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SPOILERS!! If you haven't read Deathly Hallows from cover to cover yet do not read this. You have been warned.

I know that Dolohov was in the forest with Harry and Voldemort after this scene, but since this is fanfiction after all I took the liberty and changed it a bit. Hope you like it. Tell me what you think.

There Will Always Be Another

Remus Lupin had never been angrier in his entire life. Dolohov stood before him, laughing gleefully. A few moments earlier Tonks had caught sight of the pair dueling on the grounds.

"No!" she had screamed, and threw herself in front of Remus as a jet of green light burst forth from Dolohov's wand.

Now Tonks, the only woman Remus had ever loved, his wife, friend, confidante, and mother of his child was lying dead at his feet. She had given her live to save his. And now the was hell to pay.

Though he could barely see through the tears, Remus ducked passed another killing curse and then another. But, then, he moved over an inch too far and was hit in the shoulder by that ominous jet of bright green light.

And in that brief moment as Remus hung between life and death several things happened almost simultaneously.

Remus's life didn't flash before his eyes as he had expected. Nor was he in any pain. The first thing he thought of was how the situation was ironically like Lily and James's. Remus would never watch his son grow up. Never see Teddy off to Hogwarts on the first day of school. And he would never watch as Teddy grew to be man, fell in love, got married, and had children of his own. At least he would be with Tonks…

Poor little Teddy…

Alone, with out mother, father, and only one grandparent. At least he had Harry to watch over him, keep him safe.


Remus prayed that he would be alright – that some of the protection that Lily had given him did not completely wear off. Hopefully this would be the last time Harry would have to fight Voldemort. No one deserved to be chased by that monster like Harry was, hunted like an animal since he was barely old enough to talk. But Harry was daring and brave – like James had been – and was selfless and extraordinarily kind – like Lily. Harry Potter was truly his parent's son.

Harry would be alright. Yes. Harry was always alright.

And then Remus was falling…falling…and from somewhere behind him on the grounds came a voice.

"Professor Lupin! NO!"

It was little Colin Creevey's voice, thought Remus recalled that Colin wasn't so little anymore – the same age as Ginny. It was merely his small stature that gave him the appearance of being so young.

"AVADRA KEDAVRA!" Colin and Dolohov screamed at the same time.

And Remus's eyes closed for the last time. Colin was here, Colin was fighting. There was always going to be another that would take his place – another that would fight at Harry's side dueling the lowliest Death Eater or Voldemort himself. Young or Old, there would always be someone who would resist the regime of Lord Voldemort.

And then Remus Lupin, teacher, husband, father, and friend was gone.

Colin and Dolohov fell at the same time. A small smile played on Colin's lips making him look peaceful and serene. Dolohov, on the other hand, looked shocked that after all these years he was taken down by someone so young,

And so brave.

The battle raged on around Remus and Colin's still forms. As others were hurt more students, teachers and Order members rushed forward.

Remus smiled as he stood beside Sirius, James and Lily. They would win this battle. Victory was already theirs. Even though bothe sides were fighting their hardest for what they believed in, it was the side of Good that had the upper hand. For the driving force that they had was the thing that Albus Dumbledore had treasured most –