"Mornings Like This"

The sprawling home, seated on an elevated mountain plane just outside Konoha, was all quiet; the inhabitants were still abed, though the late morning sun was already shining through the east-facing windows. The rice-paper screens did their best to keep the rays of golden light out, but only succeeded in muting their brilliance…just barely.

Hinata stirred out of a light sleep, blinking blearily as she opened her eyes, bit by bit. She could feel the comfortable warmth of the room around her, made only that much warmer by the bodies on either side of her own. They were all practically in the nude, sleeping in very little.

She smiled suddenly, amused.

There was a pale arm thrown over her hip to lay a hand on another body, fingers splayed in what might have been a possessive grip if the men were awake. The brunette had one arm behind Hinata's head, fingers tangled in the wealth of dark hair on the other man's head.

They looked so cute when they were asleep—soft and nothing like the hardened, wise and skilled shinobi she knew them to be.

She loved mornings like this…quiet mornings when she woke before they did and could watch them sleep for a time. She enjoyed the rightness of it all, the feeling of completeness. She loved both these men with everything she was and couldn't have been happier.

They were her everything.

Her eyes danced over one lean, lithe figure. Long, silken hair, a sun-shot-brown color; graceful, sweeping lashes that laid on a pale cheek…and a nose dotted with nearly invisible freckles. His lips were thin but full, set perfectly in a face that was both masuculine and indescribably beautiful. His eyes, closed in sleep, were covered by thin, pale lids—but she knew their color…knew them as well as her own.

The other, lying next to her, was a study in contrasts. Yet again, long and lithe, but with hair of spun-darkness and eyes—closed now—that she knew to be the exact shade of shadows. Lips of angelic beauty and high-cheek bones that bespoke his fine breeding. She loved the pale-beauty of his skin, flawless porcelain. So beautiful. There was an arrogant tilt to his head, even in sleep…a natural confidence that never left him. It was horribly endearing.

Yes, these were the men she loved. Irrevocably. Beyond explanation, reason or rhyme.

Hyuuga-Uchiha Hinata was a very happy woman.

The room was quiet still and she leaned back against the head board. The darker of the two shifted and emitted a sound that was oddly reminiscent of a hiss. "Hinata…" She paused, afraid she had woken him…but then saw that his eyes were still closed and he was only talking in his sleep. She sighed and allowed him to throw his arm back over her hip.

The brunette murmured low words as well—words that sounded like, "Pillows shouldn't move" but which weren't clearly enunciated. Hinata couldn't help it…she smothered a laugh.

The sun was fighting valiantly, trying to paint their home golden. The screens muted their brilliance and Hinata was glad.

There were only two stars in this room.

And, with a small, private smile of adoration, she sighed and closed her eyes.

She loved mornings like this.

Author's Note: So, it's short and it's sweet--and random. Ah well.

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-erena g.t. rose