first. It's what he feared most about being caught as a spy: ending up like the Longbottoms, and being sent back to Hogwarts, breathing but no longer really there. With care having to be provided each day... that was if anyone would want to. He had made a lot of people hate him... no, loathe him, in his tenure as Potions Master at Hogwarts.

"Lucius!" hissed Voldemort, his voice dropping further showing he was at the end of his tether with Malfoy's disobedience.

"Yield," said Lucius.

"She does," said Rodolphus his voice filled with loathing and bitterness as he came to his wife's aid. Rodolphus lifted his barely conscious wife, and proceeded to take her to the Potions lab for treatment, shaking his head. Honestly, Bella didn't know when to quit, she never had. She'd probably be pissed at him for interfering as well, but he could deal with her; he'd married her and knew what to say.

"Macnair," said Voldemort.

"I have no interest in fighting for Potter," said Macnair, which was a lie; he wouldn't mind a piece of the boy, he'd embarrassed him and had him put in Azkaban prison. Not only Potter, but his stupid blood-traitorous and mudblood friends. To add insult to injury, the boy had been merely fifteen years old. He'd paid for failing, the Dark Lord had seen to that after they'd been rescued from Azkaban.

"Severus," said Voldemort. Was his Potions Master going to back down as well? But no, his spy stepped forward wand at the ready. His red eyes were gleaming with amusement as he watched both of them step up, bow to one another then the next duel was on.

"Crucio!" said Lucius.

Severus rolled his eyes at the predictability that Lucius was, and merely sidestepped the spell. Then he threw a bone-breaking curse at Lucius; it hit its target perfectly. Nobody was as good as Severus Snape was at Duelling; he was fast, dangerous and lethal. Lucius cried out as the Tibia bone broke with a deafening crack.

"Locomotor Mortis." murmured Lucius, as he put all his weight on his left leg.

Severus had the spell banished within seconds.

Lucius snarled, furious at being embarrassed so badly in his own home, and sent curse after curse at Severus, all designed to cause massive amounts of pain. Lucius was once again made to feel insignificant, like a first year, as each spell was countered in swift succession.

"Langlock!" whispered Severus, so low that nobody could hear what he'd said. The spell hit Lucius, as he was in too much pain, and too slow with a broken leg to move with the speed he needed to avoid it. Without knowing what spell was coming his way, he was only able to put a shield charm up, which the spell just splintered right on through.

Lucius raised his wand again, intending on casting a Confringo to find, to his horror and fear... he couldn't. Whatever that spell was, had effectively sealed his tongue to the roof of his mouth. He made strangled noises, trying and failing to speak and sounding like a baby. 'Mfffth taeekke ooefff osuus' causing everyone there to laugh uproariously in amusement.

"Do you yield?" asked Severus mockingly, his black eyes flashing in promise of more pain.

Lucius nodded in defeat.

"Finite Incantatem," said Severus removing the hex he had created from Lucius. The Blonde should consider himself lucky, because the other spell he'd wanted to use was much more lethal.

Severus turned to claim Potter before any of them could start casting spells his way. Then he felt it; Lucius Malfoy, it seemed, wasn't going to admit defeat easily. Spinning around he flung himself away, sliding down the marble floor to the other end. Pointing his wand straight at Lucius he cast a cutting curse at him. Not the one he wanted to, because he was in no way going to use the counter curse on the fool again.

"NO!" cried Narcissa unable to help herself any longer, as she came to her husband's aid. Her wand was out, casting spells in rapid succession. One to slow the bleeding, the other to begin the healing process, another to stop infections and another that would close the wound. Severus sneered as he stood up, standing at his full height which was intimidating. He was a very tall man, which had served him well dealing with dunderheads all year round. No matter what healing she did, the scars would never fade. Not unless they had his potion, and considering nobody knew about it…well, Lucius would be waiting forever.

"He's all yours, Severus; remember he is mine to kill," warned Voldemort, his red eyes flashing and showing his true power, letting Snape know without the Dark Lord having to speak, what would happen should the boy be killed by Snape's own hand.

"Thank you, My Lord," said Severus respectfully, bowing low before he grabbed Harry by the collar and dragged him from the room. The sight itself wasn't usual; all the Death Eaters picked Muggles or Wizards and took them to one of the many rooms the manor offered to have 'fun'. Potter was still unconscious, which to him, was a good thing for the moment. Once he was out of everyone's sight he levitated the shaking boy to one of the rooms, praying that Dumbledore got through the wards quickly.

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