Snake's Skin

Chapter 1: Hell hath no Fury…

Draco Malfoy was basically the king of the Slytherin house. With his influence and standing as a legal member of both the Malfoys and the Blacks he was one of the most sought after people in the wizarding world. His betrothed, Pansy Parkinson, was no longer a pug nosed girl but, through his small manipulations, was a beautiful athletic girl whose ambition and cunning rivaled even his. She was the perfect Slytherin and more than qualified to be his equal, this was a problem. Draco could not be married to a woman who was equal to him even if she was from a minor pureblooded family. So Draco had decided to end it. It was the reason he had called his fiancé into his private room in the Slytherin dormitory. Only those with enough influence could get such rooms, he had heard that Harry Potter had been offered a private room, but decided that staying in the dormitory was for him. Commoners gave him the shivers; it was like trying to humor the local peasants, but that was another matter for another time. "Draco… Draco." Pansy's voice snapped him out of his delirium as she propped her head on his bare chest. She had stripped his shirt of as she straddled him; Pansy herself had already taken her blouse off and was working on his pants when Draco stopped her. He may be an insufferable git, but he still had his pureblood honor.

"Pans, I didn't call you here for this." Draco gently pushed his soon to be ex-fiancé off of him and got up from the bed.

"I don't get it, Draco, this is the one thing we haven't done. What else could you want?" Pansy Questioned.

"Not you I'm afraid."

"What?" Pansy's tone filled with danger.

"To say it simply, I'm dissolving our marriage contract."

"You can't! My family needs this marriage!"

"It's not my problem."

"Like hell it isn't, besides you're stuck with me. You know you can't break a legally binding contract and leave with your magic intact…"

"Unless there was a clause placed in it at the beginning stating: Should the Malfoy family participant decide on his last birthday before the year of the solar eclipse that the wife candidate is not worthy of his affections he can dissolve the contract with a fee." Draco took a breath and smiled at Pansy. Draco studied her reaction as it went from horrified to shocked and then quickly to anger.

"You were using me…" she chocked on the tears that were threatening to come up. Draco moved to the door and opened it.

"Get your things, Pansy, and be thankful I allowed you to keep your virginity before I told you." Pansy calmly grabbed her cloak, steadied herself and carried herself from the room much as if nothing had happened. Pansy had her pride; Draco smiled as he thought about her pride. She was a perfect woman, strong, smart, ambitious; the only thing that was wrong with her was that her pureblood was thin, and the Malfoy line needed rich blood. Draco waved as Pansy moved toward the girls dormitory and then closed the door.


Pansy Parkinson was livid, hell she wasn't sure that there was a word for what she was feeling at the moment. Sure, by pureblood standards, her family bloodline was relatively thin, and what did it matter if her father was a Hufflepuff when he was in Hogwarts (a fact Draco liked to bring up over and over again). For a moment she felt a sense of relief, like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. However, as soon as she experienced that feeling the fact that having her marriage contract annulled would deprive her family of the dowry that the Malfoys had agreed to pay them. That money would have solidified the Parkinson's position as true purebloods and when it's all said and done, it was connections and money that determined the worth of a pureblood family, and Pansy's just lost. Well that was fine for Pansy, Draco would regret doing this to her, she would make him no what it felt like to be considered less than someone else.

Pansy snapped on her cloak and pulled it tight, dropped her shirt on the floor and made sure that her bra was not visible. At this time of night the only place she would be able to get to without getting caught was the library and that was all she needed. She had to find something that could make Draco regret crossing her. Pansy pulled her cloak up and slipped quietly from the dungeons. The teachers would most likely be roaming at this hour keeping tabs on those sneaking into secluded places in order to satisfy teenage lusts or just get into various other types of trouble. It was these usual places that she would have to avoid.

Pansy carefully made it through the hallway, barely avoiding being noticed Filtch, and made her way to the library. Once she was there she was basically home free in her search for vengeance. Pansy moved to the shelf and began her search through the books of spells and incantations for something that would be perfect, and after three hours of searching just as her eyes were going to give out on her, she found it. A potion that would take away everything that made him, him, and would replace it with something he didn't know. It was perfect. Pansy got up to leave, she had not planned to do so, but she needed to make a stop at the herbology greenhouse first.

It was now in the early hours of the morning, but everyone should still be asleep as Pansy slipped back into the dungeons mousily. "Pansy?" someone said from behind her. She tightened up and slowly faced her groggy opponent only to find that simply Millicent Bulstrode, "When you didn't come back to the dorm, I thought maybe you and Draco…" She said in a dull whisper.

"Don't mention that git… More importantly, I need your help." Pansy knew that Millicent had an aptitude for potion making, and honestly if Snape wasn't the teacher of that subject she might be failing it.

"Sure Pans, with what?"



Morning came quicker than Pansy bargained for as the light pushed through the curtains unlike anything she had felt before. She got up and went to the dorm's bathroom and straightened herself up. Pansy pulled her hair into a high ponytail and put on some slight makeup to cover the bags under her eyes. Draco surely expected her to look like hell and she wasn't going to. Soon she was ready and stepped out into the common room. Despite her eyes having lead weights attached to them Pansy was certain that all eyes were on her as she stepped out and moved out from the dungeons. She did not want to be there when Draco got out, and besides she needed to talk strategy with Millicent. Unlike Draco she valued her friends and, despite her barbous tongue sometimes, they knew it. Not like those two trolls Malfoy called friends.

Knowing Millicent she was already at the great hall eating, it was one of the things Millicent enjoyed the most. As soon as Pansy arrived at the great hall she realized two things: Millicent was right were she expected her to be, and Draco had beaten her there. Pansy fought the urge to snarl as it would temporarily ruin her beauty and sat down next to Millicent as she gazed in the direction she normal gazed in the mornings, at Neville Longbottom. "Mill," Pansy called to her friend quietly, "Milly, I know you've got the hots for a Gryffindor, but try not to make it obvious."

Millicent snapped out of her delirium and tuned a beat red, "I do not, and you would be wish to forget you saw that." Millicent warned.

"Ooo scary; Mill, did you have time to make the potion?"

"Yeah, it was pretty simple, but it'll need to take some time to sit."

"How long?"

"Not as long as its cousin, but pretty long."

"How long?"

"Two weeks."

"Great," Pansy fell back in her chair, "by that time revenge will have lost its interest." No Pansy needed something more immediate. What would hurt Draco the most, and if it wouldn't hurt him then what would bother him to no end? Pansy placed her chin in her hand and panned the great hall for ideas until her eyes fell on one particular student and everything clicked into place.

"Revenge, lose its interest; surely you jest." Millicent laughed as she caught Pansy's gaze and followed it to its source. "No," Millicent wasn't the quickest, but she knew how Pansy thought and she could see the plans running through Pansy's mind as they spoke. "Pansy, that's not a good idea."

"Oh it's perfect."

"I'm telling you, it's not a good idea." Millicent warned again.

"Just keep the potion brewing; I'll be right back." Pansy got and moved across the room passed the Ravenclaws, around the Hufflepuffs and worked her way down the Gryffindor table. Soon she was standing with the whole room's eyes on her. She looked down at her quarry as he slowly turned to look at her. "Hello, Harry, may I have the seat next to you?"