This story features an OC. An OFC, no less, which probably sets more than one alarm bell ringing for many. And fair enough, too.

People read fanfiction to read about the canon characters. OCs are not a high priority. I'm the same. I want plenty of action and IC adventure starring my favourite characters from whatever fandom it is.

So I understand the reluctance of many to embark on a fic featuring an OC.

I like OCs, if they're quality and don't dominate the story.

However, this story of mine will heavily feature my OC.

The character occurred to me when I was pondering Raphael's night time solitary adventures and the sort of things he might encounter. I love the dark and gritty side of the turtles' world (though adore the humour as well) and thought it would be an interesting angle for a story. I pondered the character and Raphael for a few days, she developed more fully in my head and finally I succumbed and wrote what I thought would be a one-shot only.

But once I'd started fleshing this character out and engaging her with the turtles, more ideas sprung to mind. I was also pleasantly surprised and flattered to receive feedback requesting more featuring this character.

So here we are.

The turtles, particularly Raphael, WILL feature heavily also in this tale and I will be doing my utmost to write them very much in character and do them justice through my portrayal. I guess Raph is my favourite, but I do love them all very much and will be honest and honourable in my treatment of them. Mikey, Leo and Don will feature more in later chapters, while Raphael and Amber, my OC, will dominate the first few chapters. Apologies for this.

There is also a most definite plot to this tale, that is set-up right from the start, although it might not be immediately apparent.

I am, however, first and foremost a character writer rather than an action writer. My main pleasure in writing stories is to explore personalities. There will be some action to complement the storyline, but it won't be a non-stop ninja battle fest.

So, having read all that, if you decide to plough on ahead and read this story, know that I am exceedingly appreciative and hope sincerely that you enjoy it.