Dedication to my sempai, Frozen Lance! She really wanted a Hiyo/Taki... and I wrote one (finally). Enjoy!



A small bubble soared into the air. Pop! More bubbles flew up. All of them popped.

"Hiyoshi, you keep blowing those bubbles towards that tree..."

Hiyoshi stopped; he turned towards the other boy. "The wind blew them, sempai, I can't help it."

"Stop the wind then." Taki said.

"Sempai, I can't stop the wind." Hiyoshi said. "But, then again... why am I here blowing bubbles?"

"You don't want to be here then?" Taki looked hurt.

"That's not when I meant..." Hiyoshi said. He blew a bubble.

"Really now?" Taki asked, "What do you mean then?"

"Nothing, sempai."

"Oh really now?"

Hiyoshi didn't reply. More bubbles soared into the sky.

Taki frowned. He seriously wanted to attention and now bubbles took the last of Hiyoshi attention to him.

Hiyoshi looked behind him. Poor little Taki, sitting there. He turned around. "Sempai, are you... jealous of bubbles?"

"No. No." Taki took the bottle of bubble soap from Hiyoshi's hands. He blew some bubbles... Unfortunately; it popped in Hiyoshi's face.

Taki laughed a bit. This was kind of fun...

"Sempai..." Hiyoshi tried to get Taki's attention. Bubbles kept popping in his face.

"This is fun..." Taki said.

"Sempai, you forgot me?" Hiyoshi asked.

"No, but this is fun..." Taki said, "Or is it because you're jealous of bubbles?"

"Of course I'm not..." Hiyoshi lied.

Hiyoshi sat down next to the other boy. Taki just continued blowing bubbles.

"Sempai..." Hiyoshi said.

Taki paid no attention to him and continued blowing bubbles.




Taki slowly looked at Hiyoshi, "What is it?"

Hiyoshi frowned. "Why are you ignoring me?"

Taki threw, yes THREW, the bottle of soap to a random direction. "Because you kept ignoring me!"

"Well, I'm sorry then?"

Taki sat closer to Hiyoshi and snuggled him. "OK..."

Meanwhile, Atobe just wondered why, WHY there was bubble soap on his head. Jiroh just laughed at how silly Keigo was.


I have never written anything about Taki, I hope he isn't OOC...